Kin 145: Red Lunar Serpent codes Spectral Gamma 17; Cube 11: Magic

CHICCHAN   Kin 145 

Red Lunar Serpent

Red Lunar Earth
Blue Lunar Eagle Red Lunar Serpent White Lunar Wizard
  Yellow Crystal Warrior
I polarize in order to survive
stabilising instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
While preparing on Kin 145  [S. Hem.] to follow the instructions on page 138 of  Vol. III:  Book of the Mystery, the following was realized about this particular day: 
The Guide is Kin 197:  Lunar Earth
208 days have lapsed since Kin 197 began the two Sacred Cycles;  7 113-day cycles until 12/21/2012, and 7 Sacred Cycles of 144 days until oUR Galactic Synchronization.  [see Christine 133’s info about 144; and 441  :)]
208 [Cosmic Star]can also denote PVCS 20.8; Kin 60. 
Exactly 800 days remain until Galactic Seed 2013.
Today is Moon 11; Day 17Cube 11:  Magic
Pacal Votan [along with Harold Camping who is predicting Judgement Day on May 21:  Rhythmic Moon] says that number 17 denotes Heaven; its interesting to see it placed between two 11s today, just as we align with Hunab Ku at 11:11  🙂
The CDK is Overtone Wizard [a good day for Magic on behalf of oUR Earth,  in fulfillment of the Divine Plan], 14.5 can also represent today’s Kin 145
 The G-Force is Resonant Hand:  7.7, a reminder of 77, our Crystal Earth.
The long Count is Rhythmic Earth, and the PSI for Spectral 17 is Spectral Storm. 

5.2:  “It is the human species alone within the biosphere which induces the moment of biogeochemical climax. Only the human enters the transition zone of conscious civilization which, by power of self-reflective thought, becomes an increasingly artificial construct of projected forms dispersed throughout the biosphere.”

  GAMMA 17:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif

Cube 11:  MAGIC

 Our 441 Cube Matrix Kin contributed so much Magic today,   for example this from James Galactic Seed“It looks like the borealis is going straight into the volcano. eye believe we’re succeeding in building bridges.” 

and a StUNning  video of oUR ‘Magnetic SUN’  from Burbuja 33, Kin 247.
 Moi Planetary Serpent,sent us Magical lines  including:
Planetary Art Spore  spreadin’…
ladies of the land send our opening song… 
See the very  beautifull and inspiring video of the Goddess Temple Ashland Grand Opening  🙂 
Thank You Moi, I’m listening to the music again as I write this.
These words also arrived from Jannis 7 Moon during the 197 watch of this ‘Magical Cube’ Day: 
“… J. Arguelles, Valum Votan was/is the Biggest Magician Ever!
“By my conscious monKEY POWER of MAGIC, may Prophecy establish Victory of the 13 Moons as the Righteous way of Heaven on Earth.” 
In 11 hours, oUR entire Earth will have entered the Omega run of 10  GALACTIC ACTIVATION PORTALS.
In order to “Manifest for the benefit of the greatest good”  dURing most of these GAPs, TMQ will  be communicating  in the Noosphere more than the cybersphere…’See’ [with our Third Eyes] you there!   🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 11. 17.        Cube 11:  MAGIC       Kin 145

6 thoughts on “Kin 145: Red Lunar Serpent codes Spectral Gamma 17; Cube 11: Magic

    • I think Calleman uses his own count. There were many discussions about V.V. s initiation of the Dreamspell Count and that it don`t matches with some “old” countings of the mayan tribes. Use the one U prefer and then stay with it, otherwise it get`s a bit complicated. 🙂

  1. Our dear Asha of Pacific Domes, kin 41, posted a living memory of V.V.

    Lunar SerANT brought challenges in the first two watches…then Rainbows and Time Atoms in the second two.
    In the Lunar month of this overtone moon UR eye recognized 145 as mi chi-allenge. 145 included;
    a domestic disturbance between overtone sun and eye. (resolved)
    But which triggered the museings of…”can magic folk live with non-magic folk…” and the perplexities that live therein
    Then eye met Sarah and Genisis…Genisis came into the world this UR Resonant Dali 22–Crystal Mirrior. Saw my first ‘Judegement Day May 21st billboard.
    Then we made ‘time-atoms’ and tie-dye outside in the sun with mi son’s second grade class. We talked about ‘time’…and its ‘core’.
    Next we climbed an ENORMOUS tree…visited ‘winterspring’…a group for children who have had one parent pass…
    (first civil visit with step-mom)
    And the day came to a close with a BRIGHT double Rainbow…we followed it for awhile and ended up on ‘Irish Lane’ with a waterfall!

    The morning of 146 (after a RA-diant night of dreaming, mi son 11.11 tells mi of Thor and the Rainbow Bridge. He’s reading about it in a chapter book…

    The Bifrost, the rainbow bridge of the gods, stretches out across the cosmic expanse, leading the way to the land of the Frost Giants, in this amazing new concept art from Marvel’s Thor.

    Bifrost=linear alpha-beta=89, the day of V.V’s passing- spectral moon
    ra-dial=103- crystal night…. dreams cooperate…
    103+89=192… G.A.P kin plantetary Hue-man…EB- ROAD

    Eye wrote this in mi muse-in-G’s on Solar Storm-

    “Next chemist contributing to the periodic table, Alexandre Emile…and so, his B/D kins are 252 and 200 respectively. FC (full circle)= Kin 192, Yellow Planetary Hue-Man.

    Emile Chancourtois was known for his telluric spiral which placed tellurium in the middle of a spiral that on each rotation changed atomic weight by +16. (the warrior’s cube journey). “It was also somewhat appropriate coming from a geologist as the element tellurium is named after the Earth.”
    “the properties of the elements are the properties of numbers.”

    192 this UR falls on July 7th….independence day-50th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence.
    Long Count it is 1 Kan…kin 144, psi PVCS 245 spectral serpant
    Next daya long count…145….lunar serpant…dreamspell day of rainbow happenings…

    eye perfect in order to influence
    producing wisdom
    eye seal the process of free will
    with the planetary tone of manifestation
    eye am guided by the power of universal fire
    eye am a galactic activtion portal

    Hall of the Wind
    Bolon Ik…

    Long count 144, 145, 146
    Dreamspell crystal wizard, psi cosmic hand
    (cosmic hand is Bard-O), 194 IX last UR
    eye compassportaled to spectral kali 4 (saying ‘ayoa’ to 93 on mi wei)
    which lands us in an omega run of G.A.P run…
    the day eye recieved the Knowledge Book…day before eye flew to the Black Hills…day eye learned of Peru Crystal Skull…
    Day eye met with Jacob and Kelly for ‘first time’
    PSI for the daya is 113. 7 cycles of 113 before 2012…
    solar skywalker…Lord of the Dawn, Quetzalcoatl
    113 in self-existing seed UR was the Solar Birthday of Bahaullah
    Self-Existing Alpha 26…daya this UR that mi son, 11.11’s father passed.
    long count….13 chicchan

    145, 192, 113

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