Kin 36: Yellow Planetary Warrior codes Electric Limi 27

CIB   Kin 36

Yellow Planetary Warrior

Yellow Planetary Seed
White Planetary Worldbridger Yellow Planetary Warrior Blue Planetary Night
  Red Self-existing Serpent
I perfect in order to question
producing fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of flowering.
We are in a sequence in which the seal number matches the Gregorian day, but today we have a total synch with the tone [10] matching the 10th month:  16.10 on 10/16.   🙂  
 Antipode 6.10 reflects the time [6:10 a.m.] of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death, while the PSI for Electric 27 is 10 Mirror, which coded the Discovery of Pacal Votan’s Tomb nearly 60 years ago.
The G-Force of 10 Warrior is 5 Wizard.  Today’s Long Count:  1 Star.
16.10:  “Radiosonic compost” transduces into light the remaining third-dimensional entitization.  This moment of stellar excitation releases the final evolution of alternative personality fourth-dimensional holon aggregates, “collective radiosonic mass,” into a pure condition of super to subliminal soul boat transmigratory encounters.   Arrival at this condition represents the limit of application of celestial harmonics as the index of evolutionary time vector potentialities within a given holonomic macro-order, galaxy.”

During the Analog Watch of Kin 33, coded by Resonant World-Bridger:  6.7, a 6.7 earthquake struck Papa New Guinea.

Also on Resonant Skywalker, crop circles appeared in the American mid-west:

 Crop Circle

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceWe Warmly Welcome Steve  who beautifully wove Kin together in his first comment.  As he  wrote:

Let’s revel in the AbunDANCE of  Visions,  Love, Intelligence, Spirit and Magic  in oUR  144/441 Cube of TRUTH“. 
At this moment, there are 21 comments from you at  the 7 Skywalker post  🙂  

Steve’s vision, which resonates so strongly 🙂 was first expressed by Mike 5 World-Bridger““This New Jerusalem will be the Galactic port for our Multi-Universal brothers and sisters, makes sense Aotearoa New Zealand A-Z Alpha Omega, extraterestrial contact vibrate the love build the dream, horses, gardens, fruit and lots of laughter and love.” 

Thank You Code=E 93, for sharing [among other inspiring messages]  the perfect Telektonon passage for Kin 33, 13.733. Child of the day of truth, listen: 20 is the number of totality. You have 20 fingers and toes because God has made you the totality of time. Thirteen is the number of God’s cosmic wisdom, perfect in its power of unceasing change and circulation. Thirteen are the joints of your limbs and body. Seven is the difference between thirteen and 20. Seven is the mystic perfection between one and thirteen. Seven is the erect spine of vigilance in which are met the 144,000 mystic fibres of the body’s thirst for prophecy.”

Priscella 6 Wizard shared some beautiful videos, and the news/opinion that the crystal skulls are inauthentic.  What does this bode for the  pilgrimage currently crossing America, and the ensuing 11/11/11 event in Los Angeles, to be followed by 4 mega-Solstice events? 

Kin 214 also mentioned the significance of 3, 6, and 9, whichis discussed in depth in Cosmic History Chronicles II:  Book of the Avatar.   ““If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”—Nikola Tesla

Today, TMQ shifted many boxes of Volume 2:  Book of the Avatar, and saved the sheet that noted 21 boxes [containing 20 books each] had been sent to her at 21 Swamp Rd.  [she had paid for shipping while Galactic Agents  11.11 and 5.3  were moving to N.Z.] 

TMQ will send up to 7 [free]  volumes of Book of the Avatar to any Kin who arranges pre-paid postage.  A few Moons later, Valum Votan formulated the concept of the 21×21=441 Cube Matrix  🙂

Priscella also shared information about the PLANETARY WARRIORSwho are making a difference around the world.  Here is another article  that explains how decisions are made.   As Priscella says:  “The community of occupiers at Liberty Plaza have sparked the process of building a movement that now transcends any one physical landmark.  The tools to keep the movement alive belong to all of us.”

Thanks to  Katy 10 Serpent for your lovely comment  🙂  sent while en route from the S.F. Bay Area to the more  rural 13:20 American mid-west.  We wish you well in your big shift, and look forward to hearing more.   Stay Born FREE!

Christine sent news of a FREE-floating  “six-Jupiter-mass brown dwarf found in the NGC 1333 cluster“–of coURse!

Christine 133  closed her comment with:  “We build our temples for tomorrow,  strong as we know how, and we stand on top of the mountain free within ourselves.”

S’ace 9 Wind made a comment that applies especially to  today,  Electric [3] 27“Perfectly rotating within the 28 as a zero-marker while 27 holds its trinity.” Thanks  Kin 22 for also linking  this very interesting article:  2012There is a battle going on, not only on Planet Earth as we see in the daily news but in the whole Milky Way. This battle is connected with the Mayan Hunab Ku and the end of the Mayan Calendar…”

PoetPiet introduced us to a sincere Christian.  No one receives a ‘cold shoulder’ here [though his video could be interpreted as one]  A  follower of Christ the  Prince of Peace is especially welcome.  Just now [early on 11 Earth] found a comment from Poet Piet [10/10/2011] that had been lableld spam-sorry for delay]

From page 56 of the  7:7:7:7 Telektonon Revelation by Valum Votan:  “Christ = 4 Sun, Kin 160–Antipode 4 Dog [Pacal Votan Clear Sign] Kin 30 = UR = Christ, “The Annointed One”  Christ is the pure Messenger of UR whose life and meaning aquire the greatest significance at the Judgment Day end  time as the prelude of the return to UR, the Universal Religion on Earth

Thank You Grayham 13 Eagle for your comment today, which also states:  “…There is an exact alignment with the galactic centre in about 2222, at present the alignment is with the galactic equator, which is itself ‘thick’ and it takes some 40 yrs to cross it.

Jannis 7 Moon sums up this coming year: “Solar Eagle   Flying Circus
Magic Theatre  Life is a dream. and “Hollywood_20.12″ is coming closer,
what will director humanity make out of it?

Right now, we are about to cross into the 4th Self-Existing Moon of Form, when we ask: “What is the form my service will take?”   During the Fourth Moon, we telepathically connect with Baktun 4:  Baktun of the Sacred Western Mountain   BC 1930 – 1536.

This  Fourth Moon will be coded by4 World-Bridger.  Kin 186 coded the last full year of Valum Votan’s life.  Today is the 89th day of the year, a reminder that Votan ascended on Kin 89:  11 Moon.

The 13th Week of the Rhythmic Wizard year  correspond to Codon 23:  “MIND’S RELEASE”  “Way of Wielding Power Descends to Earth”. 

This quote, offered by Steve, resonates with today, since the Solar Plexus is our Kuxan Suum connection, and Postulate 16.10 mentions Transduce:

“Intrepid voyagers of the Kuxan Suum”…”the Maya make ready for the final adjustments” 
The galactic code of honor is to manifest and
demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible.
Always playing by the rules of harmony, but at the same time respecting
the local intelligence, the code’s chief command would be to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness.”

Thanks in part  to the Planetary Warriors, Unity is growing daily  🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 3. 27.   Cube 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY  Kin 36

2 thoughts on “Kin 36: Yellow Planetary Warrior codes Electric Limi 27

  1. Aloha!
    In 2004, at the end of the Spectral Wizard Year (my first one following the 13 moon) i was having one of the most exciting exhalted prophetics season of my life.
    I had just came back from Brazil where, after meeting Jose and Stephanie at the Call of the Condor in Peru, i experienced for about 3 moons the 13:20 codes by living completely Out of Time, sleeping under a tree on a beautiful beach at the north, selling collars i made for covering my minimal needs of food, and decoding tourists and traveller´s galactic signatures with my Sirian Compass.
    Back in Buenos Aires i searched the local kin and connected especially with Barbara Yellow Lunar Sun. With her we explored in depth many different aspects of the Law of Time and at a certain point felt a connection with the spirit of Pacal Votan (so we felt by these days) and channeled a few messages transmitted from higher dimentions.
    One of the messages was signed by Pacal himself, inviting us to manifest worldwide in the main cities of every square with nothing but mirrors.
    We thought that 10 Mirror was a perfect kin for such expression. It was until i went to the internet to send mails to the kin worldwide that i found to my big surprise that 10 Mirror was going to be the Pacal Votan Sarcophagous Lid Opening 52nd Solar Galactic Return and there VV and RQ were hosting a ceremony in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.
    I wrote the message to every pan node email i found and also to Valum Votan, who answered me a few weeks later by saying that he liked the idea of an artistic display of mirrors and that he was gaving me total support but since he was very bussy doing other tasks and the vision came to me, it was good that i followed it.
    On that day, we gather a small group of kin on Buenos Aires Central Square (Plaza de Mayo) with no more and no less than 7 kin, and tried to connect tellepathically to what was happening in Palenque.
    The only other city where i knew after some time that the manifestation took place was in Rosario, also Argentina.
    It was surprising to me that after 5 years and 5 days, in 2009, right between the Sarcophagous 57 year from opening and the 10 Mirror Galactic Return, the movie Home was presented in many citie`s main squares. I took that event as a link to what happened on 2004.
    Yesterday i was surprised again when i noted that the 15O# Worlwide Manifestation happened under the PCU of the Planetary Mirror!
    (and also into the Planetary Output Harmonic: Express the Intelligence of Manifestation). 2004 being the first year of the Mystery of the Stone and 2011 being the last one, this world wide revolutionary event is speaking by itself: a New Time is Coming, it´s happening, like when the Berlin wall fell down at the beggining of the Telektonon Prophecy, the Cycle is about to Close, the Cycle is about to Begin.


    Ava Maino “Galactic Navigator”

    PS:I would love to have one of those Books of the Avatar, how can we arrange the shipping costs?

  2. Quote:
    On that day, we gather a small group of kin on Buenos Aires Central Square (Plaza de Mayo) with no more and no less than 7 kin, and tried to connect tellepathically to what was happening in Palenque.>

    pfff …

    Idiots .. Urantia??

    A men Made Book, omfuckingGosh …

    I Don’t Like UR ASsss


    Y c? Now??

    How …

    Shit and smell the air of the

    Holy Cows …

    (((say Cheese)))

    5:51 <end/time}|

    {5:52}really| *GooDMorning*!!


    5:53 @ catweazle,

    Wakeywakey !!

    Ps. 5:54 Yeah!!! Steve? Got your Post.

    5:55 | ByeL@terzzzz

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