Kin 160: Yellow Self-Existing Sun codes Crystal Catalytic Kali 4 and the New Moon

AHAU          Kin 160

Yellow Self-Existing Sun

Yellow Self-existing Warrior
White Self-existing Dog Yellow Self-existing Sun Blue Self-existing Storm
  Red Planetary Dragon
I define in order to enlighten
measuring life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of intelligence.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 30:  4 Dog is today’s Challenge, and the G-Force is also a PVCS:  Kin 26;  Cosmic World-Bridger[Even the Gregorian date:  6.2 denotes a PVCS  🙂]  The Analog is 4 Storm, the 6th Solar Witness. 
The PSI for Crystal 4 is Galactic Human, and  8 Human also codes today’s   Long Count Kin  🙂
0.4:  “It is the Law of Time that maintains the bodies in space in synchronic order to each other.   That is, for any given moment in the universe, the Law of Time governs the synchronic order of all the bodies constituting the momentary appearance of the universal order.   The Law of Time informs the bodies of space from a whole systems order which comprehends all the parts in relation to each other.  This is what is meant by synchronic order.”

Solar activity rages…

Midnight Eclipse

Thank You Christine 133 for these photos of the Eclipse of the Midnight Sun, just hoURs ago.

More Suns:
This image of oUR Galaxy was taken created from  37,440 Exposures
Sun;  Seal 20 [0] is assigned to the European zone of oUR Earth/Planet Holon.
Sun initiates a new 20 day Solar Cycle; with  G-K [Galactic-Karmic]  Pluto.
One white Buffalo has a 1 in 12 million chance of being born. 
Three blue-eyed, pure white buffalo were recently born in Oregon  🙂 
 The White buffalo symbolizes Peace and Prayer, and an ancient prophecy says that when the White Buffalo comes to the Western shores, Peace will once again reign
This 13th Wavespell began with a  triple synchronicity, [today is a personal triple synchronicity] and at least one more appears next week.  This triple Birth {in this Crystal Dragon [power of Birth] Moon feels like a well-timed Good Omen. 
News of another auspicious Birth was just received:  a 90-year-old Gallapagos Turtle in captivity laid 9 eggs, which led to the rare Birth of one 13-shelled  tURtle 8 weeks ago   🙂 
N. S.  1. 23. 12. 4.                               Kin 160


5 thoughts on “Kin 160: Yellow Self-Existing Sun codes Crystal Catalytic Kali 4 and the New Moon

  1. this is the rabbit Moon 12 …
    In kweak
    SIRdaya pointer to sirius A B=C
    And to 9 lordenears of Time as
    Sir Parcival
    & impulsed by the Eclipse on North Pole Area

    Intuit Harmonizer

  2. Today is my son (PVCS 5.11) Cyrus’ 19th Solar Birthday, and my friend Nadeen’s Solar-Galactic Return, heralded by a very unusual early morning full Rainbow 🙂

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