Kin 156: Yellow Cosmic Warrior codes the end of the Yellow Spectral Sun Moon on Silio 28

CIB                     Kin 156

Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Yellow Cosmic Sun
White Cosmic Worldbridger Yellow Cosmic Warrior Blue Cosmic Night
  Red Magnetic Serpent
I endure in order to question
transcending fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
with the cosmic tone of  presence.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign Cosmic World-Bridger is today’s Challenge, and we are Guided by 20.13:  Cosmic Sun.   The G-Force is also a P.V.C.S.:  Self-Existing Dog.  Today, the Long Count Kin is GM108X:  Self-Existing Star.
16.13:  “The sum of the evolution of the planetary art spore is the self-creation of a consciously reflective radiosonic architecture and self-propelling architectonics, whose final definable action is the ejection of the radiosonic collective mass of the original genetic program into its ultimate evolutionary trajectory in time: the post-organic subliminal conscious realm of pure mind, the post-life pre-primary realm of the hyperdimensional theater of the Dominion of Time, the angelic realms or Buddha fields. This moment of excitation completes the course from stellar mass to incipient supernova.”
  SILIO 28:  DISCHARGEHEART  Chakra04.gif
During the11th Moon, we have been Awakening the 11th Articulation of the Seventh Lord of Time,
Single Wing Red Fire.  Imagine his Left Hip fully alive and aware.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace The 11th Moon and the 12th Wavespell  end today, and Melovia 129 reminds us that it is also the end of the Western Blue Castle of Burning
 This Castle was certainly Transforming, with Fukushima, and the departURe of Valum Votan 11 days later!
Christine 133 shared a beautiful and mesmerizing kaliedesope of Crystal Singing and Zenergy  🙂
S’ace 22, who introduced the 26th letter “Z” to our discussion which led to Zeolites and Zenergy, also notes
ZEOLITES” seems … to decode into a number by the bivideotex-decoder law:
1 5 12 12 9 7 5 8 : 59 (14)  14 is the clockwork “orange” where 13 marches its rounds …
and 14 is resonant to 41 the “God Factor or “Interval of  God
 [Kin 41:  Lunar Dragon mentions the Interval of God in its 1.2 Postulate.]
James 164 shared a video about a computer that was built around the time of Jesus Christ.  [That name is no longer allowed to be said at funerals of American soldiers-many of whom are Christian!]
Thank You Cosmic Hand BC33, for yoUR link to a wonderful article:  by Daniel Pinchbeck.
 “Jose Arguelles, whose spiritual name was Valum Votan, spent the last 24 years thoroughly enmeshed in the world, traveling, speaking, teaching, writing, networking and activating. He was a man possessed by his mission and unflagging in his dedication to it.  He wrote prolifically, leaving behind a catalogue of books describing a new science, the science of the fourth dimension of time…”

“Like most of the efforts of Jose Arguelles’ phenomenal life, his affect was not given much regard by the mainstream media or establishment intellectual community. Arguelles himself noted that the Harmonic Convergence was rarely mentioned again and certainly did not make any lists of the great achievements of the 20th Century, even though nothing like it had ever happened in the history of the planet.”

[in 1992] “…the Union of Concerned Scientists  [1700 international scientists — including many Nobel laureates]  published a letter  stating that, left alone, the activities of humans on the planet would make it uninhabitable for our species in 20 years.”  1992 + 20 = 2012.

” …the launching of the seven volume Cosmic History Chronicles… required a partnership that could match the intellectual intensity of these transmissions.  The yogic bond with Stephanie South, the last powerful female partner in Jose Arguelles’ creative life, supported this intense work.   They moved to Australia (and briefly New Zealand) to be in harmony with the energy they were fielding…”  {Today’s CDK = 5.3:  Electric Serpent, the Galactic Signature of Stephanie South  :)}

Today, a special workshop based upon the information in Cosmic History Chronicles Volume V:  Book of the Timespace, and Volume VI:  Book of the Transcendence concludes in Mexico.  TMQ had hoped to join them, but must  instead wait for the next opportunity to study/practice Synchrogalactic Yoga with a group of dedicated Kin.  We would love to hear from any Kin who attended  🙂 

The Synchronotron World Encounter underscores the value of these last Volumes by the Closer of the Cycle and his partner Stephanie South, in oUR preparation for the Harmonic Convergence on 12/21/2012.  As Mayanologist Tony Shearer told a young Valum Votan: “We must get ready for the cleansing of the world and for the end of the Great Cycle.” 

In Valum Votan’s words ‘as he left this dimension’ [exemplified by Arun’s latest comment; when we can say that to each person]

“Everything is Perfect. Love Everyone. Hate No One.”

Beloved !! H e l l o ! 🙂   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

According to the Galactic Mayans, Supreme Masters of  Time, the Great Cycle ends in 572 days.

N. S.  1. 23. 11. 28.   UR EARTH 7    Kin 156

4 thoughts on “Kin 156: Yellow Cosmic Warrior codes the end of the Yellow Spectral Sun Moon on Silio 28

  1. old (stoner) time (70s) band gave their signature sound a modern twist and …. they obviously read plenny of Arguelles .. staying well away from adding the telltale Zealotry of labels and Zeals* .. they already had their own brand anyways ..

    * – i mean the seals which are sooner associated with overseas than universality, know what i mean? for example, i found someone to call the martin luther of turtle counts
    rollie stonie (on YT) is obviously dreamspell inspired but turns it into simplest possible (german) language. He needs to try an icosa next.

    oh .. just had a thought … about time too …. keepin it …. beautifully kept …. slow releasin it. watch the crack appear, see the cleavage hide.

    starlarvae is another place which is it’s own independent wing of a wave rather than caravan participant. he too, like david calder hardy (been my fave NZer for years) make the effort to claim and/or see some stability recursiveness, continuity and basis for trust from and/or through sheer numbers awkward and obsessive, not to mention futile.

    One swing will result in thus and thus many dust specks and the next will have an o so significant fraction more or less?
    ningun importa. wichtig ist dass all turds are covered as quickly as possible or dropped into dust soup on its way to the compost heap in the first place, … except of course for the best of them, to be put on display, tested for odor, shine and consistency .. just to let us all know it aint that hard to be happy and some of us are already.

    hurray for germany today eh??? renounce the nuke puke fistmakery … still way worse than what all financial finagling can mismanage in the havoc department

  2. I had some conversation with above mentioned rollie stonie on the german 2013forum, he told me that the telektonon f.e. is too complicated for him, as he is not english native speaking (so am I) But even if you are a native english speaker some passages` in Votans books are really mind blowing. You think what the hell is he trying to say. It`s complicated to explain 4 dimensional things in 2 dimensional words. Therefore r.s. is using very much the dreamspell, he created a own system called the 7 Seals. In your wavespell you have 13 tones/glyphes which are kind of your councious part. Now the other 7 are your noncouncious, that which you are not. You can try to understand a life long these 7 glyphs or aspects and you never will “get” them. But at the same time other kins have those 7 seals in their wavespell and therefore understand/are them easy.

    Back to the artist thing: Last week I was on a urban street art fair in Muc.
    It`s so amazing and great what that artists are getting out of theire own deep realms of conciousness and the noospherian one. I stopped at one big picture which made me really think and whatched it for a long time.
    It is called “Yesterday Today Tomorrow” the artists are actually 2 guys who call themselves “Doublethink”
    I asked one of them if he`d knew about hte mayan thing, arguelles, etc. as their picture is decoding the whole thing. He told me no and that it is funny, last time somebody came telling him that there is a tibetan “world creation myth” where a monkey unites with an alien. (Which they have also on one of their pictures)
    I tried to explain him in that “short” time what it is about, and he fully understood the thing without never seeing before one mayan tone one glyph, etc. etc.
    He agreed if all chinese people would jump up in the air at the same time certainly the result would be a poleshift! 🙂
    It is really that the information is there, up in the air, up in the noosphere. We just have to connect and draw it down on paper, in words, in pictures, in musik.
    Have a look at the third pic, isn`t it nice this Votan riding on his peacefull dinosaur.

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