Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon codes Lunar Limi 20 and begins the 260 day Spin that leads us into 2012

IMIX     Kin 1

Red Magnetic Dragon

Red Magnetic Dragon
Blue Magnetic Monkey Red Magnetic Dragon White Magnetic Mirror
  Yellow Cosmic Sun
I unify in order to nurture
attracting being.
I seal the input of birth
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s G-Force, 4 MonKEY coded the 9/11/ event 10 years ago, today. 
The PCU for Lunar 20 is Kin 33:  Red Resonant Skywalker [13.7]
Today’s  CDK equals Solar Storm [Kin 139, which codes Princess Diana]. 
Yesterday’s Kin became today’s Hidden Power20.13, Cosmic Sun.
The Long Count Kin is 5 Skywalker, whose G-Force, PVCS 3 MonKEY coded the Long Count day on Lunar 18,  9/9/11.
 The Dreamspell Kin for Lunar 18 was Crystal Storm,  which coded the first year of the Mystery of the Stone.
Kin 258’s G-Force is Kin 101;  Planetary Dragon TMQ was excited to learn on that day, that oUR Earth had a view [via telescopes]  of Messier 101  [a.k.a. the Spiral Galaxy and the Pinwheel Galaxy 101]. 
M101 hires STScI-PRC2006-10a.jpg  Knowing that it would be another 100 years before this galaxy would be viewable, TMQ spoke with an astronomer [Paul, and received information from Robert] about arranging a viewing through one of their telescopes.  Unfortunately, the conditions  weren’t conducive for viewing here.
Instead, she resumed her reading of Book of the Cube, and then watched the extravagant opening show for the World Rugby Cup 2011.  For a country of less than 5 million people, it is a huge honor and accomplishment,  to be hosting this event, in the land where Rugby originated.  The longest part of the opening ceremony featured a boy [of about 11 years of age] wearing a rugby jersey with a huge number 11 upon it  🙂   {shown 1:09 into this: ]
 The multiple fireworks display reflected on the Auckland Waterfront was spectacular.  The All-Blacks [New Zealand’s  champion team led by  Richie McCaw]  won their opening game against the much larger, but less coordinated, team of Samoans.
During the Cosmic Storm [19.13] watch of  20.13, TMQ awoke from a vivid dream.  She and several people [including Grayham 13 Eagle whose Guide is 19.13]  were on a hilltop, watching hundreds of darts of light [similar to the falling stars TMQ witnessed 13 nights earlier, during the Cosmic Human watch of Kin 247 [19×13] .   When she first described the dream, her rational mind assumed the concentration of ‘dancing stars’ were superimposed over our galaxy, and that it resembled a ‘pinwheel’ because of the fireworks witnessed hours earlier.  Firework An hour later, upon seeing the photo  of Messier 101,  TMQ was excited to realize that the beautiful galaxy [shown in color] in the dream was actually the Messier 101 Galaxy she had tried to view the evening before!  That was followed by the realization that the dream seems to indicate the  answer to an issue that was disturbing her as she fell asleep:
While reading the “Book of the Cube” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South that evening, she had been surprised to see a new system of calculating numbers, discussed on pages 88 and 89.  There was no explanation or mention of the ‘V.V. method” of  alpha-numerics which  was  intoduced several years ago in Cosmic History Chronicles.  Just that morning, TMQ had noted to Melovia 9 Moon, that the letters of  Claire  [TMQ’s name][3+30+1+9+90+5] equal her  kin number:  138. 
The Messier 101 Galaxy   made a 1 in 100 year appearance on the 199th day since Valum Votan departed on Kin 88 [Northern Hemisphere] and Kin 89 [Southern HemisphereMessier = 88 [13+5+19+19+9+5+18] 
When calculated in the VV method, Messier equals 89.  {40+5+100+100+9+5+90 = 349]  349-260 = 89:  Red Spectral Moon;  9.11.
Number is the language of Telepathy” 
The timing of the dream  about Messier led to a resolution [for TMQ] of the  conflicting number systems.  It also was another sign [of many received since she ‘figured out’ the  harmonic calendar revision on the night of the shooting stars] to continue on the path set in motion on Electric Dog [8/31/11]. 
1.1:  “In fourth-dimensional time, consciousness is viewed as the continuum of the evolution of time across the whole evolutionary spectrum of Intelligence. This evolutionary spectrum of intelligence is called the Galactic Brain, and represents the index of time vectored potentials Governing pre-life, instinctual life, telepathic life, and pure mind.”
 Soon, the  Lunar Moon’s 4th Yellow Week:   ‘Ripening of Power’   will begin.   It corresponds to 
Codon 28:  “TIME OF BURSTING:  COSMIC AWARENESS Transcends Space

This 7 day period  [Lunar 17 through Lunar 23] contains the 7 Moon Anniversary of Valum Votan’s ascension, several special 7 year anniversaries, TMQ’s receipt of Cosmic History volume 7, the 10 year anniversary of the world-altering 9/11 event, and the once in a 100 year extra-galactic ‘appearance’ of Messier 101, which numerically expressed the two Kin days ofValum Votan’s passing:   88:  Planetary Star [N. Hem.] and Southern Hemisphere [his location]   89:  Spectral Moon:  9.11 

 Today is the 7 year  anniversary of the appearance of the Prophetic Message [in the form of a Synchronic  Readout] upon her computer on 6 World-Bridger, 9/11/2004.  The CDK of that day was her Kin:  18.8.  While the time on TMQ’s computer was   7:28 p.m.,   the time  on the message was 15 minutes earlier, and was expressed as 19.13 [the 24 hour clock]:

The message prefaced several sentences with “As of  this moment in time“…  you are awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen“, “you are entering Middle Time”…”You are beginning the first volume of the Mystery of the Stone.”  It also referred to me as the Cosmic Turtle Moon Goddess, and said that I would complete the first volume in Six and a Half Moons“. 

Remembering  that two crop circles had appeared a year earlier, 20 miles from her home in Benicia, [one of which she was able to visit] the next day TMQ searched ‘Solano County crop circles’, looking for clues that might explain the mysterious message.  She discovered that this formation had appeared 3 Moons and 3 days earlier, on June 17, 2004, [Kin 20.12, Crystal Sun],  on the 19th day of the 12th  Moon. 


 28 Moons of ‘Six and a Half’ feet emanate from Two electrical Towers.  The Towers represent the 9/11 Event.  The ‘body’ of 11 circles  appears on the cover of  “Time and the Technosphere“, which “Reveals September 11 as the signal of the end of artificial time according to the Law of Time.”  There were 39 circles in this huge crop circle; kin 39 is Cosmic Storm.

19.13 “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all“.

 This “Anniversary Week” was also  fractally-compressed into several special  7 day cycles, and is punctuated by the beginning of the Galactic Spin that ends on  the 27th day of the Spectral Skywalker [BlavatsKEYs G-Force]  Moon on Gr. 5/28/2012.    

On Lunar 23Lover’s Reunion’, it will be 7 years since  The Mystery Queen’s first visit to the Law of Time, 3 days after the appearance of the mysterious 9/11 message, and 2 days after discovering the crop circle shown above.

Here is a photo of  Stephanie  ‘Red Queen’, Valum Votan, Kelly, Jacob and Claire ‘The Mystery Queen’  in Ashland, Oregon, on  Spectral 26, which was coded by GAP Kin 149: Rhythmic Moon;  VV and TMQ‘s combined Kin day  🙂  [May 27th, 2006, Cosmic Seed year].

            Scan2.jpg   Couple.jpg

[next] Six and a Half” foot tall Alan 6 Sun and TMQ  in Nelson during the Electric Storm year.  

            Scans1.jpg   Scan4.jpg

In the last photo, TMQ is standing on the exact spot [at Morrison’s Cafe in Nelson] where V.V. told her:  “I love you very, very, very, very much”  Kin 113:  9 Skywalker “Lord of the Dawn” took this photo on the 5 Skywalker Day-out-of-Time.

 This week, it occurred to TMQ to calculate ‘Six and a Half Moons from the beginning of the book she began writing on Lunar 9, coded by Kin 250:  Electric Dog [Divine Loyalty].  That day will be Hunab Ku Day 0.0! [a.k.a. Leap Day, 2/29/2012, between Galactic 22 and 23] 13 Eagle and Marsha 9 Eagle kindly and expertly  interpreted several astrologic charts for TMQ during her visit on 10 Earth.  Besides information that was very confirming, they said that right now is the most optimal time to be writing this book;  this a period [that happens only every 29 years] when the ‘Cassandra‘ influence in her chart is diminished.  

Cassandra was a Priestess of Troy, with the gift of Prophecy.  However,  “when she prophesied true things, she was not believed…She also recognized the true meaning of the Trojan horse, but no one believed her when she said the horse contained soldiers of the enemy.”  
This gives TMQ an even greater sense of urgency to finish her writing project by ‘Hunab Ku 0.0 Day’. 
Therefore,   these  transmissions are  beginning a weekly frequency.
Note the DALI sign on The Prophecy Rock in this photo: 
Image: Prophecy rock in Hopi Land interpreted The Late Great Grandfather Thomas Banyacya, [left] who first discovered the Prophecy Rock
Seven years ago, in numerous  interviews, and in many written works, Valum Votan said that DALI  was always on Sunday.  Every Week, Moon and 13 Moon year always began on Sunday.  The 7:7:7:7 and Telektonon both show DALI on Sunday. Each time  TMQ would point out a new article or a 13 Moon Guide saying that Dali was always on Sunday, persons at the Law of Time would remove it.
In honor of  Valum Votan  and Pacal Votan,   future  transmissions will be on Sundays.  
 The next transmission will be on Galactic Star, my Challenge, and oUR Guiding Star for our 2013 Galactic Synchronization.
It will also address your  recent comments and contributions which are so greatly appreciated.  🙂
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceMay this Galactic Spin begin and end with Love and Truth.
N. S.  1. 24. 2. 20.           Cube 14:  TIMELESSNESS            Kin 1

24 thoughts on “Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon codes Lunar Limi 20 and begins the 260 day Spin that leads us into 2012

  1. my vision on this note
    “39 circles in this huge crop circle”

    * 3 to 9 makes 27 which is the number of daya a moon minus the griddaya
    * 2 towers speak for II => dualism of the kind which is not contributing to the specie homo sapiens sapiens – which in the meantime evoluates into homo noosphericus (first for the ones who open up to the cooperative beings)
    * all better things go in 3 paces : so would 3 towers have been a better design? consider www as a trits or triade that combines 3 totally different approaches for each solvation such as “I & Thou” promotion into “I, Thou & the Other Ones” => illustration for Interdependent “ecotome” (taste the difference to “eco-no-me”)

    the solution of the 9991 freQuency replacing 7777 (re?)installs the trinity thought into the human mindspheres … it is the most elegant and solving solution to mankind and it could have been from “a caring pope” but instead it is from a “holomiond perceiving child”, a “bolon ik” archetypical responder

    ))) respondear (((

    • timestamp humoresk interpretation to

      11 is this date Gregorian …
      but then in the topic / theme it also highlights Valum Votan
      Spectral Monkey ~ playmate for the rainbow warriors all over the planeat

      03 sets focus on the “trits”
      3 to 11 makes 33 and signals 9 as the product

      49 signifies 5 as its difference 9 minus 4
      but then it also is known as the 7 to 7 procuct (two humans walking?)

      3x3x7x7 denotes 441 => see this number in a search with “jose arguelles”

      in kweakformation we schedule 7x7x(3×3) as the better formula ..
      7 for love – 7 for life – (3×3) as the decision fuse depicting 9

      note that 3 is 7 minus 4: this makes 3 as a pure number without the mystery that confuses the mind(sets)

      this is also the reason to have a spell that is labelled as TreeKweak
      (insert the H by your phantasy?)
      TreeKweak sums LongCount Kin and DreamSpell Kin to a third “Gamble”

      :))) Neu Ree Bah (((:

    • Dear S’ace 9 Wind;

      Thanks for the prompt to CLAIRify;

      I am not advocating ‘replacing 7:7:7:7’.

      My current ‘mission’ is to restore the full harmony to the 7:7:7:7, after the end of the 13 Baktuns of History.

      The numbers [and more] have perfectly demonstrated that I have calculated [or received the Divine design of] the most harmonic expression of the 7:7:7:7/ 13 Moon Calendar, which leaves the Dreamspell and the Long Count intact.

      Considering the time and energy that Valum Votan and Bolon Ik expended on promoting the 13 Moon Calendar Change, you have an even more arduous path [promoting the 9 day kweak] than I 🙂

      Love and Peace,
      Claire 8 Mirror

      • dear Claire 8 Mirror ~ here S’ace 9 Wind …

        contemplating your last sentence on this challenging daya of kin2 seal2 tone2 in DreamSpellDeck i am convinced of the contact we have on noospheric trust …

        because we express our contact in pretty transparent conduct i sense it is reasonable to illustrate my path of thinking the conduct (can we label such sort of thinking as “conduce” 🙂

        “Considering the time and energy that Valum Votan and Bolon Ik expended on promoting the 13 Moon Calendar Change, you have an even more arduous path [promoting the 9 day kweak] than I”

        Don’t U ~ Claire ~ a) conduce this saying from the perception of cooperating our kin or b) was it still from the period of getting put of the other sphere?

        May i as a holomind perceiver conclude this was still b) where a) could have popped up in the clairified mindset ~ so long prepared for this very moment that we should not postpone (while blabla etc.)

        The arduous path – so to say – is not up to me but to the kin agreeing upon the change we did prepare … Lets condone the Master for being consistent in hs Teaching for only this straight path could trigger anotehr one to “grab higher in the dream and even more centered in the very crystaline vibrant belowww” …

        So ~ do not condo me for anything while manifesting the mission which was my only job to accomplish (hand over) : shift from 7777 to 9991

        By the way see that 8 is always active while 9 and 1 differ that portion which ery alive in CHC VI chapter 5, but also in the QC ~ Quatinomio Citiobarico. it is even in the symbol i drew for the kundalini chakra beyond the 7 : number 8 – the hidden one.

        To see that just wee the familiar cube presentation that shiows 7 points of the 8 pointed cube: uhhh? Exactly the 8th one is behind the central one while it is seen in the direction of the 4th diagonal …

        this 4th diagonal fixes the time mystery into pure … relationship , say noospheric contact …

        may i bowww, then i bow )))
        was it not permitted then i still did do some bowwws (((

        DS o’22 bolon ik ~ white solar wind (WIZARD wave)
        (MagnetiQ MOON year)
        LC u’220 ~ yellow crystal sun (MOON wave)
        3K y’242 ~ white galactic wind (EAGLE wave)

        numbering the waves gives 14 9 15 : 38 (19 doubled)
        note 38 as a 24 hour product for the clock of 3×8 hours a daya all over the planet getting lost of the empiric 2×12 (dualistic blockade)

  2. It is likely that the exact ‘plan view’ of M101 is important for us here in our Milky Way (all Milky Way viewers see the same when looking towards M101, it’s physically far away). Time is transcended when we take into account the children galaxies of M101, these quasars birthed from mother M101 in such a way that we, from our viewing position see the unfolding Cosmic DNA Helix in plan view, it is exactly the same as looking down the throat of our own DNA Helix, hence space is transcended and we experience instantaneous resonance. This all becomes clear by viewing our Youtube on the Cosmo-Genetic Family Tree. The metaphysical laws of angle/number always have observable downloads into our visible 3D world, as above so below.
    Movie proving our fractal (Higher Self) nature is interfaced with the Total Self – Cosmogenetics view it here

  3. For those of you who took a peek at our youtube and saw for themselves that our own DNA Helix geometry (based on pent.decagon geometries) is a fractal of the M101 and family TMQ mentions above, we can add –
    the words ‘angle’ and ‘angel’ greatly clarify what an ANGEL actually is, when we apply numerology (a=1 – z=26).
    angel = 39 = angle = 39 = ten =39
    clearly here we see that the decagon geometry of M101 is an actual ANGEL BODY, just as our own decagon DNA reveals we are also angels.
    hence to get back online with the universe means to RE-PENT, practically, humanity will come to the realization (as Pythagoras, Leonardo DeVinci and the pyramid builders knew), nature uses pent/deca geometries almost exclusively in both space (material bodies) and time (Mayan Calendar and planetary orbit periods).
    Nature uses the most economical methods for optimum success.
    Humanity will soon realize this fact (necessary for survival) and a re-designing of city/town planning and architecture etc will begin, simply because it will become clear the pent/deca patterns use the least materials, what will convince humanity to apply these principles is that (once multinational companies lose their grip) this is also the CHEAPEST approach.

  4. Thank You Grayham 13 Eagle;

    For these elucidating comments, and for your wonderful video. I learned such fascinating facts in my first viewing this morning, and look forward to my next several views of oUR Cosmo-Genetic Family Tree !

    BTW, the two astronomers mentioned that NGC253 will be visible at the next ‘Star Party’. Anything you care to tell us about the Sculptor Galaxy?

    The synchronistic timing of your second comment will be shared on Kin 8 🙂

    Cosmic Love to All,

  5. The flight numbers of The planes from the 9.11.01
    USA inside Job.

    American Airlines Flight 11 N334AA
    United Airlines Flight 175 N612UA
    American Airlines Flight 77 N644AA
    United Airlines Flight 93 N591UA

    New Spin.

    • ‎((((Reminder))))One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

      He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

      “One is evil, which is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

      “The other is good, which is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

      The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

      The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”


      It happens with all of us. We all have both a good side and a bad side. Sometimes we are so angry that we keep on feeding our anger more with our thoughts and hence making the angry wolf win whereas at other times our kindness and love take over and the good wolf wins. If we are a little more conscious of our thoughts/actions then we can always make sure that our good wolf(good side) always wins.

      “Always remember that ALL(no exceptions) OF US HAVE A GOOD WOLF INSIDE US. Just remember to feed it. ”


    • deep down from below the crystal kundalini …
      432 communicates 48: 9 to 48 to be precise

      what is 48 ?

      elementary is is a product for 2x2x2x2x3
      2 square 4 (mystery number of time)
      2 a dual 2z12=24
      2×24 is about 2 running “etmalen”
      ‘) etmaal is a dutch label for 24 hours ; wha iz ET ?

      but then we have the deciding diff between DS & LongCount : 48!

      this gives a call for the HAND while 4×2 & 1×3 spell 4 fingears & 1 thumb!

      as we see 4×3 and 1×2 joints (aka articulatons)
      which gives 81×2=162 as a product (9×18)

      and of course we land in nine: 9+18=27 daya a moon!
      workingdaya! learningdaya? streamin’daya …
      to land in ceremoneyal 28 aka 0 / zero / equal~izer

      from ~ how to articulate a key?

  6. Magic Turtle Daya
    Full Moon
    Total all in Lunar.
    Lunar Moon. 21. Hunab Ku.
    Lunar Wind. Kin 2.
    Solar BDay of My HomeTown Here Lakota Sioux Warrior Shaman ShapeShifter.(Leanord Peltier).
    Upon The NOO World. May the Bars be Broken and the Freedom attained.
    Pardon Time Obama.
    American Indian Movement.
    Freedom Justice.
    Bring HomeBoy Home.
    Back to Paha Sapa.
    Black Hills.
    Crazy Horse.
    Sitting Bull.
    In Cube.
    Lunar (2)SkyWalker(13)

    • Kin 2, Mos Def in the flesh 😉

      Ha hah
      You know the deal
      It’s just me yo
      Beats by Su-Primo for all of my peoples, negroes and latinos
      and even the gringos

      Yo, check it one for Charlie Hustle, two for Steady Rock
      Three for the fourth comin live, future shock
      It’s five dimensions, six senses
      Seven firmaments of heaven to hell, 8 Million Stories to tell
      Nine planets faithfully keep in orbit
      with the probable tenth, the universe expands length
      The body of my text posess extra strength
      Power-lift the powerless up, out of this, towerin inferno
      My ink so hot it burn through the journal
      I’m blacker than midnight on Broadway and Myrtle
      Hip-Hop past all your tall social hurdles
      like the nationwide projects, prison-industry complex
      Working class poor better keep your alarm set
      Streets too loud to ever hear freedom ring
      Say it backwards in your sleep, “It’s dangerous to dream”
      but you chain cats get they CHA-POW, who dead now
      Killin fields need blood to graze the cash cow
      It’s a number game, but shit don’t add up somehow
      Like I got, sixteen to thirty-two bars to rock it
      but only 15% of profits, ever see my pockets like
      sixty-nine billion in the last twenty years
      spent on national defense but folks still live in fear like
      nearly half of America’s largest cities is one-quarter black
      That’s why they gave Ricky Ross all the crack
      Sixteen ounces to a pound, twenty more to a ki
      A five minute sentence hearing and you’re no longer free
      40% of Americans own a cell phone
      so they can hear, everything that you say when you ain’t home
      I guess, Michael Jackson was right, “You Are Not Alone”
      Rock your hardhat black cause you in the Terrordome
      full of hard niggaz, large niggaz, dice tumblers
      Young teens on prison greens facin life numbers
      Crack mothers, crack babies and AIDS patients
      Young bloods can’t spell but they could rock you in PlayStation
      This new math is whippin motherfuckers ass
      You wanna know how to rhyme you better learn how to add
      It’s mathematics

      [Chorus: scratched by DJ Premier (repeat 2X)]

      “The Mighty Mos Def..”
      “It’s simple mathematics” -> [Fat Joe]
      “Check it out!”
      “I revolve around science..”
      “What are we talking about here?”

      .. “Do your math” -> [Erykah Badu (2X)]
      .. “One.. t-t-two.. three, four” -> [James Brown]
      .. “What are we talking about here?” ..

      [Mos Def]
      Yo, it’s one universal law but two sides to every story
      Three strikes and you be in for life, mandatory
      Four MC’s murdered in the last four years
      I ain’t tryin to be the fifth one, the millenium is here
      Yo it’s 6 Million Ways to Die, from the seven deadly thrills
      Eight-year olds gettin found with 9 mill’s
      It’s 10 P.M., where your seeds at? What’s the deal
      They on the hill puffin krill to keep they belly filled
      Light in the ass with heavy steel, sights on the pretty shit in life
      Young soldiers tryin to earn they next stripe
      When the average minimum wage is $5.15
      You best believe you gotta find a new grind to get cream
      The white unemployment rate, is nearly more than triple for black
      so frontliners got they gun in your back
      Bubblin crack, jewel theft and robbery to combat poverty
      and end up in the global jail economy
      Stiffer stipulations attached to each sentence
      Budget cutbacks but increased police presence
      And even if you get out of prison still livin
      join the other five million under state supervision
      This is business, no faces just lines and statistics
      from your phone, your zip code, to S-S-I digits
      The system break man child and women into figures
      Two columns for who is, and who ain’t niggaz
      Numbers is hardly real and they never have feelings
      but you push too hard, even numbers got limits
      Why did one straw break the camel’s back? Here’s the secret:
      the million other straws underneath it – it’s all mathematics


      [closing scratch] “Mathematics..”

      Love U brother,

  7. from kweakplanet the insight on kin003 was active as kweakbirdy while
    its kweakcum was 783 , numerical a nine holding 9 kin in an energetic holon.

    this might need some explan(et)ation

    kweakcum beams up to 2340 ; 9 x 260 saya 9 tzolkincyclues …
    it all started on kin001 just before kin004 as a DreamSpell starter , about 3 x cycles ago (780)

    then kin003 herself came along on Christmeshdaya December 2008 to activate “this mesh” into anoother order …

    she affirmed her two Tahirih medals by saying the design was from behind the central sun … which must have been the kweakinfo deliberating the alternatives we should take to bring the snowballs down the mountains

    how do people unite?

    Ask Pascal?

  8. Amazed
    First of all i must confess that in order to be able to post
    i must leave the reading for later, actually i should update myself
    and dig in the last few posts to see what was happening, ive been very bussy and having not a lot of sleep.
    this morning before going to work, following the half post i read from this blog,
    i went to the Book of the Cube, page 88-89 and calculated my name,
    Adrian Gleizer=533 BMU 92, it was about 7:30 am
    After that i left home and while waiting the bus 63 (here the buses all have numbers, do they where you live?) and later bus 34 i saw lots of ambulances and polices, it seemed something was going on.
    My mom called me an hour later to inform me there was a terrible accident, at 6:23 am a bus number 92 crossed the railroads, the barriers were 45 degrees open and the NOT CROSS signal was on. There is an electrifying video that shows the moment the train crashes the bus. The first news said 170 injurees and 7 dead (=177) later on the number of dead added to 11 and injured around 163, heres the link, theres a terrifying video of the crash, dont need to watch

    Besides these shockin news toaday i activated abbundance and bought a long wanted external audio card and mic with wich ill be able to record music and galactic transmissions on good quality! you can hear some of my experiments here:

    Late at night i decided to check my synchronic registry after 24 days without tracking the differents levels of time. I found that today im starting the 4th 52 day cycle of my 35th year and its my day of life 12567 (=71×177)

    In the next few days i seem to be having a job of those who allow me some free internet time, so ill have a good read of the last 4 o 5 posts and commentarys on this blog and also actuallize who has been almost abbandoned for some weeks.

    These lines were written while Nick Cave’s Nocturama is being heard sufficiently loud on my headphones at the Analogue watch of the kin 4, igniting the completion of the Selfexistent Input. Its 464 days to the CC 16×29 the Cosmic Constant moved by the Cube of the Law. Its also Seli 23 Navigation Tower on Telektonon Board. Seen from the other side of 21.12.2012, 464 kin ahead we’ll be on Solar 23, also Navigation Tower, kin 150 White Resonant Dog.
    Remember this pair of kin always add up to 154, written in Galactic Notation as 7.14, the Spectral Wizard dissolves the old mecanic 12:60 time with Enchantement and Timelessness.

    Think Radial!

  9. Denise Le Fay

    September 23, 2011 is the Fall Equinox

    Today is Sept. 13, 2011 and I just realized that the fall Equinox is mere moments away! Amazing how 3D linear time is getting harder to keep track of while existing within the quantum 5D “Now Moment” is increasingly becoming the new “normal”. Talk about shifting perspectives!

    It’s September 2011 and for many of us linear time is rapidly receding into the background of our evolving, expanding consciousness and matching world reality. Part of me senses I need to be mindful of these remaining transitional days and dates within the completing Mayan calendar no matter how strange or trying it’s becoming for me to focus and hold my awareness in the old timeline long enough to write something semi-meaningful. The 2011 fall Equinox is only days away, yet my awareness remembers how potent and painful July 2011 was. The linear time and space between July and mid-September seems to me to be only days apart…not two months!

    lees meer

    Maya bio-mother and bio-father will be celebrating their 44th (Overtone Seed) anniversary on the 23rd. 😉 And at Melovia’s prompting, i calculated myself with my parents and it would seem i can’t escape the 132 so matter how hard i try 😉 Aye was even born at 12:30 pm so i literally cusp myself, lol. 198+61+133 = 132

    Which is Electric moon 4/5 Kali/Alpha Kin 13/14, Cosmic Skywalker to Magnet Wiz…initial reboot sequence complete – initiate vigesimal fractal program Tone cycle of 13…

    More than 50 noo planets…oUR universe is expanding!


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