Kin 214: White Rhythmic Wizard codes this Solar Ring and today: Dali 1 of the Magnetic Night Moon

Kin 214

White Rhythmic Wizard

White Rhytmic Wizard
Yellow Rhytmic Seed White Rhytmic Wizard Red Rhytmic Serpent
  Blue Galactic Hand
I organize in order to enchant,  balancing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The G-Force for this day and year is 6 Seed, which is also oUR Challenge.
The CDK [14.6+14.6+3.1] is Cosmic Monkey:  Kin 91, which reminds us that today, we begin the year’s first quarter of 91 days.  The PSI for Magnetic 1 always begins a new Tzolkin:  Kin 1:  Magnetic Dragon.
14.6“The Psychozoic Era plateau accelerates the increase of radion from extra- stellar transmissions.  Transduced through radiosonic architecture of planet art spore and interplanetary flux tube activation, increase of extra-stellar radion results in increase of radiance (spectralization) of third dimension, which in turn precipitates super conscious realizations of orders of radial matrix.”
This new Rhythmic Wizard year begins in the Green Castle of Enchantment, a synchronization conducive for Earth Wizards to enact Planetary Magic.
This year’s annual Wavespell is the Blue Night Wavespell of Abundance, Intuition and Dreaming.  This Moon is coded by
Kin 183 Blue Magnetic Night
Blue Magnetic Night
Red Magnetic Skywalker Blue Magnetic Night Yellow Magnetic Warrior
  White Cosmic Mirror
I unify in order to dream
attracting intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
From the 13th Noos-letter from Law of Time:  In this first moon we set our intention for the next 13 moons.
How can we best serve humanity and our planet during this time of tremendous change? How can we become luminously open portals so that we can be in touch, not only with vibrational frequencies of the phenomenal reality, but to the vibrational frequencies of higher-dimensional realities?”
Three crop circles appeared in England on the 5 Skywalker Day-out-of-Time

Etchilhampton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July.

 James 8 Seed also feels that the more recent formations are of a higher caliber.   For example, this one:

Roundway Hill (2), nr Devizes, Wiltshire.Reported 25th July.

already has a fascinating analysis which explains how it correlates to several themes, including an ovum, melatonin [which was displayed in the first circle at that site] and the effect of the sun upon our pineal gland, which is increasing…More good news!

Thank you Ava Maino 8 Earth for sharing photos of Kin enjoying the Skywalker Day-out-of-Time in the Skywalker zone:

The 13:: 13 was also highlighted by the Argentinian singer and ambassador of Peace, Facundo Cabral, who transcended  on Cosmic 13

He was a Planetary Storm who“was particularly proud that UNESCO declared him to be an “international messenger of peace” in 1996.”   Facundo Cabral was our last troubadour. As much a philosopher-poet as a singer, he was a living testament… for what unites us in culture and society

We are waiting to hear if the New Zealand courts were in a forgiving mode on this Galactic  Day of Freedom and Forgiveness, when Mike 5 World-Bridger made a stand for the 13 Moons of Peace.  Synchronistically on that day, Mike was a Planetary Storm  🙂 [13.5 + 6.5 = 19.10]

Happy Galactic RetURn to Priscella 6 Wizard, who shares beautiful information about the year her Kin codes.  It begins with:  Happy Renewal!  The new 13 Moon year always arrives on July 26 of the Gregorian calendar, tracked by the Maya to coincide with the rise of Sirius, the Dogstar, with the sun at dawn…”
 Synchronization with Sirius A and B ‘gives’ us  our 52 week year, and our 52 year Solar-Galactic Return. The end of the 52nd week of the 5 Moon year was marked by a 5.2 earthquake in Christchurch.  It was one of the 20 strongest of the more than 7,500 aftershock/earthquakes they’ve endured since the 7.1 on Rhythmic Moon [Lunar 13]. 

Now, the South Island [and some of the North Island] has come to a standstill due to the worst snow storm in 20 years.  The weather prevented us from crossing Takaka Hill to reach 13 Eagle and 9 Eagle in Golden Bay.  But the sun sparkling on the ocean and the snow-covered mountains made a beautiful backdrop for meditation and high-spirited conversation, late into the Solar Star watch  🙂  We began  at Morrison’s Cafe, where Galactic Agents 11, 185 and 138 once enjoyed a meal.  How was your  Day-out-of-Time?

Your  comments set a lovely tone as we begin the Rhythmic Wizard Ring together.  May Love, Planetary Magic  and Cosmic Connections Abound!

N. S.  1. 24. 1. 1.                           Kin 214

PVCS and GAP Kin 211: Blue Electric Monkey codes Cosmic Limi 27

Kin 211:  Electric Monkey

July 23, 2011

Blue Electric Eagle
Red Electric Dragon Blue Electric Monkey Yellow Electric Star
  White Spectral Dog


I activate in order to play, bonding illusion.
I seal the process of magic with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of vision.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Happy Birthday to  Jessica and Alexander [daughter and son of TMQ’s brothers] who were both born on Cosmic 27, 21 years ago  🙂
Their Aunt [TMQ’s sister Elizabeth] entered her Crystal Hand Ring 4 days ago.    
This Cosmic Wind Moon contains many solar birthdays and Galactic Returns.  For example, Moi and Katy celebrated their Planetary Serpent Returns on Cosmic 21, and Katy’s Solar Birthday is next week.  It expanded my Joy and Love to read that they and other Kin will celebrate the Day-out-of-Time at Mt. Shasta, where Christine 3 Skywalker and Cole 2 Human observed the GM108X Day-out-of-Time
TMQ had planned to return to Christchurch, where she  had led a Rainbow Bridge Meditation at 11:11. {can anyone access that post, with a more detailed Rainbow Bridge Meditation?}

Several events this week changed her mind, including this breaking news:

which was followed by a 5.1 earthquake in Christchurch.   
Today’s Kin 11.3 reminds us of Kin 113:  Solar Skywalker, Lord of the Dawn
Ed 9 Skywalker, who also knew V.V. and S.S.,  is coming from Dunedin to observe this Day-out-of-Time with TMQ and some very ‘Galactic’ Kin who are coded by seal 15:  Grayham and Marsha: 13 Eagle and 9 Eagle
[Together, we four make a Cosmic Hunab Ku 21  🙂
These  two Eagle Kin exemplify  ‘Cosmic Vision’, and also remind us that Rhythmic Wizard beginsCube 15:  Eagle Vision, the 15th year of the 16 year Telektonon Cube of the Law. 
The G-Force for the 5 Skywalker Galactic Freedom Day is today’s PVCS and GAP Kin:  11.3.
Electric MonKEY is the first of the four Pacal Votan Clear Signs on the Western edge of the Tomb of Pacal Votan
[as this was about to be posted, this arrived from Jannis 7 Moon:]
Solar Skywalker Lord of the Dawn
Sura – 113 Daybreak (Al-Falaq)
[113:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
[113:1] Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak.
[113:2] “From the evils among His creations.
[113:3] “From the evils of darkness as it falls.
[113:4] “From the evils of the troublemakers.
[113:5] “From the evils of the envious when they envy.”
Beautiful Rhythmic Wizard calendars arrived here on 9.1, courtesy of  
Jannis  9.7  🙂  See his latest comment [as soon as my slow computer ‘approves’ it] for information on how to order one.  You’ll be so glad you did!
Our own Lord of the Dawn, Ed, and 13 Eagle Grayham will receive their
own MAYA 2012 Calendars on 5 Skywalker.  Neil, who celebrated his Solar-Galactic Return on Cosmic 10, 12 Wizard   will receive one when he and Sandra 4 Skywalker return from Bali.  Thank You Jannis for creating such beautiful Rhythmic Wizard synchronometers and Thanks for being so generous with them  🙂 
Thank you Priscella 6 Wizard, for your lovely comment just days before ‘your Solar Ring’ begins  🙂
The wonderful contributions from so many of you during the Cosmic Moon of Presence prompted this last transmission of the Overtone Moon year.  My screen only shows a small portion now, making it difficult to view, and so much info keeps coming in, that the format is more like an unorganized ‘stream of consciousness’ at the moment.
11.3“Whether third-dimensional ego is aware or not, impulses received by holon are transmitted to heart as instinctual sense, to be perceived, either correctly or incorrectly, by mind as “insight.” Soul is third-dimensional conceptualization of holon.”
  Cosmic LIMI 27:  PURIFY;  
SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra03.gif
Remember, oUR Solar Plexus [which corresponds to the Signal Kin which code every Day-out-of-Time] is oUR Kuxan Suum which connects us to the Heart of oUR Galaxy  🙂
This is the only day of the year which is not part of a Moon and a Year.   Today’s Combined Dreamspell Kin is Galactic Wind:  2.8 {9.5 + 2.13 + 11.3} 
The Day-out-of-Time stands alone:  13.5, between the years. 
The first day of the new year will be 6 Wizard, which added to the Year:  Rhythmic Wizard [14.6] and the Moon:  MagneticNight  [3.1] will be Cosmic:  11.13, Kin 91,  Cosmic MonKEY
This post:   contains the Synchro-Galactic information for LIMI, which specifically pertains to this Day-out-of-Time, when we evoke Single Wing Red Fire:  “Universal Fire/Enlightenment crowned by Birth/Memory–Telepathic World pacified by Mental Electron Neutron discharge in Center of Earth–New Solar Human emerges from Mystery of the Stone”
Also fromThe Mystery of the Stoneby Valum Votan:  “The Seven Rings of Middle Time [which end in a day] are just the ripples of that solar-thought form [Time Shift] coming into full consciousness within the mindset of those who have opened the door to, and entered Middle Time, the magic land of Thirteen Moons.”
A unique synchronicity led to further exploration of something found at Cliff High’s site:  While waiting for the two huge  words to fully load, TMQ retired, close to midnight.  Before she fell asleep, the words:  ‘The Plan’  ‘asked’ to be  calculated alpha-numerically.  The V.V. way is:  T=200 + H=8 + E= 5  = 213. 
So, the most common word in the English language translates to 213:  Overtone Skywalker, which codes this Galactic Freedom Day, when we invoke the 7th Bolontiku:  Single Wing Red Fire. 
P=70 + L=30 + A=1 + N=50, which totals to 151:  Galactic MonKEY.  13.5 + 18.3 {G-Force of the which codes the 5th Lord of Time:  Supreme Golden Maiden and the Heart Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time} = 11.8, 8 Monkey  🙂  
By this time, it had just become the 364th day of the Overtone Moon Solar Ring.  213 + 151 = 364.
So, on the last day [here] of this year, it was discovered that The Plan is a 1 year, 3 phase process to organize and rally the masses A better world is the objective…”
 “We Are Anonymous. United As One. Divided By Zero”  The one year Plan, which began during the Cosmic Wind Moon  seems to be in alignment with the Divine Plan, and with the expansion of Love and Joy.  Perhaps Kin who utilize social networks can investigate The Plan fURther, and spread it’s legal and PEACEfull Plan for Freedom and Unity before 10 Mirror
This 10-sided fromation appeared on 10.2, which was the solar birthday of Nicola, the originator of the Geo-Walk.

Roundway Hill, nr Devizes, Wiltshire.
Reported 23rd July.


James 8 Seed, what do you think of the later formations this year?  Thanks so much for sharing this:

The latest crop circle  contains two interlocking ‘Cubes’.  This is a beautiful reminder that Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. VII:  Book of the Cube is now available.  Thanks 93, for reporting this JOYfull news  🙂

Book of the Cube - Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol. VII - Pre-Order Now!

We are so grateful to Stephanie South 3 Serpent, for her “Enduring” service during these challenging times. 

Her co-author, Valum Votan, suggested we spend part of the Cosmic Star Galactic Freedom Day [2006] in telepathic communication with the Star People;   “the Elders of the Supreme Star Council of the Federation of Galactic Federations

That year, we received a response in the form of a crop circle containing the Roerich Peace Symbol.  On 5 Skywalker, let’s commune with Valum Votan, and also invoke another symbol of PEACE from the Circle-makers  🙂  Let’s also ask for protection as suggested by The Lord of the Dawn.


peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

May we enter the Rhythmic Warrior Ring united in Love and Truth.

N. S.  1. 23. 27.  HUNAB KU 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY  PVCS & GAP Kin 211

Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon begins the 17th Wavespell and the last 5 days of the 5 Moon Year

Magic Turtle Cosmic Star marked the end of 16 cycles of 13 days, and 18 cycles of 20 days.


Court of the Matrix:  Synchronize Human
MOON GENESIS    and the

Red Moon Wavespell    Seventeen:

Power of Universal Water;  PURIFICATION

Kin 209  Red Magnetic Moon

Red Magnetic Moon
Blue Magnetic Storm Red Magnetic Moon White Magnetic Dog
  Yellow Cosmic Human
I unify in order to purify
attracting flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Noosphere Constant;  Kin 79:  1 Storm is today’s Challenge.  The Analog, 1 Dog codes the annual Wavespell of this year, which ends in 4 days.  The G-Force is 4 Storm, and the PSI is 7 Dog.  Long Count:  5 Dragon.
9.1:  “Hyperorganic evolution is the normalization of the practice of sensory teleportation.”
Catalytic Blue KALI;  ESTABLISH; Secret Center

The 11 day  break from posting [caused by a varitey of technical issues] allowed me to consciously savour ‘my Birthday’s  Wavespell’ and to feel in closer touch with all of you, and with Spirit.  Heart-felt Thanks to each of you for holding this space so beautifully.

The daily delight of yoUR wonderful comments added greatly to the Warrior’s Wavespell of Intelligence  and to the beginning of my Electric Mirror Solar Ring  🙂 

3 Mirror was a great day, including a Nelson waterfront birthday brunch, and  an evening meal at 13 Eagle’s ocean-front home in  Golden Bay.   Lee 1 World-Bridger [son of 12 Wizard and 4 Skywalker] baked a delicious cake, and 13 Eagle’s partner, Marsha 9 Eagle  made a Heart-shaped cake for Cosmic Silio 14  🙂 

 Next morning during breakfast [on 4 Storm, today’s G-Force] several of us  enjoyed a beautiful rainbow:

As we left the cafe, TMQ pointed out their double spiral welcome mat.  The next day, [day 3 of my 3 Mirror Ring]  TMQ saw three complete, very near and clear rainbows, about 90 minutes apart, during the Overtone Dog watch of   Overtone Sun. The 3 Rainbows were more vibrant and colorful than this, and were literally between me and the very near green hills  :):

At the end of Overtone Sun, whose G-Force is Electric Mirror [on the 19th day of 13th Moon, [Gr. 7/13  :)], these crop circles appeared, bearing the image of the double spiral [reminiscent of  the Double Spiral in Golden Bay 🙂

Windmill Hill, Nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 13th July

Chaddenwick Hill, nr  Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 13th July

These incredible rainbows and double spirals  bode well for the Rainbow Bridge and oUR Awakening of the  Seventh Lord of the RingSingle Wing Red Fire, coded by 5 Sun, and of his G-Force, 3 Mirror, the Heart Oracle of Supreme Golden Maiden.

It is auspicious for the completion of the Mystery of the Stone, that the 5th and 7th  Bolontiku are embodied by two persons who became known in the public sphere during this Seventh Solar Ring.  TMQ’s nephew Jud brought awareness to his kin, 5 Sun, when he appeared weekly on the Survivor Nicuagara show, and won!

The first words TMQ read in her Electric Mirror Ring were these by Melovia 12 Moon“I see the Beckham’s have just welcomed their own Supreme Golden Maiden :) Now you have another Cosmic 14 and Mirror kin sister, Claire!”

This  Supreme Golden Maiden  [7 pds., 10 oz. on Gr. 7/10chose parents of self-made‘royalty‘, and she  was ‘annointed‘ by ‘true Royalty’ when the future King and Queen of England chose to visit her city [of Angels] during her Birth.  William and Catherine specifically chose to be there for the birth of their friend’s 4th child.  This Electric Mirror’s mother, Victoria, sang one of the songs on the Princess Diana tribute album; perhaps this Birth ‘brings all full circle’  🙂

On the 5 Skywalker Day-out-of-Time, let’s Invoke the 7th Lord of the Ring:  Single Wing Red Fire.  He is the only Bolontiku to be Overtoned by the  Feminine Lord of Time, Supreme Golden Maiden.  Perhaps the Double Spiral crop circle on ‘their‘ day was a sign of the Equality, Resonance and ultimate Uniting of the Male and Feminine that will bring Peace and Spiritual Evolution

Today is the 19th Vinal  of 5 days of Purification, which is called the Uayeb

“All that is needed to obtain the precious stone”  

 Only 4 days remain of the 7 Years of the Mystery of the Stone.

From 4 Skywalker Eden Sky“The Vayeb is a time for purification on all levels – physically and spiritually, practically and mystically.  Follow your own intuition of how to observe this important cycle. During these final 5 days, let us integrate all this Red Overtone Moon Year has brought us into our hearts, that we may prepare to venture into a New Year!  The culminating day of the Vayeb is always The Day out of Time, July 25.”

Kin 213:  Red Overtone Skywalker
Red Overtone Dragon
Blue Overtone Night Red Overtone Skywalker White Overtone Worldbridger
  Yellow Solar Star
I empower in order to explore, commanding wakefulness.
I seal the output of space with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of birth.
This will be our first Day-out-of-Time without Valum Votan,  the man who taught us about this special day that Overtones the Solar Ring of 13 MoonsGo to fullsize image
Whether you observe this day with other kin, or not, know that the Closer of the Cycle is with us, especially as we are meditating the RAINBOW BRIDGE.
So much happened during this 7th year of the Mystery of the Stone, but considering that 3 almost-finished posts [for Kin 200, 203 and 207] were  lost, the momentous events of the Red Overtone Moon ring will be recapped in a later transmission.  The inability to post gave TMQ pause to think about the best way to “Serve” during her Electric Mirror ring.  
Nearly daily blogs [663 posts] began on  H.P.Blavatsky’s solar birthday on Aug. 12, 2009 [Kin 21] and ended on TMQ’s 2011 solar birthday [the Kin 197 blog was posted in the morning of 198 here]. 
We’ll see what sort of Rhythm ensues during the Rhythmic Wizard Solar Ring  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 13. 25.  Cube 19:  SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE  Kin 209

GAP KIN 197 codes Cosmic Limi 13, and the First Galactic Return of Valum Votan’s final Revelation

CABAN   Kin 197

Red Lunar Earth

Red Lunar Moon
Blue Lunar Hand Red Lunar Earth White Lunar Wind
  Yellow Crystal Seed
I polarize in order to evolve
stabilising synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of universal water.I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
 G-Force:  7 Storm;  CDK:  7 Star;  Long Count:  6 Moon [= 11.11 + 18.8]
17.2: “The post-organic entities of the subliminal conscious of the pure future are fractal free wave forms of hyperdimensional time.  Hyperdimensional time, inclusive of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions, is omnidirectional intelligence,  feedback from God experienced as pure mind.  The omnidirectional feedback of God’s intelligence is generated according to the intensity of light or mental photons returned to God via the subliminal conscious concurrent with the excitation phases of stellar mass into supernova.”
The 13th transmission falls on the 13th day of the 13th Moon, which is also TMQ’s last day as 13.2;  Lunar Skywalker. 13: Cosmic           Endure  Presence               Transcend
Cosmic Tone of Presence:
Cosmic Gate;  Take Magic Flight;  Magnetic Return
Day 13:  Cube 7:  Accomplishment.  7::13 as 4::7.  Today’s Kin 197 is the 4th of the 7 Solar Witnesses/Lords of The Ring.
On Kin 197, Valum Votan discovered that its Mirror: 791 equaled the number of days until until 12/21/2012.
Since Kin 197 represents the fourth and central book of the enigmatic Book of the Seven Generations, and the only one that is a Galactic Activation Portal, I knew the terma would be the unfolding of the “contents” of this book, now understood to include the Seven 113-day cycles of the Lord of the Dawn.” As readers know, Kin 197 also marked the beginning of 7 144 day cycles until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization on July 26.
“The return of Quetzalcoatl – Lord of the Dawn – is a natural self-existing process built into the final 791 days of the “beam” –[which is] a 104,000-tun density wave pulsation.”
Kin 197 codes the Heart Oracle of the 4th Lord of the Ring/Bolontiku:  Black Iron Garuda Crest who was awakened during the White Lunar Wizard year [2007-2008].  KALI;  “Ignites  the Light-Heat of the Inner Sun”
See what Valum Votan wrote about the 4th Lord of Time and the Catalytic 4th year of the Mystery of the Stone:
Ava Maino 8 Earth shared how he manifested abundance during the The Night Wavepell of Abundance and Dreaming which just ended.  That, and failing technology [6 year old cell phone and 5 year old computer] are inspiring TMQ to put out a call for abundance.  She has devoted 7 years to learning and spreading the sacred information brought to us by the Closer of the Cycle, including giving 20 speeches, conducting countless Round Tables and  writing 663 blogs, without ever asking for or receiving any money or material compensation.  She donated freely to the Law of Time [and others] until a ‘Perfect Storm’ caused her to run out of money in this  land where she is not legal to work, and in a place where winning money from Poker is not an option.   
A quality of the 5th [and only Feminine] of the Bolontikus;  Supreme Golden Maiden is “Receptivity“.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to research and write [or do anything!] on this computer.  There is a proverb about a man who prayed to win the lottery, but neglected to actually play the lottery.  Now it’s time to enable Abundance to Flow, by giving able and willing Kin a chance to give.  WordPress has a new platform for the I-Phone, a device that seems to serve many functions; enough to replace my failing phone and computer.    Please contact me if you feel inspired to donate towards an I-Phone and beyond   🙂
For this day of multiple Thirteens, here is an article:  aboutthirteen short-lived radionuclides (radioactive isotopes) in soil samples taken from an English crop circle”
This site: shows “Engravings  of the thirteen crop circles in Sacred Gaiametry”  
The 4th Circle contains 13 points  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 13. 13.    Cube 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT    GAP Kin 197

Magic Turtle Day: Kin 195: Blue Cosmic Eagle codes end of the Night Wavespell on Cosmic Catalytic Kali 11

MEN       Kin 195

Blue Cosmic Eagle

Blue Cosmic Storm
Red Cosmic Serpent Blue Cosmic Eagle Yellow Cosmic Seed
  White Magnetic Worldbridger
I endure in order to create
transcending mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
Happy Galactic Return to Grayham  🙂
Kin 39:  Cosmic Storm is his G-Force.  The PSI for Cosmic 11 is Magnetic Star.
 Cosmic KALI 11:  Establish;  Secret Center
Cosmic Eagle codes the Heart Oracle of the Second Lord of Time;  Red Lightning Child Great Emptiness.  Plasma:  SELI;  ROOT Chakra.  Yellow Cosmic Seed year:  2005-2006.  “Activates the coil of Life Force.”
Neil, 12 Wizard resonates with the First Solar Witness, by transcending Time and Space to Witness certain events.   On his Solar-Galactic Return  wrote of his profound experiences:
Witness!The term “witness” could be seen as appropriate for some of the experiences i have been fortunate to encounter, to which three immeidately spring to mind i would be honoured to share at this special “time”.Based on present understanding of “time”, the three experiencesi am about to share have all but been and gone in terms of realisation and yet their indelible effects remain firmly imprinted upon my mind. The incredible stomach churning feeling of injustice / wrongdoing (for the lack of a more appropriate “word”). A feeling of guilt, impossible to ignore, forever as a reminder.First it was in Roman times i was to experience the death of a prominent citizen, difficult for me to know of this person because of my total ignorance towards history. I completely relived every moment of the events leading up to and beyond his murder. I suppose it could have been described as a nitemare but the sense of realism it left me with extended way beyond anything remotely akin to this. The very “knowing” the the worst crimes had been commited, (and for what), left me wondering what it was all about. All i knew was that it was so wrong! All i could think about was the very fact that it was so wrong!

The second occurance was even more vivid and again because of my towards history could not know of this prominent person. All i was aware of was that this time it was actually a king on his deathbed, it appeared and again he was murdered, murdered by his son of all people. Neither this king nor the son would again mean anything to me but i had heard of the sons brother, who i was completely aware was away fighting in battle in France at the time. This brother was none other than Richard the lion heart, a name not many would be ignorant towards. Anyway it was obvious that this would not have happenned had he been there and it was equally obvious that this murder all revolved around the church / religion, whichever you prefer and appeared to be a huge power struggle for which the king was ultimately murdered for his beliefs basically. so once again i was left with the same gut churning feeling of wrongdoing. There seemed to be a pattern emerging, one of murder and deceit towards prominent figures, whose intentions appeared to be nothing other than a vision of peace. At first popular maybe, but then singled out for their beliefs. This kind of reminded me of the depiction of Jesus Christ in a way. The way we accepted him initially for who he was until he was seen as a threat and so we killed him. It left me thinking that maybe there was a message here for me, a message in terms of, if a so called Avatar were to turn up on my doorstep, as ridiculous as it appears, this message would be enough to make me think twice.

The third experience was the most profound of all and it was in what would be referred to as Egypt, although i remain sceptical with regards to the timeframe allocated to this era, to which i personally feel a much earlier period would be more accurate. This time i was buried alive and had the sensation of every last drop of oxygen leaving the tomb. The claustrophobic realism as the sarcophagus lid was placed overtop was nothing like i had ever experience, the feeling of suffocation seemed as though it lasted an eternity. I could feel the restraints as i was led to my death, a harrowing experience which once again left me the incredible sense of knowing towards the inexusable wrongdoing. I was aware all the while that i was Nefertiti’s husband and that i was connected in some way with Tutankhamen, this relationship was a little complex but as ignorant as i was with regards to “his”story, had most definately heard of these prominent figures.

Shortly after this third experience a friend returnded from England with a book for me and said that they had been given this book to give to me by a clairvoyant which they had visited. This clairvoyant had said that they had purchased this book literally one hour before meeting with my friend and hadnt undertood why, but now upon meeting they knew that the book was to be taken overseas to their friend who they instantly knew to be me. So it was quite a mystery but somehow this book had found its way to me, not the first time this had happenned to me incidentally, in fact many times to date i have concluded things only for a book to be placed in front of me with words inside confirming my thoughts, sometimes two weeks later, other times within an hour, quite strange but i have become accustomed to it now. Anyway within this book my friend had brought me were references to help me confirm that these experiences were linked, which came as no shock as i had already concluded this but it did furnish me with details as to who the individuals were i had so vividly encountered during these three murders. I had also concluded that all three of these individuals had been pursuing a sole purpose, the very same sole purpose and furthermore i considered them all to be reincarnations of the same entity, none other than Hermes in one guise or another, to which i feel this book helped me confirm, a very unususl book i may add but very apt with its timing i must admit. Through the words of this book (and i realise that like any other book, it is merely a book), but neverthless i could not ignore the relevence in particular towards “Akhenaten“, the third death i had experienced and the reference to his recognised title as Hermes two.

I realise my experiences may resonate with some as they will not with others but would ultimately like to dedicate them towards  the good of “all”.     Neil” 

Thank You Neil, for your Witness of these persecuted [and murdered] persons, who are all related to oUR mission at the end of the 13 Baktuns. 
Telektonon card 5:  “Pacal Votan witnesses Moses on the Mountain and inspires Ahknation.”
Valum Votan refers to himself as “Thrice-born” like  Hermes Trismegistus.  Hermes Trismegistus[ (Greek: Ἑρμῆς ὁ Τρισμέγιστος, “thrice-great Hermes”; Latin: Mercurius ter Maximus) is the representation of the syncretic combination of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth“]
Valum Votan’s second incarnation was as Quetzalcoatl
Grayham 13 Eagle, the Second Solar Witness  recently sent me these links:  
Thoth\Quetzalcoatl left his Egyptian domain and could be found helping mankind evolve by teaching the earth-based sciences, pyramid building, astronomy, calendar sciences, the arts, and herbal remedies and healing, to different tribes around the world. He could first be found at Stonehenge, then in the Andes, India, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Tikal, Cahokia, and at Chaco Canyon. Wherever the winged serpent god went, great civilizations sprung forth. True teachings were taught – humankind evolved” 

, THOTH: Look upon the Venus-Quetzal Medallion Key Thoth, as one of the five layered souls of of the incarnation of Quetzalcoatl”
“Humanity is now to be given a choice and an exercise in free will – Stay with the false status quo and be destroyed in the apocalypse of Armageddon, or to come together as a unified civilization, with respect for each other and for the biosphere, and to interact with our galactic community.”
Here are the latest communications from oUR Galactic community:


Grayham 13 Eagle presents his Cosmic Vision at his fabulous sites:
 “I had always felt an intense desire to know my origins (Wanderer or Starseed from Andromeda Galaxy) and reasons for being here on earth, even more so when i felt no connection to the local earth ascended adepts.”
  The Mystery Queen is delighted and  privileged to be spending her birthday with dear friends, including  Neil and Grayham:  First and Second Solar Witness, in the Stargate of Golden Bay, as she begins her Electric Mirror year as the Fifth Solar Witness and Lord of Time:  Supreme Golden Maiden  🙂
The Third Solar Witness and Lord of Time is coded by Magnetic Warrior. Kin 196:  16.1 is the combined Kin of the co-authors of Cosmic History ChroniclesValum Votan and Stephanie South.  It’s so appropriate that ‘they code’ the Wavespell of Intelligence that has just begun.
This is the 12th ‘Crystal Transmission’ of oUR 441 Cube Wavespell
12: Crystal            Dedicate  Cooperation       Universalize
Ninth Chamber;  Cooperation of Form;  ROUND TABLE MEETS;  Past Action Formalized;  Future Action Prepared.
Thank You dear Kin for your continued wonderful contributions to our Crystal Round Table of the Seven Solar Witnesses/Lords of Time.  Technological issues caused this to post late enough to be the 12th day of the Cosmic Wind Moon  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 13. 12.  Cube 6:  WORLD-BRIDGER  Kins 195/196 

Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard codes Cosmic Gamma 10, and oUR Cosmic Crystal Round Table of the First Solar Witness and Bolontiku

13:7 Wheel

IX       Kin 194

White Crystal Wizard

White Crystal Worldbridger
Yellow Crystal Seed White Crystal Wizard Red Crystal Serpent
  Blue Lunar Hand
I dedicate in order to enchant
universalizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of death.
Happy Solar-Galactic Return to Neil, who turns 52 today  🙂
G-Force:   Spectral Warrior; 
PSI:  Cosmic Hand
Long Count:  Electric World-Bridger
Thanks to Katy 10 Serpent for noting: 
On Kin Day 194 the tomb of the RED QUEEN was discovered (6/1/1994).” 
Crystal Wizard also coded the Moon during which the Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered. 
14.12 “Through the super conscious hyperorganic life style, the solar consciousness functions transform the biosphere’s appearance.  Radiosonically intertwined functions of crystal, plant, animal and super human are bound into new radiantly realized forms through new combinations of mental electrons, neutrons and photons.”
PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif
This 7 day period begins on the Cosmic Moon Day 10;  Cube 4:  Maya Flowering
11th transmission/Tone 11:  Spectral          Dissolve Liberation            Release
Spectral Tone of Liberation;  Eighth Chamber
Liberation of Service;  Action Dissolves Service
“The most significant place the Bolontiku show up in Maya Prophecy…is in the Tomb of Pacal Votan, sage seer of the Nine and Thirteen
The first  Round Table of the Cosmic Spirit Moon begins a week coded by  the Seven Solar Witnesses/Lords of Time.  This   ‘Perfectly-Timed’ week  occurs in the last 19 days of the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone.  The quoted information that follows is from the volume with that  title,  sub-titled:  “Closing the Cycle  2012”  “Resurrection of the Soul in Time” by Valum Votan.
The Mystery of the  Stone is a grand spiritual adventure–awakening the Nine Lords of Time, beginning with the Seven Lords of Time To awaken a Lord of the Ring is to arouse the collective soul–each Lord of the Ring is a manifestation of an archetype of our own collective unconscious finally becoming conscious.”

The First Year of the Mystery of the Stone began on Kin 259:  Blue Crystal Storm, first day of the Blue Crystal Storm Solar Ring/Year [7/26/2012]  That year we awakened the First Lord of Time: Luminous Single White “A”, whose  Heart Oracle was coded by Kin 194:  Crystal WizardThis Seventh and final year of the Mystery of the Stone, we are awakening  the7th Lord of Time:   Single Wing Red Fire, coded by Kin 200;  Yellow Overtone Sun

The First Bolontiku/Lord of Time corresponds to Crystal Wizard,  DALIand the CROWN Chakra.  Single Luminous White “A” represents theSpirit of Timelessness, crowned by Vision.  Sensory World aroused as Heat”  The First Lord of Time and Destiny “Sets in motion the Wheel of Bliss.  144,000 etheric fibers activated.”

This Crystal Wizard Round Table inaugurates  one week to focus on these 7 special Kins;  194 to 200.  
It would “Increase Love and Joy“,  if Kin would share ways in which they resonate with a particular Lord of Time or aspect of the Cosmology of Seven they represent  [ numbers 1 through 7, one of the 7 Plasmas, Seers or Prophets, etc.] 
There will be a space each day, for us to describe, and re-invoke each Lord of Time, who were awakened, one for each of the  Seven Years of the Mystery of the StoneAs the seven karmic layers of the Ring of History are dissolved ring per ring [solar ring of 365 days] into their Fifth-dimensional light circuits, the Lords of the Ring… fully aroused, are returned to their Earth duty as the seven primal “Guardians of the Dawn“.  “Free will Earth be of the artificial 12:60 nervous system.  Free will she be for the Second Coming of Cosmic Creation.”

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Welcome to Kraken [about] , who is a  Planetary Sun  🙂  20.10’s Solar Birthday is on Crystal 14, a reminder of 14.12; Crystal WizardCrystal 14 is also the Solar Birthday of my Nephew:   oUR own Overtone Sun Jud, the Survivor‘  who codes the Heart Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time/Bolontiku: Single Wing Red Fire, who becomes fully awakened in 19 days.

 Christine 3 Skywalker filled in the 11 Skywalker day  :), which marked 2 Galactic Spins [520 days]  since she  discovered and began contributing so much to oUR 441 Cube of Truth13.3 +18.8 = 11.11.
Thank You Ani 3 Wind, for sharing the two video’s of Unity and  Prophecy
the beautiful video ‘Cosmic Love’, for the Cosmic Moon of  the Annual Wavespell of Love and Divine Loyalty.
Thanks to Jannis 7 Moon for this beautiful image:
Conjunction of the Moon and Venus as seen from the World Heritage Site of Naqsh-e Jahan square (meaning “Picture of the World“) in Isfahan, Iran.                  

Marisabel Burbuja 33, whose Kin 13 Hand codes today’s PSI shared a ‘Divine‘ video:  “Yoga’s Secret Love Song“, whose  messages resonate with the challenge  of the 13th Cosmic Turtle Moon“How can I Increase my Love and Joy?

“Every time we choose to connect more deeply with Divinity, every time we move towards pure love, we are practicing YOGA.”

The Yogi listens for the Divine Love Song as it resonates in  everything, everywhere, and at every moment”.

Yoga is how we experience Divinity”.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceBlessings of Cosmic, Divine  Love for All  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 13. 10.  Cube 4 FLOWERING   Crystal Wizard Round Table



GAP Kin 192: Yellow Planetary Human codes Cosmic Dali 8: Cube Two: SPIRIT


EB                   Kin 192

Yellow Planetary Human

Yellow Planetary Sun
White Planetary Wind Yellow Planetary Human Blue Planetary Hand
  Red Self-existing Moon
I perfect in order to influence
producing wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Challenge is Spirit [10 Wind], and this is the 2nd day of the Cosmic Cube Journey:  Spirit
The Long Count is Kin 144:  Magnetic SeedToday we heard from Iris 144,who viewed a  Cosmic display’ in the Netherlands.  She closed her comment with:  “Love is all!   🙂  Today’s Gregorian date:  7/4 is Mayan notation for 144.
 Great Gratitude  to Angel 12 Moon for describing yesterday’s Kin 191:   Solar MonKEY so very  beautiFULLY  🙂  “IT IS !!  ♥ (((((LOVE))))) ♥  Then, ” love…Leads us deeper into mystery” is in the song Christine 3 Skywalker shared, which is by the lead singer of Depeche Mode, Dave Gohan, who is a Solar MonKEY.   All this love flows during today’s G-Force, Overtone Love [Dog].
The PSI for Cosmic 8 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  11 Serpent.
12.10:   “Historic and biogeochemical transduction transport vehicles may be either of the double-terminated crystal or five-petaled floral type.   Biogeochemical transduction exercises beyond sensory teleportation involve practicing telepathic diminution of scale proportionate to the scale and geometry of atomic molecular structures…”  
Planetary Human will be TMQ’s G-force during her Electric Mirror year which begins in 6 days. 12.10’s G-Force is   Overtone Dog, whose Postulate is:
10.5Fourth-dimensional spin is counter-clockwise. Third-dimensional spin is clockwise. In pulsar geometry, celestial harmonics are the coordination of time vector potentialities over a limited duration in which the geometry is pulsed “backward” or counter-clockwise through time. Telepathically this backward motion through time is coordinated with the clockwise spin of the atomic and molecular structure of the object of restoration, and a mentally induced reverse spin is generated, neutralizing or even erasing the corrupt or negative order.”
DALI 8:  TARGET: CROWN Chakra07.gif
Week 50:  CODON 57:  MIND of BREATH:  Penetration of the Galactic Octave
Trensmission Ten/Tone 10: Planetary        Perfect     Manifestation       Produce
Seventh Chamber:   Manifest Challenge;  Action and Challenge Meet
The latest Planetary Imprints Produced by the CircleMakers might not be Perfect  🙂
These  last 4 Crop Circles of June were followed by this one, on 8 Dog:

Two Solar Spins ago, “…one of the most intriguing crop circles ever seen in Britain.” appeared.  It was the 600 foot formation of a Jellyfish.  “…experts are claiming it to be the first of its kind in the world.”  Besides depicting a solar storm, perhaps this formation shows help‘ would intervene.  This huge formation Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire on May 29th, 2009 [ 


Now,  two years later, Jellyfish shut down operations at a nuclear plant  🙂     [Jellyfish]“could have stepped out of a lost world dating back four hundredmillion years before the dinosaurs. They are old, primitive creatures, yet so effective that they hold their own in our modern world… jellyfish are also harbingers of pollution that kills other marine organisms.””Jellyfish are radially symmetric, resembling flowers.”  In this video, a Greenpeace member describes the disturbing situation he found in Japan.  He contrasts the response of the Japanese government, with that of the Russians, who immediately evacuated people from Chernobyl. “Unbelievable“. 

The Jellyfish  comes to mind [visually] in the beginning of this wonderful video [from  CHC VI:   Book of the Transcendence] contributed by Ani, 3 Wind.  This video discusses one of oUR Challenges:  to be vessels containing sacred knowledge, which is vital when/if our technologies and civilizations are disrupted/destroyed.   Thank You 42!

Code=E 2 Skywalker shared a very special segment of Stephanie South’s [3 Serpent]  book:  “Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change”  Following are the quotes stressed by Valum Votan in his final hours, when 185 asked him about his vision of 12/21/2012:
Sura 7:187;   “They ask you about the end of the world (the Hour), and when it will come to pass.   Say, “The knowledge thereof is with my Lord.   Only He reveals its time.   Heavy it is, in the heavens and the earth.   It will not come to you except suddenly.” They ask you as if you are in control thereof. Say,   “The knowledge thereof is with GOD,” but most people do not know”.  [another source says:  The “Hour” comes “suddenly'” only to the disbelievers]

Sura 33:63;  The people ask you about the Hour (end of the world). Say, “The knowledge thereof is only with GOD. For all that you know, the Hour may be close.”

Matthew  24:  36;  “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”.

When I try to envision 2012-2013 all that comes to mind is a resonant frequency phase shift, a vision that occurred to me in Basel in 1984-a shift in the molecular frequency of the third-dimensional reality combined with solar storms and melting of the electromagnetic grid-many structures will collapse or dissolve”

Congratulations to Novak Djokovic, the 24 year old tennis player from Serbia, who just won Wimbledon! IOL pic july4 tennis novak djokovic The new world champion is coded by 20.13;  Cosmic Sun  🙂 

Everything is Perfect. Everybody is playing their part Perfectly.” 

Valum Votan 

N. S.  1. 23. 13. 8.      Cube Two:  SPIRIT                     Kin 192

GAP Kin 189: Red Resonant Moon codes Moon 13; Cosmic Alpha 5

MULUC        Kin 189   7/1/11

Red Resonant Moon

Red Resonant Dragon
Blue Resonant Storm Red Resonant Moon White Resonant Dog
  Yellow Resonant Human
I channel in order to purify
inspiring flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of birth.

I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

Happy Galactic Return to Jannis 7 Moon  🙂 The G-Force of 9.7 is PVCS and GAP:  3 MonKEY.   Jannis’s Challenge is 7 Storm, the Kin that codes the year of the 2012 Solstice and the7 Mystic Moons.  The second ‘VV’ way to calculate Alpha-Numerics for Jannis = 220=20.12, Crystal Sun.  Today’s CDK is 20.12
So, it turns out that Jannis’s Galactic Birthday is the perfect time to introduce his beautiful newly- produced 2012 Calendar:

This 9th transmission falls on Vinal 18:   “Located in the Correct Place, where the Food of Divination is obtained”

Two headlines reiterated today’s Kin:  9.7, and Seal 9/Transmission 9.  From Jannis:  On 9.7 German newspapers headlined that the phase out of nuclear power was made perfect through the parliament. The 7 immediately after Fukushima shut down power plants remain closed, the other 9 will be closed “. 

And  New Zealand awoke to news of an Earthquake [small by Christchurch standards]:  “The quake struck Auckland at 9.09 pm at a depth of 9 km

 9:    Solar                 Pulse      Intention                  Realize

SOLAR TOWER   Formalize Action   Action Set in Motion

 9.7.  “The release of radion is intensified by yogic activity and sexual-sensory excitation, consciously augmented as sensory teleportation.  This category of activity and experience establishes a primary level of radiosonics or radiosonic architecture, the creation of telepathic imaginative structures capable of “transport.’

According to this article: the speculations range from  a star-gate opening, to some sort of  telepathic structure.

The Gregorian version  of 7.1 also seems to serves as a telepathic trigger:  “One hundred and three years ago today, on the night of 30 June and 1 July, one of the most extraordinary events in modern history occurred.” The first reports of a strange glow in the sky came from across Europe shortly after midnight on 1 July 1908 [8 Wizard:  18.8 Guide

Tunguska“the date of fall, 6/30;-7/1, corresponds to the passage of the Earth through the maximum of the Beta Taurid stream.”  1908 is an anagram for today’s Kin 189, and for Kin 198, 9 days from now.

SE2011Jul01P.pngThanks to Melovia  12 Moon for posting the wonderful article about today’s eclipse.  “this last month as we have passed through the first Solar Eclipse, and then the Total Lunar Eclipse.  Now we approach the culminating eclipse of this series, the Partial Solar Eclipse on the 1st of July”  “it falls in Cancer…in the Energy of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine”  [per 195,  Divine Feminine = 138]

Antarctica is the crystalline white land, it is the equivalent of the Pineal Gland in the Human Body, and it receives the Light Codes from the Galactic Center in their purest and most powerful form.”  “the Divine Feminine Flow/Goddess Flow or current, moves from the Southern Pole area of Antarctica and northwards…to the entire Planetary Body.’  ” …the Solar Eclipse on the 1st of July,  is the time to seek Harmony and Truth and the Light that flows on the Rose Lines!”

Today, Grayham 13 Eagle posted fascinating information here:  195‘s  preceding blog  discusses the oPHIuchus Total Lunar Eclipse and it’s connection with the Dreamspell, as demonstrated by “The exact moment of the Full Lunar Eclipse on 15th / 16th  (16th in NZ) June 2011 is best viewed from the earthgrid point of the Wizard on Krsanna [Duran]’s Timestar (south of Mozambique).
 The day of the Wizard in the Dreamspell count IS June 16th.”[Overtone Wizard]

On this 5th Overtone day of the 13th Cosmic Moon, Grayham, Cosmic Eagle  shows our connection and path to becoming Citizens of the Cosmos  🙂 13.5:  Overtone Skywalker Galactic Freedom Day/Day-out-of-Time is a perfect time to experience oUR growing Cosmic Connection.

N. S.  1. 23. 13. 5.                                                                                       Kin 189