Magic Turtle Day: Kin 249: Red Lunar Moon codes Dali 8 of the Lunar Moon

MULUC  Kin 249

Red Lunar Moon

Red Lunar Dragon
Blue Lunar Storm Red Lunar Moon White Lunar Dog
  Yellow Crystal Human
I polarise in order to purify
stabilising flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of birth.
 Kin 41: the ‘Interval of God’ Guides us today.   Today’s G-Force is 7 MonKEY.
 V.V. and TMQ’s combined Kins  equal GAP 6 Moon, whose G-Force and Analog is 6 Storm, today’s PSU.  9.6 added to 9.2 equal 18.8.  Today’s Hidden Power is 12.12the G-Force of 18.8 [TMQ’s Signature]
18.8 [Galactic Mirror] is also what this Moon and Year equal, so the CDK is 7.10, Planetary Hand.  
7/10 is TMQ’s  Gregorian date of birth, and 7.10 is the only Postulate that mentions “Date of Birth“:
7.10“Personal celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time, based upon date of birth…”
During the Magnetic Mirror watch of Kin 248, TMQ looked at the Law of Time Website and read that the New Moon was at 4:58 in the afternoon.  She glanced at her computer’s clock, and it read 4:58!  This was the first time TMQ was aware of a New Moon at the precise moment it was occurring. 
Then, during the 2 Storm Challenge watch of this Magic Turtle day, she finally had a chance  to view the video that Priscella 6 Wizard shared:  The Mythic Call“, which begins with several mentions of  the New Moon
The magical synchronicities [many involving ‘personal celestial harmonics’] continued throughout The Mythic Call, adding to the day’s delights.   These included  beautiful comments from Grayham 13 Eagle, Marisabel 13 Hand, and  Christine 3 Skywalker [whose kin 133 was prominently displayed at the end of a film viewed during the 12.12 watch [“Hereafter“] in which Matt Damon 13 Night plays a credible ‘psychic’.
The film, produced and directed by Clint Eastwood 12 Skywalker [a considerable evolution from his earlier films  🙂 was realeased two weeks after Matt began his Cosmic Mirror year, and it lasted 129 minutes, a reminder of a lovely conversation withMelovia  129, earlier that day.  This special Magic Turtle Day, where both the  the Day and Moon are named Lunar Moon was especially magical!
9.2:  “Sensory teleportation and activation of celestial harmonics represent a hyper-extension of the mind through imaginative constructs with purposive goals and targets.”
Grayham 13 Eagle, in his latest wonderful comment  🙂 provides information about an example of such a construct:
“the Round Table is a teleplane equivalent. Essentially the Table is a schematic of the universe and its mechanisms.  The humans, et al, unify in and as the system and state of being.“The large earth grids are then stimulated, controlled, coded by the central “bindu” point offshore. This Aleph pole reproduces itself with an Ayin pole which can be moved where it is needed and in as many reproductions of itself as is required. The Ayin links with the actual physical Round Table …the dynamic creation model or seed format involving humans “on the ground.” The large earth grids …the key Ariat Grid… becomes the much expanded version of the physical Round Table but it is now 560 miles in diameter”
Cube Two:  SPIRIT
Codon 1:  “CREATIVE GENESIS;  Time Generates Tree”
 This headline caught my eye today [3 Dog here]:  “The Mystery of the Double Eagle Coins
This beautiful image of a  Golden Maiden carrying the torch of Liberty  [i.e. Seal 12:  Free Will]  contains the Kin that codes the year containing the 12/21/2012 Solstice and the Seven Mystic Moons:  MMIX = 13+13+9+24= 59:  Blue Resonant Storm.
“The 1933 Double Eagle, considered one of the rarest and most beautiful coins in America, has a face value of $20 — and a market value of $7.6 million.”  The coin is housed behind bullet-proof glass in case Exhibit 18E.
1933 was coded by 5 Storm
19.3 coded the year we awakened the 5th Lord of Time: 
Supreme Golden Maiden, who is coded by 18.3, Electric Mirror.
In many parts of the world, it is now Lunar 9 Kin 250:  Electric Dog.  

OC       Kin 250

White Electric Dog

White Electric Wizard
Yellow Electric Sun White Electric Dog Red Electric Moon
  Blue Spectral Monkey
I activate in order to love
bonding loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.
The Hidden Power is 11 MonKEY, which codes Valum Votan.  The CDK is 11 Star, whose G-Force is 8 Mirror.  
TMQ was in her 11 Star Ring  when the Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered, and in her Galactic Mirror Ring when the Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered.
The Cosmic night of falling stars  revealed the conclusion of her book about these two Planet-Tamers and Lover’s.  The Mythic Call”  activated The Mystery Queen to actually begin writing her book  this morning, on  the 52nd day of her Electric Mirror Ring. 
The  Analog of Electric Dog is 9.3, which can also denote Kin 93:  Lunar SkywalkerCode=E’s comment on PVCS 245 contains so  many KEYs: 
Genesis in Motion.
Lunar Moon of Challenge.
Challenge Us.?
The USA needs Challenge.?
Watch Wall Street Crumble,
Like the Berlin Wall.
While the Cube is Complete.
Oh Lunar Moon.
Oh Sweet NOO.
Flux Tube activated.
Uranus-Earth Connecter.
Galactic Federation GodHead Sector.
Votan in Control.
Votan in Guidance.
Assistance is Here…
Sacred Cube of Truth.
Blessed 5TH Force Matrix.
Universal Center.
Telektonon Presence.
The Return of The Galactic Maya.
Game on.
N. S.  1. 24. 2. 8.  Cube Two:  SPIRIT      Magic Turtle Kin 249

Kin 247: Blue Cosmic Hand codes Lunar Limi 6: Free Will Tower

MANIK     Kin 247

Blue Cosmic Hand

Blue Cosmic Monkey
Red Cosmic Earth Blue Cosmic Hand Yellow Cosmic Human
  White Magnetic Wizard
I endure in order to know
transcending healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of magic.
Happy Galactic Return to Marisabel a.k.a.  Burbuja 33  🙂 Her G-Force is 1.1:  Magnetic Dragon, the beginning of the Tzolkin. 
Kin 247‘s  insightful comment follows below, where she notes the synchronicities on the day the worst Storm in 100 years hits the East Coast.  Even today’s Long Count Kin is a Storm:  The 6th Solar Witness; 4 Storm.
7.13:  “Galactic universal life celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time based upon a specific point in the galactic event continuum which then defines identification of specific galactic space-points and their time vector potentialities. Through celestial harmonics the creative flux of the galactic event continuum can be entered, expanding the creative comprehension and scope of the synchronic order.”
Today is the FREE WILL Tower that guards our entry into tomorrow’s Lunar Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey.
Cosmic Hand Burbuja 33 writes on her ‘Kin day’:
“A hurricaine charged with  female energy I+r+e+n+e=51 (Blue Crystal Monkey)
will transcend the illusion, on the mecca of this money=time system
 this liked Cosmic Storm is  transcending the energy  (19.13=247) 
that will complete the transcendance of healing to US(A.ll)
 (7.13) to receive  the New moon on August 28th – 2011 at 11:04 PM, 6 min apart
 from 11:11 portal , 6 can be represent as the big teacher..
.The dead, the Worldbridger…6 min to cross the bridge to other worlds…
with an awaken awareness,  conscience that time=ART…is also the 6th day on the Lunar
Moon of Challenge…where we are Guided by the power of  MAGIK !!
 Today’s Challenge is [creating]  Cosmic Earth:  Kin 117.  117 + 260 = 377
Here are pertinent phrases from Grayham 13 Eagle’s blog:
Threading the way of  Higher Evolution = 377
Monad shifts to the Cosmic Astral Plane = 377 
Higher Self migrates to Eighth Density = 377 
Unified Self-Aware Sovereign Integrals = 377 
Visualise the Rhombic Hexecontahedron = 377
Nesting Golden Rhombic Structures = 377
Created Fractal Series of Golden Rhombohedra = 377
Here is an account of TMQ’s last two days of the Eagle Wavespell, which incorporates  Kin 247’s  Synchronicity [Challenge] Magic [Guide], and Healing [Cosmic Hand].
The last words that TMQ read, before setting off on a camping trip to the Nelson Lakes  with 6 Sun were:
we await your presence“.  “We” refers to 13 Eagle, his daughter Trinity who has begun riding horses, and his partner Marsha, 9 Eagle
Synchronistically, at our first stop, we [18.8 + 20.6 = Magnetic Mirror] had a long, close encounter with a tiny [waist-high] horse.  Continuing up to the Lakes, there were two different Eagles [hawks] flying overhead  🙂
While kayaking on Lake Rotoiti [=106;  PVCS 6.2], a sole black swan allowed TMQ to paddle up to within a meter of it.  This magical creature and I enjoyed the sunny serenity of snow-capped mountains surrounding this beautiful lake.  Serenading by [mainly Tui] birds completed this magical  experience.
lake roto... [the exact spot we overlooked]  
Beginning at 20;00 [8 p.m.]   TMQ laid awake for 11 of the next 12 hours under the open skylight of the campervan, enjoying the canopy of stars.  Every so often  a bird would call out, and I saw 4 shooting stars over the course of the night
Just before the first watch [Cosmic Human] ended, a star or comet traversed the entire sky  🙂 
 This feels like celestial confirmation of the plans [for a harmonic refinement of the post 2012 calendar] which  TMQ had calculated during those 11 hours. 
During the Cosmic MonKEY Watch, TMQ attended the service atThe Chapel of Christ of the Lake“, which had a stunning floor to ceiling view of the lake and mountains: Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image
This felt like the perfect time and place to pray for healing for the children of Christchurch.  Many have become so stressed by the 8,000 earthquakes in less than a year, that their hair has fallen out.
After posting this, there will be time to catch up on all of your wonderful contributions for the Crystal World-Bridger Round Table  🙂
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of King Arthur's round table may have been found by archaeologists  
Poet Piet shared a short video of Valum Votan calling in the Seven Galactic Directions, overlaying the Seventh volume of Cosmic History Chronicles, by Valum Votan and Stephanie South:  “Book of the Cube
It ‘sets the Tone’ for SILIO 7:  Silio corresponds to the Cube, and Silio 7 is the beginning of the telepathic CUBE Journey we undertake each Moon, to reconnect  the flux tubes of Earth and Uranus. 
This Moon’s Cube Journey begins on the day we begin the  last Wavespell of the Tzolkin,  coded by:

Kin 248 Yellow Magnetic Star

Yellow Magnetic Star
White Magnetic Mirror Yellow Magnetic Star Blue Magnetic Monkey
  Red Cosmic Skywalker
I unify in order to beautify,  attracting art.
I seal the store of elegance with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
N. S.  1. 24. 2. 6 [& 7:  Cube 1:  MEMORY]         Kin 247 &  248

PVCS Kin 245: Red Spectral Serpent codes Kali 4 of Moon 2, which is coded by 4.2

CHICCHAN   Kin 245

Red Spectral Serpent

Red Spectral Serpent
Blue Spectral Eagle Red Spectral Serpent White Spectral Wizard
  Yellow Electric Warrior
I dissolve in order to survive
releasing instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Happy Galactic Return to Cyrus in British Columbia  🙂  His Antipode :   11 Eagle reflects this 11th day of the Eagle Wavespell.  Today’s G-Force is 8 Eagle.   Today’s CDK is 6 Night
The PSU for Lunar 4-6 is 19.13Cosmic Storm, reminding us that the 13th day of the 19th Wavespell is on Lunar 6.  That day [Burbuja  33’s Galactic Return  :)], is Kin 247:  13 x 19.
Kin 39‘s postulate  19.13All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
Today, in the Long Count, is coded by GAP Kin 197:  2 Earth.   This is the 309 th day since two sets of  7 cycles began on Kin 197, Self-Existing Moon, Alpha 5.   We are in the third 113 day cycle [until 12/21/2012]: Lord of the Dawn ELECTRIFIES, and the third 144 day cycle of  “The Return of Sacred Power“;  “SERVE the Power
The numbers coding Kin 197’s Seal and Tone: 17.2 were mentioned in the news today:
Messier 101 Supernova
 “a possible Type-Ia supernova has been discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory shortly after eruption in the galaxy M101 and has been designated “PTF11kly”. The object is currently at a magnitude of 17.2, but may well rise by several magnitudes…”
5.11The effect of the triggering of the circumpolar rings of planet Earth, the noospheric ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, is the restoration of the planet’s homeostatic flux tube regulator. The flux tube system is the electromagnetic bridging that originally connected the different planets of the solar system by their poles linking them into a system of harmonic resonances maintaining the stability of the entire field of the stellar mass, inclusive of its planetary orbits”.
Today’s Postulate describes one of oUR Challenges before the end of the cycle in 2012.
Cheetah 13 Serpent shared an interesting  observation:  “I’ve been following sun correlation with earthquakes.  Suddenly the sun is quiet and the earth is busting open. The ring of fire is on fire…The sun has been pumping so much plasma into the core of the earth … ” 
Please tell us more about the “Mayan Pyramid below Lake Shasta”  🙂    Christine 133 and Cole PVCS 132 observed the last two Galactic Freedom Days at Mt. Shasta which is [according to some] oUR planet’s  Root Chakra  While searching for information about Mt. Shasta,  this appeared:  “Glastonbury, England [Heart Chakra] is the only other area in the world [besides Mt. Shasta] to have both a white ( male) and red ( female) spring, side by side.”
 The 13 Inspirational Planetary Chakras, the Female Rainbow Serpent, and the Male Plumed Serpent on a map of the world.
  Steve Jobs, who  revolutionized communication, has announced he is resigning from Apple.  “In 1996, Apple Computer, the venerable founder of the personal computer, was struggling to stay afloat.  Now, 15 years later, Apple is the most valuable company in the world in terms of market capitalization.”  
Synchronistically, Steve Jobs  is coded by 6 Wind:  “I organize in order to Communicate”. 
He is a practicing Buddhist;  “Balancing breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.”

N. S.  1. 24. 2. 4.                                                  PVCS   Kin 245


Kin 243: Blue Solar Night codes Seli 2 of Moon 2: GAP Lunar Seed Moon of Challenge

AKBAL  Kin 243

Blue Solar Night


Blue Solar Storm
Red Solar Skywalker Blue Solar Night Yellow Solar Warrior
  White Overtone Mirror
I pulse in order to dream
realising intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
Today’s Challenge  is 13.9:  “Lord of the Dawn“, and our Guide is 19.9:  Princess Diana, Queen of Hearts.  Kin 243 [3x3x3x3]  is known as VotanHeart of Nine.   The year [14.6] and Moon [4.2] add up to 18.8, so the CDK [Combined Dreamspell Kin] is 21.17 – 20.13 = 1.4.  4 Dragon codes the Law of Time. 
Thanks to  Cheetah 13 Serpent,  for noting that the PSI for the first 3 days of each Lunar Moon is 2.9:  Solar Wind, during the same days that strong Solar Winds were expected to hit the Earth.
At the end of Galactic Night [my Guide, and Ava 177’s Analog]  whose Affirmation Christine 133 provided, TMQ noted  synchronicities regarding the following day:  Solar Night.  9 Night coded TMQ during the First Year of the Mystery of the Stone, which began the day after the 11 Mirror Day-out-of-Time, mentioned in Priscella 6 Wizard’s offerings: 
“…The Mother of the World
Sipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of Time
White Spectral Mirror
If you can pass through this spectralized gate
Invisible to all but those who know the Time…”  
The G-Force of GAP  Lunar Seed, which codes  this Lunar Moon
Yellow Lunar Warrior
White Lunar Wizard Yellow Lunar Seed Blue Lunar Eagle
  Red Crystal Earth
 is Kin 46:  Resonant World-Bridger.    6.7 coded  Lunar 20:  9/11/2004, the day TMQ received the prophetic  message on her computer.    The CDK of that day [19.12 + 13.2 + 6.7] equaled 18.8, Galactic Mirror, which is what this Year and Moon equal. 
 The 9/11 was reiterated in the large crop circle that appeared 20 miles from her home, a few Moons earlier.   28 circles emanated from  two tall electrical towers, to connect with the 11 circles which formed the image on Time and the Technosphere [which was mentioned in today’s comment by Jannis 9.7].  28 + 11 = 39,  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”,
the same numbers for today’s Kin 3.9:
3.9:  “Geometry is how fourth-dimensional time incorporates as third-dimensional form.   The incorporation of time as geometrical form informs all of the inorganic and organic orders of the realm of instinct.   Time incorporated as the geometry of form is the principle example of T(E)=Art.   All forms and species participate in varying orders of geometry of form, both in their bodily structure and their forms of process.”
There was a  feeling of deja-vous upon awakening on 3.9  to news of the widely felt earthquake on the Eastern U.S.  sea-board, and hearing people talking of fears it was another ‘9/11’.   The news that this was the first earthquake in 114 years   came while  e-mailing to Mark:  Kin 114 the results of my 441  calculations for 3.9S’ace Solar Wind Kin 22 asked on Moon 2; Day 2“What do you see / interpret ? [1] 14 and  [4] 41 ?…”14 is Unity!”   [Apologies if these synchronicities seem more like apophenia, but the aim is to show connection and telepathy]
 YoURcomments [as Ava 177 said: Wow! So much to read and watch! This Krew is really loaded!”}  included several videos from Poet Piet.  I highly recommend the “Earth Sounds/Rainbow Grid” :   with beautiful images of oUR Earth; “accompanying the Meditation Device To Assist In Imagineering Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge”  Another of the videos he shared is controversial:  “911 Secret symbols- New Age Dreamspell 2012“.  Interesting timing, and interesting that the song at the bottom was “O Claire”  🙂
There have been several strong earthquakes during this period of  “Solar Wind“, {Vanatua suffered a 6.2 and two greater than 7.0 in the past 3 days},  but this link:  delivers an interesting explanation for the two that occurred in Colrado and Virginia on 8 Wind  Colorado and Virginia are at opposite ends of this tunnel.
During the Lunar Moon, whose totem is the Scorpion, we ask “What is my Challenge?”
One physical challenge is to be prepared for these tumultuous times:
The most important Challenge is to be prepared Spiritually.  Thanks to Priscella 6 Wizard for sharing this: 
to those well-versed in the Magic of Time
Now guard you well your knowledge
This is the Harrowing of Hell
Wrapped in the cloak of the Synchronic Order
Walk the sacred tunnel between the Worlds
Earth Spirit Speaking Tube as well
In this passage of the End of Time…”
Mike 5 World-Bridger is championing the Codes of Time, here in New Zealand  🙂
For 15 years,  highly qualified Russian scientists have been studying “extraterrestrial communications in pictograms that extraterrestrial intelligence has placed in crop circles and in stone monuments around the world…”
 Nazca Lin...   Stoneheng...   Chichen I... Machu Pic...
[They] “state that their interpretation of ET communications is that the only way that humanity will survive is through a process of consciousness transfer to a higher dimension.  This appears to be a process similar to the “ascension” process described by other scientists, who states that dimensional ascension in 2012 will be the only way that humanity can escape a cataclysmic “hell” on Earth

Unification of human consciousness and ascension”  appear to be oUR ultimate challenge.

 For added insight on where we are headed, and how to get there, see the excellent videos from 6 Wizard [5 D Earth] andBC 33:  13 Hand [Synchro-galactic Yoga

Sending Love to all of You; and  oUR deepest Gratitude to Valum Votan for leading the way  🙂 

N. S.  1. 24. 2.2.     SPIRIT TOWERU R EARTH 1  Kin 243

Kin 240: Yellow Rhythmic Sun codes Limi 27 of the Magnetic Night Moon

AHAU       Kin 240

Yellow Rhythmic Sun

Yellow Rhytmic Sun
White Rhytmic Dog Yellow Rhytmic Sun Blue Rhytmic Storm
  Red Galactic Dragon
I organise in order to enlighten
balancing life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Happy Galactic Return to Alan   🙂  During the first hours of the  First Watch [Analog Kin 19; 6 Storm-the G-Force of V.V. and TMQ combined] a 7.4 [7.4 is Mayan notation for 144this is post 674 earthquake struck [relatively] near-by Vanatua.  It followed several earthquakes in Christchurch on GAP  5 Storm [These, and recent powerful earthquakes in Japan, indicate that the Ring of Fire is very agitated.
 6 Dog is today’s  Challenge andthe  G-Force of 6 Sun.  The CDK is Kin 117:  Cosmic Earth
Kin 21:  8 Dragon [Valum Votan’s G-Force and TMQ’s Analog] is today’s Hidden Power
Today is extended  ‘Hunab’ Cube 21: TELEPATHIC MEMORY.  Today is also the 21st day of the 8th Gregorian month.  
0.6:  “The conscious nature of the synchronic order of fourth-dimensional time points to the existence of a unifying coordinating principle of supremely creative intelligence. This principle of supremely creative intelligence is commonly referred to as  “God.”   The purpose of the supremely creative intelligence is to maintain the order of the universe according to undeviating principles of design governed by the Law of Time, expressed as T(E)=Art, where (T)ime is the ratio, 13:20, and (E)nergy any discrete third-dimensional phenomenon, which in its time, is always aesthetic.”
   Petar Deumov, 14.4, Self-Existing Wizard began a movement that endures, long after his passing in 1944. “Followers place a heavy emphasis on brotherly love, a healthy diet and living in harmony with nature”  Thousands of his followers are shown here  celebrating their New Year, which falls 26 days after oURs  🙂  We have much in common with these [primarily] Bulgarians.  Check out the photos here” 
These photos [and their 13:20 values] are reminiscent of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.  The Law of Time recognized that this:
Crop Circle Hails Harmonic Convergence 24″
“It was reported August 15, Kin 254, White Cosmic Wizard, the eve of the 24th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence”
It’s somewhat similar to the ‘Human crop circle’ above  🙂
  Magnetic LIMI 27:     

Our Sun is in our awareness in several ways, including this great news, which two kin {Ava Maino 177 and Burbuja 247} simultaneously shared here:
“Aidan Dwyer took a hike through the trees last winter and took notice of patterns in the mangle of branches. His studies into how they branch in very specific ways lead him to a central guiding formula, the Fibonacci sequence. Take a number, add it to the number before it in a sequence like 1+1=2 then 2+1=3 then 3+2=5, 8, 13, 21 and so on a very specific pattern emerges.”  
      “… in December, when the Sun was at its lowest point in the sky… The tree design made 50% more electricity, and the collection time of sunlight was up to 50% longer!” 
 ” image of the double coronal hole on August 20th.  Sky watchers should be alert for auroras when the solar wind arrives on August 22-24. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% to 50% chance of high-latitude geomagnetic activity.
   – MEXICO“The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar to the makers of a documentary, “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond,” TheWrap has learned. The information — protected for 80 years — is expected to reveal Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as “shocking,
TMQ is now off to the library, to see if a long video [whose first 14 minutes were spell-binding] will play in its entirety there.  Will share from that in the next ‘transmission‘  🙂  Have been receiving/realizing some profound insights/ information these last days of the Magnetic Night Moon of Purpose, and experiencing many vivid dreams.
So grateful for your  contributions here;  so much synchronicity [i.e. 177 and 178] , inspiration, information [i.e. two blue ‘Cosmic‘ Kin – 13 Eagle and  13 Hand- shared about Angels]  :), and entertainment;  i.e. Kin 239:  Betty  Page via 133  🙂   It  feels like we are unified during these exponentially-changing times, which bode the unprecedented shift that we, and our Solar system, have begun.
Thanks to the Law of Time for restoring this to their site.
“Working with these matrices is an exercise in mind expansion and conscious evolution
Can any Kin tell us the  Telepathic Frequency Index  for the first day of the Lunar Seed Moon, which is coded by Galactic Wind?   
Tomorrow, we enter the Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower;  Day 28, [GAP 7 Dragon] remembering that one of oUR Purposes is to restore 13:20 Heaven to oUR Earth, beginning with the 28 day Moon Path of Peace  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 1. 27.  TELEPATHIC MEMORY   Kin 240

Kin 237: Red Electric Earth codes Magnetic Gamma 24 on

CABAN    Kin 237

Red Electric Earth

Red Electric Dragon
Blue Electric Hand Red Electric Earth White Electric Wind
  Yellow Spectral Seed
I activate in order to evolve
bonding synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of birth.
The G-Force of 3 Earth is Planetary MonKEY, while the CDK is Planetary Wizard, creating a powerful synchronization of planetary magic on the 24th day of the 6 Wizard year.
The Hidden Power is Kin 24,  reiterating the New Sirian date of
17.3:  “Post-organic entities or angels are fractal free wave forms completely engaged in the intelligence of the mind of God, and receptive to input of super conscious hyperorganic entities or time transcending third-dimensional forms of devotion, prayer or meditation.”
Magnetic GAMMA 24: 

In parts of the Northern Hemisphere, it is still Seli 23, coded by Lunar Warrior.  Its G-Force is 7 Mirror, which codes Debra  🙂  The CDK was/is 13.9:  Lord of the Dawn.  During the Challenge of PVCS Lunar World-Bridger [6.2] a 6.2 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. 

This headline caught TMQ’s eye:

 Ring of antiprotons

The name of the spacecraft causes it to be posted:  Pamela was TMQ’s Mother’s name.  This headline turned up a few minutes after looking up her Galactic Signature [Kin 44] and her Long Count:  Magnetic Eagle, which codes this 19th Wavespell  🙂 

Here is a report of something else that is encircling oUR Earth

This article puts forth the idea that “that our Earth is in the grip of “Solar Madness” that is causing massive social and economic upheaval around the globe…”   While it is true that humanity is experiencing unrest, as evidenced by the recent rioting in England, China, Egypt and now India, Sweden and elsewhere, certainly the massive inequalities and injustice, caused by the 12:60 values, are also to blame.  The article describes   “how magnetic storms affect the human body”.  Many of us have been feeling the impact of the recent solar activity.   This week, solar flares are prompting high level discussions:

The Galactic Mayans  designate our Sun as Velatropa 24.  Seal 17:  Earth, represents synchronicity, and synchronistically, 3 Earth reflects the Earth’s position as Velatropa 24.3, the third planet out from the Sun.

Thanks to Christine 3 Skywalker, for posting the description of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, which unfolded [thanks to Valum Votan] exactly 24 years ago

As explained here: it represented the end of 22  of the Sirian 52 year cycles [ 13 Heavens and 9 Hells]. 

Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image  

2013 is the mid-point of the current Sirian Cycle, which will end on 7/24/2039.  The second Sirian cycle since the Harmonic Convergence will commence on Galactic Wizard, first day of the 8 Wizard year  🙂

The 1.24. at the bottom of each post refers to this as the 24th year of the 1st 52 year cycle, that began on July 26, 1987.  Today, that is mirrored by a second 1.24, which represents Moon 1; Day 241/24 also happens to be the Gregorian birthday of Valum Votan, while today’s Gregorian date, 8/18, contains the tone and seal of this writer, Galactic Mirror:  18.8  🙂


The end of the 22 Sirian cycles of 52 years each was heralded by the ‘Quetzalcoatl‘ Supernova 1987 A.

“It was discovered by Ian Shelton and Oscar Duhalde at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile on February 24, 1987, and within the same 24 hours independently by Albert Jones in New Zealand.”

N. S.  1. 24. 1. 24.  Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION  Kin 237

Magic Turtle Kin 235: Blue Magnetic Eagle codes the beginning of the 19th Wavespell and the 4th Week of this year

MEN        Kin 235

Blue Magnetic Eagle

Blue Magnetic Eagle
Red Magnetic Serpent Blue Magnetic Eagle Yellow Magnetic Seed
  White Cosmic Worldbridger
I unify in order to create
attracting mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Happy Galactic Return to Jeremy  🙂 
Happy Solar Birthday to 102 year-old Ada–2 more years to go until your second Solar-Galactic Return! Today’s G-Force is 4 Serpent.
P.V.C.S. Cosmic World-Bridger is the  Hidden Power of today’s Kin, and this Wavespell.  
 Synchronistically, it was announced [within minutes of writing the preceding sentence] that the great Tenor: Placido Dominguez, Planetary Mirror, will be performing in Christchurch.  His concert will be on Electric 17, coded by P.V.C.S. Cosmic World-Bridger, precisely 7 Moons after Valum Votan ascended on Solar 17  🙂 
15.1“Stabilization of the planet art spore through self-generating radiosonic architecture allows extension of radiosonic architectonics via the electromagnetic flux tube system to the other planets of the sun’s orbital sequence (heliocosm).”
Today is the 16th and final day of the year’s first Warrior’s Cube Journey.  New Jerusalem:  The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete. 
“By the Power of the Cube, MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”
Much gratitude  to Ava Maino [now identifying as the next Kin from 177: 9 Mirror] who included these words in his PAN report: 
“this was like an Oasis in the web: On this site, regular post are uploaded, full of codes and activation with images and videos, and many kin are gathering to share insights, channelings and synchronic data.I highly receommend for all kin to check in and join, and I think it should be linked in the FLT’s sites as a forum where to share the day to day Synchronic Order revelations.
 [moments after posting this blog, TMQ  ‘moderated’ Ava‘s fascinating comment about the sky darkening for 22 minutes on Magnetic 18 [this blog’s 2nd birthday, and the 180th birthday of Madame BlavatsKEY; whom Valum Votan calls the KEY to 2012  ] “The darkening starts exactly at 12.21, the journalist says “great that it is still not 2012, otherwise…” see it at the post for Kin 233]
Thank You Ava 177=17.8=178; 9 Mirror, for reminding us that :” the Eighth and Ninth Bolontiku [are]  already awake and waiting for us in 2011 and 2012
Here are today’s examples of 441 Cube Kin’s synchronic observations:
Today is the midpoint between Burbuja‘s Solar Birthday, and her Galactic Return on the 13th day of this Wavespell:  Cosmic Hand  🙂 
Melovia 129, notes that we are  in Sun Cycle 24-[and this is the 24th year since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence]  She notes that in two days, it will be, coded by 3 Earth.
Yesterday’s Kin 234 is the Galactic Signature of Code=E 93’s Father  🙂

The last 3 crop circles of the Spirit Wavespell are within the Eagle’s Vision  🙂

“By my Telepathic Conscious Eagle Power of Vision, may the 13 Moons Peace Way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!”  🙂

N.S. 1. 24. 1. 22.  Cube 16:  Intelligence  Kin 235


Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker codes oUR Round Table and the Full Moon on Magnetic Limi 20

BEN             Kin 233

Red Crystal Skywalker


Red Crystal Serpent
Blue Crystal Night Red Crystal Skywalker White Crystal Worldbridger
  Yellow Lunar Star
I dedicate in order to explore,
universalizing wakefulness.
I seal the output of space
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of life force.
Today’s G-Force is 11 Eagle.  The Long Count is 3 Serpent, which codes the co-author of the Cosmic History Chronicles, whose 7th volume Stephanie South has finished, and will be released within a Moon  🙂
13.12“The pattern of experience of the alternative personalities in adjusting the synchronic order of the interplanetary field of the local heliocosm is reflected in the third-dimensional adjustments on the host planet. The host planet adjustments amount to a completion of the opening of the patterning of the AC circuit, one half (16 codons) of which was completed prior to the historic cycle, the other half (16) of which could only be completed after the CA had been transmuted from Civilizational Advance to Cosmic Awareness (AD 2000, Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge ejection).”
 SOLAR PLEXUSChakra03.gif
From oUR Solar Plexus, the Kuxan Suum [umbilical cord] connects us with the Heart of oUR Galaxy.  Here is good news;  SETI [Search for extraterrestrial life] is being reinstituted.  Several years after SETI [puerto Rico] sent a radio signal to oUR Galactic Brothers and Sisters, a response was received in the form of a crop circle  🙂
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Your inspiring and loving comments bring such joy and support to all  🙂 Thanks You for making this more than a blog;  a growing forum and community are the path to oUR ultimate goal of unity and evolution.  Several of the links you share show that, happily, we have lots of company [beyond oUR 441 Cube of Truth] on this joURney  🙂
Welcome to Monika: Cosmic Dog of Mexico, who  subscribed here today  🙂  She asked about Harmonic 33, which Kins 129, 130, 131 and 132 comprise.  Harmonic 33:  “LUNAR PROCESS;  FORMULATE FREE WILL OF CHALLENGE.

Synchronistically, Priscella 6 Wizard linked this today:This image of 3 sets of 11 [=33] reminds us that this is the last day of Harmonic 33 at the Heart of the Tzolkin.”  And, Stephanie 3 Serpent’s 13 Moon Almanac states:  Eleven sets of triple discs , 33 in all, are found on the sarcophagus lid or Talking Stone of Pacal Votan“.

Gratitude to Priscella 6 Wizard for posting Kin 232’s Daily Oracle, and for the links, one of which included this  image:A ~JahRigional Completed on 2.10.09 ~ White Resonant Mirror~  It’s almost as beautiful as oUR Resonant Mirror’s recent heart-felt comment;  Thank You Debra  🙂

While the Coleman segment from Christine 3 Skywalker wouldn’t play, it seems related to a recent news item about how computers are changing oUR brains.  Thanks to computer difficulties, TMQ is enjoying more of what Debra describes:  “I am learning that my bliss is ever-present when I turn off the TV, listen to the silence, and choose not to engage with unnecessary information.”

Melovia 12 Moon raised an issue she and I have discussed several times.  It was one of my two burning questions on my first [and subsequent trips] to the Law of Time.  {The other question being the meaning of the mysterious message  on my computer on 9/11/2004}  All I’ll say at this moment, is that there IS an 8th Plasma:  BETA, which overtones the other 7.  I believe that Beta would be the one assigned to the Day-out-of-Time  🙂

Poet Piet shared some beautiful songs by 5 Seed Sinead 0’Connor.  One [accompanied by an orchestra-yeah!] seems to demonstrate the effect of 12:60 values of fame and fortune upon  the 13:20 frequency, epitomized by love and unity.

Thank You Priscella, for sharing here:

We are now awakening the 8th Lord of Time, during the year coded by Priscella’s Kin.






 Nine Lords of Time descend into the Tomb of Time
9.13 the numbers of the dedication of the Tomb
Now the time has come
To awaken the Nine Lords of Time

The Nine Lords begin their turn in time
Thirteen Moons the noospheric time to turn

Ten sacred letters
Nine sacred letters more”

EXCALIBUR ‘codes’ oUR Round TablesIt’s gratifying to know that Kin in Buenos Aires are gathering every Crystal Day  🙂

This is the first Full Moon of the Rhythmic Wizard year.  On page 328 of “Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change” by Stephanie South, there is this journal entry by Valum Votan:  “Full Moon.  Can’t sleep.  I know that I am being prepared for something I can hardly imagine.  I feel a deep inner transformation to become a completely purified vessel for galactic being.”

N. S.  1. 23. 1. 20.  Cube 14:  TIMELESSNESS    Kin 233


Kin 231: Blue Planetary Monkey codes the Second Anniversary of this blog on Magnetic Kali 18

CHUEN       Kin 231

Blue Planetary Monkey

Blue Planetary Storm
Red Planetary Dragon Blue Planetary Monkey Yellow Planetary Star
  White Self-existing Dog
I perfect in order to play
producing illusion.
I seal the process of magic
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
Today’s G-Force:  5 Moon coded the 7th year of the Mystery of the Stone, which ended 19 days ago.   In the Northern Hemisphere, Analog 10 Star coded Valum Votan’s ascension.  Today’s Guide is Planetary Storm. The CDK [14.6 + 3.1 + 11.10] equals GM108X, which coded the last Day-out-of-Time of Valum Votan’s terrestrial life. 
 11.10:  “The release from the repressed instinctual unconscious to the liberated holon field of the telepathic continuing consciousness, analogous to the opening of the psi bank with the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, results in the liberation of repressed psychic energy.  Repressed psychic energy is proportionate to the quality of neuro-sensory oscillation engaged in the process of sensory teleportation.”
After Valum Votan completed the first 13 sets of 13 Postulates, he was so drained that he paused.  A celestial dream, described in Stephanie’s second biography of his life, gave him the strength and inspiration to complete the full 20 sets of 13 postulates each.
Poet Piet from the Sun region, who brought the first news of Valum Votan’s death, recently wrote:  “Light always dispells the darkness when we remember to shine”
Thanks Christine 3 Skywalker, for this fascinating article about the Integratron in the Mojave Desert:
The stars above it remind  us that the Perseid Meteor Shower is tomorrow, 11 Human [8/13].
The Resonant Star [8.7] blog noted that we entered the 3rd week of the year, and that we are currently in the 3rd 113 day cycle, as week as the 3rd 144 day cycle.  The 7 Star crop circle [appeared on 8/7] displayed in that blog now shows this synchronistic comment: [it] “shows a code in ternary base 3 for its time and date”
TMQ finished reading Stephanie South’s  book “Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change” today.  The final chapters contained several anagrams of today’s kin 231, and also mentioned Madame Blavatsky [12 MonKEY] several times.  She  was ‘literally a giant of thought.  Mme. Blavatsky synthesized vast amounts of information and single-handedly rekindled the esoteric tradition in the West after it had been severely undermined”  by the rise of industrial civilization.  [Page 350]
Today is the 180th solar birthday of Helena Blavatsky, who was born on August 12, 1831.  [at this moment, it is 8:12 p.m.  :)]
Stephanie’s second biography details the incredibly arduous travel regime of Valum Votan and his wife Lloydine, which made what he accomplished all the more amazing.

This is the 670th post of the 2013 and The Mystery Queen blog, which began two years ago today, on Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon, which is Valum Votan’s G-Force, and TMQ’s Analog.

Shortly after my meeting with Valum Votan and Stephanie in Sedona [during which he declared they would also move to New Zealand] he asked me to assist Stephanie in writing the first biography [apparently S.S. didn’t like that idea].    After reading that first biography, 8 Mirror was motivated to begin this blog.

It was a pleasure to read this second biography, which demonstrates Valum Votan’s  genius and supreme devotion to his mission.   Part of his mission was/is “to prepare and stabilize human consciousness for a magnetic shift“.  “Internally, he knew he was performing solely before the eyes of God, and if he hadn’t at least tried to get his message through,  he would have failed  his mission.”  He did everything ‘super-humanely’ possible, to get his message through, and continues to do so from the other side of the veil.

Reading this book also helped me to understand why Valum Votan was the  one from the Law of Time who treated this writer with such love and respect, to the degree that he once whispered these most beautiful words to me: I love you very, very, very, very much!”

On the second birthday of this blog, which was begun in response to the first biography, finishing the second biography has ‘Catalyzed‘ TMQ to begin writing a book  🙂

Lovely to resonate with this sentiment from oUR cURrent Year-Bearer,  Priscella 6 Wizard:

Thinking of all my kin this morning and seeing us all as ever expanding outward in love, light, abundance and peace.”  🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 1. 18.    Cube 12:  FREE WILL  Kin 231


Kin 228: Yellow Resonant Star begins the Third Week of the Rhythmic Wizard year on Dali 15

LAMAT           Kin 228

Yellow Resonant Star

Yellow Resonant Sun
White Resonant Mirror Yellow Resonant Star Blue Resonant Monkey
  Red Resonant Skywalker
I channel in order to beautify, inspiring art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
Happy Galactic Return to Scott 7 Star in the Eagle bio-region!
Thanks to his Antipode, Debra 7 Mirror for your recent contributions  🙂
Today we are guided by the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of 7 Sun.
Kin 33:  7 Skywalker, carrier of the synchronic codes, is our Hidden Power.  Today’s G-Force is Solar Dog
The ‘Star People’ placed this ART in the fields on this Resonant STAR day  🙂
TMQ has been in Christchurch for 4 days, where  there is a heart-breaking amount of damage since her last visit, weeks prior to the Galactic Sun earthquake on 2/22/2011.  More about that after returning home in 2 days.  This 1 hour internet connection at MacDonalds allows little time to catch up on your recent comments, but it is a delight to see that your internet communication matches the telepathic connection felt  with all of you, during this event-filled week  🙂
Week 3 is the Blue Transformative, Catalytic part of each Moon, and this one is ‘coded’ by the Challenge of Magnetic Night, which codes this first moon of the 6 Wizard year.  Magnetic Skywalker is the Galactic Signature of Quetzalcoatl, who is in my awareness more than usual, as I’ve been enjoying Stephanie South’s wonderful biography of Valum Votan, called “Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change“. 
This is the first full heptad/week since we entered the “Third 144-day cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Serve the Power”, on Magnetic 12, coded by 4 Serpent.
We are also in the  Third 113-day cycle: “Lord of the Dawn Electrifies”.
The 7 cycles of 113 days of the Lord of the Dawn:  Quetzalcoatl, and 144 days  of the Return of Sacred Power began exactly 200 [5 Sun, oUR 7th Lord of Time] days ago.
While shocking world events and increased solar input and accelerating earth changes dominate the news, synchronize with the activating 3rd cycles, we remain focused the Return of Sacred Power.  During this period, we are especially committed to Serving the Power” of the Divine
Let’s be encoURaged by  these simple but heartening words from Valum Votan:
“Quetzalcoatl he was a prophet
He made his people pure
Said one day he’d come back
Of that you can be sure”  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 1. 15.  Cube 9:  PURIFICATION  Kin 228