Kin 33: Red Resonant Skywalker codes Electric Gamma 24

BEN   Kin 33

Red Resonant Skywalker

Red Resonant Serpent
Blue Resonant Night Red Resonant Skywalker White Resonant Worldbridger
  Yellow Resonant Star
I channel in order to explore
inspiring wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of life force.
Happy Galactic Return to Kim, whose name [11+9+13] even equals 33  🙂
Today’s Antipode, 7 Night will code the 2013 Day-out-of-Time20+13 = 33;  13.7.  The G-Force of this numerically significant Kin is Solar Eagle [Marsha]  Two special events to occur on 9 Eagle are described below. 
The Long Count Kin is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  11 Serpent.  
It’s synchronistic that  Kin 13.7 codes the 704th year anniversary of  the day the Templars were arrested, on 10/13/1307.  Kin 33 also codes the 1 year anniversary of the dramatic rescue of the 33 Chilean miners.
13.7:  “The alternative personality in tandem with other alternative personalities enters the flux tube which is engaged by the projection of mental electrons and mental electron-neutrons (cultivated through the creation of the Heptagonon of Mind/Primal Cubic Parton).   The interaction of the pattern of focused mental electron-neutrons within the electromagnetic field of the flux tube system sets up a wave pattern which provides the means of transport for the time traveling telepathic “crew.’
One  critical  purpose of Our Cube Journey on Days 7 through 22 of each Moon is to telepathically reconnect  the Flux Tubes between Earth and Uranus.  This article explains why Uranus is currently tilted out of alignment.  “But that doesn’t explain why Uranus’s moons spin sideways, relative to their orbital planes, matching almost exactly their parent planet’s 98-degree tilt.”   They believe a second collision [with something twice the size of Earth]  explains that.

“Be part of an historic event with 14 evolutionary leaders coming together around a shared vision for global change
Birth 2012 Convergence takes place  between Noon and 2 in the MonKEY Region [Pacific coast of the Turtle continent]
on Electric 26, coded by 9 Eagle. [8 a.m. 10 Warrior in New Zealand]  Solar Eagle’s Guide,  9 MonKEY,  coded the day Valum Votan ascended.  
As Jose Arguelles, he  inititated the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987, which began the 26 year countdown to our Galactic Synchronization in 2013.  One of the topics in the birth2012 link above is 11:11
 Over nearly 40,000 Kin around the world have registered for this FREE virtual event, led by Barbara Marx Hubbard, and whose leaders include colleagues/friends of Valum Votan, such as Ervin Laszlo and Jean Houston.  This event is a chance for all of us to have our attention focused upon Convergence during the same two hours  🙂 
The same day,  “On October 15th, we will meet on the streets to initiate the global change we want. We will peacefully demonstrate, talk and organize until we make it happen.  It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.  Thanks Debra 7 Mirror, for sharing this link:
Synchronistically, it was  Christine who first brought news of New Zealand’s environmental disaster to this forum.  Her seal 13 and tone 3 are KEY numbers:

Prime Minister KEY  said the Rena had “ploughed into” the well-known Astrolabe {=93} Reef at 17 knots in calm conditions on Wednesday “for no particular reason“.  

The Rena  had to go a sharp 3 nautical miles off course to hit that particular reef.   Much could be said about how lack of inaction during the first calm[weatherwise] days were followed by actions that seem to be worsening the situation.  It’s been difficult to observe this unfolding this week.  Each evening’s news broadcast shows an underground view of the perched ship [this was already slated to be her last voyage] The only number in this daily graphic is a 13:  the number of meters above surrounding ocean floor.  

   Oil slick

Christchurch had several more earthquakes this week, and  a widely-felt 5.5  was  classified as a ‘new earthquake’ instead of as an aftershock.  One Christchurch family who  moved to Australia to escape the constant tremors, lost their entire load of belongings on the stranded Rena.  Toxic  oil  is destroying a wide swath of beautiful pristine beaches, and now, huge storage containers are entering the water.

Thank You Ani 3 Wind, for your link about Quasi-Crystals, a “type of crystal so strange and unusual that it upset the prevailing views on the atomic structure of matter, leading to a paradigm shift in chemistry.” and to the 2011 Nobel Prize. It elicited an elucidating  response from Grayham, Cosmic Eagle. “…Quasi-crystal, which should be be called PHI based geometries ALWAYS radiate omni-directionally outward from a centre (Hunab Ku), therefore there is inherent an attracting suction back to that centre, we call that love/source/spirit/god/higher self/ etc…”

“To identify the centering attraction to the local universe centre is (for humanity) finding the rudder of the past so that navigating into the future is possible.”  Thank You 195  🙂

 13 Leading Mayan Elders held a news conference last week at the United Nations Church Plaza hosted by the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT), the spiritual arm of the UN, to quell the doomsday paranoia and send a message of hope and peace.

The press gathering marked the opening of the “Legend of the 13″, an event-series produced by New Realities, Oracle Stone and the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment of New York City, which brought together for the first time the 13 Mayan crystal skulls”   “Hunbatz Men, a high Solar Priest, spoke gravely about the human race who have forgotten and abandoned their cosmic essence “Before the western colonialists spoiled our world,” he said, “the Mayans knew many secrets of the cosmos.”

Grandfather Cirilo also delivered a warning… “We are coming close to the time when money will be worthless,” he said, urging us to look beyond the material world and reconnect with spirituality.”

However, the following article states that when the sacred pilgrimage arrives in Los Angeles, the 13 Elders will be replaced and/or joined by another 13 Mayan Elders for an extravaganza on 11/11/11 

What do you think of corporate sponsors [Google, NBC and others]  ‘running the show’ for consecutive Solstices, culminating with “a fourth mega-event that will broadcast live,  from the Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza on the 2012 Winter Solstice.”?  “On that night Cirque de Soleil will take over the entire Chichen Itza Temple complex” 

 At 11:11 PM, on the night of the 2012 Winter Solstice spectacular, at the exact moment when our Sun and the Earth go into alignment with the center of the galaxy, the Elders, and the Cirque de Soleil performers will present a guided meditation that will unite over two-billion viewers…”  

By Mayan calculations, the precise alignment is at 11:11 A.M.  TMQ has seen Circque de Soleil perform several times, and it feels like a curious choice for welcoming “the unconditionally-loving light of the Divine Feminine.” 

Humanity’s sacred task is  to Unite and to manifest the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge at the end of the 13th Baktun. 


It’s always wonderful to receive Code=E 93’s inspiring messages:
“…Archetype Hunab Ku.  TimeShip Prepared.  Still Aware.
I Shy away from Words.  I Urge Numbers.  Emotion.  Feeling.
Devotion to Galactic Federation.

Head Held High. Eyes on the Prize.
Transition.  Transmission.  Freedom.
Arcturus Space Station.
Strength in Numbers…. Love.evoL

On this day filled with sacred  13s, a new day  [Galactic Wizard] has just begun here in Aotearoa.  The Combined Dreamspell Kin [14.8+5.3 + 14.6] for Electric 25 equals 13.4, Self-Existing Skywalker.  The G-Force of  Kin  173 is Kin 39 [13x3], whose Postulate is the final one:

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

1. 24. 3. 24.   Extended Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION   Kin 33


21 thoughts on “Kin 33: Red Resonant Skywalker codes Electric Gamma 24

  1. S.S.(185)
    Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Page 65
    Poem written by Valum Votan in 1991

    “Life is poetry itself
    The dawn of the Sea
    The stars, your flesh
    It’s not money, but magic that makes the world go round.
    It’s not months, but moons that keep the earth in her spin
    What you are in your skin is already enough
    Time to give up
    No more Monday morning schizophrenia
    Of tied shoes and closed down senses
    Time to remember
    Life is poetry itself
    Moon-tide memories
    Of rainbow cloud light
    Beamed through mind’s
    Self recollection.”

    Page 75
    Votan’s Journal entitled: “Earth Wizard’s little Book of Practical Conduct:”
    “The Two Laws of the Wizard’s self-ethical code of Conduct.”
    1. You always receive what you need. No more and no less. Exactly when you need it. No sooner and no later.
    2. Always do what you need to do for yourself, exactly when you need to do it(no more no less).

    Page 81
    “Whenever truth appears anew it’s biggest enemy is ignorance; the more whole and brilliant the revelation of truth, the more multiple will be the sectarian backtracks of ignorance. (These codes) are not about bringing past traditions into the present, but rather about bringing the future into the present in order to restore human autonomy planet wide….”

    33. Child of the day of truth, listen: 20 is the number of totality. You have 20 fingers and toes because God has made you the totality of time. Thirteen is the number of God’s cosmic wisdom, perfect in its power of unceasing change and circulation. Thirteen are the joints of your limbs and body. Seven is the difference between thirteen and 20. Seven is the mystic perfection between one and thirteen. Seven is the erect spine of vigilance in which are met the 144,000 mystic fibres of the body’s thirst for prophecy.

    Feeling Full Lunar Presence.
    The Polarity of The NOO.
    Pulsation 5Th Force Matrix.
    Beauty of Hunab Crew.

    • seen from a singular position this is true and always the bodily way to meditate ..
      “33. Child of the day of truth, listen: 20 is the number of totality. You have 20 fingers and toes because God has made you the totality of time. Thirteen is the number of God’s cosmic wisdom, perfect in its power of unceasing change and circulation. Thirteen are the joints of your limbs and body. Seven is the difference between thirteen and 20. Seven is the mystic perfection between one and thirteen. Seven is the erect spine of vigilance in which are met the 144,000 mystic fibres of the body’s thirst for prophecy.”

      But then the awakening takes place caused by an ignition that was expected all the time, simply because all human beings are one from the ignition into the bifurcation point, our destiny …

      “242. Eleven iz the number of Humane Destiny, humble in its navigation of unforeseen selfishness and media cacophonous. Eleven is the outcome from contemplating relations and relationships. Nine is the difference between eleven and twenty. Nine is the mythic revelation perfecting the octaves will. Nine is the coordination ion given by martyrdom ~ nowadays those who offer themselves within the mission at stake concerning the planet and all its grandeur, maybe Avatars.
      Nine is the number of kin in a noo standardized week, a kweak. Perfectly rotating within the 28 as a zero-marker while 27 holds its trinity.”

      242 iz my kweak kin while it walks on DS22 and LC220 …
      )))) Two for two ((( sounds the perfect solution that every one has a lover, a trusted partner – from the beginning an inner twin trust. But then the human body iz equiped for LoveMates that Dance all over the World as a noospheric planet.

      in Lake’ch ala Kin’o

  2. the circle of skulls with 12 in the circle and one in the middle as

    shows so nicely …
    actually shows the centered vow for the current moon …
    the centered one is the current DAY / KIN / MOON out of 28/260/52

    the void spot in the circle is not visable which makes it hard to see which spot is current but then this elegantly shows each “skull” is equal to the other one …

    the skulls are also transparent or do we say CRYSTAL CLEAR … tone 12 resonant

    i take notice of the idea “we are blinded by the Leight” and become …

    10/13 SOULdaya
    in 3 days we have GLORYdaya breaking into moon 4 of the OWL

    • There are no Chrystal Skulls, all are handmade by men/people.

      Discovery channel has that all figured out. From the Now to the beginnings of the Antique / artist (((who made that story …).

      No shit sherlock???

      Yes, Watson. Do your research.

      • a key, dear Miss Watson iz given by the word transparent …
        which is not similar as crystal or ))) crystallah (((

        crystal iz tone 12 and prevails the magiQ number 13 …

        the late José Argueless made this very clear and repeated is over 9991 times in his lif enduring yogic yoga sessions into the noosp’here

        key is also SP : 8 & 11 compound 19
        it iz also in ))) SP hin X (((

        well repeat a thing too many times and no-one will see its function anymore – it became a programmed habit … or rabbit in the keyhole

        entry “tesla 3 6 9” reveals some of what Watson can do shorter …
        A T B ~ in LakechalakiN’o

      • Het schrappen van je persoonlijke geschiedenis bevrijdt je van de belemmerende gedachten van andere mensen. Don Juan Matus heeft dat gedaan: zijn persoonlijke geschiedenis geschrapt. “En nu weet niemand met zekerheid wie ik ben!” “Maar zelf weet u toch zeker wel wie u bent?” vroeg Carlos. Oh, reken maar… van niet!” riep don Juan uit, en hij rolde over de grond van het lachen. Hij hoefde zich niet langer om waarheden of leugens te bekommeren, want leugens zijn alleen maar leugens als je een persoonlijke geschiedenis hebt. Uit: Carlos Castaneda, Reis naar Ixtlan

      • Here Copy That:

        I Polarise in order to Dream,  Stabilizing Intuition.
        I seal the input of Abundance with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
        I am guided by the power of Vision.
        Today’s Challenge truly is:  Lunar Skywalker (love and blessings to you, Code=E  ) The G-Force of Kin 223 is 5.7, the sacred ratio (Resonant Serpent).
        Postulate 3.2:  “The holonomic nature of the Galactic Brain implies that any stellar mass, inclusive of its planetary bodies, participates in a uniform process that engages the functions of the four quadrants in the evolutionary progression of time and consciousness.”
           GAMMA 3;  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE/Ajna    
        Let’s revel in the AbunDANCE of  Visions,  Love, Intelligence, Spirit and Magic  in oUR  144/441 Cube of TRUTH 
        Debra 7 Mirror noted that in “Bonnie Gaunt’s book, ‘Divine Design’ – the gematria of the Hebrew text that assigns mathematical value to scripture, 222 represents “the voice of God”  Synchronistically, she shared that  the Wavespell of  Spirit, coded by Kin 222, began with  ”A VERY BIG WIND [that]  blew through the Pacific Northwest overnight causing 150,000 to be without power” !
        Cheetah Cosmic Serpent responded that her  name, and that of her name-sake (the Voice of God) in Africa is Bonnie.  The letters in Bonnie equal 59,  Resonant Storm (19.7) which is also the G-Force of the pivotal Kin 197;  which Valum Votan revealed as the ‘genesis’ of the 7 cycles of 113 days, and 7 cycles of 144 days.  {Synchronistically, the ‘Cosmic Dragon plus Maiden’ image contributed by Cosmic Night also reminded Bonnie Cheetah of a past life, in which her surname {Burr} also equaled 59!]
        Christine Electric Skywalker responded with the link to the Bible Wheel (which is arranged in a counter-clockwise spiral  ) strenthening the theme of Spirit and Communication.  Christine and   Cheetah  also stepped back in time:  Kin 133  found Magic at Disneyland,  ““A dream is a wish yoUR heart makes…” i could not help but open my heart ever wider to channel and radiate an innocence i have not felt in many many years.”  “Eye was filled with the spirit everywhere i went;”   
        Cosmic Serpent  is enjoying  her Lovers Reunion with  Electric Dragon, after 23 years apart   
        “Eons treading paths unique
Though settings change…Finally we touch
our bodies smooth against the other melding, fusing, texutre, color
a gleam at first 0,  then burst on recognition
Explode, erupt from timid glimmer…no iridescent beam nor shaft of sun
dare rival you;  or rival two – becoming one” 
        The combined Moon and Year kin shifted from 22 (S’ace Solar Wind and Bolon Ik) to 23 (9.5 + 14.5 = 3.10, Blue Planetary Night) and  there is an abundance of love being beautifully expressed by many, including Christine, Cheetah,  Mike and  Angel Crystal Moon:  “We’ll watch the world from above As it turns to the rhythm of love” “BIG (((((Love:))))))) sweet inlakech’es”
        Mike Overtone World-Bridger, is on a ‘triple Magic Turtle Trip’ with his Galactic SignatURe resonanting with this Overtone Wizard Moon and Overtone Moon Year.   He steadfastly holds oUR Vision of  oUR 13:20 Community in Aotearoa, Land of the First to see the Dawn, which takes on added significance with the advent of  oUR increased awareness of  Quetzalcoatl, “Lord of the Dawn“.  “This New Jerusalem will be the Galactic port for our Multi-Universal brothers and sisters, makes sense Aotearoa New Zealand A-Z Alpha Omega, extraterestrial contact vibrate the love build the dream, horses, gardens, fruit and lots of laughter and love.” 
        Valum Votan’s report elicited this response from S’ace Kin 22: “on this WindOne aka WinDone aka HUN’IK
a seer saw for the 791+1+216 clue into 1008 …which is not just a phenomenon resonating 7 but indeed 9 asswell;  792 vibrates 9×88 and 216 9×24 (hours a daya) 9×24 is exactly timing the 9 daya a kweak;”  Melovia Crystal Moon noted that  “Kin 64 is also the Occult of Kin 197     “, adding a third synchronicity to  “Codon 64, which is empowered by the synchronicity of Kin 64 which codes these first 3 PSI days.”
        As 11.11 described in “Galactic Spiral Density Wave and 2012“,  “Sura 113;  Lord of the Dawn” is a call for protection in dark times”.  We are to call for a Galactic Intervention, and we can expect the retURn of the Galactic Maya.  See Knight 143′s response:
        “Intrepid voyagers of the Kuxan Suum”…”the Maya make ready for the final adjustments” 
The galactic code of honor is to manifest and
demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible.
Always playing by the rules of harmony, but at the same time respecting
the local intelligence, the code’s chief command would be to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness.”

Steve Soucy Static Output AM89– Questionhomage 226 accepts terms of service.
        Ignition process// –.

        ‘”Sweet understandin’, Seymour’s your friend”‘

        ((((((oooooh you deceiver, ooooh you stealth creature.
        Barumm Barumm Thpppppppppp
        You got me. I hope you don’t shoot at me.))))))))

        Last wish?

        Hmm maybe you like this:

        Ps. Be Humble and Gratituded, say thanks for the Spirit !!!

        Forget being reincarnated, ill be jamming untill the end of time (get it?)

  3. Well, finally …the power/force from the media to stimulate mass awakening 🙂

    I know from a long time ago, a female from a forum who was/did press/public relations for Cirque Soleil. I think guess the intentions are good. What my most concern is , are the misleading puppets in the game who are making efforts from the authentics leaders of the “game”, they call the prophecy …

    Nuff said.


    My contribution: (((or at least i feel this more to my alignment)))


    And so it is! ❤ :


    • dear Priscella, miss Watson,
      will you reveal the essence of 3 6 9 in the enneagram (of Gurdieff)?

      i think this is part of your hon. mission, agree?

      your Holmesh
      also known for about 25.x00 years as Bolon’Ik

  4. To all those who have gone before us ~ we now stand on their shoulders ~
    I enjoy your writing Dear Kin ~ traveling from West Coast to midwest ~ changing regions of US of A ~ as Kin ~ connecting with people along the way ~ just decoded my friend Anna, who is Yellow Crystal Sun her husband is Yellow Cosmic Warrior (though drinking too much) and their daughter is White Spectral Mirror ~ woke this morning at a KOA Kampground to the sound of musak in my communal bathroom ~ reminding myself to make a suggestion that they stop such nonsense ~ as I was sitting on the toilet out came the music of Roger Williams from 1966 ~ BORN FREE! I am in the right place, at the right time . . . In Lake’ch a la Kin

  5. CoURtesy Kin 34, Galactic Wizard, Langston Hughes 😉

    I Harmonize in order to Enchant
    I Model Receptivity
    I seal the output of timelessness
    With the Galactic tone of Integrity
    I am guided by the power of Endlessness

    “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain”

    The younger Negro artists who create now intend to express
    our individual dark-skinned selves without fear or shame.
    If white people are pleased we are glad. If they are not,
    it doesn’t matter. We know we are beautiful. And ugly, too.
    The tom-tom cries, and the tom-tom laughs. If colored people
    are pleased we are glad. If they are not, their displeasure
    doesn’t matter either. We build our temples for tomorrow,
    strong as we know how, and we stand on top of the mountain
    free within ourselves.

    Eye noticed the portal/warp reactivated by Steve – it is good to re/member oUR parts and how we PLAY!!!


    • 19/113
      Electric 25
      (Guided by 138)

      Vinal 5. TZEC : That reaches the foundations

      1. POP : The one who knows
      2. UO : Listens in silence
      3. ZIP : In order to integrate the Universe
      4. ZOTZ : Based on knowledge
      5. TZEC : That reaches the foundations….

      [ Hey, C, long time no talk 🙂 ]

      In lak’ech ala Kin

      • HyoHA dear Melowia …
        just saw the 28 break between 1 and 29 … as a fill
        and 28 is the zero in kweakline ;-))

        which holds the term “WEA” which may be the origin to “WE”

        inspection from the cosmic decode gives resp. 206 to 205

        althought the last one equalizes 5 to 41 (the god interval?)
        WEA alignes to 5 x 41 + 1
        the last +1 in the formula iz always the beholder …
        the kin at charge
        energizing the response
        within a whole
        which is often communicated as a Rabbit Hole which iz the Judge
        quite a Human Task while it essences Wisdom

        1. POP : The one who knows
        2. UO : Listens in silence
        3. ZIP : In order to integrate the Universe
        4. ZOTZ : Based on knowledge
        5. TZEC : That reaches the foundations….

        may convert into

        5: OEZT – 40 5 1 7 => 53
        4: ZTOZ : 260 140 40 260 => 700
        3: PIZ : 60 9 260 => 329
        2: OU : 40 160 => 200
        1: POP : 60 40 60 => 160
        total 1432 …
        432 communicates 432 Hz ~ the Earths Standard for Sound?
        this article might spell a unifying clu

  6. A look into the “HOW” of the Occupy Wall Street movement: The consensus process.

    The community of occupiers at Liberty Plaza have sparked the process of building a movement that now transcends any one physical landmark. The tools to keep the movement alive belong to all of us.

    Created by the Meerkat Media Collective –


    MORE ON CONSENSUS:–occupywallstreet:-a-primer


  7. i’ll be curious to learn how much of a cold shoulder this nevertheless very
    akin person will receive in your eyes .. at your handkinknocktID fingertips. … due to competitor qualities
    Please welcome, a calendar lady, a matrologist, a bible and pyramid
    student .. very tastfully pixeled page i have to say … though sorry to see her fondle and frisk the bible so closely … a truyl intelligent yet christian lass, a meticulous measure,
    rescale telescoop and fractalate, then draw a diagram kinda gal:
    TeaTephi the curvealatress nailing the pie, cookabooking Phi, steeping tea and verknipknoppert genoeg to be a
    respectable member in my bouquet right next to yall:

    my thoughts on ows

  8. If you have read ‘The Law of One’ by the ascended group ‘RA’ you’ll know that 1% of presently incarnate humanity (70 million) have already ascended long ago on some other planet, this group (probably you who read TMQ) are not the ones ascending through this era.
    Humanity is learning to love/understand which is heart chakra, TMQ and others are learning wisdom (how to create, using universe numbers) which is throat chakra, our expectations of humanity need to be appropriate for where they are as a group soul. Humanity can’t leap thru the heart chakra into the adept/throat/skywalker phase, they have a whole cycle ahead on how best to function as a coherent whole which will open the question of how to create.

    There is no exact alignment with the galactic centre in 2012, John Jenkins and others looked into this in great detail. There is an exact alignment with the galactic centre in about 2222, at present the alignment is with the galactic equator, which is itself ‘thick’ and it takes some 40yrs to cross it.

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