Kin 163: Blue Resonant Night codes Crystal Silio 7, and the Third ‘Electrifying’ Cycle of 113 Days.

AKBAL        Kin 163

Blue Resonant Night

Blue Resonant Eagle
Red Resonant Skywalker Blue Resonant Night Yellow Resonant Warrior
  White Resonant Mirror
I channel in order to dream
inspiring intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of vision.
Kin 33;  13.7:  Resonant  Skywalker is today’s Challenge, and it reflects that this is the 7th day of the 13th Wavespell.
PVCS Resonant Warrior is our Analog/Support as we enter the Crystal Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey.
Today’s G-Force is Solar Serpent.   Crystal 7’s   PSI of  6.5 [Overtone World-Bridger:  Mike]  matches the Gregorian date:  6/5Debra’s Kin:  7 Mirror codes the Hidden Power.
Today’s Kin:  3.7  reminds us that today we begin the 
3rd of the 7    113-day Cycles of the Lord of the Dawnwhich culminate on the 12/21/2012 Threshold. 
Third 113-day cycle:  Yellow: “Lord of the Dawn Electrifies” 
Moi 10 Serpent’s latest comment also  applies to this Third Cycle:
we all Gnow each other by three though…”
Act-ivating Service

3.7:  “All geometric forms are radiative and derive from the fourth-dimensional radial matrix.   All fourth-dimensional functions are radial in nature and imply a principle of center from which the structure is projected.   This is exemplified by the graphic description of the Galactic Brain itself, where God is the projective center of a radial matrix whose holonomic consistency is never lost and which manifests as the synchronic order of the universe at any given moment.”
       LIMI 7:  DISCHARGEHEART                     Chakra04.gif    

The return of Quetzalcoatl – Lord of the Dawn is a natural self-existing process built into the final 791 days of the “beam” – a 104,000-tun density wave pulsation.  The supermental powers of “galactic prophecy” program the beam, according to certain fractal timing principles set to occur or to be triggered at just the right moment.  The seven cycles of the Lord of the Dawn build up as ever-greater density zones of solar planetary excitation.   As these increase in intensity the destabilization of the material plane also increases, creating a descending curve of material destabilization.”
We are witnessing the material destabilization  now.  It’s more important than ever for us to focus on the “emergence of planetary consciousness – leading to the noosphere that commences after the 2012 threshold is passed.”
  June 3, 2011 – MEXICO CITY — The Popocatepetl  volcano that towers over Mexico City [and the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan]  is rumbling again.  The 17,886-foot (5,450-meter) mountain shot a blast of ash about 2 miles (3 kilometers) above its crater at dawn Friday…”
Popocatepetl = 144  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 12. 7.             Cube One:  MEMORY         Kin 163

5 thoughts on “Kin 163: Blue Resonant Night codes Crystal Silio 7, and the Third ‘Electrifying’ Cycle of 113 Days.

  1. Synchronicity has once again blessed me with yet another Divine Gift. On Sunday evening the ‘Transformer’ outside my house was hit by a bolt of Lightning and exploded. I wasn’t able to video the event but I was able to film the cloud formation that was above as well as the electric company truck that magically showed up less than 5 minutes after the blast. Talk about fast service. Here is a link to the video.
    Interesting as well this cycle closes on my 40th birthday on September 25. It’s going to be an ‘Electric’ summer! Namaste!

  2. Happy galactic birthday to Chiara my niece, who was born on the magic date of 09.08.1998 at 9.08 UhR (german word for clock) chiara is a beautifull young 7 Akbal Night girl and has through her birthday a significant connection to the 7th Lord of the Night whom we are awakening this year.
    Before we can reach c.a. we have to Re-member a.c
    Akbal land….the tree is you, the rock is you, the river is you, you are everything and a part of it.
    You navigate with songlines~~~~~~~~~~~~
    33 said before we can reach the kingdom of heaven c.a. we have to become like children a.c.
    aboriginal continuum:::cosmic awareness

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