Kin 247: Blue Cosmic Hand codes Lunar Limi 6: Free Will Tower

MANIK     Kin 247

Blue Cosmic Hand

Blue Cosmic Monkey
Red Cosmic Earth Blue Cosmic Hand Yellow Cosmic Human
  White Magnetic Wizard
I endure in order to know
transcending healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of magic.
Happy Galactic Return to Marisabel a.k.a.  Burbuja 33  🙂 Her G-Force is 1.1:  Magnetic Dragon, the beginning of the Tzolkin. 
Kin 247‘s  insightful comment follows below, where she notes the synchronicities on the day the worst Storm in 100 years hits the East Coast.  Even today’s Long Count Kin is a Storm:  The 6th Solar Witness; 4 Storm.
7.13:  “Galactic universal life celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time based upon a specific point in the galactic event continuum which then defines identification of specific galactic space-points and their time vector potentialities. Through celestial harmonics the creative flux of the galactic event continuum can be entered, expanding the creative comprehension and scope of the synchronic order.”
Today is the FREE WILL Tower that guards our entry into tomorrow’s Lunar Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey.
Cosmic Hand Burbuja 33 writes on her ‘Kin day’:
“A hurricaine charged with  female energy I+r+e+n+e=51 (Blue Crystal Monkey)
will transcend the illusion, on the mecca of this money=time system
 this liked Cosmic Storm is  transcending the energy  (19.13=247) 
that will complete the transcendance of healing to US(A.ll)
 (7.13) to receive  the New moon on August 28th – 2011 at 11:04 PM, 6 min apart
 from 11:11 portal , 6 can be represent as the big teacher..
.The dead, the Worldbridger…6 min to cross the bridge to other worlds…
with an awaken awareness,  conscience that time=ART…is also the 6th day on the Lunar
Moon of Challenge…where we are Guided by the power of  MAGIK !!
 Today’s Challenge is [creating]  Cosmic Earth:  Kin 117.  117 + 260 = 377
Here are pertinent phrases from Grayham 13 Eagle’s blog:
Threading the way of  Higher Evolution = 377
Monad shifts to the Cosmic Astral Plane = 377 
Higher Self migrates to Eighth Density = 377 
Unified Self-Aware Sovereign Integrals = 377 
Visualise the Rhombic Hexecontahedron = 377
Nesting Golden Rhombic Structures = 377
Created Fractal Series of Golden Rhombohedra = 377
Here is an account of TMQ’s last two days of the Eagle Wavespell, which incorporates  Kin 247’s  Synchronicity [Challenge] Magic [Guide], and Healing [Cosmic Hand].
The last words that TMQ read, before setting off on a camping trip to the Nelson Lakes  with 6 Sun were:
we await your presence“.  “We” refers to 13 Eagle, his daughter Trinity who has begun riding horses, and his partner Marsha, 9 Eagle
Synchronistically, at our first stop, we [18.8 + 20.6 = Magnetic Mirror] had a long, close encounter with a tiny [waist-high] horse.  Continuing up to the Lakes, there were two different Eagles [hawks] flying overhead  🙂
While kayaking on Lake Rotoiti [=106;  PVCS 6.2], a sole black swan allowed TMQ to paddle up to within a meter of it.  This magical creature and I enjoyed the sunny serenity of snow-capped mountains surrounding this beautiful lake.  Serenading by [mainly Tui] birds completed this magical  experience.
lake roto... [the exact spot we overlooked]  
Beginning at 20;00 [8 p.m.]   TMQ laid awake for 11 of the next 12 hours under the open skylight of the campervan, enjoying the canopy of stars.  Every so often  a bird would call out, and I saw 4 shooting stars over the course of the night
Just before the first watch [Cosmic Human] ended, a star or comet traversed the entire sky  🙂 
 This feels like celestial confirmation of the plans [for a harmonic refinement of the post 2012 calendar] which  TMQ had calculated during those 11 hours. 
During the Cosmic MonKEY Watch, TMQ attended the service atThe Chapel of Christ of the Lake“, which had a stunning floor to ceiling view of the lake and mountains: Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image
This felt like the perfect time and place to pray for healing for the children of Christchurch.  Many have become so stressed by the 8,000 earthquakes in less than a year, that their hair has fallen out.
After posting this, there will be time to catch up on all of your wonderful contributions for the Crystal World-Bridger Round Table  🙂
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of King Arthur's round table may have been found by archaeologists  
Poet Piet shared a short video of Valum Votan calling in the Seven Galactic Directions, overlaying the Seventh volume of Cosmic History Chronicles, by Valum Votan and Stephanie South:  “Book of the Cube
It ‘sets the Tone’ for SILIO 7:  Silio corresponds to the Cube, and Silio 7 is the beginning of the telepathic CUBE Journey we undertake each Moon, to reconnect  the flux tubes of Earth and Uranus. 
This Moon’s Cube Journey begins on the day we begin the  last Wavespell of the Tzolkin,  coded by:

Kin 248 Yellow Magnetic Star

Yellow Magnetic Star
White Magnetic Mirror Yellow Magnetic Star Blue Magnetic Monkey
  Red Cosmic Skywalker
I unify in order to beautify,  attracting art.
I seal the store of elegance with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
N. S.  1. 24. 2. 6 [& 7:  Cube 1:  MEMORY]         Kin 247 &  248

3 thoughts on “Kin 247: Blue Cosmic Hand codes Lunar Limi 6: Free Will Tower

  1. Thanks TMQ, we enjoy your transmissions. Lets unpack the phrase ‘Celestial Harmonics’ so each of us can play a part in this unfolding moment.
    Numerically (a=1 , z=26)

    Celestial Harmonics =186
    Gamma Ray Burst = 186
    these are bursts triggered from the
    Courts of Shamballa = 186 (H.Blavatsky)
    or what many call
    spread along
    pinpointed via
    Plasma Cosmology =186
    science now can call these harmonics ‘a Spectrum of Fractal Fields’
    modeled and animated here (what you will see is the unpacking and interlocking harmonics as described in mayan cosmology) and called by Hyperspace maths a
    Hecatonicosachoron = 186 (the shape of TIME and the UNIVERSE )

    it’s far more revealing to realise this shape – fractal fields – plasmas – and Celestial Harmonics are simply an
    or what Bucky Fuller called an
    Icosidodecahedral Wave = 186 ( )
    and what Paul LaViolette calls
    Galactic Superwave = 186 ( )
    those who directly interface with this ‘Field’ know it as
    The Galactic Higher Self = 186
    those who have integrated abilities or are
    Functioning at Peak = 186
    share a
    experience of
    The Eternal Watcher = 186
    The First Source = 186

    The point of this is that each of us are to become the receiver / transmitter of this Avataric Principle (Celestial Harmonics or Golden Phi Ratio), and the method is integration of chakra system (with all that entails), which opens the Crown chakra.

    Some info on Arthur’s Round Table

  2. Thank U TMQ !!

    I feel very grateful and blessed to be a part of this mysterious community 🙂 today I woke up REMEBERING that after the storm here comes the sun !!!
    Celebrating Mila`s (my youngest daugther) galactik spin !!!

    I Wish we all found our Interior Buda…Iluminating the time=art
    In LoVe

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