Kin 142: White Crystal Wind codes oUR Round Table on Spectral Silio 14: Cube Eight; ART

IK        Kin 142   5/15/11


White Crystal Wizard
Yellow Crystal Human White Crystal Wind Red Crystal Earth
  Blue Lunar Storm
I dedicate in order to communicate
universalizing breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.
Our Round Table isGuided’ by the First Solar Witness, Crystal Wizard; Kin 194, which coded the day [6/1/1994] the Tomb of the mysterious  Red Queen was discovered in Palenque, in Temple 13; with only an 8 upon it.  
Our Analog is Crystal Earth, which coded the Global Cataclysm which began with the 9.0 Earthquake in Japan.  The ‘news’ continues to grow worse with each passing day.
The Challenge is 12.12 {Crystal Human} which coded the ‘other’ Catastrophe  [the BP Crime] unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico which was/is home to the Mayans
Our Earth [and the Divine Plan] requires that we learn to apply the tools provided by Valum Votan and  some others, and that we more fully engage with Spirits/Beings in other realms/Dimensions,  who are eager to help us heal oUR Biosphere and hasten the Advent of  the Noosphere.
Today’s  G-Force is  Spectral Seed, ‘resonating‘ with this Spectral Sun Moon, while the PSI for Spectral 14  is Resonant Eagle, following PSI :  14.6 which codes Priscella and was the PSI for oUR Rainbow day’  🙂   Wizard appears again as today’s Long Count,  Electric Wizard.
2:12: Instinct is totally a function of T(E)=ART, and represents the “unconscious” order  of  Telepathy.  While instinct is wholly rooted in the organic functions, telepathy is independent of the organic operations of life.  Third-Dimensional instinct incline toward the formation of structURes of physical coherence.  Fourth-Dimensional Telepathy is dissipative, and inclines toward radiative navigation in Time.”
   SILIO 14:  DISCHARGE;  HEARTChakra04.gif



Cube Eight:  ART begins the inner 9 day spiral  of the Spirit Warrior’s Cube JoURney, on this day  coded by Spirit and Communication.   Enjoy the  Spirited Communications at our Crystal Wind Round Table.

TMQ just returned from a long walk in the brisk sunshine, where she met the most amazing woman.  Saverina from Rarotonga is a   74  {Mayan for 144} year old  woman who looks like a beautiful Mayan Priestess.   


Saverina [her name is Italian] was a wealth of information about the 13:20 mindset, our Earth, Moon and Stars, and how she plants things for 20 generations, and about the Notre Dame which was built for people to enjoy one thousand years later.  Saverina has never used a computer, but looks forward to seeing a copy of this blog and a 13 Moon Calendar during our next encounter.  She gave me a long heart-felt hug, and her beautiful perfume now lingers in my hair  🙂

The letters of Saverina = 89, for Spectral Moon which coded the day Valum Votan Ascended 53 days ago 

Kin 53:  13.1, Magnetic Skywalker codes Quetzalcoatl  🙂 

Wikipedia tell us:   “The island of Rarotonga  is 20 [20=PVCS 7 Sun]  miles in circumference and has an area of 26 square miles”   [26=PVCS 13 World-Bridger]   The Volcano is “At a depth of 13,000 ft (4,000 m.)” 40=PVCS 1 Sun  🙂

Today is Cube 8:  ART;   [A=1, R=18, T = 20;]  =39:     Cosmic Storm; 

 9.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 11. 14.       Cube 8:  ART      CRYSTAL WIND ROUND TABLE


5 thoughts on “Kin 142: White Crystal Wind codes oUR Round Table on Spectral Silio 14: Cube Eight; ART

  1. Hosanna! Beauty! Keeping the heART open at all times yields inexplicable benefits. On last night in San Diego – such energy. Such intention. The very air asks you, “Yes? What? Hmm…

  2. “Saverina = 89”

    on 89 this : 8 is the 9 in the unity-clock-house where 9 is as 10
    so there 8 is the wholeness cycling number as 7 is the similar in 8.

    but then we accepted 10 as the perfect clock-house as a pendulum …
    so we have to shift in to 9 as the whole serial which also includes 13 …
    while 4 is the mystery number defined by 1+3 as by 13 minus 4 …

    then overtone conclusion is this:
    8 to 9 gives 72 and its counter number is 27 (9 and conclusion out of 3 to 9).
    27 is the whole number in 28, the chozen number for 9+9+9+1 daya in 13 moon (formerly misjudged in 7+7+7+7 which would mean a standstill wheel pounding truth)

    on my key board 26 characters are accompanied by the 27th which is the most wide key on the board, you cannot miss it while it is that vast : the s*ace bar yoke-not-ation for sPace-bar and U here might realize the fact P is 11 from Z=1 😛

    then Saverina = 89 could zlso be object for a bivideotex decode experience:

    A+1=51 (3×17)

    as we might realize 17 runs in 18 and 17 is 8 and 18 is 9
    more important might be the range of numbers mentioned
    as 14 is the receiving left hand and the giving right one (1 thumb 4 fingears)
    and 19 is a Quran Key number as described by VV in Time & Technosphere
    aha and 28 is known in 13 moon for each moon number of kin / daya

    then 37 is to be known as the key number that runs 9 Lords of time : 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999 😉

    be U cannot believe it while it is simply known deep inside as the running currenT …

    have a laugh and struggle, my precious ones’, s’ace

    then this 2011 both includes 22 and 220 , my personal kin in DS & LC …
    2×11=22 & 11×20=220 ; so there we are “JUST in TIME”

    • then i returned to my Gmail – Inbox and it showed 28899 messages in my bottle … and it gives 36 as a sum : 4 to 9 😉

      how cute synchronous spirits communicate a convincing replYYY

      CRYSTAL WIND 142 communicates with 242, the kweak sum of 22+220, Galactic Wind which hides Solar Wind within Crystal Sun …

      which is a perception on my path … from a state of not being here …
      an awakened state of mind(set)
      Bolon Iek

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