GAP Kin 189: Red Resonant Moon codes Moon 13; Cosmic Alpha 5

MULUC        Kin 189   7/1/11

Red Resonant Moon

Red Resonant Dragon
Blue Resonant Storm Red Resonant Moon White Resonant Dog
  Yellow Resonant Human
I channel in order to purify
inspiring flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of birth.

I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

Happy Galactic Return to Jannis 7 Moon  🙂 The G-Force of 9.7 is PVCS and GAP:  3 MonKEY.   Jannis’s Challenge is 7 Storm, the Kin that codes the year of the 2012 Solstice and the7 Mystic Moons.  The second ‘VV’ way to calculate Alpha-Numerics for Jannis = 220=20.12, Crystal Sun.  Today’s CDK is 20.12
So, it turns out that Jannis’s Galactic Birthday is the perfect time to introduce his beautiful newly- produced 2012 Calendar:

This 9th transmission falls on Vinal 18:   “Located in the Correct Place, where the Food of Divination is obtained”

Two headlines reiterated today’s Kin:  9.7, and Seal 9/Transmission 9.  From Jannis:  On 9.7 German newspapers headlined that the phase out of nuclear power was made perfect through the parliament. The 7 immediately after Fukushima shut down power plants remain closed, the other 9 will be closed “. 

And  New Zealand awoke to news of an Earthquake [small by Christchurch standards]:  “The quake struck Auckland at 9.09 pm at a depth of 9 km

 9:    Solar                 Pulse      Intention                  Realize

SOLAR TOWER   Formalize Action   Action Set in Motion

 9.7.  “The release of radion is intensified by yogic activity and sexual-sensory excitation, consciously augmented as sensory teleportation.  This category of activity and experience establishes a primary level of radiosonics or radiosonic architecture, the creation of telepathic imaginative structures capable of “transport.’

According to this article: the speculations range from  a star-gate opening, to some sort of  telepathic structure.

The Gregorian version  of 7.1 also seems to serves as a telepathic trigger:  “One hundred and three years ago today, on the night of 30 June and 1 July, one of the most extraordinary events in modern history occurred.” The first reports of a strange glow in the sky came from across Europe shortly after midnight on 1 July 1908 [8 Wizard:  18.8 Guide

Tunguska“the date of fall, 6/30;-7/1, corresponds to the passage of the Earth through the maximum of the Beta Taurid stream.”  1908 is an anagram for today’s Kin 189, and for Kin 198, 9 days from now.

SE2011Jul01P.pngThanks to Melovia  12 Moon for posting the wonderful article about today’s eclipse.  “this last month as we have passed through the first Solar Eclipse, and then the Total Lunar Eclipse.  Now we approach the culminating eclipse of this series, the Partial Solar Eclipse on the 1st of July”  “it falls in Cancer…in the Energy of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine”  [per 195,  Divine Feminine = 138]

Antarctica is the crystalline white land, it is the equivalent of the Pineal Gland in the Human Body, and it receives the Light Codes from the Galactic Center in their purest and most powerful form.”  “the Divine Feminine Flow/Goddess Flow or current, moves from the Southern Pole area of Antarctica and northwards…to the entire Planetary Body.’  ” …the Solar Eclipse on the 1st of July,  is the time to seek Harmony and Truth and the Light that flows on the Rose Lines!”

Today, Grayham 13 Eagle posted fascinating information here:  195‘s  preceding blog  discusses the oPHIuchus Total Lunar Eclipse and it’s connection with the Dreamspell, as demonstrated by “The exact moment of the Full Lunar Eclipse on 15th / 16th  (16th in NZ) June 2011 is best viewed from the earthgrid point of the Wizard on Krsanna [Duran]’s Timestar (south of Mozambique).
 The day of the Wizard in the Dreamspell count IS June 16th.”[Overtone Wizard]

On this 5th Overtone day of the 13th Cosmic Moon, Grayham, Cosmic Eagle  shows our connection and path to becoming Citizens of the Cosmos  🙂 13.5:  Overtone Skywalker Galactic Freedom Day/Day-out-of-Time is a perfect time to experience oUR growing Cosmic Connection.

N. S.  1. 23. 13. 5.                                                                                       Kin 189

10 thoughts on “GAP Kin 189: Red Resonant Moon codes Moon 13; Cosmic Alpha 5

  1. Motive also KweakCount number 520 189 => 709

    9 digits in a densed struct to behold its now to the arrow.

    Nemerical 7 9 7

    The double 7 sets focus on the TriAngle of LyRah ..
    & Vega supporting the Eagle ..

  2. Pow wow wow
    bless bless bless
    pray pray pray
    om om om
    heart and mind
    is still behind
    browse back one day
    what 93 say
    Report from an occult watch Kin 189 on 189 /9.7/12.7
    page 1
    German Newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" 1.July 2011
    On 9.7 German newspapers headlined that the phase out of nuclear power was made perfect through the parliament. The 7 immediately after Fukushima shut down power plants remain closed, the other 9 will be closed step by step until 20 22.
    Investments will flow into Solar- Wind- Water- renewable Energy and Gas-Power Stations, etc.
    page 3
    Report from the 9 Hells of History
    More from 7.1 gregorian syncs
    Title: "To Hell"
    Exactly 65 Solar Years ago on 1. July 1946 the first atomic bomb test after Hiroshima was made at the Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) it was followed by 23 more. Lerok Kelen a native elder Women who was age 18 at that time reported: "The Americans came and told us that they made a test for a weapon which is so strong that it can bring peace to the whole planet. We had no Idea what it was, and thought it is a sort of fireworks. We all weeped when we left our home/country. We thought we had to go on an exodus like the people of Israel, for the good of all humanity. Our Headchiev had the name "Juda".
    What followed in the next 12 years was alltogether 67 nuclear Atomic- and H-bomb tests, with the power of alltogether 7000 Hiroshima bombs.
    Lerok Kelen: "The day the first H-Bomb test was made, our elders called -Day of the second sun-" (80 million tons of earth was vaporised !!!)
    The Marshall Islands have 3 black stars in their flag, symbolic for the vanishing of 3 of their islands due to the tests.

    page 7
    "Birth of the Red Dragon"
    Exactly 90 Solar Years ago on 1. July 1921 the chinese communist party was founded. It is the biggest poitical party in the world with about 80 Mio. members. During the late 50`s estimated 50 mio. chinese people died from hunger during the big culture revolution.
    page 9
    top secret 🙂
    Spread MESSAGE of TIMESHIFT 12:60::13.20
    Radiate- Resonate- Return

    G.A. 9.7

  3. MONKEY BLAAASTT!!!!! :)))))))


    I pulsate to play
    Realizing illusion
    I shape the development of magic
    With the solar tone of intention
    I guide the power of accomplishment.

    Number: 11 in Tzolkin
    Pronunciation: [tschu’en]
    Energy: Power of the Inner Child
    Aspect: Play
    Personality: artistic – smart – curious
    Dream Symbol: monkey, dolphin, old man
    Direction: West
    Chakra: Throat Chakra
    Element: Water
    Awareness: social
    Characteristics: innocence, spontaneity, humor, inner child, poetry, art, illusion, clown
    Problem:Inability to finish things to be too serious, have difficulty expressing their own truth, abuse of humor, tendency to sarcasm, lack of compassion
    Solution: Create you many creative valves and an active social life
    Be vulnerable, sensitive and open-hearted, Find Your sensitivity again by healinn the child within you
    Planet: Venus
    Character Meaning: CHUEN is both a symbol of carefree childhood, on the other hand, it is also a sign warning of the extremes. The playful lightness of being found where the person upright and full respect for everything going his way. The spiral-shaped eye of the original symbol corresponds to the Mayan symbol “G” (original source), the ring-the “O” (divine consciousness).

    KIN 191

    Today I make a decisive step forward and begin to appreciate the humor and lightness. Today I feel because of the truth words, comments and jokes do not offend. Today I release myself from pessimism, seriousness, and indecision, all appointed by me to this life, no more murky worlds!

    Illusion – Games – Humor – Pan – Sexuality

    I’m CHUEN, blue monkey.

    One thing I’m telling you now in advance, the laughter will pass you if you can not stand laughing. I am relentless, until you LAFF so that you choke. Shall stifle in your old patterns. But d only salvation IS from me, you yourself, if you’re faster than me!;)
    That you have to be, because my bites into your buttocks are so uncomfortable by what it is you like the devious language.
    Divine Comedy I’ll teach you, for better or for worse, I leave you no choice.

    Believe me dear, you will probably know me from my very bad side. Free your inner child now completely of rigidity, stubbornness and wanting a serious existence. I leave nothing left, because I smash your illusions with such joy that all the cities crumble to dust in my laughter from the smoke clouds.

    I expose charlatanism You stand there naked, you have one chance, either you pull yourself up from the naked truth, or I’ll snatch every shred of meat on your bones. And then I’ll still have me here even your bones, thus null and nothing is left of your material world of imagination! 😉

    Blue Monkey (CHUEN)
    Power: game
    Light: creativity, humor, lightness, self expression, inner child
    Shadow:Grumpiness, sarcasm, opportunism, fixations

    The daily seal shows the fundamental quality of time of day.
    This is day 191 in the 260-day cycle

    Tone of the day SOLAR
    9 mastery

    Power: inspiration
    Action: extension and completion
    Meditation: What forces do I have to mobilize to reach my goal?

    The tone indicates the current stage of the development cycle and completed the day’s seal.

    2days Helper
    Blue Hand (MANIK)
    Power: Healing
    Light: management, fulfillment, perfection, drive, identification
    Shadows: overwork, perfectionism, manipulation

    The helper is the supporting force for that day.
    Possible assistance for dealing with difficulties.

    2days Opponent/challange
    Red Dragon (IMIX)
    Power: The Beginning
    Light: Divine Source, basic trust, birth, soul food
    Shadows: angst, feeling cut off, distrust, emotional imbalance

    The opponent is challenging the strength for that day.
    He opposes the quality of the daily seal. Possible cause of resistance.

    2days Mystery/occult
    White dog
    (OC) force: love
    Light: loyalty, friendship, partnership, emotional depth, honesty, loyalty
    Shadows: envy, selfishness, drama, jealousy, immaturity

    The secret is the hidden force for that day. The unexpected!

    2days Analogue/likeminded
    Yellow star (LAMAT)

    Force: Beauty
    Light: harmony, harmony, art, joy
    Shadow: disharmony, strife, dilettantism, dullness

    The analogue is the force related to this day and explained the day’s seal.

    Blue Night (AKBAL)
    Power: Idea
    Light: Intuition, spontaneity, abundance
    Shadows: inner depths, rigidity, fear of change, lack

    The wave shows where striving to develop the current 13-day cycle,
    So the goal or purpose and direction of the cycle.

    This Years Seal:
    Red Moon (Mulac)
    Force: cleaning
    Light: Resolving blockades, awareness, karma resolution, Being in the flow, initiation, Water of Life
    Shadow:Blockades, unconsciousness, spinning in circles

    The annual seal shows the fundamental quality of time the current 260-day cycle. This is the long-term issue that is above all.

    Sound of the Year
    5 OVERTONE/Authorisation

    Power: foundation
    Action: Creation

    The tone indicates the current stage of the development cycle and complements the annual seal.

    On this day,KIN 191, CHUEN 9, blue solar monkey ignites magic of the world and makes us see with what ease and pleasure that we can manifest by purified heart field. The moment of decision. As is now clear that any representation of wealth happens playfully, we move as children of paradise on earth. Nothing can bother us, except we still carry this resonance pattern in us. Inertia and gravity as a reference polar manifestations of a non-CHUEN to hear the inner child. We play the game of our inner child, we keep it and we refer to it as an everyday guide to our being.
    CHUEN 9 ignites the third stage of AKBAL, fullness, but also lack, move rapidly towards the outside world. You find your presentation by playingFULLY!
    “Fullness pushes outward. I’ll decide if I’m ready to play the game of my inner child, & whether I (MAGIC) is entering.. Inspired by the open-Play. ”

    TODAY I AM pulsating energy of the
    CHUEN, The Blue MONKEY:)

    I’M manifested directly by the monkey-CHUEN
    I am conscious of myself to the Divine Power of CHUEN
    I am conscious of myself in the power of magic
    I am aware of in me to play on the power of humor – at all levels
    I am conscious of myself in the power of spontaneity
    I am conscious of myself to the energy of the transforming power of the Blue
    I am conscious of myself in the element of water
    I Am One with my Earth family – the family CARDINAL
    CIB – the warrior
    with IMIX – the dragon
    by CIMIER – the world cheats
    I am aware of my participation in the transformation
    this planet earth to earn new.
    I anchor and pulsate aware of the strength of CHUEN
    I anchor and pulsate aware of the power of magic
    I anchor and pulsate aware of the strength of the humorous game
    I anchor and pulsate aware of the power of spontaneity
    I anchor and pulsate aware of the strength of the transforming power of the Blue
    I pulsate with the element of water by the force of conscious cleaning
    I pulsate and unite me with my earth conscious family – the family CARDINAL
    with all that has become conscious manifestations of CIB – the warrior
    with all that has become conscious manifestations of IMIX – the dragon
    with all that has become conscious manifestations of CIMI – the world cheats
    I play with all that has become conscious manifestations of CHUEN
    All that TODAY will be earned by the power of spontaneity
    TODAY I manifest as CHUEN magic.
    “I am as aware CHUEN CHUEN resonate with – the monkey
    I AM conscious in with everyone else that has become conscious resonance CHUEN
    I associate myself with the love of each beam conscious cell of CHUEN
    HERE on this planet, Terra-Gaia
    NOW – in and through the Light and Love
    TODAY – the day of the Blue Monkey
    characterized by the creative power of today’s sound. ”
    (Repeat 3 Times)
    IT IS !!

    ♥ (((((LOVE))))) ♥

  4. Wow I seriously saw something like a the Tunguska object last friday night around midnight in Rotterdam, Holland.
    Nice to find a answer in my favorite blog.


    Love is all!


  5. Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode, Kin 191 😉

    You have bound my heart with subtle chains
    So much pleasure that it feels like pain
    So entwined now that we can’t shake free
    I am you and you are me

    No escaping from the mess we’re in
    So much pleasure that it must be sin
    I must live with this reality
    I am yours eternally

    There’s no turning back
    We’re in this trap
    No denying the facts
    No, no, no
    No excuses to give
    I’m the one you’re with
    We’ve no alternative
    No, no, no

    Dark obsession in the name of love
    This addiction that we’re both part of
    Leads us deeper into mystery
    Keeps us craving endlessly

    Strange compulsions that I can’t control
    Pure possession of my heart and soul
    I must live with this reality

    I am you and you are me
    I am you and you are me
    I am you and you are me
    I am you and you are me

    There’s no turning back
    We’re in this trap
    No denying the facts
    No, no, no
    No excuses to give
    I’m the one you’re with
    We’ve no alternative
    No, no, no

    In Lak’ech, 😉

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