Kin 243: Blue Solar Night codes Seli 2 of Moon 2: GAP Lunar Seed Moon of Challenge

AKBAL  Kin 243

Blue Solar Night


Blue Solar Storm
Red Solar Skywalker Blue Solar Night Yellow Solar Warrior
  White Overtone Mirror
I pulse in order to dream
realising intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
Today’s Challenge  is 13.9:  “Lord of the Dawn“, and our Guide is 19.9:  Princess Diana, Queen of Hearts.  Kin 243 [3x3x3x3]  is known as VotanHeart of Nine.   The year [14.6] and Moon [4.2] add up to 18.8, so the CDK [Combined Dreamspell Kin] is 21.17 – 20.13 = 1.4.  4 Dragon codes the Law of Time. 
Thanks to  Cheetah 13 Serpent,  for noting that the PSI for the first 3 days of each Lunar Moon is 2.9:  Solar Wind, during the same days that strong Solar Winds were expected to hit the Earth.
At the end of Galactic Night [my Guide, and Ava 177’s Analog]  whose Affirmation Christine 133 provided, TMQ noted  synchronicities regarding the following day:  Solar Night.  9 Night coded TMQ during the First Year of the Mystery of the Stone, which began the day after the 11 Mirror Day-out-of-Time, mentioned in Priscella 6 Wizard’s offerings: 
“…The Mother of the World
Sipapu will end in the Eye of the Needle of Time
White Spectral Mirror
If you can pass through this spectralized gate
Invisible to all but those who know the Time…”  
The G-Force of GAP  Lunar Seed, which codes  this Lunar Moon
Yellow Lunar Warrior
White Lunar Wizard Yellow Lunar Seed Blue Lunar Eagle
  Red Crystal Earth
 is Kin 46:  Resonant World-Bridger.    6.7 coded  Lunar 20:  9/11/2004, the day TMQ received the prophetic  message on her computer.    The CDK of that day [19.12 + 13.2 + 6.7] equaled 18.8, Galactic Mirror, which is what this Year and Moon equal. 
 The 9/11 was reiterated in the large crop circle that appeared 20 miles from her home, a few Moons earlier.   28 circles emanated from  two tall electrical towers, to connect with the 11 circles which formed the image on Time and the Technosphere [which was mentioned in today’s comment by Jannis 9.7].  28 + 11 = 39,  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”,
the same numbers for today’s Kin 3.9:
3.9:  “Geometry is how fourth-dimensional time incorporates as third-dimensional form.   The incorporation of time as geometrical form informs all of the inorganic and organic orders of the realm of instinct.   Time incorporated as the geometry of form is the principle example of T(E)=Art.   All forms and species participate in varying orders of geometry of form, both in their bodily structure and their forms of process.”
There was a  feeling of deja-vous upon awakening on 3.9  to news of the widely felt earthquake on the Eastern U.S.  sea-board, and hearing people talking of fears it was another ‘9/11’.   The news that this was the first earthquake in 114 years   came while  e-mailing to Mark:  Kin 114 the results of my 441  calculations for 3.9S’ace Solar Wind Kin 22 asked on Moon 2; Day 2“What do you see / interpret ? [1] 14 and  [4] 41 ?…”14 is Unity!”   [Apologies if these synchronicities seem more like apophenia, but the aim is to show connection and telepathy]
 YoURcomments [as Ava 177 said: Wow! So much to read and watch! This Krew is really loaded!”}  included several videos from Poet Piet.  I highly recommend the “Earth Sounds/Rainbow Grid” :   with beautiful images of oUR Earth; “accompanying the Meditation Device To Assist In Imagineering Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge”  Another of the videos he shared is controversial:  “911 Secret symbols- New Age Dreamspell 2012“.  Interesting timing, and interesting that the song at the bottom was “O Claire”  🙂
There have been several strong earthquakes during this period of  “Solar Wind“, {Vanatua suffered a 6.2 and two greater than 7.0 in the past 3 days},  but this link:  delivers an interesting explanation for the two that occurred in Colrado and Virginia on 8 Wind  Colorado and Virginia are at opposite ends of this tunnel.
During the Lunar Moon, whose totem is the Scorpion, we ask “What is my Challenge?”
One physical challenge is to be prepared for these tumultuous times:
The most important Challenge is to be prepared Spiritually.  Thanks to Priscella 6 Wizard for sharing this: 
to those well-versed in the Magic of Time
Now guard you well your knowledge
This is the Harrowing of Hell
Wrapped in the cloak of the Synchronic Order
Walk the sacred tunnel between the Worlds
Earth Spirit Speaking Tube as well
In this passage of the End of Time…”
Mike 5 World-Bridger is championing the Codes of Time, here in New Zealand  🙂
For 15 years,  highly qualified Russian scientists have been studying “extraterrestrial communications in pictograms that extraterrestrial intelligence has placed in crop circles and in stone monuments around the world…”
 Nazca Lin...   Stoneheng...   Chichen I... Machu Pic...
[They] “state that their interpretation of ET communications is that the only way that humanity will survive is through a process of consciousness transfer to a higher dimension.  This appears to be a process similar to the “ascension” process described by other scientists, who states that dimensional ascension in 2012 will be the only way that humanity can escape a cataclysmic “hell” on Earth

Unification of human consciousness and ascension”  appear to be oUR ultimate challenge.

 For added insight on where we are headed, and how to get there, see the excellent videos from 6 Wizard [5 D Earth] andBC 33:  13 Hand [Synchro-galactic Yoga

Sending Love to all of You; and  oUR deepest Gratitude to Valum Votan for leading the way  🙂 

N. S.  1. 24. 2.2.     SPIRIT TOWERU R EARTH 1  Kin 243


11 thoughts on “Kin 243: Blue Solar Night codes Seli 2 of Moon 2: GAP Lunar Seed Moon of Challenge

  1. George Carlin Kin 169 – Red Cosmic Moon – Birth 5/12/1937
    Kin 125 Red Galactic Serpent – Death 6/22/2008
    American comedian, actor (The Seven Dirty Words 😉 )

    10/11/1975 Kin 151 Blue Galactic Monkey
    The NBC sketch comedy/variety show Saturday Night Live debuts with George Carlin as the host and Andy Kaufman Janis Ian and Billy Preston (Fifth Force Beatle 😉 ) as guests.

    132 and eye listened to this on the way to/2/two/too


    That actu/ally looks so symmetry approximately pretty! And tot/ally count/er/in/tuitive, ha!
    Lemme s’plain.
    The typeset is oppo/site the intent; the “crest,” meaning the apex of a wave format is the lowest point in the character representation – eye jUSt think that’s funny. As Shasta itself is the root chakra and completely absorbed by its, well, asswhole. 😉


    we r

    u r us

    we noo this

    those who seek com/m/un/ion

    will ache i ve

    we r us

    they r we

    i am u

    u r me


    repeat 🙂

    • Ed: the date of the premiere of SNL was off of Space Station Plaza as a trivia note and not meant to imply that that was relative to any other calc –
      it’s jUSt that Comedy (with a captial C) is my Ch/UR/C/h, yo. 😉

      Galactic Seed train’s a comin’, ye haw!

  2. Mr. Planetary Seed, Mr. Waters could not b pre/sent 4 this – but it would nay exist with/out him/hymn. 😉

    eye’ve neen pondering a pondering aboUT neURal photonic storage foUR a while noo – a good three years…hmm…but, enjoy!


    • O


      This song was on a continuoUS loop in maya head last night when i posted – it has been 155 days (Crystal Eagle) .42 years (Ha!) since VV/Jose’s dis/solve 😉

      i had to wake up at 6 am to take 132 to work and was restless when i got home so i resumed where i had left off in CHC Vol.III, Book of the Mystery and i had totally forgotten that i was on the Pink Floyd chapter (which just so happens to begin on pg. 79 (Noospheric constant) and my jaw dropped when i read this on pg.81 –

      “Even in a later video such as PULSE (1994), the last song in the encore of the concert is Run Like Hell that ends in an explosion, like the destruction of Maldek. Incidentally, this song was one of 150 recommended to be pulled from radio airplay in the United States following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

      What Pink Floyd leaves you with is the evocation and the waking up of forgotten analphs indicating that a much larger cosmic event is occurring. This is ultimately what is communicated through the spacey, electronic sound that the band projects carrying you into deep levels of consciousness where the analphs are activated. In that way, Pink Floyd is the quintessential group in using the multisensory electronic art form encoded with deep psychic messages communicated through the music and light show, with sparse lyrics punctuating an unconscious subliminal program.”

      September 11 was the puncture in the technosphere and i’ve been feeling the fear buzz building again as the 10th anniversary approaches and more and more examples of posturing and falsity throughout the failing systems. The 13 moon program is making some strange strides – i received a notice from Bank of America encouraging us to alter our payments to a bi-weekly instead of monthly setup – which totals out to 26 half payments and 13 moonths. 😉 The T’zolkin round begins again on a full moon, Limi pURification, Lunar challenge 20 GAP Kin 1 Magnetic Dragon


      Tone 1 Magnetic
      Attract * Purpose * Unify

      Tribe 1 Dragon
      Nurture * Being * Birth

      Affirmation for: Red Magnetic Dragon
      I Unify in order to Nurture
      I Attract Being
      I seal the input of birth
      With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
      I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

      Eye think we mUSt be vigilant in oUR highest projected intentions as this approaches – when the unconscioUS becomes emotionally aroUSed it can set off all sorts of false alarms.

      “Everything is Perfect.”


  3. Unity perspective includes both those who will ‘ascend’ and those who choose not to ascend, free will prevails, those who ascend inhabit new earth those who choose not to ascend inhabit hellish earth (for some years at least) even if they be neighbours.
    Those who ascend will love equally those who share same vision and those who follow a self serving path, otherwise don’t get to ascend, blaming others for not making earth comfortable is sign not ascension candidate. Unity blames not, Unity sees both polarities as valid, Unity treats all equally, Unity forgives both self and others.
    Unity Beingness magnetizes frictionless social environment which then opens way towards peaceful planet.

  4. Callemans theory designate Aug 26 and 27 as days of destruction. A high magnitude earthquake followed by a cosmic storm predicted to hit New York on Sunday on 3 day of psi chrono of Cosmic Storm. Also Sunday’ssmic Storm Kin Is Cosmic Hand Cosmic storm is Gap Martin Luther Kings unveiling of monument in DC postponed.

  5. I’ve been following sun correlation with earthquakes. Suddenly the sun is quiet and the earth is busting open. The ring of fire is on fire. The big quakes have left South Island to North then Figi then on up north. It’s like Lemuria is rising from the floor. The sun has been pumping so much plasma into the core of the earth … The plasma being the departed souls during all the catastrophes. The Cosmic Soup lies within our planet where souls reside. There is a Mayan pyramid beneath Lake Shasta.

  6. Hmmm…proposed GS of La Shakes/peare…

    Rowe was the first biographer to pass down the tradition that Shakespeare retired to Stratford some years before his death;[47] (Galactic Hand) but retirement from all work was uncommon at that time,[48] (Solar Star) and Shakespeare continued to visit London.[47] In 1612 he was called as a witness in a court case concerning the marriage settlement of Mountjoy’s daughter, Mary.[49] (Planetary Moon) In March 1613 he bought a gatehouse in the former Blackfriars priory;[50] (Spectral Dog) and from November 1614 he was in London for several weeks with his son-in-law, John Hall.[51] (Crystal Moonkey)

    Shakespeare’s funerary monument in Stratford-upon-Avon.
    After 1606–1607, Shakespeare wrote fewer plays, and none are attributed to him after 1613.[52] (Cosmic Human) His last three plays were collaborations, probably with John Fletcher,[53] (Magnetic Skywalker) who succeeded him as the house playwright for the King’s Men.[54] (Lunar Wizard)

    Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616[55] (Electric Eagle) and was survived by his wife and two daughters. Susanna had married a physician, John Hall, in 1607,[56] (Self-existing Warrior) and Judith had married Thomas Quiney, a vintner, two months before Shakespeare’s death.[57] (Overtone Earth)
    In his will, Shakespeare left the bulk of his large estate to his elder daughter Susanna.[58] (Rhythmic Mirror) The terms instructed that she pass it down intact to “the first son of her body”.[59] (Resonant Storm) The Quineys had three children, all of whom died without marrying.[60] (Galactic Sun) The Halls had one child, Elizabeth, who married twice but died without children in 1670, ending Shakespeare’s direct line.[61] (Solar Dragon) Shakespeare’s will scarcely mentions his wife, Anne, who was probably entitled to one third of his estate automatically.[62] (Planetary Wind) He did make a point, however, of leaving her “my second best bed”, a bequest that has led to much speculation.[63] (Spectral Night) {always wondering about 143…} Some scholars see the bequest as an insult to Anne, whereas others believe that the second-best bed would have been the matrimonial bed and therefore rich in significance.[64] (Crystal Seed)
    Shakespeare was buried in the chancel of the Holy Trinity Church two days after his death.[65] (Cosmic Serpent) The epitaph carved into the stone slab covering his grave includes a curse against moving his bones, which was carefully avoided during restoration of the church in 2008:[66] Magnetic worldbridger

    Shakespeare’s grave.
    Good frend for Iesvs sake forbeare,
    To digg the dvst encloased heare.
    Bleste be ye man yt spares thes stones,
    And cvrst be he yt moves my bones.[67] Lunar Hand

    Modern spelling:
    “Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forbear,”
    “To dig the dust enclosed here.”
    “Blessed be the man that spares these stones,”
    “And cursed be he who moves my bones.”[66]

    Sometime before 1623, a funerary monument was erected in his memory on the north wall, with a half-effigy of him in the act of writing. Its plaque compares him to Nestor, Socrates, and Virgil.[68] Electric Star

    In 1623, in conjunction with the publication of the First Folio, the Droeshout engraving was published.[69]
    Shakespeare has been commemorated in many statues and memorials around the world, including funeral monuments in Southwark Cathedral and Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey.

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