GAP 173: Red Self-Existing Skywalker codes Crystal Gamma 17, and the 59th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Tomb of Pacal Votan

The “Lunar”  Transmission of  oUR 441 Cube Wavespell is coded by the Full Lunar Eclipse and by:

BEN                      Kin 173

Red Self-Existing Skywalker

Red Self-existing Moon
Blue Self-existing Night Red Self-existing Skywalker White Self-existing Worldbridger
  Yellow Planetary Star
I define in order to explore
measuring wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of universal water.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The Analog, 4 World-Bridger codes Valum Votan’s cURrent year, and the Occult Planetary Star codes the day [in the Northern Hemisphere] when Valum Votan ascended, exactly 3 Moons ago.  The PSI is  Lunar Warrior, and the G-Force is Kin 39:  13 Storm.
13.4“The whole body time transport involving “displacement,” coordinated functioning in two places at once, is the prerequisite for flux tube journeying and the establishment of interplanetary celestial harmonics in preparation for AD 2013.
  GAMMA 17:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif

 “On Wednesday night, June 15th, there’s going to be a total lunar eclipse visible from every continent except North America. The Moon will spend 100 minutes fully engulfed in Earth’s shadow, making this the longest lunar eclipse in nearly 11 years. Maximum coverage occurs on Wednesday night at 20:12 UT”] 

111 days after the Galactic Sun Earthquake killed  181 people in Christchurch Link to this video , a devastating 6.3 Earthquake struck during the Lunar DragonInterval of God” Watch of Lunar Monkey, June 13. 

Another 75 buildings are now condemned [which doesn’t leave many standing].  Liquifaction and flooding are worse than before, and witnesses say this “scariest, worst of all”  Earthquake is the “Straw that breaks Christchurch’s back“. 

 Aftershock chch aftershocks 

Huge “house-sized boulders” continue to shake loose from the cliffs above Sumner, where TMQ once lived.  The 6.3 at 2:20 [Kin 220=20.12] was preceded by a 5.5 at 1300 [90 minutes after Kin 170’s transmission was posted], and among the many  large ‘aftershocks‘ since then were some magnitude 5.0 quakes today.  Thanks Debra 7 Mirror for your heart-felt comment  🙂

Nelson, the “Center of New Zealand” was still, while the 6.3 was felt in every direction:  the North Island, the bottom of the South Island, and an hour South of here]  Today, 33 of us climbed the steep hill to the precise center of this country, to participate in a “Geo-Walk”  meditation/ritual.  The cold wind was fiercely strong, reminding us that Spirit was present.

As we tread a triangular path 3 times, TMQ was reminded of  the 3 Moons that have passed since Valum Votan ascended, and of these words from Book of the Transcendence, describing the geometric forms created within the 13 tones of the Wavespell:

So there is one master tetrahedron with three triangles inscribed within it.  The Tetrahedron [created by the Fourth-Dimensional Time Pulsar that connects Tone 1, 5, 9 and 13] represents the Fourth Dimension, while the three interlocking triangles represent the Third Dimension, or physical plane.”

  • Tone  2:   Lunar               Polarize   Challenge             Stabilize

The Lunar tone is a First-dimensional Atomic-Molecular Lunar Life Pulsar”, and forms a triangle with tone 6 [Rhythmic} and 11 [Spectral].  “Sum of  tones = 18, frequency of 18-dimensional universe”. 

Christine 3 Skywalker provided two articles today that seem [have not yet had the chance to read them thoroughly]  to apply to these statements from Chapter 10:  But what about exploring the vastly untapped potential of the mind?”  “Pulsar cosmology is a mental technology that relies solely on the development of mind power,  free from instrumentation and technological devices”.

 Today is the 4th day of the Wavespell coded by Seal 10 10.4 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, and it’s Postulate explains why it is important to learn about the 13 Tones of Creation.  It concludes with this :

Utilizing techniques…a particular corruption may be dissolved back into its original condition of non-existence potentiality and/or released as atmospheric radiance.”

This  image, coURtesy of James 8 Seed, provides a beautiful visualization for that concept  🙂” rel=”prettyPhoto  


A huge storm on the sun this past week unleashed what some have called the most massive eruption of solar plasma ever seen.”  “…an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center and a deputy project scientist on the agency’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) satellite [said] “It’s a really exciting event. There are a lot of exceptions to it.”

This news item came through on the first day of this  Wavespell, coded by Divine Loyalty

In an interview with the Observer,  former prime Minister Tony Blair  [Kin 23:  10 Night]  said he reads the Koran every day.

“Reading the Islamic religion’s holy book – considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God – ensured he remained ‘faith-literate’, the former Labour leader said.”

The Postulate for today’s G-Force is 19.13:

All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 12. 17.      Cube 11:  MAGIC        GAP Kin 173

17 thoughts on “GAP 173: Red Self-Existing Skywalker codes Crystal Gamma 17, and the 59th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Tomb of Pacal Votan

  1. I just discovered your blog, in lakech!

    Yesterday i was reading an article (in spanish, maybe you have possibility for digital translation?) about numerology, gematria, ecc.
    The article starts talking about movie “23” with Jim carrey , the it analyses some gematric systems and then the autor, a so called scientist, says that he was on a radio station talkin about some people’s obsessions with number, and he calls it Apofenia, like saying that this experience takes you just to see what you want to see, and say that people uses number in a manipulative way just to prove the existence of the supernatural, ecc.
    So he says that when on radio show he intuitively decided to give an example and chooses number “19” just to find later on all the Rashad Kalifa’s work and the nation islam and the bahai tradition’s adoration for this number.

    So it amazed me to read that about Tony Blair, very sinchronic!

    kin 177

  2. Another very interesting detail on this article is the formula (23 x 11) + (28 x -9) = 1
    it comes from the Fliss theory? I found it very Synchronotronic

  3. Welcome Lunar Presence.
    UR Totality Is My Polarity.
    Open To Fulfill.
    Lunar Pulsar.
    RainBow Nation.
    Blessed Cube Family.
    Matrix Of Truth.
    In Lunar Eclipse,
    Galactic Maya.
    5Th Force Guidance.
    Cube of Monkey.
    Hall of Cube.

  4. Do we need signs and symbols, synchronicitys, numbers and crop circles to believe in an godly order or an invisible holy power that is out there somewhere? I think yes we need them. If weed` follow those 12:60 scientists telling us that this is a sort of mental illness, then half of humanity would sit in hospital treated by the other “crazy” half in white coats.
    “Metaphysical Assumptions of Spiritualism (and it’s many forms) – everything has implicit meaning, the world speaks in symbols”
    Yesterday when I went out of the city to the countryside to whatch the fullmoon eclipse (Bloodmoon as a newspaper headlined) I had a car accident. Not bad only a scratch in the bumper of the other car. The moment this happened I talked with my partner about a job and our accountant. The person in the other car was an accountant. The other car was a brown Mini-Cooper. After we finished the paper stuff we went on the highway and where suddenly surrounded by 3 brown Mini-Coopers exactly the same car type.
    (Didn`t whatch the number plates 🙂
    Since my personal re-ignition on Kin 77 Solar Moon5 I had so many syncs, signs and wow`s that ignoring them I would be a fool. If you are on the spiritual path you have to whatch for signs, your life turns into a synchronistic event as you realice your connection with everybody , everything… the earth, the sun and the galaxy. The more you are on the path the more your life turns into a living prophecy as the subcouncious powers of the 9 re U inte with the councious powers of the 13. You know then that everything is fine as you are doing your “spiritual” job no matter what it is.
    On 13.14. Red Rythmic Moon Year (10.July 1999) I finished a Tzolkin Painting/Graphic.( I will publish it soon.) At this time I did“t know about Telektonon and MotS.
    This Graphic consists of 182 units and has to do with the Tzolkin and the Solar/Earth, 9/13 and the Mystery of the Stone.
    13×14 is 182! The Wavespell we are right now 14! The day it was finished is the solar birthday of TMQ! This day 10.July 1999 was also exactly 2 Tzolkin Rounds after Valum Votan unlocked the “Prophecy of the Christian Revelation” through the Telektonon of 7:7::7:7 (page 10)
    The next 13.14 solar birthday of TMQ and the day when she “becomes” the 5th Lord of the Night is 18.3 White electric Mirror .
    The day the full power of the 7:7::7:7 was completed was Bolon Ik`s (22) (13+9) 55th solar birthday (page11) Kin 77, the day Japan Earthquake happend 9.5 (year 9.5) Kin 77, the day I calculated a dreamspell glyph and tone again after 9 years of “sleep” was Kin 77, the day I set my foot , the once and only time, on the holy island of patmos Kin77 greg. 18.08. 07 (TMQ 18.8)
    I found out about all these syncs recently in the last 3 Moons and 13 Days when I read the Te and MofS and Biography of TT.
    Mayby it`s only ment for me to “believe” I don`t know it yet. I don`t know what`s gonna happen on the road to 20.13 to Syncs don`t sound so cool on blogs and not everybody is number “addicted”
    But I know this is not a sort of “Apophenia”
    Some believe with their hearts other with their minds, doesn`t matter.
    Guidance is there right now .
    Look out for it.
    In lak ech
    Jannis G.A. 9.7

  5. Well maybe it is a matter of distintion, like in any case one could observe : Is this synchronic or am i being apophenic? Ha.

    Here goes a synchronic one:

    on kin 77 (17.12) , not the last one but one tzolkin ago, me (kin 177) and my partner (210) found out we were pregnant. Our birthdays are separated by 77 days from 7.14 to 10.7
    On last kin 11 (New Moon) we moved to a new house where the baby could be born, and that same day we found her a name (Inanna). She was born 55 day later on kin 66 (+11=77) at 12.17 pm just 3 days before the midpoint of our birthdays (On Galactic 22) PCU 164 Yellow Galactic Seed.

    As i was born in the Planetary Moon of the Planetary Strom Year, this happened to be my 441st moon.

    So there we had an eclipse on 12.17 and the 59th year from the discovery of PV tombs (59×3=177, Armonic 59 = Codon 3, Lunar Output::my mom is Lunar Warrior yesterdays UPC)

    And i found this article while “doing time” at work. I found it very interesting because im jewish and im concerned about what hapenns with Torah, because VV has put so much emphasis on islam and Coran but very little on Jews and Torah, and i really been diggin in and studying (and still am) all of Valums legacy, Law of Time and Cosmic History Chronicles, and i love it! but sometimes in the big synchronic waves that come from his huge oceanic mind i always wondered at some points and now i find the terms “Isn’t this a little Apophenic?

    So yesterday, observing how we pass from Earth Wavespell to Dog’s (by Cosmic-Self Existent law from 169 to 174) this article triggered in me a view, which i had before, and i wanted to share it.

    Number is the thin veil between the Absolute and the Relative, it carries multidimentional levels of information, and, as any powerfull elixir, should be taken carefully, or it can drive you crazy.

    169-174 Counts for the Purification of Space that Bridges Synchronicity with Love.
    And i still didn’t check todays post but how many Galactic Spins ago has Cosmic History descended?

    In Lakech!
    Ava Maino
    kin 177

  6. Red Queen/S.S.
    Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Page 65
    Poem written by Valum Votan in 1991

    “Life is poetry itself
    The dawn of the Sea
    The stars, your flesh
    It’s not money, but magic that makes the world go round.
    It’s not months, but moons that keep the earth in her spin
    What you are in your skin is already enough
    Time to give up
    No more Monday morning schizophrenia
    Of tied shoes and closed down senses
    Time to remember
    Life is poetry itself
    Moon-tide memories
    Of rainbow cloud light
    Beamed through mind’s
    Self recollection.”

    Page 75
    Votan’s Journal entitled: “Earth Wizard’s little Book of Practical Conduct:”
    “The Two Laws of the Wizard’s self-ethical code of Conduct.”
    1. You always receive what you need. No more and no less. Exactly when you need it. No sooner and no later.
    2. Always do what you need to do for yourself, exactly when you need to do it(no more no less).

    Page 81
    “Whenever truth appears anew it’s biggest enemy is ignorance; the more whole and brilliant the revelation of truth, the more multiple will be the sectarian backtracks of ignorance. (These codes) are not about bringing past traditions into the present, but rather about bringing the future into the present in order to restore human autonomy planet wide….”


  7. Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 6
    Book of the Transcendence
    Page 184

    “There are two types of pulsars:dimensional pulsars and overtone pulsars. The dimensional pulsars define the synchronically interconnected realms of the fourth-dimension as functions of a four-color code. The overtone pulsars provide cross-dimensional time structures that reveal more complex connections based on the fifth force power of 5. There are four types of dimensional pulsars and five types of overtone pulsars. The pulsar code allows us to track different patterns in space forward and backward through time.”

    “By working with the pulsars we can: 1)Increase continuing conscious, whole systems and holographic thinking; 2)move forward and backward in time- fractal time compression; 3) Encompass large spans of time in a single thoughtform; 4) Move from linear to radial/cyclical thinking/contemplation; 5) Organize and compile multiple-leveled data and make connections that lead us to further distinctions of knowledge; 6) Perform many types of meditations and visualizations; 7) Plan our days, weeks and years in a simple, programmable, usable form; and 8) Increase our power of memorization and recall”

    “Working with pulsar cosmology brings the unification of universal telepathy into the present moment and provides the basis for multidimensional meditation. We use our focused mind to become the laser beams of these pulsars; this reorients and rearranges the synchronic order into a harmonic system, so that application of the pulsar cosmology augments telepathy.”


  8. Dear Kin 177, thanx for sharing this.
    Lord Buddha said: Believe nothing, proof everything!
    My girlfriend in 1999 was Kin 177 🙂 and Wavespell 6 is very important for me, besides Ws 9 and 13. There is truth in every Religion, don`t know if you heard about Stan Tenen This amazing knowledge fit`s perfctly into the Metatron`s cube and therefore into Law of Time. I think Valum Votan was not so much into the “Oldschool” Islam than into the mathematical code of the number 19, don`t have to tell ya that it`s (glyphs) actually not 1-20 but 0-19. And then he had this deep connection to Mother Tynetta from the Nation of Islam: 2012 BoaTT p.273: Mother Tynetta insisted that Jose sit in her husband`s chair. As he was sitting there, an overwhelming sensation penetrated Jose. He felt the presence of both Muhammad and Quetzalcoatl; it felt though all prophecy was fusing inside of him…….he later said: “All prophets and prophecy are one.” and then page 297: Mother Tynetta gave to Jose the mayby most important puzzle piece of his life: The book “From distant Tollan”. When he started reading it on Kin 144 he realiced or re-membered that this was the key to the Telektonon. The key was “turned” then in the same year Resonant 13/12 Seed. (MotS p. 25)
    Until today Mother Tynetta is writing a column for the Nation of Islam in “The final Call”
    The Nation of Islam was/is not so much a typicall Islamic “Religion” it`s more a mixture of believings, but was founded only for one reason: To give the black people in the USA the so called “Lost Tribe of the World” some hope and guidance, for they would have the power for to “Stand up for their rights”

    Here is one more from Kin 134

    In lak ech

    • thanx to you Ressonant GK Mercury !
      thanx for sharing, ill check the sites.
      Im happy to find all you kin who actually are (like me) carrying this knowledge as a planetary mind, with whom to share doubts and insights, the ongoing investigation of the Arcturus Probe!!!
      Happy to be having this synchronic discussion/sharing all of us toghether as One Mind.

      In Lakech !


  9. Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 5
    Book of the TimeSpace
    Page 201

    “The mind has been conditioned to think that if it is not thinking then there is something wrong. We don’t have to be compulsive or engage our thoughts or think we can solve anything by conceptualizing or thinking about it. In telepathic civilization it is understood, because of the unobstructed unification of mind that we don’t need to fill our mind with conceptual mental constructs of trying to figure things out. We just remain receptive and open and whatever thought that arises is probably an accurate resonance of a particular path or mode of action or perception that needs to be followed through. This is also how we might experience transference of thought.”


  10. The Universe,.. reality,.. is a dream,.. eternal dream.

    ..focus for a moment on it.

    ..and time.

    Time is sprung from eternity,.. an illusion.

    See the stars, the sun, the spinning Earth.

    It’s all spinning,… all spinning!

    It’s a full ecstasy.

  11. Valum Votan
    The Call Of Pacal Votan
    Time is the Fourth Dimension
    Page 9
    “I now recognize that my life mission in pursuit of the mathematics of time has been and continues to be at the ‘Call of Pacal Votan’. Referred to as ‘time’s special witness’, the personage and presence of Pacal Votan, galactic agent~>>>>>13 66 56<<<<<, have guided me all along. By the timing of his 52 year cycle of power, AD 631-683, and by the clues he left, Pacal Votan demonstrated his mastery of the Mayan Time Science. The Maya really did have a mission to leave the 13:20 knowledge of time, precisely for the purpose of offering us the opportunity of correcting our course in time–before it's too late."

    As the human responsible for bringing to light the knowledge of time in its true fourth-dimensional form, I recognize the enormity of my task. I ask the reader, as my self, to bear in humility all of the imperatives which this truth commands. In the spirit of the one, nameless, all-evolving divine source, I bow in gratitude that I have been instrumented as The Vessel Of Truth."

    Galactic Agent 93.

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