Kin 183: Blue Magnetic Night begins the 15th Wavespell of Abundance

AKBAL          Kin 183

Blue Magnetic Night

Blue Magnetic Night
Red Magnetic Skywalker Blue Magnetic Night Yellow Magnetic Warrior
  White Cosmic Mirror
I unify in order to dream
attracting intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Quetzalcoatl’s Signature:  Magnetic Skywalker [Kin 131:  13.1] is this Wavespell”s Challenge, while 4 Skywalker is today’sG-Force.  The CDK is 5 Skywalker, which codes theDay-out-of-Time,  in 30 [PVCS] days from now.
The PSI for Crystal 26, 27 and 28 is 9 Sun.   In the Long Count, today is coded by 5 Eagle
This 6th Rhythmic transmission comes on 1 Night from the Night Region of oUR Planet Holon.  The 14th Wavespell, coded by Seal 10:  Dog, ended yesterday on Cosmic Wind.  The Wavespell of Love, Compassion and Divine Loyalty also codes this year’s planetary Wavespell of Service, so the entire Cosmic Moon will be coded by 13 Wind  :).
The Cosmic Breath is so powerfull cause the Oracle is so full of thirteen!” [Ava 17.8, Rainbow-Bridging from the ‘antipodal’ Skywalker Region  :)]

The LOGOS Star:  Seven Stars of Wisdom also includes 6 hexagrams for a total of

 13 elements, and according to the Bible Wheelpic it is “a geometric representation of God the Word – Jesus Christ, the Creator!” 

Here is what that site says about 441, which codes  our Cube of Truth and the  441 Cube Matrix:

441:  TRUTH    “Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day”  “The Work of the LORD” [Ex 34.10]   “The God of Heaven [Neh 2.20]”

At this moment, Stats show that besides the 68 website subscribers, there are 441 ‘regular‘ subscibers  🙂

18.3 —> kin 183 bridged! 9.7 You almost got the 441 Synchronicity Matrix there, well done” [17.8 toJannis 9.7 who shared his beautiful inspiration on the day after the 13th day of the 14th Wavespell, instead of on the 14th day of the 13th Moon:

Tzolkin combined with half a solar round or 14 Wavespells of 13 Days

 3.1“The Galactic Brain, the name given to the whole system order of time and consciousness, is holonomic, governed by a single unitary principle, the Law of Time, T(E)=Art.   This holonomic order is incorporated in the evolving nature of stellar mass, inclusive of, as well as through, its planetary bodies.”
  LIMI 27:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS  Chakra03.gifToday’s Signal KinNight, and each Day-out-of-Time also correspond to the Solar Plexus, oUR umbilical cord to Hunab Ku.
Transmission;  Tone 6Rhythmic         Organize  Equality              Balance
From CHC 6; page183“A wavespell is a lattice within which pulsars are structured.”  “A wavespell is the primary template for evolutionary advancement, profiled by the codes of fourth-dimensional time.”
The ‘Moon-out-of-Time’ which contains the 12/21 2012 Solstice is coded by the Rhythmic tone [1.6].
Today, the 7:7::7:7 telepathically resonates with the 6th MYSTIC MOON 2013, which is coded by the same Kin that codes that  Solstice:  207:  Crystal Hand.
Thanks Melovia 12 Moon for sharing information about the Blue Night Wavespell 15:  Abundance and Dreaming.

 TMQ began this Wavespell with the discovery of a loss similar to the temporary one that Ava suffered at the beginning of his train joURney in India.  Your Abundance of delightful comments are  comforting, uplifting and Synchronistic

From 17.8’s Cosmic Seed PAN Report:

“Emergency makes the money flow because when you are in emergency you do exhaust all the possibilities…” 

Money, Magick and The Law of Time

¿Can we all focus on “Let´s get the money”?
Emergency flows the money.
Activate the release program of all ego.
Search the codes. GET $ MONEY.
Spiritual attraction of money in a magical global telepathic agreement of aware ceremonial materializing.
I’ll play this game.
I’m ready to recieve lot’s of money in a magical unpredicted flow.
Im ready to recieve a lot of money in a magical unexpected spiritual enriching way.
Because i am the creator, i am selfcreated and this is my creation for this moment.
I am calm and easy because a big wave of abbundance will arrive and i’ll just can smile and greet and act.”

Manifesting money in Alignment with the Divine Will can hasten oUR Unification, in order to Heal the Earth and Transcend.

Marisabel 13 Hand bridges the Cosmic Wind Kin  to this27th day of Purification, with Love, 2 days before the Cosmic Wind oon begins  :):

“I activate in order to HEAL…     I see u ALL…Blessed u all…Love u all.
Thanks dears brothers and sisters
The wind is blowing…feel it….
Cosmic purification….for all from the hEarth.” 

N. S.  1. 23. 12. 27.   Hunab Kube 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY    Kin 183


15 thoughts on “Kin 183: Blue Magnetic Night begins the 15th Wavespell of Abundance

  1. I’ve discovered that a Magic Flight is always 117 Kin long (117 = 13 x 9). That is to say, the difference between the Occult Watch Kin of the Cosmic Day and the Analog Watch Kin of the Magnetic Day is always 117. As is so often the case, I stumble across these things without necessarily having understood their significance. Still, interesting is almost always a good start. 🙂

  2. In Kweak orderridng modus we alwaysbtake the 9 numbers Fraction as a Sync & oracle number that guides ..
    So 441 immediately takes 49 the 7cube 7×7 in the griD

    Daya 27 of the moon makes it MOONdaya in this Radiant Moon5 year.
    Then remember 108 was he Feminine Power guiding the Masculine 109
    108 drags 12 doen13 moons to empower the wizards wizzartry : changin’ the worldview at masses in lehargic states bynstatesmen themselves in a hype of wallstreetmen hunting “deer”.
    Deer s the symbol for wind -breath &Bread too

    Why is the bread Broken ..?

    Why did it break a strand?

    What radiates the LEAD ofnhe PACK?

    Take the Wave of Intuition in an Embrace of Choice – the Void of Quetzalcoatl ..

  3. kin 184 ripening the dogs wavespell guided by Lunar Intelligence.
    544 days to 21.12.2012
    add 544 to it and get Crystal 20 (20.12) kin 231 (11×21:7×33)
    the radial constant (184+231)=14.11
    kin 154 written in galactic notation as 7.14
    Timelessness dissolving Time until 207 (69×3) Universalize the Healing on 6.9
    Spectral 14 (14.11) resulted to be Bolon Ik´s Birthday and that of mr. C challengin the Planet Art Network group on the facebook.
    This noisy man´s galactic signature resulted to be Electric Earth 17.3 related to 17×3=kin 54 White Lunar Wizard Challenging the Challenge!

    It´s all there!

  4. In a delightful synchronicity this Blue Magnetic Night wavespell, I happened upon an excerpt by John Lash from his book “Sources of the Gaia Mythos” in which he discussed:

    “the indigenous concept of the Dreamtime, the timeless play of creative awareness in the Eternal Now, and its variant, Dreaming:

    When the Dreamtime comes to expression in particular knowledge and behavior, the Aborigines refer to the Dreaming of the creature who embodies that knowledge and exhibits that behavior. For instance, the Kangaroo Dreaming is the summation of the innate knowledge and instinctual behavior of all kangaroos, going back to the Dreamtime ancestors. One could say, in biological terms, it is the enactment of the genome of the Kangaroo species.

    All creatures, organic and inorganic, human and non-human, live and die by the Dreamings that play through them. In the Aboriginal worldview the unique gift of humans to create culture stems from our capacity to remember and retell the Dreaming, not only of our own species, but of others as well. The indigenous belief that the role of humanity is to remember the events of the Dreaming for all creatures accords with the suggestion presented in Sharing the Gaia Mythos: the human species enables a memory-circuit for Gaia.

    Let’s recall that we, the human species, are involved in a special way in Gaia’s Dreaming, which originates from the trimorphic protennoia, the threefold primal intention of the Aeon Sophia. Our proper boundaries are defined by the earth-moon-sun trinity, and our wisdom endowment unfolds, given by Sophia, unfolds within the unique conditions of the biosphere, the womb of Gaia.”

    Kin 42, White Electric Wind

  5. Love!

    NS k 185 RQ

    This Cosmic Moon brings the hidden power of the kin 17.7 Ressonant Eath onit´s radial axis (1+28, 2+27,..) that´s the same kin for today on the Long Count, Ah Vuc Ti Cab.

    185 is 5×37 and Analog Power Electric Wizard is kin 74=2×37, so 37 the 13th prime number is coding this Electric Beginning of the last 91st moon of the Mystary of the Stone.

    This Moon/Year and 7 year period will be closed on 13:28 with kin 212=106×2 so Martian Memory (as well as Maldekian) is also present on the PCU 10.6 White Rythmic Dog. The Lunar Worldbridger, North Sign of PV´s tomb then, appears polarized.

    The Planetary Service Codes this moon with kin 117 as it´s been said, carrying th full power of Cosmic Flight.

    Another interesting observation is that yesterday, the Crystal Moon that was marked by the presence of kin 181 12.Dragon, we had 543 days left to 21.12.2012, and that´s 181×3, confirming that the power of Universal Cooperation has been at least Triplicated!
    Today i saw it´s also my day 12489 on this planet and that´s 69×181, remember the Closing of the Cycle on rythmic 9 (6.9) kin 207 (69×3)

    Add 542 days to 21.12.2012 and youll get to Crystal 18, Yellow Galactic Seed Year, kin 229 Red Galactic Moon.I´m keeping this mirrored count that is sustained by the radial axis of kin 154 White Spectral Mirror (185+229=414 The Enlightned=207×2, 414-260=154)

    Today i saw a big add painted on a building saying “It all ends on 7.14”, it was the publicity of Harry Potter´s 2nd half of 7th and last chapter of his saga, which seems to be parallel to the Mystery of the Stone, and 7.14 is Galactic Notation to 154!

    Take the Magic Flight!

    • “…What we would now like to see is a further rapid rise in consciousness levels, that would bring forward the opportunity to bring peace to the planet. You can achieve such targets, if you would only focus on the future and do not give your energy to negative possibilities that may not in any event happen. You can effectively disempower the dark Ones by denying them the lower energies that they feed upon. As we so often mention so as to get the message through to you, fear is what the dark Ones seek to create. You can deny them success, by staying centered and calm, and not letting others upset your ability to be at One with All That Is. That is indeed what you are aiming for as you evolve, and prepare yourselves for a wonderful life in the higher dimensions. No one can do that for you, so apply yourself to the task and know you are getting tremendous help.

      Some of you who are enlightened find it tough going, when you are a lone voice within your family and possibly also friends. Because of your beliefs you can even be shunned by those who should link with you in love. Yet you hold fast in the strength of them, with that inner knowing that comes from the heart. It can be a lonely life and leave you yearning for someone to share your knowledge with. Have you therefore considered that it is no coincidence that you find yourself in that position, as it is certain that you are meant to be a catalyst to help those immediately around you.”…

      ‘Resonating’ excerpt from SaLuSa

  6. APOD Oracle: Blue Magnetic Night
    This graphic was really fast appearing on this blog. 🙂
    And what is it? A colourful nice painting!
    Yes- and a bit more.
    To explain it it takes a little bit of time. The internet is fast, the world is fast. Time is short. Right now also in my life. Can anyone borrow me some time? 🙂
    I will try with all my heart and mind to share my insights.
    9×13 Matrix is a map and a calendar.
    14 WS of 13 days flow free around an “enlightened” Tzolkin.
    13×14 182
    MIRROR it and you get a solar year…and a map of caban17/ Mother Earth
    Then we have 28×13 Days bingo 364 (+1)
    26 or 2 WS vertikal 17 Days horizontal
    you can see 2 New Chacras Crystal core Earth and Noosphere 7+2 is9
    Seems like there where Extra Gap days added in this solar year around the Tzolkin
    26 inside 26 outside + 8 left and right 16 making 2 columns
    Creating 9 crosses 9 units wide each
    Look it`s a cube there too is this Metatron`s cube?
    What are these extra Gap days for?
    Well we could pray on those extra Gap days.
    “For one day and for ten days……….p.94)
    Doesn`t this world need more prayers instead of fightings who`s count is the right one. Count your own days, from your birth, from the birth of your children, from the day of your marriage…
    The Tzolkin is a sacred calendar, which shows you finally the truth.
    Treat it sacred, pray with it.
    Send out positive energy.
    More will come ….with the right time here:

    In lak ech 9.7

    • The next Galactic Birthday for kin 185
      is in 260 days on 3/13/2012 (Butterfly energy 133 313 331 😉 )


      I Activate in order to Survive
      I Bond Instinct
      I seal the store of life force
      With the Electric tone of Service
      I am guided by the power of Universal Water

      Long count, short count – it all counts in the Noo!!!
      So for yoUR listening and punful pleasURe…Some William “Count” Basie
      ONE o’Clock JUMP 😉 Activate!


  7. Ummm…and eye had not been aware of it, but i will be entering my 173 Self-existing Skywalker solar retURn this next year. 😉 😉 😉 😉 I feel the buzz coming on already!!! And my husband 132 will be entering his 117 Cosmic Earth year. The energy balancing should be amazing! i feel so blessed to have this information and the ability to share it and work it and sURrender to it, inner Warrior Dorothy. Trust the energy, above all else. And be ever mindful of the power of Hado – conscioUS water. She holds all the keys to this joint. 😉


    I Define in order to Explore
    I Measure Wakefulness
    I seal the output of space
    With the Self-existing tone of Form
    I am guided by the power of Universal Water


    I Endure in order to Evolve
    I Transcend Syncronicity
    I seal the matrix of navigation
    With the Cosmic tone of Presence
    I am guided by the power of Birth

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