GAP Kin 152: Yellow Solar Human codes Spectral Alpha 24: Telepathic Meditation

EB                   Kin 152

Yellow Solar Human

Yellow Solar Star
White Solar Wind Yellow Solar Human Blue Solar Hand
  Red Overtone Moon
I pulse in order to influence
realizing wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Overtone Moon codes this year and today’s Occult.  Kin 22,  Solar Wind [Bolon Ik and S’ace] is the Antipode, and Solar Star [Scott] is the Guide.  Pacal Votan Clear SignSolar Hand is oUR Analog/Support.
Today’s G-Force is Lunar Mirror,and the PSI for Spectral 23, 24 and 25 is  Overtone Star.
12.9:  “Personal time transport vehicles are constructed using the base time vector potential of the date of birth (galactic signature) coordinated with sets of possibilities of other dates in the personal history, including coordinates of galactic signatures of relatives, friends, significant event points, etc.   The personal transport vehicle is of a double-terminated crystal type operated by the fourth-dimensional personality. Experiments possible during conscious phase of biosphere-noosphere transition,  AD 1996-2000.”
        ALPHA 24:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif
‘Extended Cube’ 18:  Telepathic Meditation.
The following addresses issues and  questions raised in comments to the Galactic MonKEY post, which you may wish to read first.
 Anu 62 shared a very interesting article;  “The 111th Hour“, and concluded with 
“TMQ and other Tzolkin sites are synchronized with the Red Overtone Moon year so today is Kin 151. This is a 50 day difference and it is significant in my estimation.  Can this be reconciled?  Should it be reconciled?   
James 164 also questioned:  “Eye, 2, have wondered why the dates of Mayan long count, and Tzolkin harmonic module do not exactly match up.   May The Mystery Queen have thoughts on this?”
The Mystery Queen recently realized that the difference between the two Counts of Days  seems attributable to the fact that the Dreamspell does not ‘count’ Leap Days [a.k.a. Hunab Ku Day], which occur every 4 years.  Though not clear on the reason, the ommission of Leap Day  feels right, due to the amazing synchronicites yielded by the Dreamspell Count
A recent example is the beauty of Kin 197 coding the final 791 days until 12/21/2012.    It seems divinely orchestrated, to have that day begin seven  113 day cycles until the culmination of the 13th Baktun, and seven 144 day Cycles until Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed 2013.
The two Counts coincided in a special display of synchronicity on [according to TMQ] the 27th Solar Galactic Return of Pacal Votan.  August 1, 2007 was coded by the Galactic Signature of Pacal in the Dreamspell [60:  Galactic Sun], and by the Long Count Signature of his 3rd incarnation as Valum Votan:  Kin 11
That 49 day difference has now narrowed to 48:  Today is Kin 104 Cosmic Seed  in the Long Count.  104 + 48 = 152, today’s Dreamspell Kin.  That is because the Dreamspell did not count the Hunab Ku  Day [Leap Day] that occurred between 11.11 [Votan’s Signature] and 12.12 [TMQ’s G-Force] onFebruary 29, 2008.  [the Master Synchronic Code Book shows an empty void spot there.
The article that catalyzed this discussion says there is a 50 day difference between the two counts, and this may be a reason to question some parts of  the article, and its intent.  The author shows an erudite familiarity with the numbers detailing the deeds of a 12:60 force that seeks to cause disunity and confusion.  [and, I may be misunderstanding their calculations:  June 3 is coded by Solar Skywalker according to this: ]
As we approach the ‘End of Time/End of the 13th Baktun’ what is more important than which day codes it,  is that we are unified and prepared for that  threshold/portal  into a higher consciousness which leads to Universal Recollection and the Original Matrix Attained.
 The numbers of the Dreamspell are so true and compelling for this writer, that she has ‘given up’ a great deal in the material plane, but is daily rewarded, by communication with the Language of Telepathy:  Numbers, via the Dreamspell Count of Days brought to us by the two Votans, and by much more, including yoUR communications  :).
While thinking about the title of that interesting article:  “the 111th hour“, TMQ thought about how that concept would look on the 24 hour clock:  23:23;  i.e. only 37 minutes left before oUR Time ‘run out’ 
This blog began  23 Moons and 6 days ago, on  Magnetic Earth Moon 18 of the Self-Existing Seed year. 
On this ‘Extended Cube’ 18, the numbers invite TMQ to enter into Telepathic Meditation more deeply for the remainder of these Galactic Activation Portals
We can all be in Telepathic Meditation/Communion with a Global Gathering  of Kin in Mexico, as they practiceSynchroGalactic Yoga and Meditation dURing this last week of the Spectral  Sun Moon of Liberation. [Instructions from Book of the Transcendence by Valum Votan and Stephanie South were given here several Moons ago]
It seems that the only way for TMQ to do so, is to be Liberated from writing and most  Internet use until the Crystal  Moon begins on Kin 157:  Magnetic Earth [5/30/2011]. 
May we be  filled with Unconditional Love and Clarity  as we “Release and Let Go”  for the remainder of the 11th Spectral Moon, in order to telepathically connect with each other, with the Cosmic Plasmas and with the DIVINE  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 11. 24.     Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION   GAP Kin 152

18 thoughts on “GAP Kin 152: Yellow Solar Human codes Spectral Alpha 24: Telepathic Meditation

  1. “The Mystery Queen recently realized that the difference between the two Counts of Days seems attributable to the fact that the Dreamspell does not ‘count’ Leap Days [a.k.a. Hunab Ku Day], which occur every 4 years. Though not clear on the reason, the ommission of Leap Day feels right, due to the amazing synchronicites yielded by the Dreamspell Count. ”

    This is all eye needed to hear. Thank you, TMQ

  2. Kin 75 – Xul Solar 😉 Amazing!

    Should help open the Artspore for reception of galactic telepathy. His work is universal. We PULSE the egoless ether that we may INFLUENCE all to REALIZE WISDOM in ELEGANT FREEDOM!


    “I am a world champion of a game that nobody yet knows called panchess (Panajedrez). I am master of a script that nobody yet reads. I am creator of a technique, of a musical grafía that allows the piano to be studied in a third of the usual time that it takes today. I am director of a theatre that as yet has not begun working. I am creator of a universal language called panlingua based on numbers and astrology that will help people know each other better. I am creator of twelve painting techniques, some of them surrealist, and others that transpose a sensory, emotional world on to canvas, and that will produce in those that listen a Chopin suite, a Wagnerian prelude, or a stanza sung by Beniamino Gigli. I am the creator, and this is what most interests me at the moment, apart from the exhibition of painting that I am preparing, of a language that is desperately needed by Latin America.”
    -From Xul Solar’s own writings
    “Although this is a time when art is more individual and arbitrary than ever, it would be a mistake to call it anarchic. In spite of so much confusion, there exists a well-defined tendency toward simplicity of means, toward clear and solid architecture, toward the pure plastic sense that protects and accents abstract meanings of line, mass, and color, all within a complete liberty of subject and composition… Let us admit, in any case, that among us now – if mostly still hidden – are many or all of the seeds of our future art, and not in museums overseas, and not in the homes of famous foreign dealers. Let us honor the rare ones, our rebellious spirits who, like this artist, before denying others, find affirmation in themselves; that instead of destroying, seek to build. Let us honor those who struggle so that the soul of our country can be more beautiful. Because the wars of independence for our America are not yet over…”

    -Excerpted from an article written in anticipation of Emilio Pettoruti’s first Buenos Aires exhibition for the magazine Martín Fierro, 9 October 1924


    • How awesome! I would love to have one of those pianos with the rainbow-coloured keys! Thanks for this, B/C 133 🙂

  3. well, that’s what all artists say innit … and all conartists too for that matter
    it’s characteristic of the, not artistic but autistic conditions.

    it’s the global freak show of rarity vs the inescapable …
    beauty vs the desert sun of god …. a cris a every 19 years and celebrating a 13 day JewBillyGates DebtForgiveness revel bash hail the stash of stonecold ash party every 52

    yeah, ‘stream, ‘narrowing’ .. .dare i add widening?
    Here’s more scour, tickle caress, buff shine ballast: To frict or to fract, that’s the Queerre
    nother never before published kwinkslag:
    kas opmaken – take stock of cash inventory, tally up and square accounts
    casser – break
    cassano – the man who broke sanity or failed to break rock for sanity
    note synonym for logic in dutch: ‘optelsom’ (sum .. long since severed from the sumptiousness of the sumpf with enough life and common sense to keep the mosquitos down and the water clear … magic)
    all counts degenerate into count downs and generate additional counters, commerchants and mercenaries in suitably ‘mutable’, ‘cardinal’ or ‘firefix; family colours

    christine? CrEsToon crushSTONE kalkuul kalkoen kelkiel valkuil –
    Not just calendyrical matrologists (i’m keeping that word in) use calculus but killcallers are notorious calculus commiters and committed to calculus use – and/or abuse.

    A focus on top window dressers (ABomBAnation) is telltale that lots of the exactitude, neatness and resolve sought for (consensual calm & collectiveness) tends to end up meting out ‘justice’ (see Todd) nobody in his right mind can continue to use without scare quotes.

    new ‘exacts justice’ from not new, now from not now —

    :: “Exaction of justice” (1020x – one of the sites using the phrase is called ‘cruxchristi’)
    :: “exact justice” (16x) –
    No clue as to why the search result numbers (x) seem wildly discrepant) but i know both mean the archaic ‘pound of flesh extraction’ (meanwhile not just hawked and gambled away, threatened and cut but contaminated, tortured and demonized for multiple generations, a multiple of the multiple possible before).

    Justice exaction is reserved for, done by executioners rather than executives .. but they are a tight and plexy lot .. and so they easily could leverage rock (apply factors of millions and billion in one swell crunch .. yet won’t lift a finger unless it is to hit a hi-freq trade button and go for the weightless and toxic surrogate. Luckily the chains of debt which they imagine to thus forge, put on their subject (dumb delegaters, looking at and out for number 1) are just as imaginary, house of card permanent and ‘light’.

    A true credit emission is the crushing of rock, a totally festive occasion, a celebration of the curing and banishment of disease, alleviation of burdens.

    The truely crestful are critical towards out of sight conduits to magic a daily sewage fix – faithfully contributed by and alienated from the unwary; man says ‘all she can take’, woman thinks ‘all i can get’ – into filthy lucre.

    The truely crestful facilitate empowderment of the above board compost kind
    to show how adept they are turning it

    … and no, these Eichmannesque – Expulsion/Hofjude is the (underlying, unresolved) issue, no matter how much they try to update and isolate it as the supposedly more manageable alestine/nazionist – and nerdy autists aren’t the secret army of holy book swingers, these executives are not extra cute but if you’re not, thought desperate to be … seen as such, go for the SchizSuit, descended from and continuing the high priestly stuff with the tragic square beads on his chest).

    the drift, segue, slip, limn, creep, seep, derive, sinkrowsync&stink … all ‘change’ of the slow, inperceptible but incremental sort … the linearity so bent it aint easily seen as such .. is real but you know … numbers always cause trouble.
    The focus is pernicious. You produce one turd a day and are payed one rock a day, how much compost will you have after 13×20 days?

    In Lakech means ‘i am another you’?
    Better to say ‘i complicate your rhythm’ cause we aint ‘in harmmoney’ yet are we? speaking of which, what is obama gonna do about this:

    bafflingly excellent Todd Boyle (

    Again, one of the most common errors by such commentators
    is to conflate GDP and other money-measurements with the
    actual productive output of a population, or its well-being.

    The dollar economy (which as you all know is based on simple measures of settlements in the central banking system) is something that needs to decrease, before we will see improvements in production by people of the things that they actually need.

    As long as a population pursues “jobs” of total obedience within corporations, then goes home at 5pm with “paychecks” and tries to “purchase” the things that really provide a quality of living, then yeah, I agree with Lendman — ‘terminal decline’.


  4. Thank you, TMQ (and other kin), for your comments and insights. You are so very correct about the disunity and confusion inherent in the 12:60 system and I especially resonated with your questioning of the “intent” of the article. Your words feel liberating and true TMQ. It is time to prepare for the end of the cycle and to envision/live life as multidimensional beings in the higher dimensions and octaves. Grace to you all. Be in peace, love, joy and harmony.

    In lak’esh.

  5. “the 27th Solar Galactic Return of Pacal Votan”
    matches a sync on the 27th LETTER of the ALPHABET article

    Then i saw this line:
    Around 300 BC,
    the Roman Censor Appius Claudius Caecus removed z from the alphabet.

    I listened to the name “Caecus” and had a big teardragging laugh …


    the main reason “he” probably did this was to remove the 3 to 9 formula out of peoples mindset: it had to be an even number while uneven is dynamic thinking and so creative …

    crunch , when do the pioneers follow by instant deep down knowing that a 28 number of days is in fact the unit clockwork where 27 heals by nature / overture / architecture … name it URself!

    S\ ace (“US”)

  6. Christine posts an art collection:
    plenny meshes and matrices but not a speck of rock, freshly cable twistcrunched and squeezed through screenage, nor dust to be seen added to help organize organic cycles and keep them cycling as nature intended, just eyecandy through paint, prolly toxic at that.
    So, does it preflect or reflect anything other than a monkey behind a typewriter in a badly compromised territory homeland lebensraum?????

    Yaacov Agam - Amenagemenet de l'antichambre des appartmeents prives du Palais de l'Elysee pour le President Georges Pompidou
    (3800 x 2533) = 4 screens wide and high .. moving your mouse-wheel up and down on the left side creates a funny effect

    Yaacov Agam - Amenagemenet de l'antichambre des appartmeents prives du Palais de l'Elysee pour le President Georges Pompidou
    look at ‘a century of israeli art’ film for 300$ here.
    it has ‘holocaust’ and ‘arab-israeli conflict’ but not
    ‘expulsion causes’ and ‘arab-israeli friendship’, let alone the as usual excluded middle/mean of everything choice.

    if i were to lay many of my pixeled text pages end to end and print them in readable format on wallpaper rolls i’d begin making a little money too i reckon, besides a little inroads on the market for this beautiful robbery*, anybody care to friendsheyes? — don’t forget to mouse over the image
    Estimate $1,200 – $1,500
    Starting Bid $750
    Size: 29.5 in. x 25.5 in. (74.93 cm x 64.77 cm)

    * – It makes a back yard gardenflower patchwork beauty, stolen by dispossesion mechanism linea recta descended from the coat of many colourman, an exclusive and pricey thing, a blocking substitute for BYGs (yet reminds of ‘m just enough to borrow the good vibe thereof).

    can’t image it really satisfies or tickles the savantic fancies of matrices loving calendariots and matrologists either.

  7. Are you afraid of 666……….. then mirror it to 999!
    11.11. is 7:7::7:7 is 771 711

    There is only one doomsday, your personal one if you believe in it!

    • Oh, Honey,
      In the last 2.5 solar retURns eye’ve seen 150 666 license plates.

      666 merely implies that Babylon(lawn?) needs 2/too/two/to be mowed.

      End of con/fusion cycle.

      In order to manipulate at the atomic level, won/one mUSt be able to have a clear non-dualistic view/point. Then all trajectories are possible. Not pro/babel 😉 – possible.


      Love life and ROCK & (27) ROLL!!!

      Hi, S’ace

  8. Thank you, 9.7 (189) for allowing Valum Votan’s consciousness to use you as a vessel for dispelling any misconceptions about the dates that we follow as the 144,000 Cubed within.

  9. Yet a noother reason for telepathy 😉 Cut out the Middle, man.

    At first glance, this experimental observation seems incongruous. How could a stupid commercial trick me into believing that I loved a product I’d never actually tasted? Or that I drank Coke out of glass bottles?

    The answer returns us to a troubling recent theory known as memory reconsolidation. In essence, reconsolidation is rooted in the fact that every time we recall a memory we also remake it, subtly tweaking the neuronal details. Although we like to think of our memories as being immutable impressions, somehow separate from the act of remembering them, they aren’t. A memory is only as real as the last time you remembered it. What’s disturbing, of course, is that we can’t help but borrow many of our memories from elsewhere, so that the ad we watched on television becomes our own, part of that personal narrative we repeat and retell.

    This idea, simple as it seems, requires us to completely re-imagine our assumptions about memory. It reveals memory as a ceaseless process, not a repository of inert information. The recall is altered in the absence of the original stimulus, becoming less about what we actually remember and more about what we’d like to remember. It’s the difference between a “Save” and the “Save As” function. Our memories are a “Save As”: They are files that get rewritten every time we remember them, which is why the more we remember something, the less accurate the memory becomes. And so that pretty picture of popcorn becomes a taste we definitely remember, and that alluring soda commercial becomes a scene from my own life. We steal our stories from everywhere. Marketers, it turns out, are just really good at giving us stories we want to steal.

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