Kin 240: Yellow Rhythmic Sun codes Limi 27 of the Magnetic Night Moon

AHAU       Kin 240

Yellow Rhythmic Sun

Yellow Rhytmic Sun
White Rhytmic Dog Yellow Rhytmic Sun Blue Rhytmic Storm
  Red Galactic Dragon
I organise in order to enlighten
balancing life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Happy Galactic Return to Alan   🙂  During the first hours of the  First Watch [Analog Kin 19; 6 Storm-the G-Force of V.V. and TMQ combined] a 7.4 [7.4 is Mayan notation for 144this is post 674 earthquake struck [relatively] near-by Vanatua.  It followed several earthquakes in Christchurch on GAP  5 Storm [These, and recent powerful earthquakes in Japan, indicate that the Ring of Fire is very agitated.
 6 Dog is today’s  Challenge andthe  G-Force of 6 Sun.  The CDK is Kin 117:  Cosmic Earth
Kin 21:  8 Dragon [Valum Votan’s G-Force and TMQ’s Analog] is today’s Hidden Power
Today is extended  ‘Hunab’ Cube 21: TELEPATHIC MEMORY.  Today is also the 21st day of the 8th Gregorian month.  
0.6:  “The conscious nature of the synchronic order of fourth-dimensional time points to the existence of a unifying coordinating principle of supremely creative intelligence. This principle of supremely creative intelligence is commonly referred to as  “God.”   The purpose of the supremely creative intelligence is to maintain the order of the universe according to undeviating principles of design governed by the Law of Time, expressed as T(E)=Art, where (T)ime is the ratio, 13:20, and (E)nergy any discrete third-dimensional phenomenon, which in its time, is always aesthetic.”
   Petar Deumov, 14.4, Self-Existing Wizard began a movement that endures, long after his passing in 1944. “Followers place a heavy emphasis on brotherly love, a healthy diet and living in harmony with nature”  Thousands of his followers are shown here  celebrating their New Year, which falls 26 days after oURs  🙂  We have much in common with these [primarily] Bulgarians.  Check out the photos here” 
These photos [and their 13:20 values] are reminiscent of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.  The Law of Time recognized that this:
Crop Circle Hails Harmonic Convergence 24″
“It was reported August 15, Kin 254, White Cosmic Wizard, the eve of the 24th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence”
It’s somewhat similar to the ‘Human crop circle’ above  🙂
  Magnetic LIMI 27:     

Our Sun is in our awareness in several ways, including this great news, which two kin {Ava Maino 177 and Burbuja 247} simultaneously shared here:
“Aidan Dwyer took a hike through the trees last winter and took notice of patterns in the mangle of branches. His studies into how they branch in very specific ways lead him to a central guiding formula, the Fibonacci sequence. Take a number, add it to the number before it in a sequence like 1+1=2 then 2+1=3 then 3+2=5, 8, 13, 21 and so on a very specific pattern emerges.”  
      “… in December, when the Sun was at its lowest point in the sky… The tree design made 50% more electricity, and the collection time of sunlight was up to 50% longer!” 
 ” image of the double coronal hole on August 20th.  Sky watchers should be alert for auroras when the solar wind arrives on August 22-24. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% to 50% chance of high-latitude geomagnetic activity.
   – MEXICO“The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar to the makers of a documentary, “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond,” TheWrap has learned. The information — protected for 80 years — is expected to reveal Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as “shocking,
TMQ is now off to the library, to see if a long video [whose first 14 minutes were spell-binding] will play in its entirety there.  Will share from that in the next ‘transmission‘  🙂  Have been receiving/realizing some profound insights/ information these last days of the Magnetic Night Moon of Purpose, and experiencing many vivid dreams.
So grateful for your  contributions here;  so much synchronicity [i.e. 177 and 178] , inspiration, information [i.e. two blue ‘Cosmic‘ Kin – 13 Eagle and  13 Hand- shared about Angels]  :), and entertainment;  i.e. Kin 239:  Betty  Page via 133  🙂   It  feels like we are unified during these exponentially-changing times, which bode the unprecedented shift that we, and our Solar system, have begun.
Thanks to the Law of Time for restoring this to their site.
“Working with these matrices is an exercise in mind expansion and conscious evolution
Can any Kin tell us the  Telepathic Frequency Index  for the first day of the Lunar Seed Moon, which is coded by Galactic Wind?   
Tomorrow, we enter the Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower;  Day 28, [GAP 7 Dragon] remembering that one of oUR Purposes is to restore 13:20 Heaven to oUR Earth, beginning with the 28 day Moon Path of Peace  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 1. 27.  TELEPATHIC MEMORY   Kin 240

22 thoughts on “Kin 240: Yellow Rhythmic Sun codes Limi 27 of the Magnetic Night Moon

  1. I have been practicing w/ the 441 cube, I believe these are correct.
    Lunar 1 - Dali - White Galactic Wind (242)

    Heptad Gate
    Dali -> val: 108 ; (v: 11; h: 2)

    Time Matrix
    Lunar 1 -> (v:1; h:2);
    time : 4
    space : 277
    synchronic : 2
    sum : 283 (tfi for time matrix)
    base : 42 (bmu)

    Space Matrix
    kin 242 -> (v: 14; h:13)
    space : 242
    time : 321
    synchronic : 192
    sum : 755 (tfi for space matrix)
    base : 394

    Synchronic Matrix
    kin 242 -> (v: 17; h: 2)
    synchronic : 242
    time : 42
    space : 75
    sum : 359 (tfi for synchronic matrix)
    base : 102

    Master Coordinating Frequency
    tfi for time : 283
    tfi for space : 755
    tfi for synchronic : 359
    sum : 1397
    bmu equivalent : 75 (1397 modulus 441, +1)
    kin equivalent : 98 (1397 modulus 260, +1)

    Cumulative Harmonic Frequency
    sum over one heptad, so, since this is the start of a heptad, its the same
    set of values.

    Diatonic Musical Notes
    uses the BMU for each of the above
    modulus 7 and map using
    0 -> Do
    1 -> Re
    2 -> Mi
    3 -> Fa
    4 -> Sol
    5 -> La
    6 -> Ti

    Heptad : 3 -> Fa;
    Time : 0 -> Do;
    Space : 2 -> Mi;
    Synchronic : 4 -> Sol;
    Master Coor : 5 -> La;

    • Greetings GAP Planetary Wizard!

      Deepest Gratitude for your very instructive response 🙂
      I’m sure I won’t be the only one studying it. When I [or another Kin] have been able to extrapolate the next day’s TFI [Kin 243 on Lunar 2] from it, perhaps you’ll be able to confirm or correct it.

      Peace and Gratitude,
      Kin 138

  2. WordPress thwarted my attempt at formatting. I might have had success w/ the tag, but googling said it wouldn’t work, so I tried and you see the results, everything is left-aligned. It’s still somewhat legible.

    Live and learn.


  3. 21 is a big number here
    I align it with Wind8 ..
    While this is 242 speaking as
    T’ea for twoo ..
    EA as goddeSS of Wind ..

    & it Iz Gregory XIII wwwise 21 suncycles after
    I said YES to my Galactic Self on a HoneYmoon

    This must be my Ruby TuesDay ..
    Enjoying to see RollingStones from a Mountain ..
    While Melanie plays her Guitar Wooman ..

    She would never say where she came from ..
    JesterDay don’t matter while its G’one

    Say Cheeze !

  4. Good to read SM S 😉

    To them codes I add Lambda ..

    See them two numbers ..
    Spread two open Hands before your eyes:
    What do you see / interpret ?
    14 and 41 ?

    Now turn the right one to the other one ..
    Give? Waya ..

    Left 14 Right 14 ..

    14 is Unity!
    So 13 is wholeness ..
    13 Moon on the Rise a’Gain for HumanitY

    Celebrate Us NooMees :~{

  5. Good to read SM S 😉

    To them codes I add Lambda ..

    See them two numbers ..
    Spread two open Hands before your eyes:
    What do you see / interpret ?
    14 and 41 ?

    Now turn the right one to the other one ..
    Give? Waya ..

    Left 14 Right 14 ..

    14 is Unity!
    So 13 is wholeness ..
    13 Moon on the Rise a’Gain for HumanitY

    Celebrate Us NooMees :~{

  6. Good to read SM S 😉

    To them codes I add Lambda ..

    See them two numbers ..
    Spread two open Hands before your eyes:
    What do you see / interpret ?
    14 and 41 ?

    Now turn the right one to the other one ..
    Give? Waya ..

    Left 14 Right 14 ..

    14 is Unity!
    So 13 is wholeness ..
    13 Moon on the Rise a’Gain for HumanitY

    Celebrate Us NooMees :~{

  7. Welcome at board, this is timeship Earth. If you are reading this, it can only mean that you decided to kick the habit of living in the fires of 12:60 hell.

    The Wisdom hoard is opening
    The Memory is yours
    For the taking
    If only you can take the Time to know
    No longer just a dream
    But a weaving of reality
    New Jerusalem Shambhala Tollan
    Sacred Order of the Heavenly Source
    Returned to Earth at last!
    Inside the Sacred Wisdom Source
    The Mystic Altar
    The Mother of the World
    Sipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of Time
    White Spectral Mirror
    If you can pass through this spectralized gate
    Invisible to all but those who know the Time

    I am a Galactic Activation Portal
    Known to those well-versed in the Magic of Time
    Now guard you well your knowledge
    This is the Harrowing of Hell
    Wrapped in the cloak of the Synchronic Order
    Walk the sacred tunnel between the Worlds
    Earth Spirit Speaking Tube as well
    In this passage of the End of Time
    Seven Seers fulfill the Seven Years of Prophecy
    When the Seventh Seer has laid his final treasure
    Sipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of Time

  8. As each Soul awakens, it turns to another,
    Who then awakens and turns to another,
    Who then awakens and turns to another…

    One by one, your Light is growing
    Two by two, your Heart is knowing
    Four by four, your Love is showing
    Eight by eight, your world is glowing

    The spiral of your dawning Day
    Grows wider as you find the Way
    This Way inside reveals your Light
    Once trapped within your darkest night

    The growing of your Light within
    Is greater than it’s ever been
    And the glory of your inner being
    Encompasses the life you’re seeing

    This Light, alive and full of love
    Shines far below and high above
    Above the strife and sad illusion
    Above the fear and all confusion

    This Light that once you could not see
    Has now become whom you MUST be
    As you awaken, you share your gift
    With others who may need a lift

    Together NOW, you all are seeing
    The power of your inner Being
    This power you have now un-tethered
    Calms the storm you long have weathered

    Inside the storm, you found the reason
    You entered life within this season
    For eons, you have long awaited
    This moment that you ALL created

    Together, and within each Heart
    You KNOW the life that you will start
    At last, the world you sought begins
    At last, it is ALL life that wins

    One by one, then two by two
    You remember what you came to do
    Four by four, then eight by eight
    You love the life you NOW create

    You remember love is the solution
    Cause and core of resolution
    Together NOW, you do resolve
    To find the issues YOU will solve

    You ARE the life you do create
    You ARE the “others” you berate
    You ARE the problems of your life
    You ARE the answers to all strife

    We know you have returned to ONE
    We see the Path you have begun
    We hear your calls and light the way
    To guide you through each night and day

    It is to us that you return
    You left us once so you could learn:
    What once forgotten ~ can be re-learned
    What once was lost ~ can be returned

    As you return back to your Soul
    You find it was your inner goal
    You are complete with all you need
    You are the flower, you are the seed

    Your seed of Light you plant on Earth
    To participate in Her rebirth
    You came to Gaia, as She is YOU
    You are the planet of green and blue

    You are the dawn and evening breeze
    The desert sun and polar freeze
    You are the land, you are the sea
    This is the planet you came to BE

    As ONE with Gaia, you do awake
    And heal your world, for Heaven’s sake
    Heaven on Earth has NOW begun
    As EACH of you become the ONE


  9. Aotearoa New Zealand Alpha Omega, land of the rising sun, the people of this land will lead the world in peace love and harmony. This was told to me by my Maori grandfather whom was a Ratana minister. Then dear Valum Voton whom i never had the honour of meeting. My sons and i are Red Resonate Dragon. C.R.A.N.Z … Love you Claire and family thankyou for Being. The court system are scared of my defence(gregorian calendar) i can prove thanks to everyone here that the calendar is out shout it out.

  10. Freemasonry’s Secret Foundation ( Part 1 )
    folding a squared 5er (13 in the middle) so your steps are always one block
    north and another east unless you hit an edge and need to fold the thing
    to keep in sequence .. and failing that drop a row (turn of the screw,
    cycle) should not, like you do buddy, be called ‘black magic’

    I’ve Found The Recipe For Time!!
    FractalAllDay — 1.11m of Zappa confer.. conferentrantrencancing
    only 11 vids at this account and the others i tired are similar but silent

    Freemasonry’s Secret Foundation (Part 2)
    protestantsep — 52046 Vs since 06 — 528 Cs

    This is 2 of 2 on magic squares and 8.36 of 10m it shows ‘the donation’,
    something to do with “one mile square” downtown indianapolis … it has
    remarkable resemblance to Arguelles’ latest, the simple square 441 stuff

    this man is quite a mixed bag, he calls himself separatist, cherokee,
    protestant and like he does the masons, who he thinks hi-jacked the US
    gvt from day one, hates islam as well.

    it’s very much a 1320 babylonian horoscope kind of thing

    71217 Vs since july 08 .. Paracelsus2012 (22 uploads) does a 19
    code of sorts, with a .47 fraction to boot, in years a stack of
    them adding up from the dollar pyramid base, taking that as
    1776 comes up to 4th of july 09 …. add 1260 days and it’s that
    famous date … how’s that for inventive retrieval
    … added to the savant list

    this guy circulates in crowd that try to scare we the people so
    we stock up on the survivor products they just happen to
    have handy. … the type of deluded folks who notice the sky
    is falling but resist for the life of them realizing that their very
    birthground is burning blisters into their souls they longer
    they refuse to take the sins of their of their forebears upon
    them and try do something about them.

    lore4sun has a weird vid up …. pro and con Arguelles / dreamspell cut
    together it seems
    Welcome to Galactic Earth … oh wait, no that’s a pro one by
    ozzie bloke/artist

    the one i saw before it is the condemning one (an Osiris 555 effort):
    911 Secret symbols- New Age Dreamspell 2012

    90760 Vs since feb 2 09

    Im not christian or any religion beliver…I Belive in Multidimensional
    Infinite Universe… There is a plan but you have to be prepared,,,,,

    harvested all 234 Cs …. even though i am so over reading already

    2 very different ways of being not exactly famous for championing garden culture (to put it mildly)

    Earth Sounds – Rainbow Grid
    888OXOMOXO888 op 21 aug 2011

    Meditation Device To Assist In Imagineering Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge
    Actual Electromagnetic Recordings Of Earth by the Injun 1, Hawkeye, IMP 1, and ISEE 1 space probes. You hear interactions of the solar ionic wind with the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere, plasma wave phenomena and interactions between Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere. These are the spectra of the recordings that were within the range of human hearing.

    From “Voice Of Earth 1” NASA Space Recordings of Earth
    by Dr. Jeffrey S. Thompson [ie:Brain/MindResearch]
    by special arrangement with NASA.

    nearly 5m – Lost Temple, by Robert Carty (Part 1 of 2)

    Geüpload door eameece op 8 jun 2009 — 1342 Vs
    This tour-de-force by Robert Carty is from his 1999 disc entitled Plateaus of Ether. Partly inspired by David Parsons, as usual Carty plays all the instruments, including the exotic, ethnic Tibetan bells and horns and the Japanese koto. All the sounds are processed electronically, including his own voice which simulates the chanting. Pictures include his special album art and related scenes. Don’t miss Part 2 in which the meditative, spiritual experience evoked by the music gets much higher and deeper.
    Music and album art copyright 1999 by Robert Carty.
    See Carty’s website
    and my fan page
    36 vids up


    Tone 8 Galactic
    Model * Integrity * Harmonize

    Tribe 2 Wind
    Communicate * Breath * Spirit

    Affirmation for: White Galactic Wind
    I Harmonize in order to Communicate
    I Model Breath
    I seal the input of spirit
    With the Galactic tone of Integrity
    I am guided by the power of Death

    Inspired to calculate the band U2 after seeing Bono is a Galactic Wind
    The Edge – Galactic Earth 177
    Adam – Lunar Seed 184
    Larry – Magnetic Dragon 1 = 84

    Kin 84 – Rhythmic Seed – in the Storm wavespell 😉
    I Organize in order to Target
    I Balance Awareness
    I seal the input of flowering
    With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
    I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

    Enjoy this day of Harmonization on oUR first day of the next to last Lunar Challenge moon before Crystal Hand synchronization…


  12. Wow! So much to read and watch! This Krew is really loaded!

    Just as the day when i found this blog, im workin at an event with the Foreign Affair ministry, this time a meeting between Asian and Latinamerican Countries. The name of this is Focalae. Its lasts just four days but im sleeping very few hours, so now i just have time to share this synchronicity of the day while i eat some delicious buckwheat?

    29 is called the Cosmic Constant. There’s an essay many people don’t know Valum Votan wrote about the deep connection between Tzolkin, Holy Quran and DNA, it’s called 19=260 The Holy Quran and the Law of Time.

    When you add the first and last day of any moon, it gives you a hidden power to that moon, a radial constant that keeps the axis of the cycle(1+28,2+29, ecc)

    This lunar Moon started with 177’s analogue power kin 242 White Galactic Wind, Galactic Signature of Bono and Al Gore, and a 5.9 Earthquake hit U.S. East coast forcing evacuation both at the White House and Penthagonon.

    I saw a video of the White House’s news channel and in the moment of the quake people looked really scared (afcourse) and obviously they were thinking that it could be an attack or something.

    Now ive seen that the hidden power of this moon, adding 1+28 = Galactic Wind + Solar Moon (Last Solar Moon Valum Votan disincarnated on kin 9.11) = 11.4 (114 suras in the Holy Quran) Blue Selfexistent Monkey, the same kin during wich the Twin Towers fell down on 9/11.

    For those who don’t know, there’s an amazing discovery Valum Votan made about relationship between Quran and Tzolkin. When you trace the diagonal between kin 19 (19.6 and 19×6=114) and kin 114 (total number of suras) you get kin 19,38,57,76,95 and 114. Votan added the number of verses in all of these six suras and for his shocking amazing delightment the result was 260.


    Ava Maino
    Navegador Galáctico

  13. PS2 the result of Votan’s research was the practice of the 13 gates of redemption (diagonal from kin 19 to kin 247) the 6 gates of resurrection (diagonal from kin 6 to kin 101) and the 3 last steps from kin 120 to kin 158 White Lunar Mirror: House of God.

  14. Parts of this information what Ava describes you`ll find in “Time&the Technosphere” page 229 the Nineteen Code.
    Wash DC and Shake DC
    Remember comet Elenin closest to V24 on 9/11 at 10th anniversary of the “Fall of Babylon” twin towers.
    Oh yes and all this money which was burnt at the stock markets the last weeks.
    The 12:60 collapse is in Full HD motion.
    Contemplate on 13:20
    Solar Night whatch from Ahau zone

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