Kin 161: Red Overtone Dragon codes Apha 5 of the Crystal Dragon Moon

IMIX                 Kin 161

Red Overtone Dragon

Red Overtone Moon
Blue Overtone Monkey Red Overtone Dragon White Overtone Mirror
  Yellow Solar Sun
I empower in order to nurture
commanding being.
I seal the input of birth
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of universal water.
5 Moon, which codes this year and the cURrent  Heart-of-Root Chakra, is today’s Guide.  The Antipode, 5 MonKEY codes Valum Votan beginning the second half of this  Overtone Moon year.  The G-Force  is 3 Storm.
1.5:  “The frequency of time is responsible for governing the purpose and levels of consciousness of evolving bodies.  Time factors primal mass into preconscious energy and atomic structure.  Time evolves energy from inorganic atomic to organic cellular mass.  Time factors cellular mass into unconscious energy called life.   All of life possesses unconscious energy.”
Dragon:  G-K Neptune is assigned to the “interplanetary zone of influence”  of the Earth which contains the Middle East and the “Old World GK Civilization and the Genesis of Babylon.”
    ALPHA 5:  RELEASE;  THROATChakra05.gif

This crop circle was discovered at Wilton Windmill in Wiltshire, England on June 1, Electric Storm.
Today’s G-Force is Electric Storm, and this image looks like it could relate to Dragon and/or Birth  🙂
Cosmic History Chronicles states that one of the Chambers in the Great Pyramid contains hermetic information about Electricity, and this cURrent news of the discovery of electrical circuitry inside this Pyramid supports that statement:  This article shows the “Wiring of the Great Pyramid’s Fluid Switch.”
In Four Wavespells the Overtone Skywalker Day-out-of-Time
doot ends the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone.
From pages 137-138 of  ‘Book of the Transcendence’ by Valum Votan and Stephanie South:
“Each moment is an opportunity to transcend ourselves by remembering God.  In communion  with the angels of knowledge we become the Cube enshrining the Mystery of the Stone.”
“In the Cube and Ka’bah are the keys to the temple of universal religion/remembrance (UR).  The Stone symbolizes remembrance of oUR cosmic origins and holds the memory of oUR capacity for self-perfection;  this is also the purpose of all Yogic systems.”
 Vishuddha [Throat ch.] Affirmation:
“May the vision of the Star Elders of the great councils of light and wisdom speak through me so that all may ascend to sublime grace!”
N. S.  1. 23. 12. 5.                                  Kin 161

3 thoughts on “Kin 161: Red Overtone Dragon codes Apha 5 of the Crystal Dragon Moon

  1. Welcome Lunar Partial.
    Welcome Soul Mutation.
    Realization From Kin 205.
    Communication of Star Elders.
    That My Moves shall be Calculated.
    Moi Explained “like a Tortoise”.
    Lunar Skywalker Merges With Summer Solstice.
    Spent many of Daya with Nature’s Gifts.
    Compassionate Ones Have Developed Full Galactic Maya Transfer.
    Much to My Discover on this Day of Radiant Memory.
    I have redeveloped a KinShip with my “Ex-Wife”, who is now like my Blood Sister?
    Kin 158.
    White Lunar Mirror.
    And her Son.
    Henry Kin 11.
    This is a grateful Sign.
    Galactic Federation is Here with Us.
    No Doubt.
    No Illusion.
    Only Pride.
    Only Honor.
    To be of this Clan.
    Galactic Maya.
    Time Capsule.

    Truth and Balance.
    Cube Download.
    Cube Formation.
    Respect to All Kin.
    Time is Us.
    We are Time.

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