Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent codes Dali 1 of the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence

“How Can I Expand my Joy and Love?”


Red Electric Moon
Blue Electric Eagle Red Electric Serpent White Electric Wizard
  Yellow Spectral Warrior
I activate in order to survive
bonding instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of universal water.
Happy Solar Birthday to S’ace 9 Wind, on 13 Wind  🙂 
Happy Galactic Return to Stephanie South, co-author with Valum Votan of Cosmic History Chronicles.
The G-Force of Electric Serpent is Planetary Storm
Today’s Analog, 3 Wizard was mentioned in Avo Maina  8 Earth’s  comment [regarding Calleman‘s Kin:
 Electric Earth 17.3 related to 17×3=kin54 White Lunar Wizard Challenging the Challenge!’   Today is 7 Earth in the Long Count.
 The first 3 days of each  Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence correspond to PSI:  Rhythmic Dog:God.
5.3“Through an error in time, the human species transforms its artificial construct, civilization, into a global technosphere, the sum product of industrial mechanization of its biological functions. Because of human adaptation to the irregular mechanized 12:60 timing frequency, the technosphere runs counter to the laws of the biosphere, creating a magnetic instability between the primal crystalline and vital organic processes”
  Week 49 of the Red Overtone Moon year.  Codon 44TIME PENETRATINGPrinciple of Dynamic Contruction Empowered by Time”
 Thank You Jeremy 1 Eagle, for one of the loveliest comments ever received  🙂  235‘s next comment:
Loving my Synchronicity today.  Next to my name above was 23:13:12 which happens to be the physical region for three-neutrino mixing angles” [be θ12∈[0,π/2], θ13∈[-π/2,π/2], θ23∈[0,π/2], and δ∈[0,π).]
led to several synchronicities: 
“The XXIII International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics will take place in Christchurch New Zealand [2008]  The primary purpose of this conference was to cover the status of present and proposed research in neutrino physics and astrophysics. [Neutrinos are one of the fundamental particles which make up the universe.] It also celebrated the 100th anniversary of Rutherford’s Nobel prize, as he was an undergraduate at the host institution, the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New ZealandErnest Rutherford, ‘The Father of Nuclear Physics’ who is “credited with first “splitting the atom” in 1917” was born 8 Km from  TMQ’s home!

‘Christchurch is the  staging area and gateway to Antarctica for all logistics of the IceCube experiment.’  [South Pole Neutrino Detector]  Each Silio, the 7:7::7:7 Sacred Oath is:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha. I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth”

Here is an interesting synchronicity A few hours ago [it’s 6:30 a.m. as I write these words] I was thinking of how this Cosmic Wind Moon also coded the Moon of my Birth.  Along with the year [Kin 49:  Planetary Moon], the CDK of my Birth is GAP Kin 109  Overtone Moon [18.8 + 2.13 + 9.10 = 9.5].  

The two momentous events of this year, coded by Kin 109, were Valum Votan’s death, and the global nuclear diaster at Fukushima.  The letters of Fukushima add up to 109Valum Votan ascended 109 days before my Electric Mirror Birthday.  18.3 codes the Heart Oracle of the 5th of the 9 Bolontikus;  Supreme Golden Maiden.  On the day [Cosmic Mirror] that Fukushima happened, TMQ encountered several 109s, including:  She says  This fascinating self-made ‘Queen‘  was introduced to  Queen Elizabeth by Prince Andrew  The Galactic Signature of Goga Ashkenazi is  Kin 109. 

A few minutes ago, I discovered that Ernest Rutherford is also coded by Overtone Moon!

The G-Force of GAP 9.5 is GAP Kin 107:   Electric Hand. 
TMQ’s CDK on her Birthday, one Wavespell from now, will be Kin 107:  7.3.

The preceding was written 24 hours ago.  It is now the ‘Spirit’ watch of  4 World-Bridger  here, while it’s  still Electric Serpent for most of you.  Computer/connection issues prevented writing until now

 This 7th Resonant transmission reminds us that 7 is the center of this 441 Cube  Wavespell of 13 posts, which spans the 28 from Crystal 14 to Cosmic 14.   

13.7 is Kin 33, the mystic number of days, which bookended the daily transmissions by The Mystery Queen, which began 33 days after her 2009 birthday [Magnetic Star], and ended 33 days  [Crystal 14] before her Electric Mirror 2011 birthday, in 13 days. [9+11+13 = 33 :)]

Thanks for the great comments/transmissions that arrived earlier from several of you.  Exploring them  will ‘Expand my JoyMelovia 12 Moon presented a transmission from Salusa with which we  can “RESONATE“,  and she alerted us to the latest Crop Circle: 

This formation of 13 Circles was laid down within hours of the arrival of the 13th Cosmic Moon upon oUR Earth.
This Cosmic Moon of Presence is coded by Cosmic Spirit.  
Today we begin a powerful  28 day blend of EndURance, Communication with Spirit,  and of ‘Cosmically’  Transcending.   These first 11 days are flavored  with an Abundance of Intuition, Purpose  Unification.
Enjoy expanding your Love and JoyIt’s  good for You and the Cosmos  🙂
Rwy’n dy garu di!***Ayor anosh’ni!***Te amo!***Kimi o ai shiteru***Ya tyebya lyublyu!***Je t’adore*** Mahn doostaht doh-rahm***Aloha wau ia ‘oe!***Miluji tev!***Putonghua-Wo ai ni!
   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace               I          L O V E           Y O U   🙂        peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.  1. 23. 13. 1.       UR EARTH 1***SPIRIT TOWER***          Kin  185

27 thoughts on “Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent codes Dali 1 of the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence

  1. I am thankful for arousing love, joy and abundance in this Night Wavespell.

    I am concerned, again, with this crop circle, TMQ. It looks heavily man made. The circles are not completely perfect, and neither are the concentric rings.

  2. again same question why everyone go out from telektonon and book of revelation 22 is key and 7.4

    maybe someone understood this 13+9 on moon 11+day 11 22

    to kin 22 144 days if you search next good perfection for chapter 5

    and telektonon 31

    nice that day fall on 19 june 2012(moon 12 day 21) how that day look 12 21 in 13 moon calendar but tzolkin is out not 13 ix —-1 eagle…spectral world bridger i think

  3. I finally got it Myth Seven Gosh! it seemed to be uncoding mayan scripture to try to understand what you was saying! There are 11 Wavespells from kin 139 (13+9=22) to kin 22 plus one day (144 kin). Is that what you are pointing at? There seem to be more data but i don´t understand it completely.

    TMQ, so good to read your words today! Since i am leaving a kin 107 year and what gave me the chance to connect with your blog and write so many posts is a job i got as IT assistance on the Antarctic Treaty Comitte happening right now in Buenos Aires. So synchronic that this event started with the eruption of a volcano whose ashes travelled all the way from the Moon Zone to the Night Zone. Along with the volcano there was also an earthquake in New Zeland. Im sitting on a computer on the interpreters office and they all came from Australia.

    I still have 3 more days here and then i move to another event, in wich i possibly also have an internet station but still don´t know. That´ll keep me bussy for about 20 days. Next week my partner and baby are finally arriving to town (i miss´em so much!!!!) and we´ll be looking for a place to rent.
    Still i´ll be keeping the connection every possible time.

    Now i have an issue with the following:In the “Galactic Spiral Density Wave and 2012: The Final Cycles of Transformation” Valum Votan starts by saying : “On Self-existing Moon 5 (22 October 2010) I noted that in the 1000 days to 2012 countdown it was day 791. I then noted that it was Kin 197”

    This confussed me cause when you add 791 to 197, you have 988 minus 780 = 208. This means that if you follow this countdown, when on 21.12.2012 kin 207 you´ll still have one day to count. So the zero point in this countdown is kin 208.

    When i made the calculations i presented, i arrived to kin 207 as day zero. This way if today we add 541 days to kin 186=727 and 732-520=207. When you add 541 days to kin 207 you get to Crystal 17, Galactic Seed Year, kin 228 (12×19) Yellow Resonant Star. And this way we can keep a reflected countdown to 2012 experiencing on that day the union of what comes from the Past with what comes from the Union.

    So while we´ll keep Valum votan´s countdown in wich today we are at 542, and 542-365 = 177 :), is good that we consider what happens between the 1 and the 0. One and Zero. Zero is One and One alone is Zero.

    So what you kin think? do we arrive to 21.12.2012 kin 207 as countdown day One or as countsown day Zero ?

    love to all!

  4. nooh please note that when i wrote i´m leaving a year 107 i intended to say i´m living a year 107…
    and when i wrote “This way if today we add 541 days to kin 186=727 and 732-520=207”

    it should be “This way if today we add 541 days to kin 186=727 and 727-520=207”

  5. Myth Seven can you please explain this a Bit more detailed. It seems it has to do with solar lords, tone 9 and Christian revelation. I didn’t get it yet but I would love to.
    What is this 17.3 17×3 kin 51 ? Thing if I count right CJC is then 11.12 – what’s it 4 this type of count .what sort of energy. And the CDK too why do I count it?
    Seems like question day 🙂
    Can anyone share with me infos about 5.9, 12.4 respectively Maldek and Mars. Are there other signs in relation to them.
    What is with our moon ? Is it possible that it’s origin is from the asteroid belt…. Maldek.
    I haven’t read one CHC yet nooo time since awakening. First one will be Book 7 – Cubed 1
    TMQ you are mirrored 2 2 🙂

  6. Hi TMQ, good work once again. i’d like to bring to your readers the information from the RA collective from sixth density (7th dimension). Fits nicely with 2012 as key transition time. What may be of interest to some is that RA (group) say 1% of current humanity are ‘wanderers’, meaning not of earth, most are 6th density (merged with higher self) themselves , here to help out with sharing love, understanding and wisdom. Key to arriving as a wanderer from 6th density is the ability to surf the timelines of earth, wanderers can plant triggers in earth’s past history to awaken them in the now. Humanity is making the transition wanderers made thousands of years ago. One in every hundred of humanity is already fully integrated beyond 5th dimension, simply may not remember as yet, for these skywalkers, eagles etc 2012 is going to activate memories.

  7. Happy galactic return to Lara Marie.
    Dear beloved one you are my supremly golden maiden.
    Your pure AC-CA counciousness reminds me daily to the words of 160.
    Before you not become like the children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
    09.05.09 at full moon and Mother’s Day you choosed

  8. Ups..
    To come into life. To manifest your Self- Existing Tone. Enjoy your 4th Tzolkin round. Dad loves you 4ever 186 : 189

  9. ….only search the truth when is end of circle Jose made telektonon with relevation 7.4 the number 144…so i see on moon 11 day 11 kin 139 everything 22 like numbers of whole chapter in relevation then i see telektonon 31. In my body of time, thirteen star histories rehearse themselves for the day of truth. Each star history possesses its own knowledge keeper appointed by the Nine Great Lords of Galactic Destiny. Thirteen Wisdom Holders, Nine Great Lords, 22 in all, to each of whom I am bound by a luminous thread of knowing, sealed by oath to Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind, Kin 22 in the Book of Destiny, the Book of Kin.

    13 and 9 …made picture with 9,22,35,48,…… end again 11 (139) then i see same number in dr calleman 13 and 9 on end 28 .10.2011 end i continue everything to the kin 22 but tzolkin and dreamspell is not perfect on 19 june 2012 problem is (29 februar) remove conection between tzolkin 13 ascession tone and 9 solar tone(dreamspell) then i see 144 days from 139-22 so what a fuck is 207 nothing if you ever read telektonon last 144 days conection 13 and 9 go to 22 one intresting found here

    Seal 6, World-Bridger, also known as “Hierophant” and the “Great Equalizer” balances the primal power of sex with death, and exemplifies Death as the source of Knowledge. “The Hierophant holds the key to the Treasury of Revelation.” World-Bridger corresponds to G-K Mars, which shares Circuit Four with Saturn. Cardinal Family guards the Earth’s Northern Regions and her Throat Chakra.So key is found very easy to close the cicrle on 2 october 2011 13-moon cal moon 3 day 13

  10. Great man, and you are the new circle closer!
    Oh shit man, i`d suggest you contemplate on this myth.
    Instead of missusing the number 7, the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon and the Revelation of St. John (9) for your personal bullshit.
    Yes man you are the “Hierophant” and you fucked to much with your mind.
    “what a fuck is 207 nothing”
    Valum Votan is the 7:7::7:7 with which the Prophecy of St. John was decoded and “set free” ,released out of the realms of the 9 or the Underworld.
    You guys “playing ” the Telektonon for the last years made it happen, all…..including 9/11 and 109.
    Votan the master Hacker and thousands of little computers connected to him, through a virus 🙂 Trojanic horse
    Without this realeased collective karma V24.3 would have had the same destiny like Maldek and Mars. bummh
    Before you enter a new stage of counciousness, you have to get rid of the old yes.
    Go to the psychologist, lay down on the couch, tell him everything and >>>let it free. Release it.
    No Nooosphere, no Telepathy, no Rainbow Bridge without “final purification” first.999
    No noosphere, no Telepathy, no Rainbow Bridge, no New Heaven on Earth no V24.3 without Valum Votan without 207 without Padmasambhava without the Magician of the Magicians. 11.11

  11. You are right Ava…interpretate ing right is difficult.
    Sorry Myth Seven … you found something magic I guess, but the Tzolkin is not from this world, you will find many many many more things/connections. Go on with your studies,be careful.
    It`s only if I read words like ” but dreamspell and Tzolkin is not perfect” and “what a fuck is 207” ….. :-O
    Maybe this is just “rough” slang. Ok then with me.
    Anyway it happens….as you said ….cosmic communication…ha
    I`m gonna shut up for a while.
    Have a good Eagle flight Kins
    See ya in worrior zone

  12. Want to share with you this short video about DOT in Buenos aires 2008 White Lunar Mirror day. I´m the one with the blue scarf and hat giving a talk about Time/Mind 2012 and beyond.

    It´s a very nice shot taken by kin 44 (this week´s codon) Vicky.

    DOT is getting closer so i find it inspiring to help create the Overtone Space.

  13. Beautiful article by Celia Fenn, “The Solar Eclipse of July 1st : The Awakening” with a lovely and powerful video embedded at the end of it: “Prophecy: Last Message” by Luis Condor Mejia, a Shaman/filmmaker from Bogota, Columbia.

    Blessed Eclipse (Kin 189) to all oUR Kin!!
    In lak’ech
    Melovia Crystal Moon

  14. Thanks for ur wishes tmq!

    O hadba wonderful birthdaya with 3 kin mates:
    DS246 Bridged the Portal Sights ..
    She is Mieke from Belgium flemish speak
    LC186 for thenDouble Bridge Force ..
    3K172 Electric Human in TreeKweak revelation.

    Kin134 enchants beautiful rhymes on historic folly
    LC134 was activ to 182 both sum to 56 my nr cycles around the sun
    He is Tejo

    3rd kin has birthdaya on 25 July havin’ gown13th lustrum: 65 (the crossed numbers on 11)
    He is Theo.

    Great OraclenWheel for a Focus ..

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