GAP Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm codes Self-Existing Seli 2

CAUAC Kin 39

Blue Cosmic Storm

Blue Cosmic Night
Red Cosmic Moon Blue Cosmic Storm Yellow Cosmic Sun
  White Magnetic Wind
I endure in order to catalyze,
transcending energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s CDK [19.13 + 6.4 + 14.6]  is also coded by Nineteen19.10, and today is the 19th day of the 10th Greg. month  🙂
The G-Force of  Kin 39  is 1 Skywalker, which codes Quetzalcoatl.  While today’s postulate 19.13 is the 260th of the 260 Postulates,  today’s Analog, Kin 260 is the final of the 260 kins of the Tzolkin.  20.13 expresses our Target:  Galactic Synchronization on 7/26/2013
Here is what CHC vol. 7: “Book of the Cube” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South says of the number 260, which is the first in the 38th order of 7: “13×20, master code frequency of the law of time, 13:20 universal frequency of synchronization, foundation of the Synchronotron 13:7 wheel of the law of time, 4×65, 52×5 basis of the Dreamspell castles, wavespells, harmonics, chromatics, etc.: vigesimal code 13.0; radion value first week of 7:7::7:7.”
We are currently in the Red Eastern Castle of TurningCourt of Birth:  Initiate Seed;  DRAGON GENESIS.  Today is the last day of the Blue Hand Wavespell Three:  ACCOMPLISHMENT, and of Harmonic Ten:  Magnetic Matrix:  Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Purpose.
This is the first Red Week of the Self-Existing World-Bridger Moon.  Here is information about the 4th Moon of Form, from Kins at the Law of Time: 
Number four is a powerful number in the Grand Plan of the unity of cosmos.  We are the self-existing embodiment of ever-changing forms.  Within the radial matrix of time, we exist simultaneously here and “on the other side.”
The earth is divided into four quarters that represent the four phases of the moon: the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and the last quarter. This has a profound effect on the mind of the intelligence of the earth.” 
“In the pulsar geometry, the fourth tone (and fourth moon) represents the first stage of the 4-8-12 third-dimensional mind-form pulsar. The first stage (tone four) establishes the self-existing power of form as a mental reality.”
Tomorrow, the 3rd day of the Fourth Moon, we enter Yellow Sun Wavespell FOUR: Power of Universal Fire.   That Wavespell begins with aPacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 40, Magnetic Sun.
Today’s Combined Dreamspell Kin 19.10; Planetary Storm  is exemplified by the two illustrations below:
The  “Flower of Life”  contains “nineteen perfectly interwoven circles, truly a geometric miracle… the flower of life image is the blueprint for all of creation
Sacred Geometry Flower of Life Merkaba
 The ‘Tree of Life’ [depicted in this 5/3/1997 [Crystal Sun;  20.12] crop circle contains TEN stations.

This is reminiscent of:

Mayan Interdimensional Star Map
This is the Galactic Crystal Hologram, the Mayan Interdimensional Star Map, showing Earth in relation to the Galactic Whole. Synchronized with the information streams of Supernova 1987A, the GM108X mind transmission stream is a direct discharge from the Omnigalactic Source through the Hunab Ku (Galactic Center).The purpose of the beam is to place Earth in synchronization with the universal plan for cosmic unification. The peak point of the synchronization occurs in 2012, Dreamspell Kin 207. Between the Sirius system and the AA-Midway is the Pleiades. It is in the focalizing center of the central channel. This is because the Pleiades provides the unifying point for the solar 26,000-year rotation = 1 Platonic or solar year.

This is the Galactic Crystal Hologram, the Mayan Interdimensional Star Map, showing Earth in relation to the Galactic Whole…Synchronized with the information streams of Supernova 1987A, the GM108X mind transmission stream is a direct discharge from the Omnigalactic Source through the Hunab Ku (Galactic Center).  The purpose of the beam is to place Earth in synchronization with the universal plan for cosmic unification.  The peak point of the synchronization occurs in 2012, Dreamspell Kin 207.” [from: 

 As described previously, another crop circle appeared on 20:12, [Crystal 19; 6/17/2004] 20 miles from TMQ’s home.  It contained 39 circles.  The Postulate for Kin 39:
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
 Today, which is coded by three different ‘Nineteens’, it is interesting to note that the 19 moons of 19 days observed by the Bahá’í faith.  “Bahá’í is a pure expression of UR and a genuine dispensation calling for the unity of mankind, the cessation of war, the unification of all religions, racial and sexual equality, the unity of God and the recognition of all messengers as one. 19 is the most significant number of the Bahá’í, and, as the basis of the functioning of the Bahá’í community, calls for the nineteen-day feast, held on the first day of each of the nineteen months.”    Powerful connections between this 19 Moon calendar and oUR 13 Moon Calendar are described: 
The Bab’s announcement on “May 23 (5 Eagle) 1844 was the year 1260 AH (After Hejira) in the Islamic calendar, and the 13th year of the 7th 52-year hell cycle. This denotes it was the perfect moment to break from the old (1260) and begin a new dispensation (13:7). Note the 13th day of the 7th month, Kalimat, is 25 July, the Day Out of Time in the 13 Moon cycle.

The Bab’s announcement was 108 years before the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan, indicating the timing was in accord with the GM108X galactic mind lineage. 1844 is exactly 168 (21 x 8, 28 x 6) years before 2012. The Harmonic Convergence occurred 143 (13 x 11) years after the announcement of the Bab.”

As these words are written, it is Crystal Mirror in most parts of oUR world.  A diaphanous  and synchronistic ‘Southern Hemisphere Crystal Round Table’ link occurred on Crystal Mirror:  18.10, which was on 10/18]. 

a1d7r7i 8 Earth described 10 Mirror [coded the day of discovery of Tomb of Pacal Votan]  experiences and meeting Valum Votan and Stephanie South.  The next e-mail TMQ read after his, was a notification of a new subscriber:  We Welcome Johanna, whose home in Bulgaria bears the initials V.V.  🙂  And, it also turns out that 8 Earth has a matrilineal link to Bulgaria!

On Crystal Mirror, first day of Moon 4, TMQ  air-mailed “Book of the Avatar” to Ava Maino, who observes the Crystal Round Table with Kin in Argentina.  On the same day [11 Earth] that Kin 177 discovered that [according to CHC 7]  his name [Adrian] equaled 138, TMQ’s Kin, TMQ had discovered this on page 224 of  “Book of the Cube”: 

Valum Votan’s BMU is 149 [GAP Rhythmic Moon].  149 is also the combined Kin of V.V. and TMQ.  So, TMQ also sent Kin 177 some photos of the co-authors of Cosmic History Chronicles, which were taken in Ashland on the Kin 149 Guide Watch of Kin 149.

Then, today, Kin 138 discovered the most beautiful photo of the co-authors of Cosmic History Chronicles at Stephanie South 185’s new blog  :):

The G-Force and Antipode of Valum Votan’s BMU of 149:   Rhythmic Moon; 9.6 is 19.19: 19.6, which is  Kin 19: Blue Rhythmic Storm  🙂  
Verse 124 [= 4.7= combined annual Kins of VV [11.5] and TMQ[13.2]  when he ascended]  of section 19 of the Telektonon states: [next to Seal 6]
Limi Seal  124. In the sign of the Rhythmic Moon, senses will open to the manna of Heaven; no where will you find any longer signs of the evil one, a cosmic race will you be once again.
The final appendix [V]  of the final Cosmic History Chronicles:  Book of the Cube demonstrates the reverse of numbers first introduced in Valum Votan’s final Revelation, triggered by realizing that791 days remained until 12/21/2102 on kin 197.  Self-Existing 5 [3 days from now] will be one year since his Revelation on Kin 197.
The reverse of 196 [19.6] equals 691.  This transmission on Kin 39 [=13×3] Cosmic Storm is post 691 of 2013 and The Mystery Queen  🙂
Here is the postulate for thefinal ‘Nineteen’ mentioned in this transmission: 
19.6“The synchronic order of the universe, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the “Divine Plan“.  Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only asRevelation“.” 
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 2.                 Galactic Activation Portal 39

6 thoughts on “GAP Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm codes Self-Existing Seli 2

  1. Thank you, TMQ, for doing your best in maintaining the daily flow of kin around 13:20 mentality.

    Might we ask that you add the PSI-Bank connection portal as well to the post. We would be in most gracious thanks.

    Conscious Dreaming is a gr8 video 😀
    Thank you for the post BC33.


  2. Muchas Gracias again dear TMQ!
    a small detail: It is my family name (Gleizer), that adds up to 138,
    it is written in the Book of the cube that it represents oUr Arquetypal Family House. The gematria system presented on this last volume is based on the 13:260 ratio. (A-M=1-13 and then N=20, O=40…Y=240, Z=260)
    I loved this post because it is so filled with numbers and it cracked my lineal understanding opening a window in my mind through which Radiosonic Rays of Radial Time Waves touched my Holomind Perciever. 🙂
    It activated a memory, some kind of analph that speaks inside of me from time to time remembering me that it is a function of number to stop our linear reasoning opening us to a radial perception of the Time Space we find our selves in, a kind of awareness that glimpses just once every 26.000 years?
    Numbers are an exit door on our mental laberynths, a message inside a message, they are radial pointers that trigger different experiences in different times and places bonding us all toghether as …
    One Big Family of conciuss Humanity
    One Big Family of Conciuss Humanity
    One Big Family of Conciuss Humanity

    we just need to remember How to Stay alive without killing the planet!

    In Lakech!

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