PVCS Kin 40: Yellow Magnetic Sun begins Wavespell 4 on Moon 4; Gamma 3

AHAU Kin 40

Yellow Magnetic Sun

Yellow Magnetic Sun
White Magnetic Dog Yellow Magnetic Sun Blue Magnetic Storm
  Red Cosmic Dragon
I unify in order to enlighten
attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Happy Galactic Return to my Sister Ann, Mother of Jud , 5 Sun  ‘the Seventh Lord of Time”  🙂
Today’s Analog is the Noosphere Constant 1 Storm;  Kin 79 [the difference between 520 {a PSI Plate} and 441]
The PSI for the first 3 days of the Self-Existing Moon is Spectral Dog [10.11], which is also the Challenge of today’s CDK:  20.11.
 Today’s G-Force:  10.4 is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign  🙂
In the Long Count, today is coded by Kin 252;  5 Human.  The Long Count is from a website: http://www.mayanmajix.com/art4895.html The following quote is from a speech linked there:
“Presented in the Spirit of Forgiveness at the UN Geneva, 10-11 [today’s PSI] October, 2011″ [today’s CDK]:
“WE managed to create a massive poison on Earth. The plus of this “accomplishment” is that out of it WE can create a most Powerful Medicine!  In other words, by making Creator’s Law, The Law, we can CHANGE that what needs to be changed. What we need now is the RETURN of the Alchemist,  foremost WOMAN and her KITCHEN!”
Book of the Cube” by Kins 11 and 185 gives this information for today’s Kin number: 
40“2×20;  5×8;  4×10 vigesimal 2.0;  mystic order of sacred time to contemplate a transformation, two totals;  1/10 of matrix of totality; fifth octave”
Today’s PVCS is the first of  The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time, so we are beginning a new cycle in the  “Evolution of Time as Consciousness”.
 0.1:  “The fourth-dimensional Law of Time governs the synchronic order of the world of third-dimensional appearances.  Synchronic order is a fourth-dimensional principle, conforming to the frequency 13:20 in any and all of its variable possibilities.”
 GAMMA 3:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif
Yesterday, as TMQ wrote the ‘final’ paragraphs, relating to Valum Votan’s ‘final‘ revelation, and concluded with the Postulate for the ‘final‘ of many Nineteens appearing in her 691st post on Cosmic Nineteen [Storm], she felt a change in frequency was about to begin.
This morning, the first words she read were these from James Galactic Seed“Thank you, TMQ, for doing your best in maintaining the daily flow of kin around 13:20 mentality.”  Contemplating  164‘s,  during this period of daily study of the Synchronotron, based on the  441[21×21] Cube Matrix,  led to the following…
21.2120.13 = 1.8.  This blog began daily transmissions [for nearly 2 Solar Rings] on Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon [1.8] which is Valum Votan’s G-Force [and TMQ’s Analog].  Since then, posts have appeared about twice a week, allowing TMQ more time for studying and for writing  her book.  
CHC Volume 7; page 238 lists 21 as the 7th number in the 3rd order of seven:
21:  “Unity of Totality [20+1],  Hunab Ku, basis of 441 21 squared matrix of the Synchronotron,  reverse of 12,  written [vigesimally]1.1,  analog of decimal 11,  in vigesimal code products of 21 are double like those of 11 i.e., 9.9 = 9×21 [189] just as 99 = 9 x 11;  basis of Hunab Ku 21 heptad program of 7 gates and 20 daily archetypes;  triangular of 6,  reciprocal = .047619,  Fibonacci 8th sequence;  v21 H1 second coordinate of unity;  441 matrix”
1.8 will be the new frequency here, for a period of 8 Heptads.  There will be 1 brief post per day, providing the 13Moon and Dreamspell Tzolkin information.  Every 8 days, there will be a longer transmission, one for each of the 7 Plasmas, Chakras and Heptad Gates.
 CHC 7:  “Book of the Cube“, page 153 states:  Every seven days we open the heptad gates.  Every 7 days  we build a cube.  THE GATES ARE NOT MOVING VARIABLES, BUT ARE ESTABLISHED FOR EACH DAY OF THE WEEK.”
The current 13 Moon Calendar shifts the Plasma/Gate to a different day each year, instead of following what Valum Votan had stated in so many places:  “DALI is always on Sunday.   Every Week, Moon and Year always begins on Sunday“.  As described earlier, each time TMQ would note another article that stated that, it would be removed.  Now, it only remains on the Telektonon and 7:7::7:7 board ‘games’.
My book will explain  the reasons for following the more consistent  path of Harmony.  The post-2012 13 Moon Calendar I have developed already has the ‘Supreme approval of the Numbers  🙂 
While the daily posts here will reflect the ‘current’ 13 Moon dates, since 8 represents Harmony and Integrity, every 8th post will fall on the correct corresponding day.  Therefore, the first DALI post will begin in 10 days,  on Sunday, a GAP that corresponds to today’s PSI:  Kin 50: 11 Dog.   The 7th  ‘octa post’:  SILIO  will be during Heptad 21, on Kin 987 Mirror.
On Kin 98, only 369 days [including O.O Hunab Ku] will remain until the Crystal Hand Solstice  🙂
As always, feedback, questions and suggestions [like James‘ today] are encouraged.  Reading A1D7R7I 177’s lovely comment  halfway through writing this, encouraged TMQ to proceed with the change to the 1.8 frequency.  Thank You  BC 33 247 for the beautiful, mesmerizing video  🙂 
 Enjoy Pacal Votan’s Sun Wavespell’, when we Unify to Enlighten  🙂 
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 3.                           PVCS Kin 40
P.S.  Even wordpress confirms the new 1.8 [Kin 21] frequency by kin 138:
This is your 692nd published post.  Wild!  This post has 858 words.”   [8+5=13+8 = 21!]

6 thoughts on “PVCS Kin 40: Yellow Magnetic Sun begins Wavespell 4 on Moon 4; Gamma 3

  1. great to see the MOBILIZATION here – from my point of seeing as a seer 8~{

    first we re-med’ on this section of manifestation:

    CHC 7: “Book of the Cube“, page 153 states: Every seven days we open the heptad gates. Every 7 days we build a cube. THE GATES ARE NOT MOVING VARIABLES, BUT ARE ESTABLISHED FOR EACH DAY OF THE WEEK.”

    Then we go with oUR T’EA’cheers” path:
    “This is your 692nd published post. Wild! This post has 858 words.” [8+5=13+8 = 21!]

    which number has what function?
    ( iz that a swell proposition for our sorcerears here, aYE! – excl. Poet Piet 🙂

    7 : the object of contemplation and ol’religion
    153 : the number of the Master Navigating Earth and ConStellations: 9 ‘)
    7 : the number of cardinal chakras above the HARA bodily centre
    692 : 17 als 692 minus 441 : 251 (8) LongCount – submission kin MONKEY 4
    21 : “from duality to unity” ~ the mission statement most simply put
    +7 (cycling the 5 numbers gives 7 as next; add it to 21, the blackadder)

    ‘) 153 (9) is another version for 53, Reed1 : QuatzalCoatl
    ( RED PLANETARY SKYWALKER – manifestating exploratio’ )

    Before the reader can go on ~ s/he will contemplate what iz in the meltin’pot
    [don”t get shy for illustrating y’UR vision on the whitest board there ever was!]

    a k a Cauldron full of Sp’ice …

    we’ll be back soon “un’oeuf”

    those who are ahead …
    may contemplate 8 and 1 and its communication theme …

  2. part II of the 153 revelation plaYa 😉

    when we have DS040 we add 212 (5) to see for the LongCount number …
    and we find 252 which is not 251 … but then those numbers are communicating as intimates: self-existing Monkey hands over to overtone & oversized & overdone Human ~ who has started to realize facts long before the Planetary Harmonic Daya in 1987 & the Quatzalcoatl signal from Heaven.
    As we here all med’ as pretty smart seeing divine facts.

    Then look again to 212 … what do you see so bright as it never was be::?

    As stated before on this noospheric course & developing its own grounds for being kin … and ala(H)kin … double the twin in the centre to see its 4th dimensional figure (out).

    aha ~ erlebnisse

    did we see 21 before in part 1/one of this revelation in phases ?

    Why iz 153 in the midcolumn as 138?
    Are they both in the same wavespell?
    What wavespell?
    MONKEY one …
    How to med’ the wavespell guide and guidance?

    it holds 7 kin beyond its face !
    which kin are at charge in MONKEY ONE?

    dog – moon – star – hand – bridger/portal – serpent – seed

    which kin are ending up this particular wave getting te see its intenD?
    sun – dragon – wind – night
    the last one is night! essence : INTUITion

    okay we have a bigger picture on the talent navigating the Shift …
    and we could each one of us decide to be at its side …
    simply while s/he must be ignited by Valum Votan and his apprenti’ice

    don’t ask too many questions! dense the number to 3 and an overall one

    } it’s a legacy {

    • HA short intermediate to shake up the nerves so to saya …


      we have a timestamp oracle reading …

      09 – solar moon as a kin; also number of daya in a kweak 😉
      46 – portal in the 4th wave of sun 040 (what kin are in that guide?)
      33 – FAmiliar number which iz actually in the word MARIA 😉


      take the hologrammatical decoder bivideotex on the english language alfabet … AM=ZN= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

      13 1 9 9 1 => 33 …

      What other word can you see as you take M A * I A
      yes when the F is vanished the F’aust F’amilie Bug is out!

      completing the timestamp oracle raading …
      88 is the sum …
      aha the double helix!

      but see beyond and also dig up 2×44 – radiating OverTONE SEED
      (which is in 144 414 441 ~ the Hunab’Ku)

  3. http://www.neoteny.org/2010/03/29/understanding-imagination/
    54th spot on google for poetpiet

    more assholery and binary divisionary dualism accusations of where the
    action shouldacouldawoulda (if only) be …. an explicit inversion of the

    Blue Crystal Storm Year(Gregorian: December 5, 2004
    54th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s death, December 5, 1950

    i quasi quote:

    one — up .. super .. coexist, resolution .. unity .. mind of unity
    many — low .. ignorance, separate/dualist nationalist / sectarian /
    atomized ego .. max disunity

    these are levels 4 and 5 (of 7) called ‘supermind’ and ‘matter’ above and
    below the horizon … the 7th, though called ‘life’ isn’t even drawn into the
    figure …in its stead is a waffly quote by Sri Aurobindo (not to disparage
    his amazing feat of establishing a full(fool)time church).

    world class hooey .. i have to say …merlinesque crystal mirror house
    self-obsession and self-imprisonment, relativating earth and root(ednes)s
    away, betraying them and off into the next nearest black hole to be at the
    center of a code spinning out a melody “only god could possibly hear” … ???
    .. please. Showing humans with antlike antennae (beginning of 4th
    minute) is giving the game away as well, diminutive domesticated matrix
    entangled milkable food for machine thinking. He did not escape and end
    his time in conspirator cirlces unscathed. His claim for his pointers to help
    lead to garden-garden are a pipe dream and his ways to get there
    counterproductive as we may conclude from his own walk of life, let alone
    it can help serve anybody in other. And another thing, all proportions and
    ratios are forever in flux and liminal.

  4. 1.8 is the Galactic Navigators Guide 🙂
    The sunday thing, i’m not sure what you mean
    13 Moon Synchronometer is suppose to dissolve Sundays and Mondays and Octobers and Novembers, isn`t it?
    Why would it be adapted to the old?
    Like the 0.0 Hunab Ku thing, that´s a bit confusing too, hasnt been said that the leap day was one of the many defects on the old calendar? There was supposed to be an Out of Time wavespell every 52 years, but the DOT would be shifted from 25/7, when it is supposed to be an allingement of the Sun and Sirius, but again, what happen on leap years? Is the Day Out of Time always alligned to the Sirius thing? well.. i don`t think so, but i think that all of this is just secondary, cause what matters is the frecuencies and how we navigate the cycles, providing the mind with standard ratios allowing us to build an harmonic vision of reality, rooted in the 13:20 constant.
    uups sorry they calling me have to go,
    to be continued

  5. Nineteen is a very subtie number considering:

    Nine is whole in unit ten ..

    See the couples next:

    Eight is whole in unit nine ..

    What made Muhammed Channel the Quran ?

    Ten is whóle in clockwork orange eleven ..
    The elevathor ..

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