GAP Kin 151: Blue Galactic MonKEY codes Spectral Seli 23: Lover’s Reunion

CHUEN            Kin 151

Blue Galactic Monkey

Blue Galactic Eagle
Red Galactic Dragon Blue Galactic Monkey Yellow Galactic Star
  White Rhytmic Dog
I harmonize in order to play
modeling illusion.
I seal the process of magic
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of vision.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Hunab Ku Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon [V.V.’s G-Force] is the Antipode, and oUR Guiding Star:  8.8 is today’s Analog.  These two Kins are  TMQ’s Analog and Antipode, respectively.
Today’s G-Force is Crystal Serpent, and the PSI for the Spectral Lover’s Reunion is Overtone Star.
The Combined Dreamspell Kin equal Spectral Sun, which codes this Moon  🙂
11.8:  “Corresponding to the uniqueness of individual psychogenetic patterning, the structure of the assemblage points establishes the base of a secondary personality or fourth-dimensional double.”
  SELI 23:  FLOW;  ROOT Chakra01.gif
Today we envision/celebrate the opening  of the  Earth Uranus Time Tunnels, and our Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed, 7/26/2013.  Today’s Analog is the Guide for Galactic Seed which codes the  day and year of oUR Galactic Synchronization.”
Researchers at Microsoft now realize that  “the human body is a natural antenna. It reliably picks up the electromagnetic signals that emanate from all electrical systems and appliances in the home”  As Cosmic History Chronicles revealed, we are meant to use our ‘antenna’  to be  ‘Cosmic Vibratory Roots’ to receive and transmute the Cosmic energies that are increasing on Earth.
Today, we begin the ‘Omega half ‘of the Omega  run of G.A.P.s, an optimal time for receptivity and telepathy.
Christine 133 ‘tuned into’ a stream  of numbers and synchronicities;  check them out  🙂
577 days remain until the Harmonic Convergence on Crystal Hand Solstice 12/21/2012, and in 608 days, we celebrate the Galactic Synchronization that we resonate with on  each ‘Lover’s Reunion’
Those two numbers reduced by 520 [two Tzolkins]  become PVCS 57:  Overtone Earth, and Kin 88:  Planetary Star.
Today’s Seal [11] and Tone [8] multiplied equal 88 For the 90% of Earth’s population who live in the Northern Hemisphere, it was Kin 88:  Planetary Star when Valum Votan Ascended.  Kin 88 was 9 Weeks ago. 
N. S.  1. 23. 11. 23.                     LOVERS REUNION               GAP  Kin 151

9 thoughts on “GAP Kin 151: Blue Galactic MonKEY codes Spectral Seli 23: Lover’s Reunion

  1. The Holy Koran of
    The Moorish Science Temple of America

    Chapter XI
    Jesus and Barata–Together They Read the Sacred Books.

    8. The time will come when everything of life will be evolved unto the state of perfect man.

  2. To my fellow Kin:

    Please explore this site ( and consider the excellent analysis of how our current society is synchronized in accordance with the Tzolkin Yellow Cosmic Human year. According to the author at the Time-Sci site today is Kin 101. TMQ and other Tzolkin sites are synchronized with the Red Overtone Moon year so today is Kin 151. This is a 50 day difference and it is significant in my estimation.

    Can this be reconciled? Should it be reconciled?

  3. Aye am un-sure as to the outcome. Eye, 2, have wondered why the dates of Mayan long count, and Tzolkin harmonic module do not exactly match up.

    May The Mystery Queen have thoughts on this?

  4. While this comes from Calleman’s website – eye feel it is a balanced view of the perceived discrepancy – as we are taking an active role in reprogramming oURselves for the Noospheric chip we decide what has value and what does not. Do we have the VISION to see past the MIRAGE of CONFLICT? What resonates with yoUR soul is the higher truth. YoUR heart NOOS.

    Dreamspell is a “New Age” – invented system

    Regarding calendars used on a daily basis it was calendar – inspired by the Maya – launched by José Argüelles in 1990 that went by the name of Dreamspell that first came to be used in the modern world. José and his wife Lloydine asserted that the planet was threatened by an environmental catastrophe because of our use of the Gregorian calendar and as an alternative they suggested a calendar based on 13 Moons each of 28 days plus an extra day, July 25th, outside of time (13 x 28 + 1 = 365).

    In their system the leap day every fourth solar year was simply ignored, apparently to keep the ideal of 13 x 28 intact. These Thirteen Moons were then linked to a special tzolkin count (260 different combinations of thirteen numbers and twenty different glyphs) in which each individual could find out what was his or her “Galactic Signature.” The idea underlying the Dreamspell seems to have been that if human beings lived in phase with the natural cycles, in this case probably primarily the female cycle of about 28 days, we would treat the earth better and thus avoid an impending catastrophe. This idea may have attracted some, but certainly many more were attracted by the idea that the particular day they were born had an inherent energy described by their Galactic Signature, that is, tzolkin day. This latter idea certainly had support from the notions of the Maya, in principle.

    There was however a problem with the Dreamspell, namely that the Maya had never used the particular tzolkin count that it was linked to. Many of the followers of Dreamspell, mostly for lack of knowledge, simply presented Dreamspell as The Mayan Calendar. In practice the result of this was that many individuals have been deluded into thinking that the Galactic Signature they had been assigned also was the one that the Maya would have used. As this was discovered something called The True Count Debate raged on the Internet in 1995 where especially John Major Jenkins energetically asserted that Argüelles count was false, and that it had never been used by the Mayan people themselves. In addition, there still existed a tzolkin count, the Classical, which was used over the entire Mesoamerican region in Classical times and had survived until today in the Highlands of Guatemala and elsewhere among the Mayan day keepers.

    Jenkins stated, and I think rightly so, that Argüelles’ followers had no right to present the Dreamspell count as the Calendar of the Maya and that it was a kind of Cultural imperialism to ignore the “surviving” Sacred Calendar that was still in use among the Maya.

    Argüelles response to this criticism seems to have passed through two different phases. His initial response was to say that he had received his calendar by divine revelation. Since he saw himself as an incarnation of Pacal Votan, a Mayan king who ruled in Palenque in the seventh century AD, everything he did was in accordance with the divine plan. To my knowledge he never responded in a direct way to the issues raised. It seems however that the attitude of the Argüelles’ changed in 1998 and José became more open to the criticism. Following a meeting with Quiché elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj at Spring Equinox 1998 he declared that the Dreamspell and the Classical Maya tzolkin counts were equally valid and that no conflict existed between the two. Later, he claimed in an interview that Dreamspell was really not a Mayan calendar, although he still asserted its value.

    And this later position is obviously perfectly legitimate. As long as it is not claimed that the Dreamspell count has been used by the Maya anyone is in his right to assert its possible value, if any. As we discuss a new calendar for the future, for the new age, I believe however that what is most important is to specify what is the purpose of this calendar and chronology. Unless we do so we may either run into the kind of pie throwing that was typical of the True Count Debate, or resign to a attitude that has become common today, to claim that “anything goes,” that there really is no such thing as a True Count and that all there is are our individual truths (But then, if there is no True Count, what value would any particular tzolkin count really have?).

    In contrast to these resigned thoughts I feel that when it comes to developing a Mayan calendar useful to chart our future it is important to realize the predominant role of the tzolkin in such a project. It also seems that without exception Mayan day keepers maintain that the tzolkin count is the hub around which all other calendrical cycles turn, and it is for this reason that, although it has sometimes been lost, the tzolkin count is not known ever to have been intentionally reformed.


  5. Jeff Lynne – Kin 151 Galactic Monkey 😉

    Electric Light Orchestra – Mission (A World Record)

    For may days we travelled from a distant place and time,
    To reach a place they call the planet Earth,
    There was to be a celebration,
    On the mission of the sacred heart.
    The planet Earth from way up there is beautiful and blue
    And floating softly through a rainbow,
    But when you touch down things look different here,
    At the mission of the sacred heart.
    Watching all the days roll by
    Who are you and who am I?
    On a dirty worn-out sidewalk, sits a mother with a baby,
    In her vale of tears she sees no rainbow
    And someone’s singing from a window
    In the mission of the sacred heart.
    CHORUS — repeat
    There’s a building on a corner, in a city, in a land,
    On a place they call the planet Earth,
    My orders are to sit here and watch the world go by,
    From the mission of the sacred heart.

  6. Thanks Christine, for this beautiful video :), and the preceding information.

    Both counts are framed by the Sacred 13×20, and both serve to expand our consciousness from the irregular Gregorian, into the harmonious Cosmic cycles.

    As always, we each exercise discernment and free will to follow the one with which we resonate-or even both!

    Love, C

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