PVCS and GAP Kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior codes Crystal Limi 20; Cube 14: Timelessness


CIB                          Kin 176

Yellow Resonant Warrior

Yellow Resonant Star
White Resonant Worldbridger Yellow Resonant Warrior Blue Resonant Night
  Red Resonant Serpent
I channel in order to question
inspiring fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
PVCS  &  GAP  16.7
“The radiosonic weightlessness of the atomic structure of the planetary art spore (Earth) occurs in order to offset increases in post-primary thermic and luminic properties of the stellar mass of the heliocosm as it consumes more and more of its atomic mass preparatory to arriving at the moment of excitation known as SUPERNOVA.”
We are witnessing increasing signs in oUR Solar System [Heliocosm] of what  Postulate 16.7 describes.
Cube14:  TIMELESSNESS:      “May Universal PEACE  Prevail!”
Here is a Lunar Display Kissing couple of Love and Passion amidst the largest violent riot in the history of  Vancouver, Canada.
Great Gratitude to Code=E 2 Skywalker, for his Lunar perspective, and for sharing great information [and poetry] from the Closer of the Cycle, and from Cosmic History Chronicles, including information  about the Wavespell and Pulsar Cosmology, including this:
“There are two types of pulsars:  dimensional pulsars and overtone pulsars. The dimensional pulsars define the synchronically interconnected realms of the fourth-dimension as functions of a four-color code. The overtone pulsars provide cross-dimensional time structures that reveal more complex connections based on the fifth force power of 5.”
By working with the pulsars we can:
1) Increase continuing conscious, whole systems and holographic thinking;
 2) move forward and backward in time- fractal time compression;
3) Encompass large spans of time in a single thoughtform;
4) Move from linear to radial/cyclical thinking/contemplation;
5) Organize and compile multiple-leveled data and make connections that lead us to further distinctions of knowledge…”
This ELECTRIC Transmission falls on the one day each year when the Earth is most closely aligned with Galactic Center.  On December 18, we are also aligned, but with the Sun between us and the Center.  This information comes from Grayham 13 Eagle, the most Galactic person TMQ personally knows [now that Kin 11 is on another plane].  After the GeoWalk, TMQ asked Grayham for insight about the timing of Valum Votan’s departure on Kin 89
According to Grayham, March 23rd is the only day each Solar Ring when the Earth is aligned with the  Cosmic Center that ‘birthed oUR Galaxy’.
Grayham [whose Kin codes the 2nd Solar Witness] hosts several blogs, and here is a great one to check out, which includes a video of Grayham explaining how to literally  ‘Explore Space’http://fractalrhombicstructures.blogspot.com/
3 Electric Service Activate Bond

“The five cubes (5 star tetrahedra, 5D Brain Cells) are themselves  a stellation of the Rhombic Triacontahedron and it is this shape we use in our modeling of the ‘Fluid-Like Thought-form Starship Construct’. We are not so much dealing in ‘spin’ or the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies although there is a fractal Triacontahedron that manifests at that level of the spectrum, we bring to your attention a THOUGHT-VISUALIZATION, our construct is pure crystal thought, a thought crystal.

198 [is the Alpha-Numeric Value of]   a Thought Crystal  *  The Triacontahedron  *”  [from Grayham‘s site linked above.  There are 30 faces on the triacontahedron]
Thank You Grayham for your very lovely comment [on Kin 21]  🙂
189  noted that   The next 13.14 solar birthday of TMQ and the day when she “becomes” the 5th Lord of the Night [Supreme Golden Maiden]  is 18.3 [Kin 198] White Electric Mirror .
Electric Tone 3 :    Second -Dimensional Sense Pulsar
“Tone 3 [Electric] 7 [Resonant] and 11 [Spectral]. 
 Sum of Tones – 21, Frequency of Unity of Totality.”
“Encompasses entire psychophysical realm of electrosensory thresholds [Art and Physics]”
From CHC 6 via 93:
Working with pulsar cosmology brings the unification of universal telepathy into the present moment and provides the basis for multidimensional meditation. We use our focused mind to become the laser beams of these pulsars; this reorients and rearranges the synchronic order into a harmonic system, so that application of the pulsar cosmology augments telepathy.”
 Welcome to Ava Kin 177  who joins us from Buenos Aires Argentina [Human bio-region]  🙂
Thank You Ava 8 Earth, for already sharing so much, including an  interesting article about numbers [can anyone tell us the procedure for translating?] in which 19 was ‘randomly‘ chosen.  Ava and Jannis 7 Moon share  information about the sacred 19


The fact that Tony Blair now reads the Koran [with its underlying structure based on 19] every day serves to give one more hope;  let’s visualize more former war-mongers reading the Koran!
“The coming new world cycle prophecied in the Mayan Calendar is identified as the beginning of the sixth Sun or world following the present world order.   In Surah 74, entitled: “Al-Muddaththir: The One Wrapping Himself Up,” introduces to us the Number 19 and represents the signature of God on all of His Creation.”
An earlier comment from James 8 Seed [on Kin 165] was discovered today in the Spam section, about the 13th Constellation:  Ophiuchus“Astrologers have not included Ophiuchus in the wheel of Astrological signs because the Sun spends only about nineteen days in this 13th sign…”   19.13All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
James 164’s  most recent comment expressed Compassion for the people of Christchurch  [Nelson is relatively unscathed].
 “Residents of New Zealand’s quake city have started to display signs of extreme stress usually only seen war zones as they recover from their third powerful earthquake, experts say.  A double whammy of quakes measuring 5.7 and 6.3-magnitude hit Christchurch on Monday afternoon.”
“Experts are predicting  6 or 7  quakes of greater than 6. Mag…. for the South Island in the next year!”
    Jannis 7 Moon  “went out of the city to the countryside to watch the fullmoon eclipse (Bloodmoon as a newspaper headlined}”.

An artist s impression of a growing supermassive black hole located in the early Universe is seen in this NASA handout illustration released on June 15, 2011. REUTERS/NASA/Chandra X-Ray Observatory/A.Hobart/Handout   A monster black hole shredded a Sun-like star, producing a strangely long-lasting flash of gamma rays that probably won’t be seen again in a million years, astronomers reported on Thursday. http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/technology/9657030/black-hole-shreds-star-sparking-gamma-ray-flash/

The beauty of nature: Like a scene from a classic pre-Raphaelite painting, naked Natalia Avseenko swims with beluga whales in the Arctic

 Natalia Avseenko, 36, …The skilled Russian diver [and scientist]  took the plunge as the water temperature hit minus 1.5 degrees Centigrade…The scientist uses yoga techniques to hold her breath for up to ten minutes at a time as she frolics with the whales, Nilma and Matrena”  For more amazing images, see:   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2004042/Naked-female-scientist-tries-tame-beluga-whales-arctic.html#

The combined letters of the two whales’ names [41] and [72] = 113, a reminder that we are cURrently in the Third Electric Cycle of the Lord of the Dawn.

Thank You Jannis 7 Moon for this great photo: [scroll to right, to see our  Eclipsed Moon].     “On June 15, the totally eclipsed Moon was very dark, with the Moon itself positioned on the sky toward the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.   This simple panorama captures totality from northern Iran in 8 consecutive exposures each 40 seconds long…”

See Explanation.
Moving the cursor over the image will bring up an annotated version.
Clicking on the image will bring up the highest resolution version

As Ava wrote:  “See the stars, the sun, the spinning Earth. 

It’s all spinning,… all spinning!  It’s a full ecstasy!”

It was synchronistic for Ava 17.8 to ‘discover‘ and join us on the same day that TMQ noted this to 13 Eagle:   13.4 + 18.8 =  11.12, the Signature  of Madame BlavatsKEY18.8 plus 13.4’s G-Force 19.13 = 17.8, whose G-Force is 11.12  🙂

We alll wish  a Happy Galactic Return to Ava  tomorrow,
on oUR Crystal Hunab Ku Day [12.21] coded by  Red Galactic Earth  🙂
Thank You Galactic Maya. 144.414.441  2013TimeShipMarsHunabKrew “[re 93 who also brings us the quote below]  for making this  Crystal Star Moon such aCooperative, Compassionate and Wise “Crystal Round Table  Moon“. 
This Electric transmission will close with this  ‘contribution‘  about Service from Valum Votan:

“As the human responsible for bringing to light the knowledge of time in its true fourth-dimensional form,  I recognize the enormity of my task.  I ask the reader, as my self, to bear in humility all of the imperatives which this truth commands.  In the spirit of the one, nameless, all-evolving divine source, I bow in gratitude that I have been instrumented as The Vessel Of Truth.”

N. S.  1. 23. 12. 20.   Cube  14 :  TIMELESSNESS         PVCS & GAP Kin 176



20 thoughts on “PVCS and GAP Kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior codes Crystal Limi 20; Cube 14: Timelessness

  1. Brilliant post TMQ. I sense that your/our words are now taking us deeper into the mystery. Heartfelt gratitude for introducing us to Grayham 13 Eagle’s work. Hearing his discussion on the 144 Unit Unity-Self Thought Body closed a circuit that I opened 2 days ago when, in meditation, I spoke “I recognize and understand the symbols and patterns of the Universal Mind”. His explanation of “words as fractals” was especially illuminating. Please consider the work of another Warrior, Sevan, and his explanation of a beta version of a Universal Language: http://www.resistance2010.com/video/universal-language-beta


    Ani, Kin 42, White Electric Wind

  2. “White Dog Wavespell
    Day 7 (June 18): What can I do to stand in the light of my full mystical power?

    Yellow Warrior qualities: Grace, trust, inner voice, fearlessness, courage, cosmic consciousness, high standards, galactic conduit, mystic transmission, divine communication, golden pillar, ferryman’s staff, reception, intelligence.

    A major shadow of Yellow Warrior is a lack of trust in your inner voice. Oftentimes, in listening for the roar of a lion, you may not perceive the more subtle messages given by Spirit. Divine communication directs transformations on a cellular level, outside the realm of cognition. Self-doubt and fear are blocks to such trust. By creating electrochemical charges and holographic residue in your system, they can block access to cosmic communication. Your true self is always in direct contact with cosmic consciousness. Trust in your ability to receive clear inner teaching.

    The transformation offered in the shadow of Yellow Warrior is found in releasing and healing these blockages. Start by simply claiming your birthright of guidance from Spirit – and thus your union with cosmic consciousness. If you sense that you have a block, or if you lose this connection, lift and clear yourself. Call on your divine connection and your self-authority in meditation or prayer. Claim your own healing. You will be guided toward self-forgiveness and integration. The ferryman offers you clear passage to direct guidance. Trust in your mystical intelligence and inner knowing.

    Some people call this inner knowing a “spiritual steering mechanism”, and it can appear in many forms. The most common is a sense of confirmation, a strong sensation or rush, the “touch of Spirit.” Another is subtle body movements or specific sensations in which energy is directed through the autonomic nervous system. In this case, when the message is received, the body responds with an involuntary movement, a vibration, a feeling. Some people may have a feeling of warmth in their heart or solar plexus. Others may hear tones or voices or see lights, colours, patterns, or images. Still others may receive feedings of insight or energy, or “knowings” that are confirmed again and again. Any one of these means may become part of your own spiritual compass. Pay attention to these subtle messages. You know when something rings true and when it does not.

    Attune yourself to the vibration of love, and your clear intent will attract the cosmic consciousness you seek.”


    in lak’ech

  3. Red Queen-S.S.
    Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Page 150
    “Votan wrote….When human beings are consciously brought into the correct timing frequency of the new calendar, their activity will become profoundly artistic. That is why we speak of the whole Earth becoming unified as a work of art by the activity of the Planet Art Network working telepathically as a unified organism. This is the new world that can come about. To synchronize yourself in time with others at prearranged moments is to cultivate telepathy. The establishment of universal telepathy through being synchronized in time all the time is to complete the biosphere-Noosphere transition and to prepare properly for the next world. This new world, the Psychozoic Era of whole Earth consciousness, will emerge when we are all one planetary super-being enjoying the galactic culture of universal peace.


  4. Valum Votan – closer of the cycle, prophet of the prophets, magician of the magicians, channel of divine wisdom, vessel of godly art and love, you will shine on the nightsky for the next 1111 years as the 13th sign of Ophiuchus. As the serpent bearer and serpent holder rising out of the center of the galaxy. As the only starsign in the zodiac named after a real person. As the founder of the Universal Religion of Remembrance through the timecode of 13:20. Healing the biosphere ejecting the noosphere. Out there in the Red Square Nebula, in the realms of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered Searpent you guide us through the timeshift to the midpoint of the galactic heart. The one Hu Nab Ku. This is the truth as we are the 144000 cubed inside. This is true as my name is Muhammad- Seal of the prophets, Galactic Agent 9.7 European Ahau Plate BC MUC ul uc 180 switch from TMQ’s BC 18.8 7.2. 9.7

  5. At the Velocity of Time, this has become instantly on my favourite site on the web!
    Thank you for the welcome and the greetings!

    Today im starting my Galactic Spin number 49, just like the MOAP code 49 for today: Planetary Universal Water Initiates Resonant Birth, Codon 49 Revolution of Time !

    Also we are in this ring’s Chromatic 66, Overtone Timelessness-Solar Endlessness.
    Here in Argentina (Buenos Aires is into the Skywalker Zone isnt it?) is Father’s day, my fierst one, for Inanna, today completing her Fourth Moon, was born on kin 66!

    On the synchronicty mentioned by TMQ about 177’s GForce, on previous post i had mentioned my mother, didn’t know exactly why, but she was the Crystal Monkey 11.12 by the time i was born.

    Also today Red Galactic Earth, we have 551 days on the countdown to 21.12.2012, which is 19×29, the Cosmic Constant moved by the Signature of God!

    About the document i posted, i’ll see when i find some time to translate it myself and write a small report with some views and perceptions about it.

    I would also like to ressonate with this blog and reproduce one for the spanish speaking kin. I already started writing a blog in spanish called Noosfera 177 http://www.a1d7r7i.blogspot.com with some channelings aiming to facilitate the Galactic Evolution to the Supermind. I work slowly as a turtle but ill be taking care of this as soon as i can.

    Thanks to all the kin who participate on the Ongoing Research. Ill take some time now to read all the sites posted.

    Thank you again Mystery Queen for being such a lovely modelator of endless divine order!

    Oh, and let me introduce myself properly now, my civilizational name is Adrian and Ava Maino is a name they gave me on a Guarany profetic ceremony called Mitakaray (The child becomes a prophet) it happens twice a year in Paraguay and is when the comunity name the new born beings. The male mostly got names of birds and the female got names of flowers. So Ava=Man Maino=Hummingbird

    In Lakech!

    • bonus: besides being 12.21 on the 13 Synchronometer today is 6.19 on the Gregorian Calendar. Kin 19.6 Codes the 0-19 Code of the Quran and the Law of Time. When we trace the diagonal from kin 19 (19.6) to kin 114 (19×6, number of suras in the Quran) we got the sequence 19,38,57,76,95,114).
      19+38+57+76+95+114=399 (19×21) and when added, the number of versicles in these 6 suras the result is 260!

      Also we have today’s PCU being 2.8 Galactic Wind, Perfect analog (19) to Galactic Earth.


    • Happy Galactic Return to you, Adrian ‘Hummingbird Man’ Kin 177!! Thank you for all that you are contributing to TMQ’s blog and her readership. You’ve definitely shown up like a bright Light!! I feel an especial kinship with you today as the Long Count Kin is 129 Crystal Moon, and it also happens to be the 49th day of my last ‘personal’ Tzolkin spin leading up to my Solar-Galactic RetURn!! And I just saw a hummingbird!!
      Blessings and in lak’ech,
      Melovia 129
      Crystal (12)21.21 Watch

      • Whee! All into the noo! Race you to the deep end! Eye met a dear Kin 223 Lunar Night – nooly retired head librarian of oUR local state university and eye cracked her noggin about the T’zolkin. Our combined Kin = 96, Overtone Warrior. My those wings are flapping ever faster! Question the intelligence!!!


    • So glad to have you join in our community of telepathy here! No language barriers there! 🙂
      And, Happy Birthday.

      It’s good to meet someone from Paraguay – a friend of my son’s is from there and has been sharing traditions of the yerba mate – now my whole family is hooked on it. Such a very nice tradition of sharing.

      And hummingbirds are among my dear totems, so that’s good too. They are also a symbol of the sun in many traditions – you probably already know.

      Many blessings – and WELCOME!
      in lak’ech
      Debra – I rec’d the name Jaguar Woman – in Tiwa, mo sah thi wey neh

  6. I wanted to share predictions and prophecies I found relating to the Comet Elenin – on it’s way toward Earth, and who’s relationships to planets along the way have been on schedule with earthquakes and solar flare activity. http://alamongordo.com/general/elenin-timeline/

    Interestingly, September 26 – beginning of 4th cycle of 113-days – Lord of the Dawn Spectralizes His Form – is when Elenin will pass between the Earth and the Sun – with possibility of creating days of darkness mentioned in numerous prophecies. On the 27th, the same alignment with planets that occurred at the time of the Japan Tsunami.

    Could this be the event that prompts the ancestors’ return?

    Also, I am curious what others may be experiencing in the “electrifies” cycle – as my mind has been racing with ideas and an obsession for researching all this. Can hardly sleep.

    Much love to all, in lak’ech
    Debra/7 Etznab

    • Hi Debra, i tell you,..

      i was leaving with my partner and the baby Inanna on a friendly location, near the river, on a more or less fresh air zone. When the Lord of the Dawn started to electrify, on that same day kin 164 (Inanna’s PCU) i got a call from a job in Buenos Aires.
      Everything got accelerated and we knew we had to return to the city.

      Two days before on Rythmic Wind Pwwooshhh a Volcano Erupted and all the south of Argentina and Chile was covered with ashes. People couldn’t go on the streets. Plains and buses cancelled, lakes filled with ash and some villages had to stop their water system.


      The ashes got even to Buenos Aires and Uruguay. I travelled on kin 170 and now i find myself working in the city as an IT assistant on an event related to the Anctartic Treaty. Meaning:Densification!!

      On the positive side, this allowed me to connect with you all and write several posts, it might count for the 7 cycles of 144 days..


  7. Red Queen\S.S.
    Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Page 140
    Valum Votan on envisioning the First World Peace, he wrote a paper:”Magnetic Stabilization and the First World Peace”, the following is an excerpt:”
    “…One must imagine this picture close to six billion two-legged genetic filaments(there were only two billion hardly sixty years ago!) vibrating in their accelerated velocity machines, burning untold amounts of petrochemicals, exposing themselves to untold amounts of electromagnetic radiation and chemical pollution of all kinds, crowding themselves ever more densely and intensely into urban centers, placing virtually total dependence upon electronic information systems spewing a vast disorder of information bits daily into the collective mental field, needing ever more police control as the resultant insanity of their loss of geomagnetic sensibility increases the spiral of violence and terrorism, incapable of being controlled for the sole reason of the artificial intoxicant  called money, itself controlled by a minute elite of bankers and their political spokespeople whose actual number constitutes far less than one percent of the species.

    ….It is altogether possible that unforeseen effects of the electromagnetic and geomagnetic disturbance could set off the total breakdown of civilization, as it is now constituted. Such an event or sequence of events would in no way lessen but only increase the need for the immediate implementation of the First World Peace. Civilization(literally: living in cities) has cost humanity it’s culture and it’s sanity. Civilization has devolved into institutional barbarism….While civilization leads to waste and is indeed the culture of waste, Cultivation Comes From and Leads To TRUE CULTURE….TRUE CULTURE is PEACE and PEACE cannot be Furthered without CULTURE…

    Summer Solstice Shakedown.

  8. CRYSTAL DALI 22 White Solar Mirror Kin 178 (18.9)

    “I Pulse in order to Reflect
    Realising Order
    I Seal the Matrix of Endlessness
    With the Solar Tone of Intention
    I am guided by the power of Timelessness.”

    PSI Blue Solar Night Kin 243
    L.C. White Cosmic Dog Kin 130
    3K Yellow Solar Star Kin 48
    CDK Yellow Cosmic Star
    AIK Red Solar Dragon Kin 61 (CDK+LC+PSI)
    Analog ~ Red Solar Dragon Kin 61
    Guide ~ White Solar Wizard Kin 74
    Antipode ~ Yellow Solar Star Kin 48
    Occult ~ Blue Overtone Night Kin 83
    G-FORCE ~ Yellow Lunar Seed Kin 184 G.A.P.

    Codon 6 : People Apart : Tree Defines Life

    Wishing oUR dear Cube Kin Code=E 93 a very Happy Solar Birthday!!!!! (6/20/2011)
    Hope U have an awesome Mirror Year 🙂
    With love and in lak’ech
    Melovia Red Crystal Moon

  9. Red Queen:S.S.
    Time,Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Page 114

    Valum Votan wrote,
    “Just as air is the atmosphere of the body, so time is the atmosphere of the mind. If the time in which we live consists of uneven months and days regulated by mechanized minutes and hours, that is what becomes of our mind. It is no wonder that the atmosphere in which we live daily becomes more polluted, and the greatest complaint is “I just don’t have enough time!” Whoever owns your time, owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind.”

    Valum Votan; from a booklet titled “Pacal Votan and Judgement Day”
    Page 196
    “Pacal Votan’s assignment while on planet Earth was to compile information for the compendium of Universal Religion, it’s progress and development in different world systems. Universal Religion is the measure of spiritual unification attained by intelligent species throughout the different world systems of this and other galaxies.”

    “In a series of documents Votan described UR in the following way:”

    “…UR is the Universal Religion of the Earth. The meaning of UR is the spiritual unification of the different faiths, which is a prerequisite for the reorganization of human society and the reintegration of humanity in the biosphere; this was the intention of the UR council. The “theology of peace” is the study of peace as a spiritual practice made conscious by the Law of Time. Peace is the relationship of God, or the divine Order, to this world. The entire purpose of the UR Theology of Peace is to assure the complete establishment of Planet Art Network, the new human galactic community on Earth…”

    Blessed 144.414.441.
    Sacred Matrix.
    5TH Force Sanctuary.

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