GAP KIN 197 codes Cosmic Limi 13, and the First Galactic Return of Valum Votan’s final Revelation

CABAN   Kin 197

Red Lunar Earth

Red Lunar Moon
Blue Lunar Hand Red Lunar Earth White Lunar Wind
  Yellow Crystal Seed
I polarize in order to evolve
stabilising synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of universal water.I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
 G-Force:  7 Storm;  CDK:  7 Star;  Long Count:  6 Moon [= 11.11 + 18.8]
17.2: “The post-organic entities of the subliminal conscious of the pure future are fractal free wave forms of hyperdimensional time.  Hyperdimensional time, inclusive of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions, is omnidirectional intelligence,  feedback from God experienced as pure mind.  The omnidirectional feedback of God’s intelligence is generated according to the intensity of light or mental photons returned to God via the subliminal conscious concurrent with the excitation phases of stellar mass into supernova.”
The 13th transmission falls on the 13th day of the 13th Moon, which is also TMQ’s last day as 13.2;  Lunar Skywalker. 13: Cosmic           Endure  Presence               Transcend
Cosmic Tone of Presence:
Cosmic Gate;  Take Magic Flight;  Magnetic Return
Day 13:  Cube 7:  Accomplishment.  7::13 as 4::7.  Today’s Kin 197 is the 4th of the 7 Solar Witnesses/Lords of The Ring.
On Kin 197, Valum Votan discovered that its Mirror: 791 equaled the number of days until until 12/21/2012.
Since Kin 197 represents the fourth and central book of the enigmatic Book of the Seven Generations, and the only one that is a Galactic Activation Portal, I knew the terma would be the unfolding of the “contents” of this book, now understood to include the Seven 113-day cycles of the Lord of the Dawn.” As readers know, Kin 197 also marked the beginning of 7 144 day cycles until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization on July 26.
“The return of Quetzalcoatl – Lord of the Dawn – is a natural self-existing process built into the final 791 days of the “beam” –[which is] a 104,000-tun density wave pulsation.”
Kin 197 codes the Heart Oracle of the 4th Lord of the Ring/Bolontiku:  Black Iron Garuda Crest who was awakened during the White Lunar Wizard year [2007-2008].  KALI;  “Ignites  the Light-Heat of the Inner Sun”
See what Valum Votan wrote about the 4th Lord of Time and the Catalytic 4th year of the Mystery of the Stone:
Ava Maino 8 Earth shared how he manifested abundance during the The Night Wavepell of Abundance and Dreaming which just ended.  That, and failing technology [6 year old cell phone and 5 year old computer] are inspiring TMQ to put out a call for abundance.  She has devoted 7 years to learning and spreading the sacred information brought to us by the Closer of the Cycle, including giving 20 speeches, conducting countless Round Tables and  writing 663 blogs, without ever asking for or receiving any money or material compensation.  She donated freely to the Law of Time [and others] until a ‘Perfect Storm’ caused her to run out of money in this  land where she is not legal to work, and in a place where winning money from Poker is not an option.   
A quality of the 5th [and only Feminine] of the Bolontikus;  Supreme Golden Maiden is “Receptivity“.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to research and write [or do anything!] on this computer.  There is a proverb about a man who prayed to win the lottery, but neglected to actually play the lottery.  Now it’s time to enable Abundance to Flow, by giving able and willing Kin a chance to give.  WordPress has a new platform for the I-Phone, a device that seems to serve many functions; enough to replace my failing phone and computer.    Please contact me if you feel inspired to donate towards an I-Phone and beyond   🙂
For this day of multiple Thirteens, here is an article:  aboutthirteen short-lived radionuclides (radioactive isotopes) in soil samples taken from an English crop circle”
This site: shows “Engravings  of the thirteen crop circles in Sacred Gaiametry”  
The 4th Circle contains 13 points  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 13. 13.    Cube 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT    GAP Kin 197

45 thoughts on “GAP KIN 197 codes Cosmic Limi 13, and the First Galactic Return of Valum Votan’s final Revelation

  1. I see the Beckham’s have just welcomed their own Supreme Golden Maiden 🙂 Now you have another Cosmic 14 and Mirror kin sister, Claire!

  2. Greetings to all kin and special congratulations to TMQ on her Solar Return, Happy Birthday!!!!

    i don’t have a lot of time to express numbers in the way i would, for my woman and baby had finally arrived on kin 196, and i’ll take this short time while they both

    are sleeping. It’s regarding 197 and Votan’s final revelation.

    I’ve already mentioned it in previous entries, Votan’s final terma, 197:791, is signed like this:

    José Argüelles-Valum Votan,
    Galactic Research Institute
    Self-existing 15, Kin 207, 5 Moon year
    (1 November, 2010, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day)

    Curious, he died on Solar 17 (9.17), 58 kin after his last birthday (58=Rythmic Mirror, Pakal Votan’s Death Signature) on the same kin 89 as his own year of birth, and

    at the same mechanic time 6:10 am.
    Also March 23 is the date many times attributed to Pakal Votan’s birth. Just search the web and you’ll find it.
    Noted also that Red Solar Earth (17.9) was the PCU on kin 144, when the Red Queen wrote her Reflections on Votan’s Dimentional shift.
    I had earlier noted that when we accomplished 719 heptads of the 20 tablets telektonon, the remaining were 113.
    I wrote about this on kin 179, my year of birth, Blue Planetary Storm.

    I observed that on his countdown, when we will reach kin 207, that will be still 1 day left, that means that according to this countdown, when in a few days we will be

    on kin 207, the countdown will say 521, and not 520 (2×260), which would be the number to arrive at the Closing of the Cycle as Day Zero.

    I cared about this because i felt inspired to spy on “the other side” of the Closing of the Circle, the radial opposite reflection of the countdown.
    I observed that when you add the two kin radialized by 207, the result is kin 154 14.11 White Spectral Wizard. (154 in galactic notation is 7.14)
    For example take one day before and one day after you got kin 206+kin 208=414 (The Enlightened)-260=154 White Spectral Wizard.
    This means that the Spectral wizard is the constant that dissolves the old time realeasing the spell of the New Time.

    In this way, there were 638 days from Votan’s death to 21.12.2012

    638=365+260+13 !

    The Equivalent kin to 638, 638-520= 118 White Magnetic Mirror.

    On kin 118 once i wrote to Votan about the intention of performing mirrors at central squares.
    He replied “we will see you on the mirror on that day”.

    So if we add 638 days from 21.12.2012 we are One Year, One Tzolkin and One Wavespell ahead.
    One year from kin 207 is kin 52. One more Tzolkin, still kin 52, One more wavespell is kin 65 Red Cosmic Serpent.
    The GK Maldek completing the SP Martian wavespell of Prophecy.

    The location on the 13 Moon count will be One Year + 273 (10 moons – 7 days) ahead,
    at Electric 1, Ring of the Red Solar Moon, PCU 43 Blue Selfexistent Night.

    I wanted to write yesterday, just didn’t find the moment, because, when you mirrored the relation to 21.12.2012
    yesterday, kin 197, the trigger of the last terma, on the other side looks like Crystal 6 kin 217 Red Solar Earth !!! (17.9)
    Also, the days remaining to closing the cycle, if you aim to day zero, was 530 (53 frecuency of Quetzalcoatl x 10)

    I’m insisting on this just cause this is insisting on me!

    Today we are on the 118th day of the 2nd cycle of Return of sacred Power.
    On the other side of 21.12.2012 Crystal 5, kin 216, Galactic Seed Ring. (or RANG)
    PCU for today is Twin Tower’s 4 Monkey.
    Remember today is 13.14 and the kin coding this moon is 13×14..
    This day completes the 70th chromatic Crystal timelessness of Electric Endlessness.

    Very Happy Birthday again to oUr distinguished host,
    and just to finish, on Valum’s countdown, today is number 531: 177×3.

    In Lakech!

    Birthday gift:

    • Blue Selfexistent Night is hidden power of White Planetary Mirror.
      That is the key filling the circle here.
      kin 218 is the discovery of PV’s sarcouphagus.
      Soon before Votan´s departure on 9.17 the Sarcophagous lid was
      sealed back, a key signal as told by Red Queen.

      About filling circles, check this great artist:

  3. TMQ 2 mirrored and 2
    may you guide us into the noo
    don`t know how to pay my bills too
    cosmic 14 magic day
    today we pray
    happy birthday
    love and light to the zone of night
    7 lords are in time
    art is time
    time is T(e)
    Te is


    🙂 (-:

  4. i checked up for the date by

    it already says 7/12 as current for the Gregorian ..; sun 200 for DS
    and we are on 7/9 for Rome & 197 for DS …

    why is this 7/9 showing itself as a breaker? is it the icebreaker of aeons?

    is this the power of TreeKweak which goes with the 9 daya a kweak initiative ..

    iz this the reading for Valum Votan to die in his own S’word 7/7 as the last edition of the Cosmic History Croniclue ..

    Can we all kin wake up out of the believers prayer and feel human again?

    Iz this the better understanding for the DreamSpell and us all to have learned great essences for the life that needs our aspiration sung by the lunar wizard lately about 4 suncycles ago? This makes the lunar wizard an elder for the KweakSpell revelation …

    In Dutch this iz labelled “een KweekKaste” => 3 times character K – the 11th

    wordvalue 11 4 5 5 11 11 1 8 7 5 => 20 28 20 : 68

    see how number 20 as 0/zero goes with 28 , a 13×28 dialnumber …

    9 + 9 + 9 + 1 => 28
    just go with the alternative flowww …

  5. My comments don’t seem to be making it to the board.
    I wrote a long one, should i send it again?

    • Yes, Ava Maino, Please resend.

      Your comment wasn’t received by e-mail, and it should appear here without any action by me required.
      It might have gone to spam, but [as usual lately] I am unable to access wordpress at the moment.

      Looking forward to reading your long comment 🙂

      Love and Joy to All

  6. it had on link at the end,
    i resent it once and i got the answer
    “you already said that!”
    thought it was waiting for approval or somt´n
    ill send it again when i get home!

    thanx 🙂

    • Finally, after several attempts, I was able to access the admin. page, and found your comment in spam.

      Will now go to my e-mail, since I don’t see it here yet.

      Then, I’ll have a chance to read it 🙂

  7. Hello All;

    I’m writing these words from an internet cafe.
    In addition to all of the technical challenges and anomalies (like who intercepted 8 Earth’s comment [which never reached my mailbox] and wrote ‘you already said that’).
    My internet connection isn’t working today. That might be due to the stormy weather we are experiencing.

    Just wanted to let you know there is a blog in progress, and when everything is working again, it will be posted 🙂

    Thanks for your lovely comments and solar birthday wishes. So far, my Electric Mirror year has been filled with lots of love,stormy weather [including 2,700 lightning strikes in one hour!] and 5 rainbows; 3 in one day: Overtone Sun, whose G-Force is 3 Mirror 🙂

    Love and Joy,
    Claire a.k.a. TMQ

  8. Now look at this: >>>sroll down
    the first 3 min. of this video you can really jump.
    hoagland is right but closest to V24 Ahau is at 18.13 UTC which is USA/Europe 09/10 and Asia/Pacific 09/11 Restart>>>>20.13/1.1 Cosmic Sun Magnetic Dragon New Tzolkin round! 35th since 05.23.87
    36 Kins 3×12 “later”
    Elenin closest to V24.3 16.10 freak out Planetary Warrio00or 16th Oct. 16.10
    26 Kins 2×13 “later”
    Elenin (149/ 9.6) Alignment Venus, Mercury, Earth, Elenin >greg. 11.11.11 / 2.10 Planetary Wind
    make your own conclusions;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#orb
    Otto Matic (automatic)
    Area J-3110 hi hi 🙂 could be my signature, ding dong apophenia alert
    Cosmic Theatre is in full HD motion
    Remember life is a dream
    9.7 *

  9. Oh, baby child…
    It’s no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
    It’s no secret that our world is in darkness tonight
    They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by a moon
    You know I don’t see you when she walks in the room

    It’s no secret that a friend is someone who lets you help
    It’s no secret that a liar won’t believe anyone else
    They say a secret is something you tell one other person
    So I’m telling you, child

    Love…we shine like a
    Burning star
    We’re falling from the sky

    A man will beg
    A man will crawl
    On the sheer face of love
    Like a fly on a wall
    It’s no secret at all

    It’s no secret that a conscience can sometimes be a pest
    It’s no secret ambition bites the nails of success
    Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief
    All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief

    Over love… we shine like a
    Burning star
    We’re falling from the sky

    A man will rise
    A man will fall
    From the sheer face of love
    Like a fly from a wall
    It’s no secret at all

    Love…we shine like a
    Burning star
    We’re falling from the sky

    A man will rise
    A man will fall
    From the sheer face of love
    Like a fly from a wall
    It’s no secret at all

    Oh, yeah!
    It’s no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
    The universe exploded ’cause of one man’s lie
    Look, I gotta go, yeah I’m running outta change
    There’s a lot of things if I could I’d rearrange

    And we can.
    And we will.
    In lak’ech,

  10. hi friends!
    this time i´m transmiting from La Rural.
    Im taking care of a live Streaming of an annual event.
    Thousands of people come every year here to watch horses and cows, ecc
    Ill be here for about 10 days

    This is the live streaming i have to watch over:

    maybe you get to take a look at it, it´s only for 100 connections max.

    in the meantime, while nothing important happens,
    i started to read old entryes in TMQ blog, very entertaining!
    from there i caught that the PCU i mentioned of Votan´s death reflected on the other side of 21.12.2012 was the hidden power of Planetary Mirror, i had missed that! and now i found another key point.

    The PCU for the day Votan died was kin 179 Blue Planetary Storm !

    I wasn´t aware of it when i first wrote about this occurencies on last kin 179.

    Something seems to be unveiling here!

    • Okay, this is getting weird. 😉
      In looking up today’s oracle on Space Station Plaza i found a woman called Grandma Gayin who works on water purification systems in Mt. Shasta because today is her GS. Eye sent her an invite to hook up for the DOOT. In her bio she claims to work using methods first put forth by Viktor Schauberger, who i then look up on Wiki and there is some serious weirdness there –

      The inventor of what he called “implosion technology”, Schauberger developed his own theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature. He built actuators for airplanes, ships, silent turbines,[1] self-cleaning pipes and equipment for cleaning and so-called “refinement” of water to create spring water,[2] which he used as a remedy.
      Schauberger’s theories appear not to have received acceptance in the mainstream western scientific community, as replication proves either too difficult or results vary from previously published data. However, Schauberger’s work remains an inspiration to many people in the Green movement for his own observations of nature.

      And what is his GS, you ask? Planetary Mirror. Hmmm…

  11. George Harrison – Kin 203 Galactic Night 😉


    I Harmonize in order to Dream
    I Model Intuition
    I seal the input of abundance
    With the Galactic tone of Integrity
    I am guided by the power of Accomplishment

    Countdown 10 daya exhale towards the DOOT in Shasta!
    Love to all kin,

  12. Dear Krew, i found a missing link on the research i was presenting,

    it´s here:

    In Jose´s count i was missing 29/2/2012 0.0 Hunab Ku

    That counts as one day, thus, next kin 207 will be 521 to 21.12.2012.

    Well, the Closer of the Cycle has the last word on it.

    Be respected and followed.

    Still a bit confusing, because 0.0 hunabku doesn´t count as a day of any moon, but it counts in the countdown to 2012.

    that´s what it is, that´s how it was put.

    Zero and One, to close to each other 🙂

  13. Center of cube is timeless, vast emtiness,clear space
    You are center of cube
    No need count
    Counting only tool, not goal
    Your 5th dimensional higher self guiding you
    has allways been enlightened
    Time is fractal multidimensional
    Allways at the same time happening
    Become timetraveller
    Find middletime
    Center of cube

  14. Kin 204, Nicholas Roerich 😉


    I Pulse in order to Target
    I Realize Awareness
    I seal the input of flowering
    With the Solar tone of Intention
    I am guided by the power of Universal Fire



    I Perfect in order to Survive
    I Produce Instinct
    I seal the store of life force
    With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
    I am guided by the power of Space

    John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin and Them Crooked VultURes Kin 205 Planetary Serpent

    “Gunman” – Them Crooked VultURes

    Bloodshot eyes.
    Grain of sand.
    Could not speak.
    Is a holy ghost.
    And there’s lions
    In a cage.

    It don’t matter, don’t try to explain,
    You’re just another dog to be trained,
    Choke chained.
    You’re gonna end up under tooth and nail.
    If you catch a tiger by the tail,
    Don’t fail.

    Does not dream
    Could not sleep.
    Transformation incomplete,
    Mercy killing, those counting sheep.
    I’m a trigger, quick to fire,
    Punctuate betwixt the eyes
    And you’re clever…
    It ain’t gonna help you.

    Violence is just an incomplete thought,
    Coming to a complete stop,
    You’re so clever you’ll tear us apart,
    Then masquerade it as art.
    Not smart.
    If you can help anyone, help yourself,
    That’s unless you hate yourself,
    Then don’t help.

    Angry ants are crawling,
    Makes you wanna scream.

    Lions clawing,
    Building up steam.
    Flesh and bone have no persuasion,
    This is the path to my destination.
    Where you been?
    You’re my

    Follow the leader yet lead ’em the same.
    Slugs punctuate the refrain,
    Come again?
    It don’t matter, don’t try to explain.
    You’re just a dog to be trained,
    Choke chained.
    You gonna end up under tooth & nail.
    If you catch a tiger by the tail,
    Don’t fail.
    I wanna go blind, wanna stare at the sun.

    We mUSt remain benevolently vigilant. 😉
    Space manifestation program enact.


  16. Greetings to all my kin – Glad to see so many wonderful posts here for me to catch up on. It was one of those weekends where I found myself unraveling old mysteries. More on that soon – can’t wait to read all this when I get home from work.

    In the meantime – 2011, JUL 18 – AUG 1
    During this period the Sun is in between Elenin and Jupiter, we could have large solarflares at this time because the powers of Elenin/Jupiter.
    (From (July 18, 2011) shows a large coronal hole on the surface of the sun, aimed directly at earth, and reports, “Solar wind flowing from the indicated coronal hole could reach Earth as early as July 19-20.”

    in lak’ech
    Debra – 7Etznab

  17. Oh maya goodness!!! Eye had that dream well over a year ago about this which i reported here! I awoke at 1:44 and 4:14 a.m., and in between that and then awaking a third time at 4:41 eye had a “power sURge” from what i noo to be the center – a blinding blue infinity symbol was “above” me in the blackness of inner/outer space and then descended into my crown chakra and suffUSed me with massive energy. When i woke the third time, i absolutely could not believe the synch. The last galactic spin for Kin 207 before the 12/21/2012 synchronization is on 4/4/2012 😉


    I Dedicate in order to Know
    I Universalize Healing
    I seal the store of accomplishment
    With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
    I am guided by the power of Self-Generation

    Love to all kin and a safe retURn to the net for Claire,

    • And moreover, eye read this passage earlier today at a doctor’s visit –

      From Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
      -Stephanie South, Red Queen


      By spontaneously recitiing oUR impressions of Earth’s rings, the Patagonian Expeditionary Force and interchangeable Force Field Circus was born…
      – Jose Argüelles, Art Planet Chronicles, 23.5

      Situated in the Andes, Bariloche is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, on the southern shore of the lake of the same name. It is the entryway to Patagonia. 😉 After a press event in Bariloche, Jose and Lloydine were taken to El Cortijo del Bolson, an indigenous community. Driving through the Andes, they passed the 42nd degree latitude south. 😉

      Later that afternoon, Jose presented a public talk in the big meeting hall of El Cortijo del Bolson. “Now is the time to all unite for the true revolution, the final revolution,” Jose told the lively crowd of aging hippies, Earth Wizards, and local townspeople. He recalled that the final scenes of the Art Planet Chronicles take place in Patagonia: the final battle between the “Syndicate for Material Evolution” and the Planet Art Network. And there he was, twenty years later, at the Planet Art Network base camp. At the time, there was talk of keeping globalization out of Patagonia where already the big landowners from the north had begun to pURchase their holdings. Among them were Ted TURner, Jane Fonda, and Sylvester Stallone. [Me – (See: Men In Black – and the Third sequel is due Friday May 25, 2012 – Gamma, Spectral 24, Kin 257 Planetary Earth 😉 )]

      Another gathering followed, Jose informed the crowd that this was theri seventh stop and spoke of the significance of the power of seven:

      Everything is by the power of seven, so this is the most mystical point of the joURney, the tURning point…the power of seven by seven is the power of 49…49 is the number of revolution…49 days, the seven weeks of the Earth Wizard’s Seminary…seven weeks in the Book of Enoch…this is the time of the cosmic unfolding; and on the seventh day of the seventh week, the righteous receive the sevenfold teaching of the cosmic law…this is the revelation and the teaching of the Law of Time…the triumph of the synchronic order…

      And then eye saw a license plate on the way home that was only limited to 7 digits and read

      Love two, too, to all,

  18. Annual Read-Out and UR Rune Codes
    Solar Ring of the White Rhythmic Wizard, 2011-2012
    The White Rhythmic Wizard, Kin 214, 2011-2012 is the penultimate year before the great changing of the Aeon. This will be unprecedented, dramatic and climactic for many people for many reasons.
    In terms of the Bolontiku, the nine Sirian Lords of Time and Destiny – this year represents the eighth lha or time lord, Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds. As the name of this lha implies, its creative power is an unparalleled capacity to cleanse the world not only from the four cardinal directions, but from above and below as well. This represents an unprecedented cosmic cleansing of the Earth. But these are also turquoise winds – turquoise is the color of the dawn, so it is a cleansing in preparation of the dawning of the new Aeon.

    The Oracle: White Rhythmic Wizard Kin 214
    I organize in order to reflect
    Balancing order
    I seal the output of timelessness
    With the rhythmic tone of equality
    I am guided by my own power doubled
    “Do you suppose that you will enter the Garden without having suffered like those before you? They were afflicted by misfortune and hardship, and they were so shaken that even their messenger and those believers with him cried, ‘When will God’s help arrive?’ Truly God’s help is near.” (Qur’an, Sura 2, verse 214)
    Everything is occurring as prophesied. This verse from the Quran sums up the dire stress the world will undergo during the 2011-2012 solar galactic cycle of kin 214. But it also says, “God’s help is near.” Look to the skies for the Interdimensional assistance now on standby for Earth’s great crisis.
    This year’s oracle is guided by its own power – Timelessness – doubled – so it might well seem like forever. Wizard represents the lost planet Maldek, and it could be that world events are now reflective of both this planet’s end and its spiritual resurrection. But the Wizard also represents enchantment and receptivity. These are clues for how to survive and even transcend the world stress. Don’t resist; be receptive. The enchantment of the world lies in the codes of the synchronic order, the fourth-dimensional order of reality that characterizes the new time that is dawning. So if you know these codes, practice them with a sincere heart and know you are opening the door to 2013 – the garden of enchantment of the new Earth.
    The Rhythmic Serpent is the analog partner in this oracle while the Rhythmic Seed is the antipode. This means that the life force is to be maintained and cultivated in order balance and support the process of transformation. The challenge is to prepare the seeds of the new while so much of the old is collapsing and in chaos.
    In the occult position below is the Blue Galactic Hand. The Blue Galactic Hand is guided by the Blue Galactic Monkey. This means the hidden powers to be drawn on are Galactic Accomplishment and Galactic Magic. These are signs of the Force that is now getting ready to come to the assistance of the Earth Wizards and their embattled planet.
    The Day Out of Time, White Rhythmic Mirror, Kin 58 (29 x 2), is of course the second of the Clear signs on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan and signifies the disincarnation of the great time traveler in AD 683. That it is the galactic signature of the Day Out of Time, July 25, 2012, symbolizes completely the death of the old 12:60 order. The fact that the 2013 Gregorian new year’s day will be Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror, the galactic signature of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan in 1952, signifies the resurrection into the new time that will occur by the mid point of the following Blue Resonant Storm Year, Kin 59, 2012-2013. Incidentally on Resonant 16, January 25, 2011 it was reported that the lid had been replaced on the sarcophagus of Pacal Votan, restoring it to the state it was when discovered in 1952. This event signified that the purification of the Earth was now in full force.
    A note about the 20 Tablets cube position.
    In the 20 tablets of the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law we are in the fifteenth (Eagle) position, the third stage of the Mystic Altar. We have left the Mystery of the Stone and are sailing by our own power into the ocean of cosmic consciousness. The Eagle represents the solar prophetic visionary power of the great planet Jupiter, characterized by the creative power of the mind. Identify with the Eagle, the archetypal Seer, who holds the third power of the Telektonon – Ton – the power of sound to become vision. This is an important clues for the possibilities of the supernormal powers aroused by our awakening into the higher, supermind of the cosmic reality of the Noosphere.
    Rinri Code for the Eagle Cube position: Faith leads to success; fear and doubt lead to failure.
    UR Rune Codes, White Rhythmic Wizard, 2011-2012
    Red Eastern Quarter: Way of Wielding Power Descends to Earth
    Codon 23, Mind’s Release – Seventh stage of Way of Wielding Power
    This Rune resembles the Elder Futhark Rune, Elhaz, the Act of Making Sacred. As the seventh of the eight stage process of the Runes and Codons, Way of Wielding Power Descends to Earth represents (as do the other three Runes for this year), the first phase of the binary synthesis of the four CA Rune strands, in this case the third, Way of Wielding Power.
    In this Rune, orange in color, we see a central staff with two side prongs at the top, similar to a trident. Such staffs represent a type of power as in the god Neptune, symbolizing his rule of the Oceanic realms of the cosmic unconscious. In the Hindu tradition, the Great Lord Shiva is often depicted holding a type of trident, and likewise in the Tibetan tradition the trident represents the spiritual conquest of the three egoic demons – ignorance, passion and aggression – and is often depicted in representations of advanced yogis or the wrathful forms of the Buddha.
    In this case the central staff is conducting energy downward and the two prongs serve as supports that help transmit energy back into the Earth. The meaning of this is that all power, insofar as it is Earthly, comes from the Earth and should return to the Earth. This is the Act of Making Sacred, the investiture of power that maintains the Earth as the sacred vehicle of life as a cosmic phenomenon on this planet.
    Codon 23, Mind’s Release: Here we have the Temple/Meditation triplet in the position above, while the space (Earth) triplet is below This is an unusual circumstance where the one upward moving yang line is at the top, about to be released, and the five yin lines predominate. This is why the codon is called Mind’s Release, for it refers to the release of the mind into space, bringing about a profoundly receptive situation.
    In terms of the binary letters we have two space letters in the bottom and middle positions and a mind letter on top. When space is between space and mind it creates Mind’s Release. This represents the mind arising from and being released into space – above the Earth. This is appropriate preparation for the changing of the Aeon.
    White Northern Quarter: Cosmic Awareness Establishes Binary Order
    Codon 31, Mind Attracting – Seventh stage of Way of the Transcendent Fourth
    In this Rune we see two luminous green parallel vertical lines contained within a circle representing the whole order of cosmic time. This image signifies the arising of the binary order of reality – yin and yang, mind and matter, night and day, male and female, etc. Here it is the power of transcendent consciousness that conceives the very basis of a continuous cosmic self-creation. So we perceive the intrinsic binary nature of reality as a complementary set creating an integrated whole, illumined by and taking multiple forms through time itself. This represents the first of the two-phase binary synthesis of the fourth UR Rune strand.
    Codon 31, Mind Attracting: Here we have the Mountain Temple/Meditation triplet (above in Mind’s Release) now in the lower position, while above in the telepathic dimension is the Joy (Ocean) triplet. This creates the image of a lake on top of a mountain, always an awe-inspiring phenomenon (as in Crater Lake, Oregon), or of the serene joy arising from the meditation that occurs in the temple. Meditative calm symbolized by the serenity of the mountain top lake is intrinsically mind-attracting, that is, conducive to contemplation and deep reverie. This characterizes the attitude we need to cultivate as we enter the ever-stormier waters of the Gregorian year, 2012.
    This codon consists of the space binary letter below a time letter in the middle and a radiance letter at the top. When time is between space and radiance, that is mind attracting. Cultivate the mind; open your time to the inner space of the higher mind.
    Blue Western Quarter: Cosmic Order Returns to Heart of Heaven
    Codon 39, Heart’s Discipline – Seventh stage of Way of the Irresistible Fifth
    Here a small cross or plus sign is enclosed by a larger circle of time, both dark green in color. This seventh stage synthesis UR Rune is a signal of the elevation of the Cosmic Order into the “Heart of Heaven” – the Hunab Ku. This represents a release of the time of the present order of reality, dissolving it back into the galactic core, so that a new level of the Cosmic Order might descend. To experience this as a whole being requires the heart’s discipline.

    This quarter’s Codon 39, Heart’s Discipline, marks the first full quarter within the 2012 year. The Meditation/Mountain triplet appears yet again, and, as with the previous Codon, in the lower sensory position. Above is the Heart/Moon triplet that also represents water or flowing. This signifies the elevation of the heart through the process of meditation so that it becomes quiet and a purely reflective telepathic medium, receiving the commands of the Heart of Heaven. This discipline of the heart – the reining in the emotional body – is critical in a time of great transformation, assuring an absolute clarity of mind concerning what is going on and to keep from acting on any impulsive or conditioned emotional behavior patterns. This is the essence of self-cultivation.
    In terms of the binary letters, this Codon is constructed of a space binary letter below, a radiance binary letter in the middle and another radiance letter on top. When radiance is between space and radiance, this is Heart’s discipline. The meaning of this is that when the heart becomes disciplined by the power of space, an inner radiance arises, providing an illumination that is evident in the outer being.
    Yellow Southern Quarter: Dynamism Resolved as Architectonics
    Codon 47, Calling the Source – Seventh stage of Way of Dynamic Construction
    Here in the first stage of the binary synthesis of the sixth way, the dynamism of the image characterizing the first six stages becomes stabilized into an image resembling the capital letter “H.” The whole process of dynamic construction has now become transformed into a highly balanced and architectural structure, hence “dynamism resolved as Architectonics.” This signifies a whole new way of life based on balanced order, harmony, justice and a perception of universal symmetry. The first stage of attaining this new condition is “calling the Source” in order to receive the energy of the New.
    The Codon 47, Calling the Source, as with the Codon 31, has the Joy/Ocean triplet in the upper position, the telepathic dimension, while below is the Moon/Heart triplet, moved back down into the sensory dimension, its natural position. In the traditional interpretation this represents water leaking out of a lake, hence the idea of exhaustion and of the necessity of staking one’s life on one’s will and destiny. While this might apply because of the exhaustion of the old order at the end of the Aeon, the higher interpretation is that of the heart deep within the ocean of consciousness. Here in the primal depths of the mind there is a calling out to Source, otherwise known as a “turning in the deepest seat of consciousness.” This means that if one wishes to discard the old self, one must go into the depths of consciousness to effect a transformation in accord with the Great Change now occurring. This is a definition of spiritual survival for this time.
    The codon is constructed of binary mind letters at the bottom and in the middle and a concluding binary radiance letter at the top. When mind is between mind and radiance that is calling the source. From within our mind we must ascend to the higher mind and there experience the luminosity and radiance of the original self, the Source of all creation.
    Valum Votan-Jose Arguelles
    Galactic Research Institute
    Galactic Moon 1, 5 Moon year
    Kin 45, Red Rhythmic Serpent

    Which was …. 44 …. days before his disincarnation. And 4 days before Fukushima – Uhh…sensing a pattern here? 😉


    • Forty-four is:
      + The code for international direct dial phone calls to the United Kingdom (Uh halloo? Only the seat of the Sixth Planetary Chakra)
      + The designation of Interstate 44, a freeway that runs from Texas to Missouri
      + The designation of U.S. Route 44, a highway that runs from New York to Massachusetts
      + The designation of Pennsylvania Route 44(PA 44), a long state highway in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania
      + The name of a mysterious savior of Poland prophesied by the Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz in his masterpiece drama Dziady (Forefathers).
      + A poker game in which each player is dealt four cards down, and four cards are dealt face down on the table in a row. The first three cards on the table are “community” cards and may be used in any player’s hand. The fourth card and any card matching it in rank is wild, and can also be used in a hand (each player is guaranteed one wild card). For each of four rounds, one “community” card is flipped up and a round of betting occurs. After the last round, the winner is the person with the highest poker hand.
      + The .44 Magnum or .44 Special revolver cartridges
      + +44 is the name of the band including Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.
      + Vicks Formula 44 is a cough suppressant
      + The number of the French department Loire-Atlantique
      + A blues song, Forty-Four, also known as “44 Blues”
      + The largest number for which Wolfram Alpha offers a visual representation. [Big hmmmm there…]
      + Wyoming was the 44th state to join The United States of America.
      + Barack Obama is the 44th President of The United States of America.
      (Eye will be entering my Self-existing Skywalker year next solar retURn 😉 same GS as B.O., ha! )
      + The number of candles in a box of Hanukkah candles. (Gematria begs)
      + An agent in the American Television series Get Smart goes under the title of 44, usually assigned to small, enclosed, unexpected spots, 😉 to meet Maxwell Smart, agent 86. [Galactic Worldbridger]

      So, sew, sow…

      The next Galactic Birthday for kin 44
      is in 96 days on 10/24/2011


      I Empower in order to Target
      I Command Awareness
      I seal the input of flowering
      With the Overtone tone of Radiance
      I am guided by the power of Free Will

      • NS kin 208
        Lord of Dawn Elecrifies day 44
        if i remember well, sura 44 in the uran is The Smoke,
        related to 9.11 kin 11.4 (11×4=44)

      • Christine unlocking her own Dream Terma! 44 is 4×11
        Google your own Name and you ll find answers at TMQ 178
        441 / 414 / 144 is 999
        Final Purification is followed by crystal 3×4 blue healing power
        Time Shift
        Although Fukushima has 4 blocks it is not 4fun
        Just met 2 kin 55 twins 🙂
        Found a 4 too
        1410 is the kin sum of two cubes made out of 6 kins each with 442 matrix mirrored and matched at 36th dreamspell round from 87
        1410 in VG is 3.10.10
        What was this area J … Hoagland land
        Terma of MotS unlocked?
        Announced by Elenin on 9/11 1 Imix ?
        Ton made visible by Ek?
        Time will tell and then they tell you
        If bolon blog is a personal hoax don’t worry it will be invisible silent as it came
        If this is a prophecy ment for all Kin it will unfold like a flower
        Hope single pilot is ok
        See ya all in tha noo
        9.7 on 9.1

    • Oh my goodness! Thank U so much! Eye feel very energized – it’s kinda nutty – Happy Cosmic Star!


      I Endure in order to Beautify
      I Transcend Art
      I seal the store of elegance
      With the Cosmic tone of Presence
      I am guided by the power of Free Will

      Kin 208, Matisyahu – One Day

      sometimes I lay
      under the moon
      and thank God I’m breathing
      then I pray
      don’t take me soon
      cause I am here for a reason
      sometimes in my tears I drown
      but I never let it get me down
      so when negativity surrounds
      I know some day it’ll all turn around
      all my life I’ve been waiting for
      I’ve been praying for
      for the people to say
      that we don’t wanna fight no more
      they’ll be no more wars
      and our children will play
      one day x6
      it’s not about
      win or lose cause
      we all lose
      when they feed on the souls of the innocent
      blood drenched pavement
      keep on moving though the waters stay raging
      in this maze you can lose your way (your way)
      it might drive you crazy but don’t let it faze you no way (no way)
      sometimes in my tears I drown
      but I never let it get me down
      so when negativity surrounds
      I know some day it’ll all turn around
      all my life I’ve been waiting for
      I’ve been praying for
      for the people to say
      that we don’t wanna fight no more
      they’ll be no more wars
      and our children will play
      one day x6
      one day this all will change
      treat people the same
      stop with the violence
      down with the hate
      one day we’ll all be free
      and proud to be
      under the same sun
      singing songs of freedom like
      one day x4
      all my life I’ve been waiting for
      I’ve been praying for
      for the people to say
      that we don’t wanna fight no more
      they’ll be no more wars
      and our children will play
      one day x6

  19. Yesterday, after an interval of lost time in eternity, the Skywalker Zone at Buenos Aires held a new Court of Kin.
    It was organized from a Facebook group called “Corte Cristal Buenos Aires”
    The pulse is to meet the 40 Crystal Courts until 21.12.2012
    It was awesome, lots of brother and sister met again after a while
    there was a talkin stick round and an everybody hugging every one else closing
    also there was some ego confussions, unfortunately, but not important.
    I shared a realization about even when we seem to be so close to the Closing of the Circle and everyone is wandering what is gonna happen, if we base our view on a Fibonacci scale, we are still far from observing the real implicancy of the event.
    I took 40 fibonacci positions and elabrated a countdown that can be applied to the last 40 Crystal Court, last 40 weeks, and then last 40 days.
    Remember great mystic master Yogui Bhajan said that Age of Acuarious starts on 11/11/2012 kin 167, 40 before 21.12.
    With the 3 40´s we get an interesting index and source of code and significance, along with a sense of proportional increase of closeness to the TimeShift.
    Here´s the first list, applied to last 40 Courts.

    Fibonacci is a sequence where you add the last 2 numbers of the sequence to get the next one. starting at 1,0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13, 13+8=21, ecc…

    When you draw this, you get a spiral whose coeficient is phi, the golden ratio, a number that forms the same spiral on the DNA 1.61803399…

    here goes the list:

    Posición 40, Corte Cristal del kin 207: 102334152
    Posición 39, Corte Cristal del kin 220: 63245984
    Posición 38, Corte Cristal del kin 233: 39088168
    Posición 37, Corte Cristal del kin 246: 24157816
    Posición 36, Corte Cristal del kin 259: 14930352
    Posición 35, Corte Cristal del kin 12: 9227465
    Posición 34, Corte Cristal del kin 25: 5702887
    Posición 33, Corte Cristal del kin 38: 3524578
    Posición 32, Corte Cristal del kin 51: 2178309
    Posición 31, Corte Cristal del kin 64: 1346269
    Posición 30, Corte Cristal del kin 77: 832040
    Posición 29, Corte Cristal del kin 90: 514229
    Posición 28, Corte Cristal del kin 103: 317811
    Posición 27, Corte Cristal del kin 116: 196418
    Posición 26, Corte Cristal del kin 129: 121393
    Posición 25, Corte Cristal del kin 142: 75025
    Posición 24, Corte Cristal del kin 155: 46368
    Posición 23, Corte Cristal del kin 168: 28657
    Posición 22, Corte Cristal del kin 181: 17711
    Posición 21, Corte Cristal del kin 194: 10946
    Posición 20, Corte Cristal del kin 207: 6765
    Posición 19, Corte Cristal del kin 220: 4181
    Posición 18, Corte Cristal del kin 233: 2584
    Posición 17, Corte Cristal del kin 246: 1597
    Posición 16, Corte Cristal del kin 259: 987
    Posición 15, Corte Cristal del kin 12: 610
    Posición 14, Corte Cristal del kin 25: 377
    Posición 13, Corte Cristal del kin 38: 233
    Posición 12, Corte Cristal del kin 51: 144
    Posición 11, Corte Cristal del kin 64: 89 *Valum Votan (11) died on kin 89, 64= ADN

    Posición 10, Corte Cristal del kin 77: 55
    Posición 9, Corte Cristal del kin 90: 34
    Posición 8, Corte Cristal del kin 103: 21
    Posición 7, Corte Cristal del kin 116: 13 *relation 13:7
    Posición 6, Corte Cristal del kin 129: 8
    Posición 5, Corte Cristal del kin 142: 5
    Posición 4, Corte Cristal del kin 155: 3
    Posición 3, Corte Cristal del kin 168: 2
    Posición 2, Corte Cristal del kin 181: 1
    Posición 1, Corte Cristal del kin 194: 1
    Posición 0, Corte Cristal Planetaria del kin 207: 0 * Cycle Closed

  20. I love Fibonacci spirals! Thanks for all the numbers.

    I’m totally relating to ramped up energies and dreamtime. Though I posted info about comet Elenin’s alignment with Jupiter and the Sun – anticipating heightened solar flares and possibly earthquakes, it never occurred to me that it might also have an effect on ME… accelerating energies have definitely been felt here.

    Advice on i-ching newsletters and the other myriad of daily readings all suggest avoiding the feeling of a need to react – to wait for more information – as perceptions and information are changing more quickly. ie. what seems right to do in the moment, may feel different in the next. This is serving me well.

    Much love, in lak’ech to all my kin
    jw 7-Etznab/Mirror
    P.S. Anyone else seeing lots of master number 1111’s? 11/11/11 should be a doozy.

  21. Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 7 Book of the Cube is up for preorder.
    The Law of Time has the introduction on their page.

    Pure Excitement!

    The old ways do nothing for me, History is over.
    There is Nothing Left but the Noosphere.
    Excitement overwhelms my code, as I realize these are the Final Days of the Machine.
    Initiation to the NOO.
    Death to the Machine.
    Blessed Kin of Truth.
    Cube Formation.
    Kin Credit Replaces $.
    No more Slave Wage.

    Agent 93.(13.2)
    Green Central Castle of Enchantment.Court of Matrix.

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