Magic Turtle and GAP: 12 Star codes the 12th day of the 12 Moon, and oUR [very] Crystal Round Table

LAMAT      Kin 168

Yellow Crystal Star

Yellow Crystal Sun
White Crystal Mirror Yellow Crystal Star Blue Crystal Monkey
  Red Lunar Skywalker
I dedicate in order to beautify,
universalizing art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
20.12:  Crystal Sun is today’s Guide, and Lunar Skywalker [Code=E] is oUR Hidden Power. 
The G-Force is  10.11  [Spectral Dog]  and the PSI is 11.10 [Planetary Monkey.]
The Combined Dreamspell  in [Year:  9.5;   Moon: 1.12;  Today:  8.12] is 18.3;  White Electric Mirror, which codes the Heart Oracle of the 5th Lord of the Ring:  Supreme Golden Maiden.
8.12:  “The intelligent coordination of different time vector potentialities through sensory teleportation is the primary means for activating different celestial harmonics and establishing the correct foundation for time travel.
    ALPHA 12:  RELEASETHROATChakra05.gif
Solar Serpent  marked the  664th day since this blog began on Magnetic 18 [8/12/2009, Madame Blavatsky’s 178th Solar Birthday] coded by Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon.
As noted, that period of nearly daily blogs  is bookended by TMQ’s two Solar Birthdays:   33 days before the first blog, and 33 days after the Post for Kin 165. 
After writing 649 blogs [-520= 9.12, a reflection of that 9th day of the 12th Moon] in 664 days, The Mystery Queen was signaled by that day’s realization of the 13 Moon date of 7.1 at the ‘Heart‘ of the blog, [and Antipodal to her 13.14 Solar Birthday]  that it was time to pause her daily  blogging–just as the 7.1 Earthquake in the land of her birth triggered the beginning of this blog.
That 7.1 signal was reinforced by
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace“The current solar flare activity is EXPONENTIALLY larger than anything I’ve ever seen. Our electrical bodies, as well as the Earth, are receiving significantly increased exposure to electromagnetic energy.”  as Debra 7 Mirror wrote.
TMQ  ‘experienced‘ that energy, and it’s her personal opinion that the two emergency landings of Air New Zealand airplanes during that extremely charged time were also reacting to that “exponentially larger” blast of electromagnetic energy“.  [There had been warnings for aircraft flying near the Polar regions during this massive solar event.]
Kin 98 concluded her comment:  “Of course this occurred as we are in the 113-day cycle “Lord of the Dawn Electrifies!” (A good time to practice telepathy, should the communications systems konk out.)  
Christine 3 Skywalker concurred:  We mUSt gather in the noo. It is oUR path“.
Jannis 7 Moon shared a video that  could also  illustrate  the Lord of Dawn Electrifying the Noosphere and US!
This Electrifying Event and the  ‘gap‘  between the end of daily blogging on GAP 165  and this post on GAP 168,  allowed us more chance to ‘practice telepathy’

THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one…”

 With 17 days remaining until we begin the 13th Cosmic Spirit Moon TMQ is planning to reduce her posts to 13 times each 28 day Moon.   This Cosmic Spirit  Moon is the  91st [and last]  Moon of the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone.
Less time writing online will allow more time and energy to be focused upon oUR goals, and provide us all with an  opportunity to cooperatein maintaining  a daily presence here.  

Let’s discuss priorities/goals  and ways to cooperate in fulfilling them  at this Magic Turtle Crystal Star Round Table on the 12th day of the 12th Moon.  It would also be great to hear from some of  the 500 subscribers who have never responded [in the technosphere].   
 The 12th Moon of Cooperation feels like the optimal time togrow‘  together, into a network that transcends Technology [which  Valum Votan predicts will soon end-because of a solar event even more massive than the one that just ended]  and into 13:20 Communities.  Soon, we will be using our  Telepathy for needed tasks, like igniting the Rainbow Bridge, purifying oUR Earth and reconnecting Earth with Uranus.
We will  also be in greater telepathic resonance with the Crustacean Guardians of our Earth.  Mar Isabel 13 Hand shares the angelic music of Maui Whales  🙂  
As Valum Votan [and Sura 113] stated, now is the time to emit  the Telepathic Call for a Galactic Intervention.
Our Earth is currently experiencing an influx of large U.F.O fleets.    ‘Uncensoredshows a photo of Allah spelled out by UFOs over Riyadh Saudi Arabia.   Help is here!
 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  The gap between the GAPs [165 & 168] began with these beautiful words from Jail Biggum [Cody 5 Hand]: 
  “…Eternal  LOVE  to you and all Creation!”
N. S.  1. 23. 12. 12.        Cube Six: BRIDGING WORLDS   
Magic Turtle &  GAP Crystal Star  Round Table

4 thoughts on “Magic Turtle and GAP: 12 Star codes the 12th day of the 12 Moon, and oUR [very] Crystal Round Table

  1. So Cosmic Moon = 666
    Gregorian biomother’s (and her younger brother’s) solar retURn
    September 13
    Saw Maya 153rd 666 license plate todaya…
    Planetary Sky
    Tone 10
    DoggoD Kin 10
    Hi ho to Code=E
    Love to Maya Crystal Star nephew on his third Galactic spin
    Love to/two/too all,

  2. 93 stays in Jah Cube.
    133—My Skywalker Sister.
    Explore UR Space.
    WakeFulness Brings Golden Rule.
    I left My Ego at The Start of Her Race.
    For When That Door Closes.
    URs Opens.
    UR Vision. Is UR Dream.
    My Dream is This.
    Compassionate Ones Have Mutated.
    They Tell me To Step it up.
    They whisper Pacal’s Stories.
    I remember in The SpaceShip.
    I remember UR Story of Glory.
    Where We all Dance with Familiar Grace.
    UR Moves are My Smile.
    My Smile is Jah Sun.
    Jab Sun Releases Moments of Rapid Growth.
    Forget. Remember.
    Come One.
    Come All.
    Stand Tall.
    Welcome to the Cube of The Hall.
    Be Women. Overcome Man.
    Where do y’all Stand.??
    I’m willing to Give it all up.
    Dreaming an Old Dream.
    Galactic Mayan~~>


    Noo format…hmmm…

    Presence of Universal Movement in the virtual noosphere – noo there is an automatic
    identification menu –

    Guest BUTTON
    Wordpress BUTTON
    Twitter BUTTON
    Facebook BUTTON


    I Endure in order to Purify
    I Transcend Flow
    I seal the process of universal water
    With the Cosmic tone of Presence
    I am guided by the power of Space

    These are oUR op/PORT/TUN/ities to/two/too expand amongst oUR acquaintances the Cosmic ConscioUSness. This is the fulfilling of the Dreamspell. To wake up.


  4. Wow I seriously saw something like a the Tunguska object last friday night around midnight in Rotterdam, Holland.
    Nice to find a answer in my favorite blog.


    Love is all!


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