Kin 159: Blue Electric Storm codes the 17th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Tomb of The Red Queen

CAUAC        Kin 159

Blue Electric Storm

Blue Electric Night
Red Electric Moon Blue Electric Storm Yellow Electric Sun
  White Spectral Wind
I activate in order to catalyze
bonding energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of abundance
Electric Storm coded the 5th year of the Mystery of the Stone, when we awakened the Fifth [and Feminine] Lord of Time:  Supreme Golden Maiden Today’s G-Force is Planetary Skywalker, and the CDK is 9.7, which codes Jannis.
17 years ago, Alberto Ruiz discovered the Tomb of the Red Queen  in Palenque on Crystal Wizard [the first Solar Witness; 14.12 codes the Heart Oracle of the First Lord of Time:  Single Luminous White A]
88 Moons and 11 days ago, the prophetic message appeared on TMQ’s computer saying that as of that moment in time [19.13] she was “awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen“.  In 39 days, she begins her Electric Mirror year.  18.3 codes the Fifth Solar Witness and the Heart Oracle of Supreme Golden Maiden.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
19.3:  “God is the sure truth of the omnidirectional perfection of radial order throughout all phases of the Galactic Brain in all of its parallel universe possibilities and permutations.’

    GAMMA 3:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif

 On June 1,2011;  a 6.3  “earthquake struck just before 9 a.m. (1300 GMT) and was centered 59 miles (96 kilometers) southwest of Concepcion, Chile”.

On June 1, 1994, “Beyond their highest expectations, working west of the famous pyramid known as Structure XIII, [Temple 13 González’ team found something never before seen in the Mundo Maya: A royal tomb dedicated to a woman, whom they named “The Red Queen“”

While the adjacent Tomb of  Pacal’s Votan was heavily inscribed, all that appeared on the Red Queen’s Tomb was an8“.  However, both The Red Queen and Pacal were buried with identical Jade masks, which denoted their equal and supreme spiritual attainment.”A collection of jade, pearls, obsidian knives, bone needles and shells covered and surrounded the skeleton


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May we successfully complete the mission for which Pacal Votan and The Red Queen Incarnated.

N. S.  1. 23. 12. 3.                       Kin 159


12 thoughts on “Kin 159: Blue Electric Storm codes the 17th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Tomb of The Red Queen

  1. Note
    Both american awa European notation of 20121221 form number 11 as a sum=sun

    Bivideotex revelation decoder from kin022&220 (twinstar/gemini=sirkus from urane)

    8 6 13 => 27 = 3 * 9

    Anoother keynotestroke proovin’ 9991 & 13*28 as
    Sol u t ion


    • our comfort in numbers is still Noo to some

      “we all Gnow each other by three though…”

      Act-ivating Service

      • See how Noo perfectly smashes 13-12-12 into 37
        as Gnow does 7-13-12-4 =) 36 in Noo as unity-clockhouse

        this from the bivideotex decoder AM=ZN=1 to 13
        & is 27th character indicating a zeropoint …
        that zeropoint triggers silence which is 28 …
        as 9 9 9 1 … always does in the smooth wwworld of 13:28

        we did conclude 111 222 til 999 indicate the time lords?
        as 37 does commit the trinity thought on 3 to 37 = 111

        and 111 (3 too) is the working section in the unit 1111 (4 the mystery Quetzalcoatl)

        have a big laugh and center your HARAh-erlebnisse …

  2. And sooo???
    123 123???

    May we successfully complete the mission for which Pacal Votan and The Red Queen Incarnated.

    N. S. 1. 23. 12. 3. Kin 159

    1-2-3, oh, that’s how elementary it’s gonna be
    C’mon, let’s fall in love, it’s easy (it’s so easy)
    Like takin’ candy (like takin’ candy) from a baby
    A-B-C (A-B-C) fallin’ in love with you was easy for me (easy for me)
    And you can do it, too, it’s easy (it’s so easy)
    Like takin’ candy (like takin’ candy) from a baby
    Baby, there’s nothin’ hard about love
    Basically, it’s as easy as pie
    The hard part is livin’ without love
    Without your love, baby, I would die
    [mostly instrumental with (1-2-3) (1-2-3)]
    It’s easy (it’s so easy)
    Like takin’ candy (like takin’ candy) from a baby, yay
    One and one are two (one and one are two)
    I know you love me and oh,oh, how I love you (how I love you)
    Don’t try to fight it ’cause it’s easy (it’s so easy)
    Like takin’ candy (like takin’ candy) from a baby, yay
    1-2-3 (1-2-3) oh, that’s how elementary it’s gonna be (it’s gonna be)
    C’mon, let’s fall in love, it’s easy (1-2-3)
    Oh, that’s how elementary

    C (+ A & B 😉 )

    • while Barssi-ah-erlebnisse keeps on repeating 1-2-3

      i keep on pulsing it als 3-2-1-0

      so it always was a countdown as the last 3 sounds before the rocket goes …
      it fires itself …

      as leap-day does fire itself into another position in the 13 to 28 moon (verti)calendear …

      so what is its target, dear Ones?

      who’s on the job getting that strait (each one has a task, aint it/that?)


      as some calculation forces put july 14, 2012 as the crucial date between octobre 28, 2011 and december 21, 2012 …

      we also can be aware of the Venus Transition which energetic effect comes in some weeks later … does that match july, 2012 according , Johan Oldenkamp …

      As kweak runs from july 23, 2009 at DRAGON ONE, Dreamspell
      we (K=11)now measure the LongCount Majix on REED5 … KIN213 – tone 5 in MOONWAVE (similar wave of SUN12-220)

      hmmm that calls for the kweak number 213+1 => 214 …
      rhythmic wizard ….

      and this Johan toggled the TIGER as the better label for the SEAL …

      how relevant to see DOREMI… tone TI arise in the animals name …

      just lets have a common focus on the BenGal Version of the Tiger?

      Pick UR wizz’art!
      decide or side’onwards


    What’s that 108? 😉

    The June 15 Total Lunar Eclipse at 24 Sagittarius appears to be most sharply focused in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver. This Full Moon eclipse aligns with the local horizon in Rio de Janeiro.

    Hmmm…looks like Melovia and eye and the Law of Time crowd have some stargazing to do…


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