Kin 237: Red Electric Earth codes Magnetic Gamma 24 on

CABAN    Kin 237

Red Electric Earth

Red Electric Dragon
Blue Electric Hand Red Electric Earth White Electric Wind
  Yellow Spectral Seed
I activate in order to evolve
bonding synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of birth.
The G-Force of 3 Earth is Planetary MonKEY, while the CDK is Planetary Wizard, creating a powerful synchronization of planetary magic on the 24th day of the 6 Wizard year.
The Hidden Power is Kin 24,  reiterating the New Sirian date of
17.3:  “Post-organic entities or angels are fractal free wave forms completely engaged in the intelligence of the mind of God, and receptive to input of super conscious hyperorganic entities or time transcending third-dimensional forms of devotion, prayer or meditation.”
Magnetic GAMMA 24: 

In parts of the Northern Hemisphere, it is still Seli 23, coded by Lunar Warrior.  Its G-Force is 7 Mirror, which codes Debra  🙂  The CDK was/is 13.9:  Lord of the Dawn.  During the Challenge of PVCS Lunar World-Bridger [6.2] a 6.2 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. 

This headline caught TMQ’s eye:

 Ring of antiprotons

The name of the spacecraft causes it to be posted:  Pamela was TMQ’s Mother’s name.  This headline turned up a few minutes after looking up her Galactic Signature [Kin 44] and her Long Count:  Magnetic Eagle, which codes this 19th Wavespell  🙂 

Here is a report of something else that is encircling oUR Earth

This article puts forth the idea that “that our Earth is in the grip of “Solar Madness” that is causing massive social and economic upheaval around the globe…”   While it is true that humanity is experiencing unrest, as evidenced by the recent rioting in England, China, Egypt and now India, Sweden and elsewhere, certainly the massive inequalities and injustice, caused by the 12:60 values, are also to blame.  The article describes   “how magnetic storms affect the human body”.  Many of us have been feeling the impact of the recent solar activity.   This week, solar flares are prompting high level discussions:

The Galactic Mayans  designate our Sun as Velatropa 24.  Seal 17:  Earth, represents synchronicity, and synchronistically, 3 Earth reflects the Earth’s position as Velatropa 24.3, the third planet out from the Sun.

Thanks to Christine 3 Skywalker, for posting the description of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, which unfolded [thanks to Valum Votan] exactly 24 years ago

As explained here: it represented the end of 22  of the Sirian 52 year cycles [ 13 Heavens and 9 Hells]. 

Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image  

2013 is the mid-point of the current Sirian Cycle, which will end on 7/24/2039.  The second Sirian cycle since the Harmonic Convergence will commence on Galactic Wizard, first day of the 8 Wizard year  🙂

The 1.24. at the bottom of each post refers to this as the 24th year of the 1st 52 year cycle, that began on July 26, 1987.  Today, that is mirrored by a second 1.24, which represents Moon 1; Day 241/24 also happens to be the Gregorian birthday of Valum Votan, while today’s Gregorian date, 8/18, contains the tone and seal of this writer, Galactic Mirror:  18.8  🙂


The end of the 22 Sirian cycles of 52 years each was heralded by the ‘Quetzalcoatl‘ Supernova 1987 A.

“It was discovered by Ian Shelton and Oscar Duhalde at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile on February 24, 1987, and within the same 24 hours independently by Albert Jones in New Zealand.”

N. S.  1. 24. 1. 24.  Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION  Kin 237

14 thoughts on “Kin 237: Red Electric Earth codes Magnetic Gamma 24 on

  1. I am in my Solar Ring coded by Kin 24, so I’ve been quite anticipating this date!! And now after doing the day’s numbers, discover yet another synchronicity:

    The All-In Kin (as I call it) : C.D.K.[14.10] + Long Count [9.7] + P.C.U. [1.7] is also Spectral Seed Kin 24!!

    In lak’ech!

  2. Day 24 : HAGALAZ is the Crystal that ripens the Mystery 🙂

    Begin 4-day
    Harmonic 60 : RHYTHMIC MATRIX : Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Equality
    Codon 20 : WIZARD’S CONTEMPLATION : Way of Wielding Power Tames Itself

  3. greetings from Golden Bay (a launching pad into the new Earth), Blue Cosmic Eagle would like to share – when Votan mentions Angels as FRACTAL FREE WAVEFORMS he leaves us in some confusion as to what that actually means. Our years of research clarifies this point to the greatest of detail yet provided on the web. At the level of Angelic (angel=angle) entity and form are integrated as ONE. to know the form is to resonate with and become ONE oneself, one’s Angelic-Self.
    numerically (a=1, b=2, c=3, x=24, y=25, z=26)
    fractal free waveform = 198
    the Triacontahedron = 198 (see blog)
    a Thought Crystal = 198
    Angelic Fleet Habitation = 198

  4. wow! yes! nice data!

    My italian friend Luca kin 24 just came to visit, and we and other ol’time friends got toghether at night before his departure on, kin 17.3 (17×3=51 HPB). I wasn’t aware of this time-node until i read it on this blog so, thank you so much !

  5. Kin: 238

    Tone 4 Self-existing
    Measure * Form * Define

    Tribe 18 Mirror
    Reflect * Order * Endlessness

    I Define in order to Reflect
    I Measure Order
    I seal the matrix of endlessness
    With the Self-existing tone of Form
    I am guided by the power of Timelessness

    Some antipode watch challenge by Kin 238, Arlo Guthrie
    Prayer for sanity soon in all regional conflicts


    ***Then again, we’re not all really from here anyway so U can extrapolate we’re all deportees 😉 ***

  6. Kin 239

    Blue Overtone Storm

    Green Central Castle of Enchantment

    Earth family- Gateway Clan- Sky

    Galactic Activation Portal

    I empower in order to catalyze
    Commanding energy
    I seal the matrix of self-generation
    With the overtone tone of radiance
    I am guided by the power of accomplishment

    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    (Blue Hand is the Higher Self & Guide.)
    (White Wind is the Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper.)
    (Red Moon represents the Challenge and Gift. )
    (Yellow Sun)

    Harmonic 60: Rhythmic
    Matrix Self-regulate
    universal fire of equality – Loom of 13 Moons
    Gap Kin

    Maybe you resonate with this: (part 1) (part 1)

    Some NEWS to share (AMAZING):

    Everyone … Happy Tuning!

    Ps. Some music for the soul:

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