Kin 228: Yellow Resonant Star begins the Third Week of the Rhythmic Wizard year on Dali 15

LAMAT           Kin 228

Yellow Resonant Star

Yellow Resonant Sun
White Resonant Mirror Yellow Resonant Star Blue Resonant Monkey
  Red Resonant Skywalker
I channel in order to beautify, inspiring art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
Happy Galactic Return to Scott 7 Star in the Eagle bio-region!
Thanks to his Antipode, Debra 7 Mirror for your recent contributions  🙂
Today we are guided by the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of 7 Sun.
Kin 33:  7 Skywalker, carrier of the synchronic codes, is our Hidden Power.  Today’s G-Force is Solar Dog
The ‘Star People’ placed this ART in the fields on this Resonant STAR day  🙂
TMQ has been in Christchurch for 4 days, where  there is a heart-breaking amount of damage since her last visit, weeks prior to the Galactic Sun earthquake on 2/22/2011.  More about that after returning home in 2 days.  This 1 hour internet connection at MacDonalds allows little time to catch up on your recent comments, but it is a delight to see that your internet communication matches the telepathic connection felt  with all of you, during this event-filled week  🙂
Week 3 is the Blue Transformative, Catalytic part of each Moon, and this one is ‘coded’ by the Challenge of Magnetic Night, which codes this first moon of the 6 Wizard year.  Magnetic Skywalker is the Galactic Signature of Quetzalcoatl, who is in my awareness more than usual, as I’ve been enjoying Stephanie South’s wonderful biography of Valum Votan, called “Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change“. 
This is the first full heptad/week since we entered the “Third 144-day cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Serve the Power”, on Magnetic 12, coded by 4 Serpent.
We are also in the  Third 113-day cycle: “Lord of the Dawn Electrifies”.
The 7 cycles of 113 days of the Lord of the Dawn:  Quetzalcoatl, and 144 days  of the Return of Sacred Power began exactly 200 [5 Sun, oUR 7th Lord of Time] days ago.
While shocking world events and increased solar input and accelerating earth changes dominate the news, synchronize with the activating 3rd cycles, we remain focused the Return of Sacred Power.  During this period, we are especially committed to Serving the Power” of the Divine
Let’s be encoURaged by  these simple but heartening words from Valum Votan:
“Quetzalcoatl he was a prophet
He made his people pure
Said one day he’d come back
Of that you can be sure”  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 1. 15.  Cube 9:  PURIFICATION  Kin 228 

14 thoughts on “Kin 228: Yellow Resonant Star begins the Third Week of the Rhythmic Wizard year on Dali 15

  1. Thinking of all my kin this morning and seeing us all as ever expanding outward in love, light, abundance and peace. Inspired by all the posts here this morning and Priscella’s Fibonacci video put such a wonderful visual to all of it. THANK YOU.

    Connecting to all in love, and
    in lak’ech

    • Christine – I feel this video is not too far from the truth. It strikes a deep personal chord of my own challenges in dealing with the overload of mental input by news and social media. While I’m more inclined to look at solar flares and earthquakes as signs of Earth changes, I feel like I’ve totally missed the glaring evidence of the mental confusion and strife in the world as the real upheaval – and a greater distraction from oneness than any physical/material change could be.

      Where is it coming from?

      I am learning that my bliss is ever-present when I turn off the TV, listen to the silence, and choose not to engage with unnecessary information. The ‘still small voice’ is always there, and so much easier to hear when I turn the outside world OFF.

      I’m excited about the new galactic week ahead under the daykeeper Manik/Hand – with a renewed intention to focus on all my spiritual tools – the things I REALLY want to do – to immerse myself in sacred ceremony, create art – and begin those quilts I’ve been wanting to make for the kids.

      Thanks Christine – for the HUGE ah-ha!
      Sending love AND the energy of PEACE and STILLNESS to all my beloved kin,

      in lak’ech

  2. Sometimes it is the small and relatively innocuous that can bring down even that which is high and mighty (A la ‘The Princess and the Pea’, or ‘David and Goliath’).

    Is not the greatest benefit derived from living in Natural Time the synchronization ~ and the resulting synchronicities ~ that it affords? If the Day Out of Time were assigned a Plasma (since it is after all acknowledged as a day/kin in both the Dreamspell and Long Count) the Plasmas would not change from one Solar Ring to another. Relative to the Gregorian, that is, although I acknowledge that at some point we have to stop relating time to the Gregorian at all, purposefully and systemically flawed as we know it to be (except only as a temporary bearings marker as we personally and collectively make the switch to Natural Time).

    So that which was ‘Sunday’ would always be Dali, and so on. And while we’re at it, why not all recognise the same Kin and the same Watch, wherever we are on the planet? IF synchronization is the benefit and point of the exercise….

    Perhaps this ‘deviation’ was factored in as a test to see if we were paying attention and doing our own thinking? Or was it introduced with more sinister intent to lessen the synchronization, power and impact of those Kin following Natural Time and studying the Law of Time?

    Whatever the answer (and really it matters not), every little bit of synchronization ~ and freedom from the Gregorian ~ we achieve is certainly in alignment with Highest Good.

    Just Melovia musing….
    In lak’ech
    Red Crystal Moon

    • Okay, so no feedback, but granted this IS TMQ’s blog and not a forum per se. Still, when I’ve made a glaring error in logic like suggesting adding a Plasma instead of taking one away, it would be nice if someone would point it out. Nicely, of course.
      In lak’ech!

      • Melovia – I can TOTALLY relate – that is, if there WAS any ‘glaring error in logic’ from your post. I’ve been totally off on the facts in more than a couple of my recent calculations posted here, in case you haven’t noticed – half wondering what’s become of my mental acuity. 🙂

        I always find something worthwhile to think about in your posts… and the FACT that you are here as a positive support is what matters the most to me. I claim that we are ALL perfect, even in our imperfection!

        Much love,
        in lak’ech

      • Debra ~ and thank you (yet again) dear kin sister! I am so appreciative of all the love you spread around, and grateful that U R here with us shining UR Light so bright!
        With love and in lak’ech

  3. extremists against gradua(liza)tion??
    do away with time zones? Distance?
    smallest indivisible unit a day?
    what’s choice, ripe, sounding … not as only music can be but the only sound that can be music.
    i care to carve truth in stone and last a solar system in season
    yet the shavings to perfect, finish and polish my signs, glyphs, graphs, seals and fractions, the powder … ends up taking care of miniscule micro business, the dump of labour … sing the great grate don’t bluff the silent buff)
    i turn the pulped leaf, turned to beliefed lie over to overturnachurn the competition a time zone away

    Sinead stopped her 3rd marriage in april

    The mother of four has often spoken about suffering from bipolar disorder.
    Until recently, she was dealing with it by use of medication but said she stopped because it resulted in her putting on weight.
    “I didn’t mind putting on weight — the problem is strangers telling me I was fat. That was hard on our marriage,” she added.
    In recent months O’Connor and Cooney had been “unfortunately” spending time apart.

    august 9th, 50 seconds – 2896 Vs … she is kin 44 in her 44th year

    ‘The singing bird’, sung under a tree, sharp, clear

    the split that split nought, the music that sounded nil

    she is doing ‘am i not your girl’ (Loretta Lynn tune) with an orchestra (trumpets goin crazy)
    slightly woolly quality –

    one axis, 2 poles, one polarity.
    bi-polarity is thus implying 2 axes.
    to dynamicize a pole set you need at least 4, … – my blabsabs index page with piccies, to wit, the double pyramid with 4 poles going through their 8 faces and derivatives (multiples) thereof

    … so 2 more.
    perhaps adding mine to hers would get us all there.

    pointing and scaring people AWAY from the net while making a spectacle of being ON it obsessively as i do, sure aint working

    (Dublin, 8 december 1966) KIN # 44 Yellow Overtone Seed

    Guide- Eb – Human
    Challenge – Ix – Wizard
    Tribe Kan Seed
    Compliment – Men – Eagle
    Hidden – Caban – Earth

    I empower in order to target,
    Commanding awareness.
    I seal the input of flowering ….

    interrumption of sacred oracle by PIET: this has to mean storing treasure, right? succesful pollination.
    Most of us have seen the beautifully shaped organic compounds, too small to make out with the naked eye* ..
    But the principle undoubtedly recurs and ‘precourses’ through many level. Bipolarly enough, one of those, the inorganic ‘variety’, has been ‘shuffled’# under, practically worldwide. I suspect there were not many equivalents of Cernunnos (most pacifist and pow(D)erful of white gods), prolly cause the despotic and paternalistically inclined, had enough wounded males on hand to do serious damag to the forces that were coming to close for comfort the way they knew it, that is, the comfort of closeness aborted, prevented perverted, damaged and stolen.

    A true shame cause any phenomena that is as neat and near to us as that (as i said, on a par with pollination) ought to also and might as well be dear to us too.

    *.. reminds me of the mad evil knievel equivalent in the UK, a carlovin babyface devil and beloved tv host … after a come back from the self induced brink of death, he takes us into a horse pasture with very expensive cameras to show us the fastest thing on earth (proportionately. the miniscule drop that bursts to launch a mold spore 2 meters away from the horse droppings they grow on (that white fuzz) … in order to keep cycling, land where it can be eaten by and go through the horse again, 2 meters away from a fresh landing.

    # – (obscured, hidden – dutch has quite a few expressions implying a c(l)ocktail of conscience, friction .. and guilt .. with words like: schoorvoetend (hesitant, reluctant gait), schuifel (gets even more complicated here … the resistance involved in sluices and valves echoes in this word meaning footdragging

    my oracle amendment: I seal the input of flowering …. =
    rockUNLOCK furthers OUTPUT OF FLOURING – empowDerment … truly a primary and early, always basic component of any proper sequentialization

    With the overtone tone of radiance.
    I am guided by the power of free will.

    Red Eastern Castle of Turning – Court of birth, power of entering
    Yellow Root Race – The ripeners. Key note: flowering
    Earth family: Yellow Seed, Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm
    GatewayKin – Open the portals Root transmit
    Fire Clan – Yellow Chromatic
    Tone: 5, Note: E, Name: Overtone, Function: Radiance
    You were born in the Wavespell of Yellow Sun in the Year Red Moon
    Yellow Seed – Targets Flowering *
    When operating in the light of your energy, the positive aspects are: Seed, Seeding manifestation, Opening, Erupting possibility, Gestation, Power of Growth, Fertile ground, Leadership, Planting
    When operating in the shadow of your energy, typical symptoms are: Restricted Self concept, choosing to remain safe at the expense of growth. Limiting new possibilities.
    To come out of the shadow: Free yourself from old patterns and beliefs that once provided safety, and move forward into new possibilities. Now is the Season; Cultivate your seeds.
    Life Question: How best can I empower myself?

    Cull tact = cult act
    Sinead was immensely irritated with the lack of church green.
    It’s now time for her to stop trying to green the church and begin the green church.

    Hey SinnyBad, set yar seedy sail over this way. I got your bi-polar slim down again meds right here.

    She is being gamed big time .. by people that want you to install their toolbar .. and post news from san narcisco and call her gift to america ‘big fat’

    she looks normal now .. not the angelic one anymore – 104 Vs
    ‘let’s reason together’ … acoustic guitar, piano and her on electronic guitar. song about repentance, peptalk, reform, betterment.

    lookin forward to this one:

    a perfect indian

    what does it mean to be opposed, in opposition?
    is the opposite of a good thing a bad thing or part of its on/off life-cycle. To bi-polarize is to depart from that good thing in opposite directions, like lefty/rightie politics do for instance.
    To split and polarize a good thing is to abandon and starve it, create 2 other things with it, both trying to lure with echos and faint fakes of the real thing. Thanato-picture-perfection that pretends to tap an thrive on a hunger for balance, but really just isolates, de- and distract FROM, as well as bar and meter the way TO, to raise the price OF it.

  4. .. not happy with the last off the cuff portion of this sentence:
    i care to carve truth in stone and last a solar system in season
    yet the shavings to perfect, finish and polish my signs, glyphs,
    graphs, seals and fractions, the powder … ends up taking care of
    miniscule micro business, the dump of labour …sing the great grate don’t bluff the silent buff)

    better would be:
    the dump of labour …. the compost heap neither sings the great grate nor bluffs the silent buff).

    rock rubbings, ash-like dusts, shavings = scratchins, scrap(s)kin,
    grit n dust

    (s)= mineral rich dust has a tendency to fluff and dome up and
    constellate once weathering (watering, rain n shine) sets in.

    observe fresh puddles in quarries (that actually crunch n crack
    rather than just classify and sort) after strong sunshine with nary
    any organic matter in sight. Bubbles!!!! Fresh oxygen, straight out
    of the opposite to exothermic flame phenoms. REDUCTION!!!!!!
    So so sorely missing at pyromanic rainbow nationalisms. About as
    sorely as i am … luckily i am one of the very very few .. if not
    only one to think this .. or else the rainbow gatherings would not
    be such enjoyable occasions.

    Similarly the COUNTS business is useless unless you actually mean
    to bundle forces, as in lift metal and have it come down in
    pulverizing fashion or swing some of it back and forth along a rail
    or something while feeding rock into the disappearing gap and
    impending ‘ring’ between them. Could be a mineral muffled metal
    shuffle music category threatening to happen couldn’t it???

    ps: To exclude subsoil bubbles you could repeat this in a shallow
    basin with fresh dust.

    wet n dry oxides begin a trade, begin to contain,
    compartmentalize, classify, conserve, to form a skin. Dust lets go
    a little oxygen from it’s dryness in order to form a watertightness,
    a filter membrane ….perhaps a defense mechanisms, an attempt
    to install a buffer between the outright outrageous wetness and
    its good and well, formerly integral, dry self, perhaps a
    rapproachment, a harkin back to prerock dynamics … either, way
    an exchange of properties begins.

  5. this is downrite weird
    .. whea dem timeloards at a gain????

    Sinéad O’Connor :Throw Down Your Arms ( feat. Sly & Robbie)
    shaymcn3 – 122 vids

    Sinead O’Connor – Downpressor Man (with lyrics)
    Jafnabr – 699Vids
    down press her man weayre yogna fokin run to …on that day
    and if you run to the rocks … the rocks will be melting
    and if you make your bed in hell …

    giant offensive of weedy music hapnin

    loads of gignearmiss music accounts fresh up on youtube

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