Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard codes Cosmic Gamma 10, and oUR Cosmic Crystal Round Table of the First Solar Witness and Bolontiku

13:7 Wheel

IX       Kin 194

White Crystal Wizard

White Crystal Worldbridger
Yellow Crystal Seed White Crystal Wizard Red Crystal Serpent
  Blue Lunar Hand
I dedicate in order to enchant
universalizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of death.
Happy Solar-Galactic Return to Neil, who turns 52 today  🙂
G-Force:   Spectral Warrior; 
PSI:  Cosmic Hand
Long Count:  Electric World-Bridger
Thanks to Katy 10 Serpent for noting: 
On Kin Day 194 the tomb of the RED QUEEN was discovered (6/1/1994).” 
Crystal Wizard also coded the Moon during which the Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered. 
14.12 “Through the super conscious hyperorganic life style, the solar consciousness functions transform the biosphere’s appearance.  Radiosonically intertwined functions of crystal, plant, animal and super human are bound into new radiantly realized forms through new combinations of mental electrons, neutrons and photons.”
PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif
This 7 day period begins on the Cosmic Moon Day 10;  Cube 4:  Maya Flowering
11th transmission/Tone 11:  Spectral          Dissolve Liberation            Release
Spectral Tone of Liberation;  Eighth Chamber
Liberation of Service;  Action Dissolves Service
“The most significant place the Bolontiku show up in Maya Prophecy…is in the Tomb of Pacal Votan, sage seer of the Nine and Thirteen
The first  Round Table of the Cosmic Spirit Moon begins a week coded by  the Seven Solar Witnesses/Lords of Time.  This   ‘Perfectly-Timed’ week  occurs in the last 19 days of the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone.  The quoted information that follows is from the volume with that  title,  sub-titled:  “Closing the Cycle  2012”  “Resurrection of the Soul in Time” by Valum Votan.
The Mystery of the  Stone is a grand spiritual adventure–awakening the Nine Lords of Time, beginning with the Seven Lords of Time To awaken a Lord of the Ring is to arouse the collective soul–each Lord of the Ring is a manifestation of an archetype of our own collective unconscious finally becoming conscious.”

The First Year of the Mystery of the Stone began on Kin 259:  Blue Crystal Storm, first day of the Blue Crystal Storm Solar Ring/Year [7/26/2012]  That year we awakened the First Lord of Time: Luminous Single White “A”, whose  Heart Oracle was coded by Kin 194:  Crystal WizardThis Seventh and final year of the Mystery of the Stone, we are awakening  the7th Lord of Time:   Single Wing Red Fire, coded by Kin 200;  Yellow Overtone Sun

The First Bolontiku/Lord of Time corresponds to Crystal Wizard,  DALIand the CROWN Chakra.  Single Luminous White “A” represents theSpirit of Timelessness, crowned by Vision.  Sensory World aroused as Heat”  The First Lord of Time and Destiny “Sets in motion the Wheel of Bliss.  144,000 etheric fibers activated.”

This Crystal Wizard Round Table inaugurates  one week to focus on these 7 special Kins;  194 to 200.  
It would “Increase Love and Joy“,  if Kin would share ways in which they resonate with a particular Lord of Time or aspect of the Cosmology of Seven they represent  [ numbers 1 through 7, one of the 7 Plasmas, Seers or Prophets, etc.] 
There will be a space each day, for us to describe, and re-invoke each Lord of Time, who were awakened, one for each of the  Seven Years of the Mystery of the StoneAs the seven karmic layers of the Ring of History are dissolved ring per ring [solar ring of 365 days] into their Fifth-dimensional light circuits, the Lords of the Ring… fully aroused, are returned to their Earth duty as the seven primal “Guardians of the Dawn“.  “Free will Earth be of the artificial 12:60 nervous system.  Free will she be for the Second Coming of Cosmic Creation.”

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Welcome to Kraken [about] , who is a  Planetary Sun  🙂  20.10’s Solar Birthday is on Crystal 14, a reminder of 14.12; Crystal WizardCrystal 14 is also the Solar Birthday of my Nephew:   oUR own Overtone Sun Jud, the Survivor‘  who codes the Heart Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time/Bolontiku: Single Wing Red Fire, who becomes fully awakened in 19 days.

 Christine 3 Skywalker filled in the 11 Skywalker day  :), which marked 2 Galactic Spins [520 days]  since she  discovered and began contributing so much to oUR 441 Cube of Truth13.3 +18.8 = 11.11.
Thank You Ani 3 Wind, for sharing the two video’s of Unity and  Prophecy
the beautiful video ‘Cosmic Love’, for the Cosmic Moon of  the Annual Wavespell of Love and Divine Loyalty.
Thanks to Jannis 7 Moon for this beautiful image:
Conjunction of the Moon and Venus as seen from the World Heritage Site of Naqsh-e Jahan square (meaning “Picture of the World“) in Isfahan, Iran.                  

Marisabel Burbuja 33, whose Kin 13 Hand codes today’s PSI shared a ‘Divine‘ video:  “Yoga’s Secret Love Song“, whose  messages resonate with the challenge  of the 13th Cosmic Turtle Moon“How can I Increase my Love and Joy?

“Every time we choose to connect more deeply with Divinity, every time we move towards pure love, we are practicing YOGA.”

The Yogi listens for the Divine Love Song as it resonates in  everything, everywhere, and at every moment”.

Yoga is how we experience Divinity”.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceBlessings of Cosmic, Divine  Love for All  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 13. 10.  Cube 4 FLOWERING   Crystal Wizard Round Table




10 thoughts on “Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard codes Cosmic Gamma 10, and oUR Cosmic Crystal Round Table of the First Solar Witness and Bolontiku

  1. Valum Votan-Red Queen
    Volume 4
    Book of the Initiation
    Page 32-34

    “Imagine a world where everyone on the planet could consciously contact whomever they choose via telepathy. Imagine a world where you could send out a telepathic broadcast to everyone on Earth and everyone would get it at the same time. To reach this level of consciousness, we cannot be consigned to “working for a living”, in the traditional sense. This is an outmoded way of being that keeps human consciousness enslaved to a mere sliver of the potential of cosmic reality.”

    “We have to burst out of this box altogether as one. Life is not about working a job that you don’t enjoy just to be a glorified wage slave. We already know that this does not work, but neither did any revolutions. We are on the verge of leaving this phase of reality altogether. We are at the final accelerated stage-the glowing incandescent tip of a mutational shift. We must reeducate ourselves according to a higher light, and purify our minds and bodies so we can pop through the veil into the cosmic order of reality.”

    “We are at a place where the mutation is just about complete for the new evolutionary beings to appear. We want to elevate the vibration of our bodily cells up to the vibrational purity of our essence nature. When we have sufficient minds that have attained this vibrational purity then we will see real magic. After individuation is exhausted and we are tired of our egos, then we can return to source and ready ourselves to rejoin the Oversoul and the Noosphere. Then, together we will advance to the next stage. This is always a process, but it is a process we must all must undergo alone-as the individual soul dissolves into the ocean of universal awareness.”

    “Our job is to see to it that our bodily cells are vibrating at the frequency of our primary intention to take this journey in the first place. Everyone who is alive at this time on this sphere of reality is being tested-it is an across-the-cosmos process. For us, it means that we have all come to this planet at this time and 2012 is the graduation. Many of us realize that this is our last incarnation in this particular process.
    The meaning of being alive today is that the present incarnation has the opportunity to come to unity with the essence self-the self that caused you to begin this journey countless incarnations ago. We are now positioned to synch up with one another to raise the collective vibration that brings new life!”

    “This is why you entered the labyrinth of initiation, so that you could come into the full scope of your potential and actually experience, while living, a transformation of your being. This is not just “today I will think a new thought”. No, far beyond. Through deep attunement to your cellular body, you will experience an entire and complete transformation from within to without.”

    “Everything is being organized and reordered at this very moment. We are at the final stage of re-merging with our cosmic identity-we are being given the greatest opportunity ever known-the complete transmutation and unification of the planetary human. We are all breathing the same cyberspheric thought-forms and we all want to have our own individual channels open wider and wider so that our unique forms of expression might emerge.”

    “The fact that we are aware of ourselves as our own channels and mediums is preparatory to being hooked up to the master switchboard-noospheric consciousness.”

    Sacred 144.414.441 Cube Formation.
    Transcendence Of Galactic Mayan Presence.
    In Full sUR(V.V)ice of Sirius Mission.
    Experimentation of Velatropa 24.3.
    Completion of Karmic Density.
    Lost Planets Analyph.
    Cleared as Channel.
    To Transmit. Mutate. Attain.
    Agent 93.G.A.P.

  2. 194.Once the Wizards were Gathered
    195.Vision was Presented
    196.Unified to Intelligence
    197.the Challenge: Evolve Earth
    198.through Endless Service
    199.Catalyzing Form Defined the Energy of the New
    200.and the Light of Mutual Love was Empowered

  3. The Nine Lords in the Tomb of Pacal Votan and the 2012 prophecy

    VENUS PHASE: Evening Star

    We can also determine something very intriguing about the name of the Creation Deity who is present in both 3114 BCE and in 2012 CE. Bolon Yokte means bolon (nine), y- (plural), ok (foot), -te (tree). Although bolon means “nine,” the word is a homophonous pun for balan (jaguar). Mayan folklore and hieroglyphic texts often combine the two designations, for dramatic effect or for emphasising how the Jaguar God is one of the nine Lords of the Night (the Underworld).12 Thus, we have an alternate identification for the Creation Lord Bolon Yokte which means something like “jaguar at the foot/feet of the tree.”

    Perhaps the plural “feet” refers to two feet: the foot of the jaguar and the foot of the tree. Thus, the jaguar foot or paw at the foot of the Creation tree likely represents the Creation Lord Bolon Yokte. He was present at the last World Age creation in 3114 BCE and he will be present at the next one, in 2012.

    But why is he there? Probably because the spotted jaguar pelt symbolises the stars of night, and the mouth of the jaguar represents the Underworld Portal, which is seen in the sky as the Dark Rift in the Milky Way. This “Black Hole” in which Creation happens also represents the birth cleft of the Great Mother, the Milky Way.

    In 2012 the December solstice Sun Lord will have shifted into alignment with the Dark Rift, after making a centuries-long precessional journey though the stars of the night sky. The Sun Lord, and the Age, will be reborn.

  4. Nine Lords of Time descend into the Tomb of Time
    9.13 the numbers of the dedication of the Tomb
    Now the time has come
    To awaken the Nine Lords of Time
    Nine Lords of the Ring
    Nine Solar Rings – Thirteen Moons per orbit
    Sacred number code 9.13
    The Tomb of Time reopened
    One Lord of Time awakened as the power of the Solar Ring
    Each Solar Ring Thirteen Moons in passing
    Nine Solar Rings
    Nine Lords of Time Awakened

    Nine Great Lha of Shambhala
    Nine Lords of Time
    Nine Lords of the Ring
    Blue Crystal Storm 2004
    The Nine Lords begin their turn in time
    Thirteen Moons the noospheric time to turn

    Ten sacred letters
    Nine sacred letters more
    Nineteen sacred letters in all
    Two sacred sounds
    Known to those well-versed in the Magic of Time
    Now guard you well your knowledge
    This is the Harrowing of Hell
    Wrapped in the cloak of the Synchronic Order
    Walk the sacred tunnel between the Worlds
    Earth Spirit Speaking Tube as well
    In this passage of the End of Time
    Seven Seers fulfill the Seven Years of Prophecy
    When the Seventh Seer has laid his final treasure
    Sipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of Time
    White Spectral Mirror
    If you can pass through this spectralized gate
    Invisible to all but those who know the Time
    Then Blue Crystal Storm will announce to you
    The resplendent sound of the First Lord of the Ring
    The First Lord of Time, Luminous White A
    Then seek the treasure laid by the Seventh Seer
    Through his messenger of Treasures
    the Glorious Lotus Born
    Pass through the Ring of Time
    And find the treasure known by name

    Nine sacred letters inscribed
    In the last Nine steps of the Cube of the Law
    “Call Bolon Ik out from UR!”
    “E” and “X”
    The First Two Lords connect the two sides of the Planetary Manitou
    The next three Lords make the Call –
    Then inside the Sacred Wisdom Source
    The Mystic Altar of the Mystery of the Stone
    The last Four Lords inspire the Mother of the World
    To make the sacred mantric sound
    Tel Ek Ton On!
    Bolon Ik – Ik Bolon
    The letters I and B
    Complete the Mystery of the Stone
    Two letters more
    Inscribe the signs of sacred UR
    New Jerusalem Shambhala Tollan
    Sacred Order of the Heavenly Source
    Returned to Earth at last!

    O you lovers of Riddles and Mysteries!
    Look carefully at the Magic Square of Nine
    Nested within the Oxlahuntiku
    from Millenniums end to 2013
    The final nine years are in truth Nine Rings
    Inscribe therein EXCALIBUR
    One letter each for each of the Nine Rings
    Then look carefully again and find
    Perfect Axis of the Storm E-R-L
    Balanced by the Moons diagonal C-B
    Joined by the Wizards poles A-U
    Made Straight by the Seed X-I
    Nine Rings in All, Excalibur
    Each Ring a Lord of Time
    Each Lord the memory of One NET Day
    Earth Awakened Ring by Ring
    Nine NET Days
    Thirteen NET Hours per day
    Blue Crystal Storm the Count begins
    The Star Seed makes the Space
    Draw you now your treasure map
    The Wisdom hoard is opening
    The Memory is yours
    For the taking
    If only you can take the Time to know
    Nine Lords of Time
    Nine Lords of the Ring
    Shambhala New Jerusalem Tollan
    UR returned
    All beings ONE
    No longer just a dream
    But a weaving of reality
    Thirteen Moons in the Making
    Make this riddle your own
    And you will be a champion
    Of the Mystery of the Stone

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