Kin 162: White Rhythmic Wind codes Crystal Limi 6 and end of Second 113 day “Lord of the Dawn” Cycle

IK                     Kin 162               June 5, 2011

White Rhythmic Wind

White Rhytmic Wind
Yellow Rhytmic Human White Rhytmic Wind Red Rhytmic Earth
  Blue Galactic Storm
I organize in order to communicate
balancing breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Rhythmic Human is today’s Analog  and G-Force.
2.6“Consciousness of the Law of Time within a stellar mass induces to increased self-reflective creativity in conformity and fulfillment of the Law of Time, T(E)=Art.   The consequent effect of operating by the Law of Time is increased conscious participation in the creative ordering of the universe.   Through telepathically evolved mind, the forces of nature can be shaped to function according to any of the varying levels of evolution”.
    LIMI 6:   PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra03.gif
PURIFICATION [of radioactivity] from oUR SOLAR Source:
Vitamin D “may offer protection against a variety of radiation-induced damages. Vitamin D’s protective action is carried by a wide variety of mechanisms”.
The Impact of Planetary Alignments on Earth
On this Rhythmic day of the Wavespell of  Synchronicity, Navigation and Earth, many of us feel the  need to Synchronize with other Kin which requires us to Navigate  to  another place on oUR Earth.
On Resonant Night, we enter the Crystal Spirit Warrior’s 16 day Cube Journey, and the 3rd 113 day Cycle.
 TheSecond 113-day cycle, green: “Lord of the Dawn sets in Motionends at Midnight of   
6 Wind (4 June 2011) 5 Moon year”
Somethingmade me add 2.6 and 9.5 together:  Today’s kin and this year equal 11.11!  🙂
The Third 113-day cycle, yellow: “Lord of the Dawn Electrifies” began 11 hours ago in New Zealand, with the 16.7 PVCS Watch.   Precisely 30 {PVCS} minutes after sending an  e-mail to  93, TMQ witnessed  two bolts of lightning, each followed by the longest, strongest most Electrifying thunder she has ever heard!  
Just now, checked e-mails for the first time since the Bolts of Thunder at 8:03.  There was already a delightful response from 93, and an e-mail from Moi 205  [at 9:03, PVCS 60 minutes after the Thunder] entitled 11:11!
– just minutes after writing about 11.11 a few moments earlier! 
The time at this moment:  11:11, of coURse  🙂
These  Synchronicities  demonstrate we are becoming more telepathically connected.  May they also Serve to Activate Valum Votan‘s intention that we  form community, and practice SynchroGalactic Yoga  together.
This Crystal Moon is a great time to Birth places where Kin can Liberate oURselves from 12:60 and Dedicate oURselves to living  the  harmonious 13:20 frequency  together.  Let’s Cooperate, to make it happen!
The Second of the two Spirited Communications read a few  minutes ago ended with:
A yum hunab ku eva maya e ma ho….
A yum hunab ku eva maya e ma ho….
A yum hunab ku eva maya e ma ho….
N. S.  1. 23. 12. 6.                                        Kin 162

5 thoughts on “Kin 162: White Rhythmic Wind codes Crystal Limi 6 and end of Second 113 day “Lord of the Dawn” Cycle

  1. on the Sott art-icle we see
    solar wind repeated….Bolon Ik…22
    dancing with the Magnetic-sphere of the earth… 157
    The name of their dance;
    planetary storm

    ….Attune-in-G to the Highest Dream….
    (the Bat is with mi!)

  2. Gregorian June 20. Skywalker gains another year. Turn 33.
    Kin 178…..
    White Solar Mirror.
    Kin 93—- Kin 178….~~~~93 178==271—-260—kin 11 .
    Game Time.
    Bring it. Strong.
    Take my Soul.
    Death is Prophecy.
    Ready to Roll.

  3. While 2.6 & 9.5 make 11.11
    The other sync might be this:
    This is the 3th cycle in kweakspell that runs from juli 2009 Dragon1 in Seed4 with Night3 as axis.
    3th cycle means add 520 to the current kin 182 which makes it 702: a birdy while it expresses 9 (nova)
    Then it is a part of 78*10=780 which is Sun13 kin 260.

    So this is how wind 6 works with 11.11.

    Then LC gave 133 – Skywalker
    And Treekweak sum gives 315 aka 55 – eagle3

    In this waya Kweak enriches Uranes Activity;
    Remember Wind is a Urane Solid Flema that transcends and Includes all Life on Earth.

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