GAP Kin 22: White Solar Wind codes Electric Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment, and Kin 23: Blue Planetary Night codes Electric Silio 14


IK     Kin 22     {10/2}

White Solar Wind

White Solar Mirror
Yellow Solar Human White Solar Wind Red Solar Earth
  Blue Overtone Storm
I pulse in order to communicate
realising breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Happy Galactic RetURn to S’ace in the Sun [=Solar] bio-region!
We also express our appreciation to  Lloydine Bolon Ik,Valum Votan’s  wife of over 20 years, who shared his journey of discovery of the Law of Time, co-authored the Dreamspell, and traveled the globe, promoting the 13 Moon Calendar.
9 Wind is Guided by 9 Mirror, which codes the palindromic Arajara  🙂
During the Analog Watch of Kin 217: Solar Earth, notice of a blog subscription synchronistically arrived: Welcome to Gabriela of the MonKEY bio-region, whose kin number appears to be 217 🙂
2.9Higher evolved stellar systems and other galactic orders may investigate other lesser evolved systems through various advanced forms of time travel, but may not interfere in any way with the stream of consciousness until it has evolved to the point of moment to moment self-reflective consciousness. Only mutual telepathic awareness or recognition is allowed.”
An 18 year old Nelson New Zealand teenager displayed too much ACCOMPLISHMENT:
He was inspired by the true story that was the subject of the film “Catch Me if You Can“, starring Leonard di Capricio. The man upon whom the film was based was eventually caught, but instead of being imprisoned, received a high-paying position ‘helping’ the establishment detect security weaknesses. After successfully impersonating a variety of professionals, including an airline pilot, this young man has been sentenced to prison.

Here is some happier news from the Night bio-region:

Rare white whale calf spotted off Australia “An extremely rare white humpback whale calf has been spotted near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef ”  “only 10 to 15 [are] believed to exist among the 10,000-15,000 humpbacks living along Australia’s east coast, and purely white ones — like the calf spotted on Saturday — rarer still” an oceanic ‘Star’ to a hyper-giant Star  Thank You Christine 3 Skywalkerfor this, and for your daily contribution of Kin Oracles, during this Moon of yoUR Electric Tone 🙂

That leads to: unprecedented detail of their [a team of Japanese scientists] observations reveals a standard 11-year cycle in ice-core records, corresponding to the sunspot cycle”

Extreme SOLAR WINDs this week were disruptive in some ways, but also produced some beautiful results:

Supernova  “The unprecedented detail of their [a team of Japanese scientists] observations reveals a standard 11-year cycle in ice-core records, corresponding to the sunspot cycle”

Extreme SOLAR WINDs this week were disruptive in some ways, but also produced some beautiful results:


TMQ spent the Challenge 9 Human and GAP Occult 5 Storm of GAP Solar Wind in Golden Bay with Grayham 13 Eagle and Marsha 9 Eagle. We enjoyed illuminating conversation, while Marsha’s delicious soup and Grayham’s fire kept us nourished and toasty, as torrential rains flowed through the night. After wishing each other “Good Morning” during the 10 Eagle Guide [TMQ’s Long Count Signature] Watch of Planetary Night, some thunder bolts were followed by a brief loss of Electrical power.

Storm “The total number of lightning flashes detected today around northern New Zealand and over the Tasman Sea is around 25,000 – an extremely high number, the website said”.

Kin 23: Blue Planetary Night



Kin 23

Blue Planetary Night
Blue Planetary Monkey
Red Planetary Skywalker Blue Planetary Night Yellow Planetary Warrior
  White Self-existing Mirror
I perfect in order to dream
producing intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of magic.


I perfect in order to dream, producing intuition.
I seal the input of abundance with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of magic.

3.10 falls on the 3rd day of the 10th Gregorian month 🙂

A discussion with 13 Eagle on 3.10 involved Perfecting Abundance: Grayham described how the community of Golden Bay is spreading Abundance through the use of alternative currency. Their colorful currency can also serve as a form of interest-free loans, and it places it’s value upon Human labor and Accomplishment, rather than upon unrestrained printing of money. This is an empowering step in the process of evolving from the irregular 12:60 frequency to 13:20 harmony.

Golden Bay is in the Heart of the Phi [= Love] Spiral coastline, and their $5.00 alternative currency note is entitled “LOVE” . Cosmic Eagle explained [in Sacred Geometry terms] why Love is literally the strongest power in the Universe. The first word in the title of the e-mail received from Marsha during the 10 Skywalker Challenge watch was love…”

Synchronistically and appropriately, the home of these two evolved Eagles/Seers [tones 9 and 13] bears the street number that equals the alpha-numeric value of LOVE: 12+15+22+5= 54 🙂

3.10:    ‘The radial design of the 13:20 frequency of synchronization maintains order in motion. In the third dimension, duration of geometric form maintains order of time. Increase of orders of conscious complexity increases the incidence of geometry as formal variety within the life processes of the organic realm, at first unconsciously, then consciously.”



Week 3 of Moon 3 begins on Kin 24: Spectral Seed. 33 is the alpha-numeric value of Seed, and 11 Seed reflects this 11th week.

The 11th Heptad of this Rhythmic Wizard Solar Ring corresponds to Codon 8:

UNITY of the PEOPLE; Tree of Time Turns HEAVEN.”  🙂  🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 3. 14.   Cube EIGHT:  ART    Kin 23

There were many challenges with wordpress.   I was able to save in my word-processing file,  fortunately, since most of the original disappeared.  Some of the graphics were lost.  Will try to reconstruct in the morning, after attempting to post now. 

In 33 minutes, week 3 of Moon 3 begins here  🙂 .



9 thoughts on “GAP Kin 22: White Solar Wind codes Electric Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment, and Kin 23: Blue Planetary Night codes Electric Silio 14

  1. thX for the Happy Return wishes , dear TMQueue 😉

    apart from passing them over to anyone interested to pass over i send them telepathically to my Mum Geertruida Anna, daughter of Catharina & Cornelis.
    As “My Mother” i shipped her in the WorldCafé some time ago.

    resp. DreamSpell LongCount TreeKweak
    086 CIMI8
    018 ETZNAB5
    104 KAN13
    i see 104 is the double 52 and a 13 capsule: 8 x 13
    isn’t 8 always the return or the interceptional moment to change a bit?

    i wanna bind the mirror 9 Arajara to this weeks destiny …
    how to do that?
    i thought it would be convenient to see for its cosmic Number:
    1 100 1 10 1 100 1 => 7 1’s & 5 zeroes
    sum 214
    elementary 2×107 & 107 is a prime, the 3rd in quadruple 101 103 107 109
    the KIN for Mirror9 iz 178

    kweak has daya 6 yet on october 3, 2011: URdaya in LIFEkweak 214.3.2 is its identification, still 3 daya to accomplish the kweak

  2. hey seay-s, since i saw your last post at this one endured a wave of spam over a year ago.. i lost hope you might even get to see my fresh – and sparkly self-sacrifice to the gods of E-waste* – comment so i will reproduce it here: consider it my ‘boreth dojo precinct’
    * we are all E-wasterixs anymononous please please treehab me!!
    i have to see sees .. je trekt hier deze meest interessante woorden kompleet de verkeerde (abstrakte fraktie falli)kant uit ..

    google the ..ace and .ace variants with poetpiet for a radialectric take on the whole thing. There may be some hope yet. As it is said of jesus pulling his thrustratees out of hell, one comment when well placed enough will relieve the entire kommentariat of having to achieve that level and be stuck on the wrong side of it. Back up, live feed comin through.
    visionontv is a decade ahead of most vidders, they are under a minute long. Here’s to you and your prominent role in (s)hades and filters ‘decommodifficated’ into trees and soil.

    met innigste deelname*
    * voor zover dat voor een/je kollega mogelijk is.. in zover dat ik ook geen strektijd voor tuinen maak – maar wel een pleelist ‘natural’ en ‘permacooledsure’ als ontknoophoopening en sleutelkeutel.

    retreatmint saunter fee foe fum …. every single savant a humdrum bum

  3. Hi dear 138 , 221 here , how are you , eve 37 just gave birth to Noah Aianawa on 21 , hi fellow kin , lsol/lots of love

    • Dear Vernon 13 Dragon and Eve 11 Earth;

      Thank you for sharing your thrilling news!

      Your son was born on Hunab Ku 21, which is the G-Force of Valum Votan’s Kin 11, and the alpha-numerics of Noah Ainawa equal 88, the Northern Hemisphere Kin [Planetary Star] of Votan’s Ascension 🙂

      Eve [17.11] and her two ‘Dragons, 1.8 and 1.13’ equal sacred Kin 19: Rhythmic Storm.

      Our 441 [21×21] Cube of Truth Kin send all our Love to you and Eve, and newly-Birthed Noah Ainawa, Galactic Hunab Ku 21!

  4. there’s a pic (SunMatrixStrings)* to go with this called 1/4::5 a weave of 7×3 (only 8 seals though) with gracenotes, seals cloven thusly
    1 of 1
    3 of 2
    2 of 3
    2 of 4
    it folds one way perfectly another with just 1 flaw
    Resonant Garden 1/4::5 Mushrooming Memories of Dialectical Quality

    * – just to show i can go for tangents as well here’s a few:
    SunMatrix St(ir)rings
    SunMa trixSt(er) rings

    i think your playful inventiveness illustrates what a toleration extremist can wreak and wreck, i take your randomness reach as a statement of greed and cageyness at the same time. you are lonely enough in your labyrinth to want to lure and attract folks, so you claim validity and universality and all that … but at the same time you constantly throw up new mazewalls in an unpredicable enough fashion to guarantee there’s a barrage of them between you and your liberators/co-operators … hangers on …. by the barest of imaginary threads i tellya!

    There’s another guy i know who calls himself Bob DobbsDean (married to naturopath Carolyn Dean, living on Hawaii) completely obsessed with 22 as well by the way. He uses a vocal form of ‘seercoelation’ – to repell / tell off and claim authority to duh divine and even bestow all things godly and good under the sun as he ceaseURs one whimfit after another.

    He tolerates only people that go belly up (like a pup) at the change of a tony tine (he made a socalled ‘tiny chart’ with folks like JJoyce, Mcluhan, Larouche, WIThompson and Kroker on it and has stuck with it for 30 years, highly repetitive fellow) and tests them frequently, never leaving doubt about foulmoodedness, a point he reaches with neurotic frequency … just like he is one of them germophobes who doubts nor hesitates when the time comes to wash his hands off of the enormous pile of E-waste he is responsible for over the years, even without being at all popular, once again.

    The guy is a nuthouse and it should be as illegal for folks like him to use computers before seeing what happens to E-waste in China and Africa, then doing their stint aboutfacing it as it should be for any other folk.

    I am finally beginning to understand Jose’s aversion to and his eye for the disservices of digital/electron-i-culture. I wonder if he feels from his vantage point now, that he plied the best possible tactic to get back to bringing the garden culture strategy to the fore and forward.

  5. well kin alaKech,
    i read some linguistical approaches from PP, maybe a KIN that speaks DDutch too as i’m trained to see through that by studying mystery & noosphere premises …
    could be a tip to PP triptoeing into the Galactic Classroom

    While the crew entered the third week in the 7777 boredom …
    we in kweak still are on the tail of kwaek 2 – LIFEkweak day 7/9 SOULdaya

    Having the 441 cubes in the repertoire we can more guided see the value that kweak hides even to its creator. This is a property of things that appear as a gift from revelation. And we learned how revelation is a product from the Holomind Perceiver which talent is given to just the few that withdraw from the hurry as a habit. Can we make an image of urbloodyself in a wishfull circumstance?

    In kweakspell the interval reached 260 …
    this is simply while the breakeven KIN is 48 apart and KIN024 in current

    LongCount 236 …

    seems we’re in a balanced state … of mind and number …
    number 0 / zero checks up for humanity

    How is TMQ’s orientation skilled by teachings on number 48 … which is pretty parallel to 212 while they both form 260 from themselves …??

    isn’t 48 als 3 x 16 reference for the 16 codon years accomplishing the spells outcome …

  6. having 212 as a complementary diff-kin as 48 on DS & LC …
    we could give that a focus … just this evening / K-night …

    the label we gave it spells Self Existing Human

    pretty good aye when we articulate the specie meant according the galaxies far away from this place of crisis which is of course a meltin’ pot as ursoup in a cauldron …

    who can be the cauldron’ ?
    the cauldron for … the self-existing human, aya ?!

    ha 48 !
    solar star – its complenmenatary archetype , just 24 kin away in DreamSpell and 72 in LongCount …

    but then 4 years active from last leapyear to next one …
    or maybe a little bit longer when humanity accomplises the turnover OmegaShift
    which brings 3 daya on a row end july 2012 just some weeks after anoother Venus Transition as initiathot …

    july 24 as 13th Daya of Moon Experiece – given by KweakSpell Overture
    july 25 as morphed DOOT into DôSE: Daya of Sun Experience
    july 25 3/4 as Daya of Time Experience aka DôTE
    july 26 will be ignithor for a fused calendar where “war is over” and warfair is in the metamorphin’ones themselves – getting self-exiting from self-existence

    just meditate on that, fellow Kin & Children of the Sun’expected

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