Magic Turtle and GAP Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind begins Wavespell 18: SPIRIT on Magnetic Seli 9

IK    Kin 222

White Magnetic Wind

White Magnetic Wind
Yellow Magnetic Human White Magnetic Wind Red Magnetic Earth
  Blue Cosmic Storm
I unify in order to communicate
attracting breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s G-Force is 4 Human, and the Hidden Power is 19.13:  Cosmic Storm.  The CDK is also coded by Storm:  19.8; Galactic Storm
1 Wind codes the first full Wavespell of the 6 Wizard year.
Wavespell 18:  Power of Spirit and communication.
2.1“The same dynamics of time which governs the planetary biosphere also governs the local stellar mass in its relation to other stellar masses within the system of the Galactic Brain of which this star system is a member.”

Image Preview Our sacred couple at the heart of the Tzolkin completed  Planetary Magic by their conscious presence and anchoring of  the Root Chakra of oUR Earth:  Mount Shasta,  for the two Days-out-of-Time that enveloped the Seventh Year of the Mystery of the Stone. 

Christine 3 Skywalker andCole 2 Human form a Galactic Synchronization Crew of 5.5; Kin 5.  The G-Force of  Overtone Serpent  is 3.3; Electric Night, which coded the Day-out-of-Time the prior year, when they ‘discovered‘ the teachings of the Law of Time

Mt.  Shasta is only an hour drive away from Ashland, Oregon, seat of the Law of Time.  Synchronistically, Christine and Cole’s individual G-Forces [Planetary Hand; 7.10 and 7 Wizard; 14.7] combine to make 1.4, Self-Existing Dragon.  Kin 121 [11×11]   is the Galactic Signature of the Law of Time.

Their original plan was to observe the 5 Skywalker Day-out-of-Time with Kin organized through the Law of Time

However,  the numbers  show that it was perfect that the pure intent of GSC 5.5  was totally Self-Existing at Chakra 1 on this special Day-out-of-Time  which crowned the momentuous 5 Moon Solar Ring. 

When 133 and PVCS 132 anointed the Root Chakra on GM108X, they were [5.5 and 8.4] Kin 113:  Solar Skywalker

89 days later, the final revelation of Valum Votan described the beginning of 7 cycles of 113 days:  Lord of the Dawn;  Solar Skywalker, between Kin 197 and the culmination of the end of many cycles on 12/21/2012.

On Kin 89;  9.11, Valum Votan completed a perfectly-timed ascension, in order to participate from a higher plane [many of us believe] 

On the Overtone Skywalker [kin 213] Galactic Freedom Day::Day-out-of-Time 9 days ago,  the  Magic Turtle GSC Overtone Serpent were a pure Planetary Mirror [13.5 + 5.5 = 18.10] at the Root Chakra of oUR Planet. 

Galactic Synchronization Crew 5.5 were reflecting their pure intent [and Lord Seven Earth, Mediator of the Hunab Ku Plasmas at the Root-of-Root Chakra],  through all 9 of oUR Earth’s chakras, to the Crown-of-Crown [a.k.a. oUR Noosphere].   

GSC 5.5 is an intense synchronization of the Overtone number 5, which is all about   submitting to the Divine Will.  It is clear that the Divine Will was ultimately served at Mt. Shasta on the Day-out-of-Time that culminated the awakening of all 7 Lords of Time and Destiny. 

That one day ‘out-of’ each  year overtones the four 91 day quarters of each year, the way each days oracle overtones the 4 quarters of each day.

As Christine 133 succinctly wrote “Everything is Perfect!”  This is even demonstrated by the  Planetary Mirror of Perfection they exemplified on 5 Skywalker [an Overtoned Overtone day  :)].

Planetary Mirror coded the day that the Tomb of Pacal Votan was opened, June 15, 1952.  Cole’s Kin: 132 is on the Eastern  edge of this massive tomb.   [ left corner of the top in the photo below]

The Tomb of Pacal Votan was sealed 55 days [5.5  :)]  before Valum Votan [his third and final earthly incarnation] sealed his third-dimensional life on this Earth.

Deepest Gratitude to  oUR Overtoned, 5th-dimensionally-Guided Galactic Synchronization Crew  for  sealing this special year between yoUR two Mt. Shasta Vigils on GM108X and Overtone Skywalker  🙂  🙂

As the Postulate for today’s Occult Power, 19.13 states:

All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

Thank You Burbuja 13 Hand for the link containing this beautiful image which can portray the 8th Lord of Time

           Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds

25 thoughts on “Magic Turtle and GAP Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind begins Wavespell 18: SPIRIT on Magnetic Seli 9

  1. Here for Challenge.Antipode.
    Here For HomeTeam Galactic Maya.
    Blessed Cube of The NOO.
    Thanks To All Kin.
    Unconditional Love.

  2. 08/05/11, KIN 224 completes the second 144-day cycle of 7 cycles:
    José Argüelles-Valum Votan
    Article: Galactic Spiral Density Wave and 2012: The Final Cycles of Transformation, found at:

    Second 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power. “Stabilize the Power”, Days 647-504 (of 791), Solar 9, kin 81, 3 Dragon (March 15, 2011) 5 Moon year – Magnetic 11, Kin 224, 3 Seed (August 5, 2011), 6 Wizard year, 288 days complete.

    (Entering the third 144-day cycle, KIN 225 “Serve the Power”…

    See Graphic Time Map III at:

    Sura 113, Lord of the Dawn
    In the Name of God most gracious, most merciful!
    113.1 Say, “I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn.
    113.2 “From the mischief of the created things.
    113.3 “From the mischief of darkness as it spreads over things.
    113.4 “From the mischief of those who practice secret arts as they blow into knots.
    113.5 “And from the mischief of the envious one as he practices envy”
    (This sura is essentially a prayer for protection in dark times. Lord of the Dawn in this context is a designation for Allah/God).

    See Graphic Time Map III at

    (We also have a 75% chance of a Class M solar flare reported on

    I’m feeling the connection to all my kin!
    in lak’ech
    7 Etznab, KIN 98 (White Resonant Mirror)

    • Thanks so much for this, Debra 98! I don’t have my Almanac yet for this Solar Ring so it is especially appreciated. Would someone please post the Codons for Heptads 2 & 3? Thanks!
      Love All
      Melovia 129

      • SURE!
        Heptad 2: Refine
        Codon 27, Temple of Being, Cosmic Awareness Empower’s Space
        Heptad 3: Transform
        Codon 41: Temple of Joy, Principle of Dynamic Construction

        in lak’ech

  3. here’s a mist chief for yall:

    Let’s take a guided tour shall we? View scenery shown by a
    guide who has annoying habit of getting in the wa and making
    strange noises with a rock guitar … standing perfectly still. — longhaired people shy rock star
    another Winter victim
    thinks the crop circles are all about him and he goes to visit all
    of them to play godawful electric guitar by his lonesome … and
    a loyal follower to take endless pictures … or perhaps he uses a
    timelapsnapper .. nope, looks like has an adoring slave … also
    mix-blood … they must feel like a very out of place couple …
    his penchant and appetite for getting his mug( )shot fronting
    the most varied palette of ‘menschenleere’ backgrounds is
    astonishing he’s trying to turn trivial into tri vital and makes his
    initals pt spin into an ankh ask him in which vid he plays his 12 string

    only one step away and predictably, another nutso loon
    lonelygirll15 who has wrung herself thru the mirrormadness
    inducing vid uploader vibe squeasy, crashed, burned and went
    silent already. … wait, she had me fooled …. Well, .. at least
    she’s running her private theater without all them incessantly
    expressions of insecurities presented as disgustingly
    grandiloquent claim

    on rainbows, june 1, weird snake with signs on it
    he is an plein publique mkultra project .. either that or he has
    family who adore him and are trying to spoil him rotten …. it’s
    that asian shtick i guess. Where no-one amounts to more than
    slavish imitative servitude, the leader remains a mere concept,
    doesn’t deploy and gets accorded overblown potential … hi
    price through dearth … approaching run away down black hole
    velocities at the point of complete absence. … gone, .. much
    like common sense — of keeping an eye on one’s roots, keeping
    and holding them up proudly, at heart, in mind and failing all
    that, at least keep them in plain sight, stay within their
    (pur)view — in/of the west at the moment.

    i mean, they already gave him 3 wifes, but he has to flaunt
    them as well. He gives new mean to ‘down with moghul
    fortunes’ stored in the west. Chances are he is heir to one.

    The internet is cheapest confession machine religion ever
    invented. Folks self implicate and auto imprison themselves at
    the drop of a ‘good’ ‘connection’, …. my my … how my ideas
    thereabouts have changed.

    remember all the empty state loonie bins i saw through/via
    ‘urban explorer sites (given to photographing derelict
    abandoned, empty structures.

    wonder if pt would get a kick out of reading my fancies
    (expressed here and there during the eighties but not since)
    about writing into the landscape with rockdust, a tracage that
    becomes more and more visible as the next few decades
    progress, centuries even if you go for several inches deep and 6
    foot wide lettering, leaving a trail of dusty/dusted sentences
    trailing off, weaving back and forth across existing ones … in
    and out .. of view …

    I’m not actually pegging him as a great mind … but that’s just
    cause i am jealous of his dedicated pussy, multiples devoted to

    Wow, the last quarter of this one (him blowing a harmonica
    throughout … like a child, which he is, would, shows an
    amazing oak .. with a weirdly fat lateral growth, resting on the
    ground a distance and going up again.

    Ah, never mind, found it
    right among the lotus flowers too.
    Well, guess what, it’s debatable at this point wehter i put you
    on my 12string list (58 vids on it so far) or not ….

    … got anything to say for yourself … besides

    got any better than that?

    you ought to take a few lessons from my 12 strings playlist
    the internet is the one big nuthouse of the 20th century … all
    the 19th ones are derelict

    i wrote you a long email … i owe you that much for sharing my
    mystery = mistery# insight .. if not implications … and yes i am
    your peer calling you to order (consult lots of translations of
    this loaded dutch expression here*). you’ll prolly try if anything
    to claim i am something or other in your scheme of things .. like
    a wobbly comet but you’re the one out of line in mine. One of
    very very many. So stop feeling and acting so goddamn
    annoyingly, wilfully alone(ly) .. like we have no hope for any
    better benefaction than that which you are content to bestow
    on us.


    about 20 minutes later i try to post this but am already blocked
    (figures, good thing he aint really master over life and death):
    hilarious, right when he sails on azure waters in an expensive
    yacht#, hitting a few more than half of the strings on his
    twelver this time, he sings about personal problems: “you say,
    you are not getting any understanding”. Hey, amen to that over
    here. Are your prophecies up for adoption at all?


    recent, shows him at uluru

    no doubt there is a team of mad (lead beating maddened)
    leadbeaters (those that try blame their secret and evil tec on
    aliens, like all pipers, sluicers and conduiters and trafficers
    point away from themselves, particularly their exclusive wealth)
    behind this despote dictator to be groooohmed some moooore.

  4. one of the five comments there:

    Friday, 15 July 2011 16:20 posted by Joanna Campe

    Volcanic rock dust is highly advocated. After Mount St. Helens and Pinataubo there were great concerns about soils and crops being adversely affected and it was exactly the opposite. The same with the tsunami. The seawater actually increased crop growth.

    A new research study of Dr. Thomas Goreau that I am joining as co-author will be given at the World Conference on Ecological Restoration shows astonishing results With basalt rock dust in Panama for trees. The Conference takes place August 21st-24th in Merida, Mexico. Look for more news soon on the website.

  5. Remembering Lucille Ball, who brings joy to so many…
    DOB: April 6, 1911

    Kin 125
    Serpent/Chicchan – Movement, and the creation of time, creates connecting earth to heavenly aspirations.
    Galactic Tone 9: Patience
    Red Galactic Serpent

    I harmonise in order to survive
    modeling instinct.
    I seal the store of life force
    with the galactic tone of integrity.
    I am guided by the power of universal water.
    White Mirror Wavespell

    Power of Endlessness

    DOD: August 6, 1989

    Kin 153
    Reen/BEN – Connection between Heaven and Earth
    Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation
    Red Planetary Skywalker

    I perfect in order to explore
    producing wakefullness.
    I seal the output of space
    with the planetary tone of manifestation.
    I am guided by the power of birth.

    I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!


    Mirror/Etznab – Divine spark of intelligence, welding sword of truth
    Galactic Tone 9: Patience

  6. Gregorian were posted wrong – but, Mayan Calendar calculations were based on correct dates.
    DOB: August 6, 1911
    DOD: April 26, 1989

    Anyone else – feeling the impact of current solar flares? 🙂
    with love, in lak’ech

  7. The evidence of fear, hatred and strife presents an opportunity and blessing to grow in our ability to remain steadfast to the vision of light, love, and peace in the world. Light always dispells the darkness when we remember to shine.

    I hold fast to the intention of sending love into the world, to all as sacred parts of the one.
    in lak’ech

  8. too tired to finish it but i am gonna post it anyway

    on the one hand you fellas are splitting hair like a dog intent on lying down and having his pillows fluffed just so, nudging with his nose … spinning round and round.

    mention pet fractions often enough and it’s bound to amount to sweetest slumber eh?

    beg to differ though i will prolly come across as a hair splitter to yall just as much as ago and acome thisaway.

    “Light always dispells the darkness when we remember to shine”

    Light kindles light-filters thusly:
    entering the combo of wet and dry oxides (can both be hard and soft, notably the dry and cold varieties are quite resistent to light and indeed the dried/frozen variety can only get that way through lack of ‘head-on’ light that spells heat great enough to ‘dispell’ darkness.

    prince of peace vs prince of darkness is the christian pitch right?
    jesus vs the clovenhoofed / horned one right?

    my contention is that the latter was once upon a time the beneficent one and magnificent enough that his calling status and ‘ruf’ (wooff … eh, .. rep) was heard around the world. Strangely enough, of him as of the prototype for a mix of him and his opposite number (nemrud) not much more than a blade of grass and crumbling monuments remain … … black metal, goth and gamers … Now, that’s what i call a poor translation. I don’t insist you read let alone publish or promote me but every now and then i give in to the urge to distance myself from the hippie dippie stickiness. Don’t identify with the sun or imagine you can replace it, just help and ease it along, See rock in the sun and water nearby? Do not hesitate to slap first earth together and erect a monument for the nearest next turd to come out or by. No need to go out of your way, emigrate or import from other continents. Suitable rock cannot be more than a gravel pit away …. usually.

    Light always dispells the darkness when we remember to shine

    Only if shine is presumed and supposed dismember can you remember it right? Thinking literally here, bear with me.

    Yes, you can serve light .. but, as far as serving ‘it’ directly goes, i think not, though many who call themselves healers will deny this,

    What sunlight does (photosynthesis is fully spiritual enough for me so think in those terms if you want to follow along …

    Sun is easily stopped, blocked and bounced hence. So to serve it requires delicate handling. A direct serving of it can be done but only negatively (getting out of somebody’s sunlight).

    Nothing sucks/soaks up light than any and all ground with just enough fresh ground on it. Gigantic treecover helps but lets focus on the relatively helpless for a moment.

    Indirectly though, you have to brace yourself, it’s a looooooooong haul. Light and dark are symbiotic, mirrorreversion of eacht other, inseparable .. indeed, in the case of trees, woven together wondrously

    … if the true intermediary, the mystery/mistery, water, the pendling emissary, iow (rainbow) weather — wet and dry in quick succession, .. like i said, .. the proper ‘zerstueckelung of it … though it’s a term from alas long disused economic decency .. from the era that went so horribly wrong cause the men in black came on their odd justice/execution blitz holiday from the deepest of eu south, stragglers that hadn’t made it across the pond to go bother natives of the mississipi … oh .. but i promised to not cross continents too much here … might get too long — is ‘good’ (for it)

    Where was i?

    dispelling darkness

    …. in the only pragmatically meaningful and universal mode and fashion i understand the expression, has the added advantage it’s a thing, exactly the right sort of (mini)males have a huge appetite for.

    fresh and sensuous mud, made all the more welcome since a shitsmear or two IS and frequent visits to the compost heap and the sweet-tooth wish fullfilling limb range ARE hily recommended from an early age on (whereby the ‘hily’ depends on how much gamertime we are write off as leergeld (sorry, to tired to look up the translation but it’s like tuition).

    Neglecting and/or failing to present them with such opportunity, preferably as a birth right but souvenir certificate as proof of travel is ok and will do too, has the added advantage of instructing them about life and death in a way no army ever has .. and such deprived souls end up there ,, which is why the armies are the way they are and not the way i mused about them in 1999 during the pending and threatening first NATO atrocities. .. which is not to say they never will .. and/or shouldacoulda .. if only she wooda …

    if you take metal for material but otherwise go african on rock, it’s a great muscle toner too. Unleash a little genius on the ‘protential’ and you have music with meaning again, disappeared for millenia, ever since Cernunnosites were made to stop their ram-torq-strew-mentation

  9. gave you the shove … (look at my youtube channel icon closely
    that might have sent you …
    on your way ..
    but it’s too late now
    you got a letter today
    well, life and love has left you shafted
    and on top of that, you just got drafted

    the black page

  10. Wow. Today i met kin 106 born on 06-10-1987 (109876) White Lunar WorldBridger what a marvellous sign aka person!! What an old soul. I feel really blessed to have somebody in my circle of friends.

    This is his song:

  11. This is maybe the best documentary about the Problem of the 12:60 “Black Gold” issue. Literally our whole “modern” civilazation is based on Oil….

  12. MANIK/Galactic Tone 6
    Kin 227
    Blue Rhythmic Hand

    I organize in order to know
    balancing healing.
    I seal the store of accomplishment
    with the rhythmic tone of equality.
    I am guided by my own power doubled.
    White Wind Wavespell
    Power of Spirit

    I was searching for numbers this morning, as if there was something I needed/wanted to hear. I looked up 8:8:4 (08/08/2011) which advised that an important phase was slowing and soon to be changed. “No, that wasn’t what I was looking for.” (Don’t know why I resisted the message given.) So, I tried 08/08/11 – same message. THEN in process of searching for the day of the moon (which I believe is 8? – I don’t have my almanac with me), and thought, “THERE it is – 8-8-8 – look that up and it is STILL the same message: “A phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you forewarning to prepare… a phase of life is ending, and there is also a light at the end of the tunnel. And, also – ‘the crops are ripe. Don’t wait to pick and enjoy them.’ In other words, don’t procrastinate making your move or enjoying fruits of your labor.”

    Another source describes 888: The 888 Gateway, is an energetic construct, built within our DNA to facilitate an awakening of grand proportions here on Earth. But with all energetic portals/potentials the choice is always ours as to how we use the energy in our moment of Being.

    If we take the time to consciously go within our Heart, and BE the bridge that links the ‘As Above, So Below’ we will have awakened and opened more consciously to Be-ing a co-creator of our realities.

    The 888 is a wake up call to propel you into your ‘POWER”. Your POWER that takes ownership of your existence, and recognizes self-responsibility as the means for humanity to move forward. Thus POWER is synonymous with being able to respond.

    The 888 energy thus provides you with the tools to respond, it is then your choice as to whether you use the tools. The choice is always yours.

    Last night I had one of those huge ah-ha dreams – the energy I woke with was the feeling of having resolved every personal problem ie. as in “of COURSE this is what to do!”

    THAT is the energy I choose to carry forward into this day – with gratitude that all the answers are already there and reveal themselves in the perfect moment.

    in lak’ech

    • Welcome to the 8th dimension…U were right! 😉

      Smolin’s hunch is that we will find ourselves in a place where space-time and momentum space meet: an eight-dimensional phase space that represents all possible values of position, time, energy and momentum. In relativity, what one observer views as space, another views as time and vice versa, because ultimately they are two sides of a single coin – a unified space-time. Likewise, in Smolin’s picture of quantum gravity, what one observer sees as space-time another sees as momentum space, and the two are unified in a higher-dimensional phase space that is absolute and invariant to all observers. With relativity bumped up another level, it will be goodbye to both space-time and momentum space, and hello phase space.


  13. Click to access LordAshtarandSneakPeek.pdf

    The above is a link to the excerpt of her new book “Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation” by Elizabeth Trutwin of The Galactic Roundtable. The excerpt includes the Table of Contents; there is a chapter entitled “Pacal Votan as Ashtar on Earth”. Interesting!


    I Channel in order to Beautify
    Inspiring Art
    I seal the Store of Elegance
    with the Resonant Tone of Attunement
    I am guided by the power of Universal Fire

    Analog ~ Blue Resonant Monkey Kin 111 G.A.P.
    Guide ~ Yellow Resonant Sun P.V.C.S. Kin 20 G.A.P.
    Antipode ~ White Resonant Mirror Kin 98
    Occult ~ Red Resonant Skywalker Kin 33
    G-FORCE ~ White Solar Dog Kin 230

    P.C.U. White Planetary Dog Kin 10
    L.C. Yellow Spectral Sun Kin 180
    3K Yellow Overtone Star Kin 148 G.A.P.
    C.D.K. Red Magnetic Serpent Kin 105
    CDK + L.C. Red Crystal Serpent Kin 25
    A.I.K. Blue Solar Eagle Kin 35


    Day 15 : EIHWAZ is the Cosmic Tree that transforms the Throne

    A little synchronization, dear Kin!
    In lak’ech
    Melovia 129

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