Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker codes oUR Round Table and the Full Moon on Magnetic Limi 20

BEN             Kin 233

Red Crystal Skywalker


Red Crystal Serpent
Blue Crystal Night Red Crystal Skywalker White Crystal Worldbridger
  Yellow Lunar Star
I dedicate in order to explore,
universalizing wakefulness.
I seal the output of space
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of life force.
Today’s G-Force is 11 Eagle.  The Long Count is 3 Serpent, which codes the co-author of the Cosmic History Chronicles, whose 7th volume Stephanie South has finished, and will be released within a Moon  🙂
13.12“The pattern of experience of the alternative personalities in adjusting the synchronic order of the interplanetary field of the local heliocosm is reflected in the third-dimensional adjustments on the host planet. The host planet adjustments amount to a completion of the opening of the patterning of the AC circuit, one half (16 codons) of which was completed prior to the historic cycle, the other half (16) of which could only be completed after the CA had been transmuted from Civilizational Advance to Cosmic Awareness (AD 2000, Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge ejection).”
 SOLAR PLEXUSChakra03.gif
From oUR Solar Plexus, the Kuxan Suum [umbilical cord] connects us with the Heart of oUR Galaxy.  Here is good news;  SETI [Search for extraterrestrial life] is being reinstituted.  Several years after SETI [puerto Rico] sent a radio signal to oUR Galactic Brothers and Sisters, a response was received in the form of a crop circle  🙂
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Your inspiring and loving comments bring such joy and support to all  🙂 Thanks You for making this more than a blog;  a growing forum and community are the path to oUR ultimate goal of unity and evolution.  Several of the links you share show that, happily, we have lots of company [beyond oUR 441 Cube of Truth] on this joURney  🙂
Welcome to Monika: Cosmic Dog of Mexico, who  subscribed here today  🙂  She asked about Harmonic 33, which Kins 129, 130, 131 and 132 comprise.  Harmonic 33:  “LUNAR PROCESS;  FORMULATE FREE WILL OF CHALLENGE.

Synchronistically, Priscella 6 Wizard linked this today:This image of 3 sets of 11 [=33] reminds us that this is the last day of Harmonic 33 at the Heart of the Tzolkin.”  And, Stephanie 3 Serpent’s 13 Moon Almanac states:  Eleven sets of triple discs , 33 in all, are found on the sarcophagus lid or Talking Stone of Pacal Votan“.

Gratitude to Priscella 6 Wizard for posting Kin 232’s Daily Oracle, and for the links, one of which included this  image:A ~JahRigional Completed on 2.10.09 ~ White Resonant Mirror~  It’s almost as beautiful as oUR Resonant Mirror’s recent heart-felt comment;  Thank You Debra  🙂

While the Coleman segment from Christine 3 Skywalker wouldn’t play, it seems related to a recent news item about how computers are changing oUR brains.  Thanks to computer difficulties, TMQ is enjoying more of what Debra describes:  “I am learning that my bliss is ever-present when I turn off the TV, listen to the silence, and choose not to engage with unnecessary information.”

Melovia 12 Moon raised an issue she and I have discussed several times.  It was one of my two burning questions on my first [and subsequent trips] to the Law of Time.  {The other question being the meaning of the mysterious message  on my computer on 9/11/2004}  All I’ll say at this moment, is that there IS an 8th Plasma:  BETA, which overtones the other 7.  I believe that Beta would be the one assigned to the Day-out-of-Time  🙂

Poet Piet shared some beautiful songs by 5 Seed Sinead 0’Connor.  One [accompanied by an orchestra-yeah!] seems to demonstrate the effect of 12:60 values of fame and fortune upon  the 13:20 frequency, epitomized by love and unity.

Thank You Priscella, for sharing here:

We are now awakening the 8th Lord of Time, during the year coded by Priscella’s Kin.






 Nine Lords of Time descend into the Tomb of Time
9.13 the numbers of the dedication of the Tomb
Now the time has come
To awaken the Nine Lords of Time

The Nine Lords begin their turn in time
Thirteen Moons the noospheric time to turn

Ten sacred letters
Nine sacred letters more”

EXCALIBUR ‘codes’ oUR Round TablesIt’s gratifying to know that Kin in Buenos Aires are gathering every Crystal Day  🙂

This is the first Full Moon of the Rhythmic Wizard year.  On page 328 of “Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change” by Stephanie South, there is this journal entry by Valum Votan:  “Full Moon.  Can’t sleep.  I know that I am being prepared for something I can hardly imagine.  I feel a deep inner transformation to become a completely purified vessel for galactic being.”

N. S.  1. 23. 1. 20.  Cube 14:  TIMELESSNESS    Kin 233


8 thoughts on “Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker codes oUR Round Table and the Full Moon on Magnetic Limi 20

  1. As a bolon ik affected kin I sense extra super focus all around planetary affairs happening as the British Revolte.
    I am glad Beta is found as 8th plasma ..
    What is the 9th?
    When Beta is daya 365 , could that be 366?

    Key Question
    Reinstalling Leapdaya in line with beta and equan1 of the newyear makes it Daya of Time & Law Experience

    My 3 cents

  2. Equan1 was a cosmic intervention – don’t know what it means ..

    Day 1 of the new/noo year was meant to be written


  3. White Cosmic Wizard

    Green Central Castle of Enchantment
    Earth family- Gateway Clan- Truth

    I endure in order to enchant
    Transcending receptivity
    I seal the output of timelessness
    With the cosmic tone of presence
    I am guided by the power of endlessness

    Kin 234
    Harmonic 59: Lunar Output Express intelligence of challenge

    Today i discovered a link that i want to share with you:

    We could try it … :-0)

    Namasté ❤

  4. just seeing the performance and devotion of Freddy radiates noo cells …

    Mercury – was that realy his family name or indeed artists “special gift”?

    Mèr can be Lake but also Ocean
    as a sound it perfectly accomodates the Throat Chakra, u knowww! by now

    cury may be fury on catalyzing the CURE …

    so there you are CHC 3/7 – the artists accomplish … their gifts … – just a reason to surrender by offering the best u can do …

    toYo 22/220/242


  5. Hello Dear kin!

    Im writing to report that on kin 231 at Buenos Aires the Night came in the middle of the Day. Literally, at noon, between 12.21pm and 12.43pm the Darkest Cloud covered the sky and the suddenly day came into night. From our house we could see everyone turning on they lights, it was amazing.
    After waking early in the morning with the baby i had felt asleep again by noon, until my partner came to wake me all scared. I woke up amazed, it was all dark. After a few minutes a strong hail rain came down, big hail!

    Now ive just found something amazing. Looking for a video to link so you can see the phenomenon, i found a shot from the news. The darkening starts exactly at 12.21, the journalist says “great that it is still not 2012, otherwise…” and then the video gets stucked at 12:21. The best thing is that the note is being presented at 21:12 !!! (9.12pm)

    Here’s the link :

    And here’s a video of the hail rain that came after the cloud:

    Some say that this was a consequence of a big solar storm registered on 7 Star

    I will post my own video from that day as soon as i upload it.

    Another comment after reading today’s post, wasn’t the Eight and Ninth Bolontiku already awake and waiting for us in 2011 and 2012?
    Check the Mystery of the Stone guidebook, i think they are.

    Havent been having a lot of time to write but always following,

    best wishes to all, have a great Eagle Flight!!!!


  6. I’m a Leo and just finished the wave spell of my solar birthday 13 days ago on white magnetic wind…today on blue magnetic eagle I start the wave spell of my galatic brithday 13 days from now blue cosmic hand…

    Click to access Una-Estrella-de-nombre-Jose-Arguelles.pdf

    In LV

    Thanks Claire aka TMQ for all you devoted work to united us kin’s around the globe to fullfill the vision of unconditional love…waves of light to you sister.


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