Kin 219: Blue Spectral Storm codes the 6th day of the 6 Wizard year

CAUAC      Kin 219   7/31-

Blue Spectral Storm

Blue Spectral Storm
Red Spectral Moon Blue Spectral Storm Yellow Spectral Sun
  White Electric Wind
I dissolve in order to catalyze
releasing energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Antipode/Challenge is 9.11;  Spectral Moon, which coded the day that Valum VotanDissolved in order to Catalyze” 1/2 Spin [130 days]
 ago.  The G-Force of 11 Storm is 9.8:  Galactic Moon.
19.11“The spiritual evolution of the Dominion of Time augured by the discovery of the Law of Time is the divine return of mind to source. By making conscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of universal transcension. God is the magnet of universal transcension.”
 Magnetic LIMI 6:  PURIFY; 
SOLAR PLEXUS:Chakra03.gif
The first LIMI of this year is a good time to “purify“/clear up misconceptions.  A reader asked about my referring to my nephew Jud as the Seventh Lord of Time:
I  utilized the synchronicity of my 21 year old nephew {Jud, 5 Sun} participating in and winning the 21st episode of Survivor as a way to call attention to the 7th Lord of Time [coded by 5 Sun:  Single Wing Red Fire] that we were awakening, and to highlight the 441 Cube [21x21=441].  Additionally, Survivor = 144themirror‘ of 441:  12 x 12 = 144.
In some respects, the Bolontiku are as much a mystery as they were on 9/11/2004, when the message [in the form of a synchronic readout] appeared on my screen while reading about the first 7 Bolontiku [Lords of Time] who laid their electrical codes in oUR Earth.
TMQ  feels an affinity with the 5th Lord of Time [coded by 3 Mirror], the only feminine Lord of Time, and today is the 21st day of my Electric Mirror ring.    When Valum Votan  added this sentence to a Rinri report after meeting me: “the Supreme Golden Maiden will be able to accomplish her mission if she assiduously studies the Cosmic History Chronicles”, it  enhanced my sense of mission and service.
Today, coded by 20.12, [in the Southern Hemisphere]

Yellow Crystal Sun
Yellow Crystal Human
White Crystal Dog Yellow Crystal Sun Blue Crystal Storm
  Red Lunar Dragon
 happens to synchronize two of the many ‘signs‘ that have served to motivate me.    The day after receiving the 9/11 computer message, I learned about the 485 foot-long crop circle which was laid in the fields 20 miles from my house, on 20.12, Crystal Sun [6/17/2004].  Its connection with the catalytic 9/11 catastrophe, the 13 Moon calendar and Valum Votan’s latest [at that time] book:  “Time and the Technosphere” is described in  earlier posts.  [Note, its 28 circles [for each day in a Moon]  begin at the ‘two towers’]
Today’s 13 Moon date [here]:  Day 7 of  Moon 1; Moon day 7; Cube 1 is another ‘signal’, i.e., “the 7.1 in the land of my birth [Japan] triggered the beginning of this blog”. 
4 years ago today [S. Hem.] , Valum Votan projected this crop circle: crop-circle-metatron.jpg on the 27th Solar-Galactic Return of Pacal Votan.  
Pacal Votan was born 1408 years ago today 🙂
Happy Solar Return to my sister Ann, PVCS Magnetic Sun! 
Her son Jud  [now 22 years old] is the Overtone Sun who survived 39 days outdoors in Nicuaraga, and through strategic ingenuity and skill, outplayed the other 19 ‘survivors’.     Jud is an ‘Indigo’, with  so many wonderful qualities;  it bodes well that he is exploring  the Mayan’s knowledge and the spiritual aspects of  2012-2013.
We all have different signals and paths  that brought us to the Truth and Harmony of the 13 Moons of Peace, which synchronize and unify us.
The Eighth Lord of Time and Destiny who is associated with this Rhythmic Wizard year is:
“Soul EnlightenmentInitiation of the Planetary Human into the Ceremonial Magic of the Planetary Sorcerer.”
“By my Eagle Power of Vision and the mystic letter U may I create ExcalibUr as the mind of the Lords of Time!” 
Here are two of the ‘Star Messages’ that arrived during the first heptad of the Rhythmic Wizard Solar Ring,
During the the Night Wavespell of Abundance that codes this year:
Earth Wizards equalize Spiritual Abundance for all.”
N. S.  1. 24. 1. 7.                      Cube 1:  MEMORY     
Spectral Storm :  : Crystal Sun 20.12 Round Table

12 thoughts on “Kin 219: Blue Spectral Storm codes the 6th day of the 6 Wizard year

  1. Well, if ever there was a kin to share, this is it: A Crystal Round Table on Silio!!! To the Rainbow Bridge!

    Kin 220 Yellow Crystal Sun

    “I Dedicate in order to Enlighten
    Universalizing Life
    I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire
    With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
    I am guided by the power of Free Will.”

    Psi Chrono 2.2 White Lunar Wind Kin 2
    Long Count 12.3 Yellow Electric Human Kin 172
    3K (LC+DS) 12.2 Yellow Lunar Human P.V.C.S. Kin 132
    CDK (Combined Dreamspell Kin) 17.6 Red Rhythmic Earth Kin 97
    CDK + 3K 9.9 Red Solar Moon Kin 9
    All-In Kin 11.11 Blue Spectral Monkey Kin 11

    Two of my own Destiny Oracle Kin are in todaya’s Oracle. Occult is Interval of God Kin 41 Lunar Dragon.

    “A note about the 20 Tablets cube position.
    In the 20 tablets of the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law we are in the fifteenth (Eagle) position, the third stage of the Mystic Altar. We have left the Mystery of the Stone and are sailing by our own power into the ocean of cosmic consciousness. The Eagle represents the solar prophetic visionary power of the great planet Jupiter, characterized by the creative power of the mind. Identify with the Eagle, the archetypal Seer, who holds the third power of the Telektonon – Ton – the power of sound to become vision. This is an important clues for the possibilities of the supernormal powers aroused by our awakening into the higher, supermind of the cosmic reality of the Noosphere.

    Rinri Code for the Eagle Cube position: Faith leads to success; fear and doubt lead to failure.”

    So let’s all have faith together!!!
    Love to all Kin,
    Melovia Crystal Moon


    Connection Mandala Ray Turquoise and Ray Rainbow.

    The Ray Turquesa, carries the energies of the Lemurian and Cetacean Love, Joy and Unity. As the male energy in its highest vibrational level.
    It helps us to tune the Memoirs Lemurian and retrieve our memories of our origin and connection with galactic beings of light whose initial seed was sown in Lemuria.

    It helps balance the male and heal wounds of the heart.

    The Lightning Rainbow Aura carries the energies of our higher self. We aligned with Cosmic Wisdom and Compassion to enter the Divine understanding of love and respect all beings and all paths. Compels us to accept all possible truths without trial. Libera Judgement, grudges and imbalances of the Ego.

    Much love is the share,

    I shared this from his page….


    I been connecting with sacred tabacco in the last weeks…usually I don’t smoke, but this time I feel it could help me/us to clear the vision, connecting whit the ancestors, the great spirit, and the cosmic memory.

    I feel i’m blowing a message of peace and unconditional Love…remembering…

    In Love
    In lack’ ech Ala kin


    I light a candle to our love
    In love our problems disapper
    But all in all we soon discover
    That one and one is all we long to hear

    Allround the world
    Little children being born to the world
    Got to give them all we can til the war is won
    Then will the work be done

    Help them to learn (help them to learn)
    Songs of joy instead of burn, baby, burn(burn, baby burn)
    Let us show them how to play the pipes of peace
    Play the pipes of peace

    Help me to learn

    Songs of joy instead of burn, baby, burn
    Wont you show me to play(how to play) the pipes of peace(pipes of
    Play the pipes of peace

    What do you say? (what do you say)
    Will the human race be run in a day? (in a day)
    Or will someone save this planet were playing on?
    Is it the only one? (what are we going to do? )

    Help them to see (help them to see)
    That the people here are like you and me (you and me)
    Let us show them how to play(how to play)the pipes of
    Play the pipes of peace

    • Paul is 211, Electric Monkey…

      I Activate in order to Play
      I Bond Illusion
      I seal the process of magic
      With the Electric tone of Service
      I am guided by the power of Vision

  4. Whatever this “game” was it was a personal test for me, which started with the graphic in 1999. I believe, I think, and I think I know many things, and they change with the flow of Time. For a while I tended to really identify with the 7th Lord of time, thats right. And I went really deep into the Rabbit`s hole only to make the experience that you reach nothing. There is hundreds of people who travel to Israel every year and come back as “Jesus”. They get picked up in the desert and they realy think they are Jesus. Everybody is the 7th Lord of Time, because everybody is the center of his own universe. The invention of the spherical panorama a short time ago is the developed counciousness what was brought to us through the 7th Lord of Time or the center of the cube. What was made visible through a technical new “revolution”. Like the noosphere is developed through the internet and the vast amount of information accesible. Bhudda said proof everything, believe nothing. I m sure what Jose Arguelles, Valum Votan left behind is something for the next hundreds mayby thousands of years. But only to “read” it makes not really an evolutin jump. There is time to learn it if we choose such a way. Synchronicitys are amazing but to overinterprete them makes you not happy. It doesn`t matter if in sura 19.7 is written about a boy called Johnny and in Telektonon 59 is written about the same Johnny and that 19.7 and Kin 59 is my “challenge” and that my name is Johnny and I went to Patmos on Kin 77 which is 17.12 and that day was 18.08 (TMQ) greg. Calender. Where should I start to interpret it or not, what shall I believe and not. I read the apocalypse of St. John and in my opinion the whole “story” happened already. And the seven Angels/ 7 Trumpets are the 7 Lords. So and…..great let`s go on and make a donation to the people in somalia. They need our help and attention. They die from hunger.
    The last timeless wizard days felt so really long and good. I found an old “Rainbow-Catalog” where Jose gives an Interview in 1999 🙂 There he says: ” Either you follow time intuitively or you should track it the right way with the 13/28 calendar.” This intuitive way of following it does everybody who has it`s heart on the wright spot, no matter if he ever heard about 13 Moons and Arguelles. This you do also when you live really in the nature or you climb a high mountain: You really have to tune into the nature, the weather, the route, your own power to “survive”. Up there on a mountain you don`t need numbers and calendars, but you are very close to the sky and god. Try it……….TMQ I appreciated the conversation with you and those amazing syncs. Our private contact should stay private, and we had a great one. The internet jumble is public sphere where you shouldn`t recite parts of private emails. Through this others interpret them wrong as they don`t know the whole story. Greets to your nephew 20.5, the 9.7th, did he win 1 Mo.$ ??? That`s realy cool hey.
    The “Bolontiku Blog” has been deleted. It was there to write it down and then to release it into the noosphere. Mind is free- heart is open- keep it simple- go with the flow- intuitively
    In lak ech

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