Kin 253: Red Rhythmic Skywalker codes the 40th day of the White Rhythmic Wizard year

BEN                   Kin 253

Red Rhythmic Skywalker

Red Rhytmic Skywalker
Blue Rhytmic Night Red Rhytmic Skywalker White Rhytmic Worldbridger
  Yellow Galactic Star
I organise in order to explore
balancing wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Challenge and G-Force is Kin 123:  Rhythmic Night.   
The Hidden Power is Kin 8, our Guiding Galactic Star
The PCU  for Lunar 12 is  12 Serpent.
The Combined Dreamspell Kins equal Magnetic  MonKEY:  11.1.
Thanks to Christine 3 Skywalker and Melovia 12 Moon for filling in some of the Kin for this week, which included the Solar Birthday of 129’s son, Matt, 6 HandMarisabel 247′ coded the Cosmic end of the Eagle Wavespell, and her daughter, MilaMagnetic Star codes this Wavespell  🙂
13.6The solar plexus provides the locus of departure from and return to the third- dimensional body for the “displacement” of the alternative holon personality. The displacement is experienced internally as a “phase shift,” a bifurcation of the continuing consciousness in which the activities of the alternative personality are perceived by the host organism as a waking dream or a form of telepathic ventriloquism.”
Here are some ‘good news’ stories:
 “So far we have grown at least 200,000 flowers (at this temple) and distributed many more seeds. At least 8 million sunflowers blooming in Fukushima originated from here.”  It is believed that the Sunflowers absorb radiation.  “Tulane University scientists discovered a strain of clostridia bacteria, dubbed “TU-103,” that can devour old newspapers to produce butanol, a substitute for gasoline”
Professor Cynthia Kenyon, whom many experts believe should win the Nobel Prize for her research into ageing, has discovered that the carbohydrates we eat – from bananas and potatoes to bread, pasta, biscuits and cakes – directly affect two key genes that govern youthfulness and longevity.”–   Apparently, ageists don’t believe in revealing their age; all we know is that this brilliant scientist was born ‘around 1955’  🙂
Good news for us:  At least one Kin in New Zealand [ 9 Skywalker]  has received Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 7.  TMQordered the Book of the Cube one Moon ago, so should receive [and share from it] any day  now  🙂
Blessings to Kin in Argentina [including Ava Maino 8 Earth, his family and Crystal Round Table Kin] , who experienced a 6.7 earthquake, two days before the one year anniversary [tomorrow, Lunar 13] of the 6 Moon Earthquake that changed Christchurch forever.
Thanks to Melovia 129,  for sharing this inspiring article:
It begins with this headline: 

The Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy transmits CLARITY regarding monumental activities;

The belief in two powers is collapsing – bringing to an end duality consciousness”

On 3 Dog,  Code=E 2 Skywalker sent a beautiful e-mail,  which included this precious photo photo.JPG of one of his Dogs-Gods  🙂  The e-mail was titled:  RU(UR Nation)Universal Religion“.

We look forward to seeing Jannis 7 Moon’s photo of this:  “On Magnetic Star we saw parts of a beautiful rainbow Circle around the sun.  Kins 133 and PVCS 132 are also enjoying nature over this ‘weekend‘.  Unfortunately, the video from Priscella 6 Wizard wouldn’t open on TMQ’s computer, but other Kin were delighted by  it. 

Thanks, 133 for your good wishes:  today I was able to get details down on paper, then received immediate confirmation via one of the Solar Witnesses  🙂  🙂

Christine 133 shared a 4:41 minute video that describes the Cosmic Human family we are evolving into, also known as UR;  Universal Religion
UR is the sacred sound/KEY for this 6 Wizard year.  M.B. 247 shared the Rinri Report which shows that this year also corresponds to the Cave of Sun Gold, and Solar Being.  
This year  also occupies Cube 15:  Eagle:  VISION, in the 16 year Cube that ends in 2013
Grayham 13 Eagle shared a  word [new to TMQ] that describes a similar evolution, involving knowledge:
CONSILIENCE  (The goal of consilience is to achieve progressive unification of all strands of knowledge in service to the indefinite betterment of the human condition.)”
Synchronistically, the alpha-numeric value of Consilience is 108, the number that codes the Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission.  Kin 108:  Yellow Self-Existing Star is known as GM108X.   
Cosmic Eagle shared other words [related to CONSILIENCE and the  Galactic Transmission of Knowledge]  that all equal 108:
Some of them are: 
Sacred Science…Sacred Arts…Phi Series…Phi Spiral…geometry…assimilate…Galactic Heart…religions…renaissance…reawakening…exemplified…greatness…Fall in Love…womanhood… full moon…worship…Goddess Maat… royally…pureblood…journey…launchings… Code Clearances…reactivated…unitary…lightship,   and FRACTAL TIME”  🙂  🙂  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 2. 12.   Cube 6:  BRIDGING WORLDS   KIN 253

6 thoughts on “Kin 253: Red Rhythmic Skywalker codes the 40th day of the White Rhythmic Wizard year

  1. thX for the shivers!
    in return some rainbowwws

    then this -qualify “important”- notion ~ setting through the VV~acts!

    note this line in Stephanies Time synchronicity Calendar change Book:
    page 110 (10×11)
    “The root of materialism as a state of mind is conditioned by the regimen of the seven day week …”

    Just realize what is stated so openminded and clear for clarity?!


    why do we still have this 7777 cube installed on our dynamic?


    So …
    isn’t it about time and the right moment 39 daya after the DOOT to rephrase that tryout label to the/a more positive one as “Daya of Sun Experience”?

    and immediately realizing that 9991 also ends up in 28 but then with a non-planned as non-local fire (1) enduring all those 27 daya plus one, the central one that communicated Glory?

    May we have LeapDay next to Daya of Moon Experience & Daya of Sun Experience in 2012 – rounding up quite some open endings & opening the synchron aeons?

    😉 do it light and bright ..

  2. for the ones who pivot while the Tzolk’in nurtures anoother cycle …
    a cycle that has been forseen as cruciall listening to the many seers …

    kweak runs from third into fourth cycle from september 10 to 11 …
    right in the middle of a three daya med’ called in for by Stephanie South, our precious Red Queen Apprent’ice.

    My add – as a Bolon Ik DS traveller – could be this as i type this here in our kuxan suum trusted wires …

    note that 780 iz the number for 3 full tzolkins …
    then we see for the 9 close by which iz 783 (#18=>#9)
    that iz the active Birdy for 9 daya: DS kin 3 – electric night (apprentice for self-existing seed about 2 years ago : july25 2009 -> #11 = spectral as well as monkey as well as VV’s triple coded kin)

    By then we gather as left wing (receiving):
    199 200 001 002
    see for urself what that communicates

    The right wing (transpassing):
    004 005 006 007
    how cute it gives in the tipping point by the resonant HAND ?

    this as short as i can put it forWard …

    (an extended vision iz put on the kweak blogspot, lateron)

  3. hi there universal lovers
    wasnt aware of any earthquake around
    but thanx for mentioning
    also waiting for chc7 arrival
    been recieving intense transmission
    (headaches included)
    will be downloading and chanelling soon
    best wishes 4 all !
    in lake ch

  4. Ok need help what is dec 21 2012 11:11 this destroy that date

    100. Because I repose on Telektonon, the mother of all prophecy, mine is the ecstasy of deliverance. With a mind of non-ego clasped to the heart of God I have sent out my message of the Mayan Apocalypse. By relinquishing the calendar of twelve and leaving the prison of mechanised time, God’s mercy will come swiftly to you.

    but maybe this circle is perfect for 0 …whole chapter 5

    see same numbers 13 and 9 in dr calleman only confusion is end of all 7 days (friday) what about october 2 2011 sunday

  5. Kweak out! This upcoming tzolkin reboot is a loaded baked potato – the g/lobal a/TEN/tion to the 9/11 punctURe on the retURn wave signals the birth of oUR noo frequency.

    Align print cartridges:::
    3:3 (Antipode 🙂 )
    5:5 (132 133)
    11:11 😉
    13:13 😉

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