Magic Turtle Kin 235: Blue Magnetic Eagle codes the beginning of the 19th Wavespell and the 4th Week of this year

MEN        Kin 235

Blue Magnetic Eagle

Blue Magnetic Eagle
Red Magnetic Serpent Blue Magnetic Eagle Yellow Magnetic Seed
  White Cosmic Worldbridger
I unify in order to create
attracting mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Happy Galactic Return to Jeremy  🙂 
Happy Solar Birthday to 102 year-old Ada–2 more years to go until your second Solar-Galactic Return! Today’s G-Force is 4 Serpent.
P.V.C.S. Cosmic World-Bridger is the  Hidden Power of today’s Kin, and this Wavespell.  
 Synchronistically, it was announced [within minutes of writing the preceding sentence] that the great Tenor: Placido Dominguez, Planetary Mirror, will be performing in Christchurch.  His concert will be on Electric 17, coded by P.V.C.S. Cosmic World-Bridger, precisely 7 Moons after Valum Votan ascended on Solar 17  🙂 
15.1“Stabilization of the planet art spore through self-generating radiosonic architecture allows extension of radiosonic architectonics via the electromagnetic flux tube system to the other planets of the sun’s orbital sequence (heliocosm).”
Today is the 16th and final day of the year’s first Warrior’s Cube Journey.  New Jerusalem:  The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete. 
“By the Power of the Cube, MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”
Much gratitude  to Ava Maino [now identifying as the next Kin from 177: 9 Mirror] who included these words in his PAN report: 
“this was like an Oasis in the web: On this site, regular post are uploaded, full of codes and activation with images and videos, and many kin are gathering to share insights, channelings and synchronic data.I highly receommend for all kin to check in and join, and I think it should be linked in the FLT’s sites as a forum where to share the day to day Synchronic Order revelations.
 [moments after posting this blog, TMQ  ‘moderated’ Ava‘s fascinating comment about the sky darkening for 22 minutes on Magnetic 18 [this blog’s 2nd birthday, and the 180th birthday of Madame BlavatsKEY; whom Valum Votan calls the KEY to 2012  ] “The darkening starts exactly at 12.21, the journalist says “great that it is still not 2012, otherwise…” see it at the post for Kin 233]
Thank You Ava 177=17.8=178; 9 Mirror, for reminding us that :” the Eighth and Ninth Bolontiku [are]  already awake and waiting for us in 2011 and 2012
Here are today’s examples of 441 Cube Kin’s synchronic observations:
Today is the midpoint between Burbuja‘s Solar Birthday, and her Galactic Return on the 13th day of this Wavespell:  Cosmic Hand  🙂 
Melovia 129, notes that we are  in Sun Cycle 24-[and this is the 24th year since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence]  She notes that in two days, it will be, coded by 3 Earth.
Yesterday’s Kin 234 is the Galactic Signature of Code=E 93’s Father  🙂

The last 3 crop circles of the Spirit Wavespell are within the Eagle’s Vision  🙂

“By my Telepathic Conscious Eagle Power of Vision, may the 13 Moons Peace Way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!”  🙂

N.S. 1. 24. 1. 22.  Cube 16:  Intelligence  Kin 235


4 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Kin 235: Blue Magnetic Eagle codes the beginning of the 19th Wavespell and the 4th Week of this year

  1. 41 Iz
    7 x 7 x ( 3×3 )
    In this for we meet the metacode:

    Strandsensible Strongsensible Strictsensible

    spiral theWay theDrop

    Together this is a TriLoGy ;
    In Dutch TritsZinnig Contempleren ..

    In mayan world this is what 260 1 (U) is about.
    9 x (28 1) = 261 😉


    And it’s just too funny to not report again, when i was 15 i was up late watching David Letterman and he made a joke about the Harmonic Convergence and i never forgot it!

    August 16 (Blue Magnetic Eagle) marks the 24th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, just one year before Harmonic Convergence 2012 and the launching of the Rainbow Bridge!
    There comes a point when things have to change. A vibration signal was sent out. Where the signal was coming from—whether it was coming from our genetic coding, whether it was coming from the Earth, whether it was coming from outer space, or whether it was coming from all of those—this signal went out and people responded to a signal. It is very much like when a species gets a signal to change the direction of its migration pattern. The signal was, “go back to the Earth … if you want peace on this planet, go back to the Earth.
    – José Arguelles on the Harmonic Convergence
    In 1987 José Arguelles launched a word-of-mouth Harmonic Convergence campaign calling for 144,000 “Sun dancers” to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16 and 17 to “open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle,” an era of unprecedented change and preparation for a new evolutionary cycle on Earth.
    The Harmonic Convergence was celebrated worldwide by tens of thousands if not millions of people and marked the first time human beings simultaneously coordinated their prayers, meditations, and ceremonies at sacred sites around the planet. This was the first manifestation of a networked thrust toward a unified moment of collective synchronization. Everyone from Shirley MacLaine to Timothy Leary to John Denver celebrated the event. Even talk show host Johnny Carson got his studio audience to OM on behalf of the event. Many people reported significant shifts in consciousness and a reorientation in their life patterns.
    The dates of the Harmonic Convergence were based on prophetic events beginning with Good Friday 1519 when Cortez led the invasion of the Spaniards into Mexico. This day on the Mexican sacred calendar marked the precise end of a 52-year cycle. Since then, nine 52-year cycles had elapsed, coming to a close on August 16, 1987. This also marked the last day of the nine hell cycles as prophesied by Mexican prophet Quetzalcoatl. It was a signal indicating that only twenty-five years remained before the end of the Mayan Great Cycle of History, which occurs on December 21, 2012.
    Arguelles believed that the Harmonic Convergence was an event with meaning extending into other dimensions. What was occurring was a prophetic enactment on the third dimension was something that had been previsioned and foretold at a higher level, in another dimension and in another time, by seers whose sole purpose it is to monitor the karmic unfolding of this planet. For more see 2012 Biography of a Time Traveler: the Journey of Jose Arguelles.

    Love and unification,

  3. How interesting Aya 177 is now going by 178. I was born 5 minutes after mechanical midnight making me Kin 178. For a while though I was convinced that I was actually born before the nadir, which is the true midpoint between sunset and sunrise. So I started going as a Red Galactic Earth but eventually I went back to being a mirror because I really identified with it more. And Budd the seer who introduced me to the Dreamspell told me he believed in it as a system synchronizing the mechanical Gregorian calendar with natural time and it is of no consequence to take the numerelogical significance of the unnatural system and decode it with the galactic compass into its Dreamspell equivalent. So I felt fine about going back to 178 and love being the mirror that I am. So how delightful that I hear of a 177 now shifting to 178 😉

    Infinities of mutual respect with all~~ Jara

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