Kin 188: Yellow Rhythmic Star codes Cosmic Catalytic Kali 4


LAMAT        Kin 188

Yellow Rhythmic Star

Yellow Rhytmic Star
White Rhytmic Mirror Yellow Rhytmic Star Blue Rhytmic Monkey
  Red Galactic Skywalker
I organise in order to beautify
balancing art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
8 Skywalker is oUR Hidden Power, and Rhythmic Mirror is the Challenger and today’s G-Force.  6 Mirror coded Pacal Votan’s Disincarnation. Today’s  CDK is 11 Storm, whose Challenge [9.11] coded Valum Votan’s Ascension.
We hope Cody enjoyed his Overtone Hand Galactic Return  🙂
Tara Marie, who chose to Incarnate on09.05.09 at full moon and Mother’s Daycelebrated her Galactic Return on4 World-Bridger.  We will wish her Father a Happy Return in the 9th transmission  🙂
8.6The formulation of Yoga, geenerically understood, is a prerequisite for any consideration of Time Travel.  Time travel is the function of an AC-CA integrated biopsychic circuit internal body sensation which can be uniformly experienced and consolidated into a single focused energy directive or form.”
The Postulates for Seal 8 are entitled:  “Yoga, Meditation and Sensory Teleportation
Combining today’s Seal and the 8th tone/transmission of oUR  441 Cube Wavespell yields 8.8, oUR Guiding Star for Galactic Synchronization 2013.  [Our synchronization date is coded by Galactic Seed, whose Guide is Galactic Star  🙂
Diminishing Timespace Cube 2007-2013
Today, in the Southern Hemisphere, 25 Moons and  25 days remain until our Galactic Seed synchronization.  5×5 = 25, and as Ava Maino  8 Earth reminds us:“DOT is getting closer so i find it inspiring to help create the Overtone Space.”This feels like another demonstration of our increased telepathy, as TMQ awakened to these words after spending yesterday focused on the  Overtone Skywalker Galactic Freedom Day [a.k.a. Day-out-of-Time]. After leading the first Rainbow Bridge Meditation of the GM108X Galactic Freedom Day at 11:11 a.m. in Christchurch [=138] TMQ had  felt inspired [for a variety of reasons] to observe Overtone Skywalker at the top of the North Island.  Knowing that South Island flights usually don’t operate due to the ash cloud, she searched for ferry information.  An hour later, news came that one of the two ferry operators had suddenly [for the first time ever] canceled their service for the next 20 crossings [10 days]. doot  On July 26, the 13 Moon calendar synchronizes solar and galactic cycles  with the Helical rising of the star Sirius.   Be sure to watch 8 Earth’s video of the Lunar Mirror Freedom Day celebration in Buenos Aires  🙂  🙂 Tone 8:  Galactic            Harmonize   Integrity          Model

Galactic Tone of Integrity;  Sixth Chamber [reflecting today’s Kin:  8.6]


This Rhythmic day is a nice time to read Rhythmic Dragon Jacob’s report of the ‘Noospheric event’
The Synchronotron World Encounter  was organized by  Luis Electric Mirror, who made “these  incredible 441 3-D Pyramids  of all of the 441 Matrices!”

 TMQ loves the way YOU of the 441 Cube of Truth are filling the GAPs created between transmissions  🙂  Some GAPs are longer than planned, due to technical difficulties with equipment and with WordPress, and yoUR comments make it all ‘perfect‘!  
N. S.  1. 23. 13. 4.                                     Kin 188

8 thoughts on “Kin 188: Yellow Rhythmic Star codes Cosmic Catalytic Kali 4

  1. Valum Votan~\~Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 5
    Book of the TimeSpace

    HUNAB KU 21

    Of all the hidden treasures come to light
    None exist vaster
    Than Hunab Ku 21
    Unity of totality-secret of the 441
    One Giver of Movement and Measure
    Hunab Ku cannot be seen or encompassed
    But special ones are appointed
    Known by name as the Magus of Infinite
    Many are we and yet we are one
    Teachers of the Cube of The Law
    Our teachings exemplify the essence of the cube
    Lords of the Cube,we emanate and radiate the powers of seven
    With celestial ears we hear the sacred holy sounds
    Of the universal void
    Our vow is simplicity
    We eat nothing, we take nothing
    We only know how to give
    Masters of the Zuvuya we ride
    The waves of infinity
    You will recognize us when you see yourself
    Emanating from the center of the cube
    To know us is to know totality
    To know totality is to know peace
    To know peace is to enter fully into the
    Awesome,endless,splendor of Galactic unfolding.

    Glorious, Sacred 5Th Force Sanctuary.

  2. The warrior zone is where the worrier 🙂 has to meet his enemys. The biggest enemy of the warrior is his own fear. Thank you 7:7 giving me this lecture on communication.(2) We realy have to be careful of what we speak out. Once we speak 2 out 13 what we think 9 it is released into the PSI. The non dualistic mind reflects on the things/ phenomena like a claire mirror. If I counted right the Force Oracle shows us today 9.7 only 5 resonant 7 tones. What is resonance other then a kind of vibrating MIRROR. Until 2013 everything will be uncovered, unfolded. No more hiding behind masks and numbers. Kin 189 is dead, Jannis 7 Moon is alive. (and goes on bothering you with his comments) Thanks TMQ for mentioning my daughter Lara who actually really was named after the green Tara . GA 9.7 on 9.7

  3. Happy Galactic Return to kin 189 (3x7x9).
    Todays 9.7 and PCU 11.7 leaves a ressonance of 9.11, 100 days hace passed since Jose´s passing.
    it´s the last day on this Antarctic Treat event that i´ve been workin in.
    Stillness of mind.
    Eyes wide open.
    Sounds and Smells.
    Beautiful numbers!

  4. Red Queen-S.S. Kin 185
    Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Pages 386-389
    “The last three days of his life were most precious and I kept a notebook nearby and recorded his many messages and instructions. At this time he was quite weak and spoke in a barely audible whisper. Many of his answers were given through numbers. Quran suras to look up, Bible scripture, and quotations of the Buddha. Here are a few excerpts of my questions and his answers:”

    “What are you seeing?

    …I can see Muhammad praying. I can feel Babaji in meditation. I am Milarepa listening to the silence bringing the voice. I am sending out telepathic rays to those devoted to the work in whatever way. The Samadhi is all-equalizing.”

    “What will I tell the people if you go?

    Tell them that I am a messenger and my duty was to deliver the message. It is now their responsibility. I am not responsible for what they do with it.”

    “But your death will be shocking for people.

    It will and it won’t…this life is only temporary…a melange of mirages and fleeting hallucinatory shapes-what is real? Who asks the question? Now I am looking from the outside in.”

    “What do I tell people who ask why you left before 12-21-2012?

    I am only a mirage that people project on according to their state of consciousness, so it really doesn’t matter.”

    “What do you see happening on 12-21-2012?

    Read (Quran) sura:7:187”

    “But can you give a vision?

    Pause…Also read (Quran) sura:33:63 and (Bible) Matthew 24:36
    When I try to envision 2012-2013 all that comes to mind is a resonant frequency phase shift, a vision that occurred to me in Basel in 1984-a shift in the molecular frequency of the third-dimensional reality combined with solar storms and melting of the electromagnetic grid-many structures will collapse or dissolve-many people will not be able to withstand it-during which this entire reality will be revealed as a shimmering mirage-everything artificial collapsing and dissolving-the ending of the 5TH Sun-The Day of Purification…but really go read (Quran) sura…7:187”

    “Is there anything I should know right now?(He had several messages that came with long pauses…here are a few).

    To see clearly you must continuously detach from yourself… The actual “you” is a moving force and not any personality or conditioned state of being-though it might appear otherwise to the fixated world…
    …The best protection is to remain in the space of the GOD mind-the protective circle of emptiness and the armor of view.”

    “He kept saying how trivial the humans have made the world.

    …God knows the truth. Be patient. Everything will be made known. This life is filled with trivialities that mean nothing. This life is nothing but a lightning bolt, a snap of the finger…In the end the opposites meet; this is the alchemical exchange of tinctures. Contemplate this. It has many meanings.
    ….A higher love is the key to the collectivization of the individual soul-life in the Noosphere…love meaning the equality of feeling association between oneself and all that is. This is the pathway to the higher mind which ever draws us upward and on-until we attain the supreme freedom of spirit …we will never be apart…”

    “What about the state of the world right now?

    Everything is perfect. Everybody is playing their part perfectly. Muammar Gaddafi included, is giving everyone a reflection they need to see…things are going to get a lot darker before the light comes…The world crisis is the necessary element to augur the parousia-  second coming. I.e. The Noosphere.”

    “What message should I give to people? What do I tell them?

    Tell them to meditate on Three Words; EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!”

    “Anything else?

    Love Everyone. Hate no One. God Bless Everyone. 
    ….Everything perishes except God’s presence(Quran, sura 28:88)”

    In Humble sUR(V.V.)ice of the Sacred Template of The Cube.
    Shedding the Old.
    Birthing the NOO.
    In The Now.
    Dedicated to Telektonon 441.
    Template of The Galactic Maya.
    With Precise Precision of Time and Knowledge.
    Released. Attained. Intrinsic Awareness.
    Galactic Activation Portal.
    Wakefulness of Prophecy.
    Heptad 49-Codon 44.
    Time Penetrating.
    Agent 93.178.(11)

  5. [7:187] They ask you about the end of the world (the Hour), and when it will come to pass. Say, “The knowledge thereof is with my Lord. Only He reveals its time. Heavy it is, in the heavens and the earth. It will not come to you except suddenly.” They ask you as if you are in control thereof. Say, “The knowledge thereof is with GOD,” but most people do not know.

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