Kin 41: Red Lunar Dragon codes Catalytic Kali 4 of Moon 4

IMIX    Kin 41

Red Lunar Dragon

Red Lunar Skywalker
Blue Lunar Monkey Red Lunar Dragon White Lunar Mirror
  Yellow Crystal Sun
I polarize in order to nurture
stabilising being.
I seal the input of birth
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of space.
Today’s Occult is 20.12, and the G-Force codes the following Day-out-of-Time:  7 Night.  Our Guide today is 2 Skywalker [Code=E 93  :)]
The PSI for Self-Existing 4 is 12 MonKEY, which codes Madame Blavatsky; whom kin 11 referred to as the KEY to 2012.
The Challenge of 11.12 is 1.12, today’s CDK  🙂
Long Count:  Rhythmic Skywalker.
 Today’s date 10/21 is an anagram of  this year: 2011.
Kin 41 is “The Interval of God” and this is noted in its Postulate:
1.2“The source of the frequency of time is God, which is visualized at the center of the Galactic Brain.  From this center, the supreme coordinating intelligence of God radiates simultaneously to all points of the Galactic Brain, throughout all the Galactic Brains which constitute the universal order of God’s design.   The movement of time as the evolution of consciousness is released from the center as energy and returns to the center as mind.”
CHC 7 describes number 41
Prime KEY;  Divine Interval;  defines interval between 20 squared [400] and 21 squared [441];  antipode of 1 in first circuit 441;  Vigesimal 2.1;  V1 H1 third coordinate of unity”
During the 13 Dragon watch of PVCS 40, TMQ viewed a fabulous film calledBlack Whole“:  “In this probing documentary, quantum physics enthusiast Nassim Haramein presents an explanation of Unified Field Theory, which he proposes as an explanation for the creation of the universe.  Haramein supports his ideas by explaining how ancient cultures like the Aztecs, Egyptians, and others developed similar views about the universe hundreds if not thousands of years ago.
Black Whole uncovers scientific proof that we are one.  Using the sacred geometry and codes in ancient monuments and documents, the film presents a new look at the reality of which we live.” 
Black Wholeis heartily recommended.  It also discussed Teotihuacan, and the Flower of Life and Tree of Life [displayed in the Kin 39 transmission]  Sacred Geometry Flower of Life MerkabaThis is such an important KEY, that it is enscribed on the stones of the Pyramides, and lays under the paws of the Foo creatures who guard sacred treasures in China.  The film explains the significance of this ancient smbol of 19 circles. 
Today [1.2] , combined with TMQ’s current annual signature:  [18.3] equals 19.5.  “Black Whole” discusses amazing synchronicities regarding the 19.5 meridian [rounded up from 19.475] of our Earth [including Teotihuaca’s location at 19.5] Mars and Saturn.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceDiscussing the re-establishment of Dali’s connection with Sunday catalyzed questions and comments.
There is so much to say, that I’m writing a book about it — which will appear long before the proposed realignment.  Two brief points will be presented today.  {now that I’ve also committed to post daily, I need to keep these shorter} 
The current 13 Moon Calendar is aligned to the Gregorian Calendar.  What Valum Votan originally said [repeatedly] and what I propose, is to link the Plasmas with the [same] 7 days of the week.  Our seven day week existed loooong before Pope Gregory instituted the current very unharmonic Gregorian calendar.
The Hunab Ku and Green Freedom Days that A1D7R7I [Guided by 1.8  :)] questioned will work out very harmonically. as the numbers already demonstrate.
TMQ has simultaneously practiced the Dali is always Sunday form [along with the current ‘annually shifting’ 13 Moon Calendar]  for over 7 years.  [One reason she began this blog during the Self-Existing Seed year was because Dali was once again ‘officially’ aligned with Sunday, for that year] 
In the second year  of the Mystery of the Stone and of 18 Mirror   following the 13 Moon Calendar, Dali was ‘officially‘ on Tuesday [like this current year]
Since TMQ was remaining true to what V.V. had written in so many places, [before the new crew at Law of Time would remove each one] she followed Valum Votan’s instructions shown here: ]
for the 2006 Day-out-of-Time  two days earlier, on Silio Saturday[July 23]. 
She drew the Roerich Peace Symbol,
meditated upon it, wished for Peace each time [3 times] a shooting star appeared that night at her farmhouse named Lamat Home , upon whose front door she had painted the Lamat Star.   As instructed, she  intended communication with the extra-terrestrials, and asked for a response from them.
 The next morning, [July 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere] the headlines said  “Day-out-of-Time Crop circle appears two days early!.  The Law of Time also posted an article with that title.  As the above article states: 
Interestingly this appeared [2 days]  BEFORE the meditation” 
 For TMQ, this was a potent sign that the end of each week, Moon and Year was meant to be on Silio  🙂 
Additionally, the crop circle was located at Windmill Hill;  TMQ’s French surname means Windmill.  In New Zealand, Cosmic Star  codes the end of the cycle, and that day is Saturday, SILIO!
In Service to the Truth, and with Gratitude to all that PACAL VOTAN: Galactic Agent 60, Valum Votan: 11 and Lloydine Arguelles: 22  did to bring the 13 Moons back to life, TMQ: 138 will persevere in harmonically restoring Dali to Sunday, instead of being linked to the unharmonic Gregorian Calendar.
On this Lunar day of Challenge, TMQ acknowledges this mission has already drawn criticism.
“There is no measure or comparison for the crystallized and absolutely individualized
purpose of one who is operating in faultless accord to his or her purpose.”
Galactic Mirror  reiterates  that oUR ultimate goal is total Love and Harmony as, United, WE begin the RetURn to the Orignal Matrix Attained  🙂
Klatu Barada Nikto   Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 4.                           INTERVAL OF GOD                      41

18 thoughts on “Kin 41: Red Lunar Dragon codes Catalytic Kali 4 of Moon 4

  1. when we say lunar we may pinpoint to woman and YIN force
    it is a streamy flow that holds the masculine YANG – the magnetic trigger which actually hoilds a YIN force in itself (remember 7 seals before that seal are in the bodily laboratory/floating vessel)

    a similar phenomenon is inside the woman having a masculine drivin’force inside its longtimed longing for unity … with the planet and its infrastructure, the solar sphere, the galaxy, the cosmos / universes.

    Hunab’Ku may have brothers and sisters, why not ~ no idea how far we can see (anymore); it all expands’ …
    is a beautiful link that gathers feminine spiced forces …

    and all men -woomen- may understand its outcome …

    allow URself a reading?

    (value 4 9 1 7 12 13 => 46 = 2×23 = doubled intuit)

  2. ” For TMQ, this was a potent sign that the end of each week, Moon and Year was meant to be on Silio 🙂 ”

    being one of the first tutors in the classroom of our beloved teacher …
    it happened to illustrate she is all the time drafting the picture for the departure station – gathering kin into taking a flight , say fleight or fl8

    this is why she is focusing on 1 and 8 …

    but then what is the destination and what does the brochure say for the arrival station ?

    that is the deliverance of the tutor at the end of the study that ignites a cum laude laureate , aware of the fact this just is a projection for the one who want illustrations of their own contribution. the laureate is always serving the other one …

    So what is the function of SILIO at the arrival station?

    It happens to be determined that SILIO is not just a seal depicting a PLASMA and a telepathic spice , the third one in a triade of 3 – ALPHA LIMI SILIO, it happens to be the basic decision in a mantra on the third chakra – the solar plexus!

    Then the mantra was channeled as ))) SILIOHM (((

    experiments showed this is a traveling through personal history far beyond the sensory realm … but then it was experienced by a “high sensitive” medium. But then we are all media from the the very beginning inside the womB.

    Making the med’on SILIOHM and the 3rd CHAKRA germinate in the ARRIVAL station , try ))) BIOVOID ((( before that as a cleansing …
    It may be a handy to repeat it 3 times, progressing on trance …

    kweak it!
    times excelerate!

  3. the crop we see …

    communicates 3×3 into 9, agree?

    and it communicates a bigger picture , the circle it self …

    so we honor the 9 and the trinity process for anoother phase, the human attractor …

    by then we realize it iz about 3×9=27 plus the celebration of the illustrated manifestation +1 ; total 28 ~ twenty eight

    what is communicated by the extraterrestrials?

    “ET, go home”

  4. Humbly, after 30 years research into sacred geometry etc etc, i suggest that Haramein uses the right terms but he himself does NOT model unity with his system, this can easily be proven (email me here for it takes a few sentences), when looking for the Interval of God we need look no further than the famous (seen/found everywhere) phi-GOLDEN RATIO (as in a heart of gold), proof exists phi ratio x lightspeed = first higher dimension.
    It may seem trivial but when it comes to technologies its vitally important to define unity with phi, otherwise if free energy devices are built using Harameins formula we will fractionate the very grid being build by love consciousness (repeating Atlantis). Technologies need to be based on phi to interface with the LOVE Grid of universe (Steiner). The time is here, which way will we choose? Haramein uses tetrahedra/cubes (no centre with these clusters- no heart), or we use phi clusters (always radiate from centre), see, free will prevails.

    • dear Graham ~ the Fibonacci is an offensive fraud in the humans mindsphere …

      the spiral curve is shown in this picture …

      (maybe Claire handles it in thre next edition?)
      is a page that includes the article that handles the spiral and its alternative one, “the krystallah”

      contemplating and debugging this all

      everyone abused is clarified from its blame !
      there was a bug in the mind care & cure system !

      how about that , dear Graham?

      similar bug “may be given” by Gurdieffs 142857 in the ENNEAGRAM …
      while it all handles about the 369 harmonic …
      but then we have to realize the fact only motions electrified by the Moon make things clear -pop up- to the specie … which means “WALK ON”

  5. Adding to yesterdays comment, its been proven that the galactic brain uses phi ratio to communicate throughout the galaxy. Paul LaViolette shows the main Pulsars connected to Galactic Centre pulse in phi-based sequence.
    David Wilcox in Divine Cosmos relates that Torsion Waves generate phi spirals and that Galactic Centre is the main generator of Torsion Waves. This is why the Kings Chamber resonates at the frequency of 33Hz which is phi x earth keynote of 7.8Hz (phi x 7.83 x phi x phi = 33HZ). Humans, when in compassion resonate also to 7.8 HZ and phase lock with Gaia, 7.8 HZ is the frequency which replicates perfect DNA template (Ananda Bosman). Phi ratio is the template of beauty, Priscella Ahlers, who comments here regularly uploads many beautiful artworks onto her facebook page which if analyzed with a ruler would show many phi ratio lengths and phi ratio frequencies in the colours used. If artist wants to create an ugly alien they use non-phi template for ugliness, on and on it goes. Haramein knows phi but doesn’t connect the obvious dots, his tetra/cube based universe is what is called destructive interference (no ability to communicate throughout the system) whereas many examples show communication at superluminal speeds is phi based.
    Speaker cables, where the internal set of wires, if their relative thickness’s are phi-based gauges ( 1.61mm, 2.61mm etc) gives absolutely clear sound reproduction, whereas if those internal wires gauges are based on ‘2’ (tetra/cube) like 1mm, 2mm, 4mm etc, the destructive clash interference of the sound frequencies traveling along the wires create a background noise heard along with the music.

    • from a seers mindscape PHI was the last syllable in Gaddaphi …

      this is the deeper perspective on his death – the opportunity served by the dark center we know as Hunab’Ku

      PHI was a genius method betraying the people by the media and monkeys ~ “apes”.

      As a unifying specie all us individuals can do better from the hybrid perspective where Yin & Yang are fully understood as ever cleansing and balancing energys floating the ocean – the ebb & floads sometimes tzunamis that clean the earth when its opportunity sprouts …

      This are just words ~ see what the beholder med’s

  6. Day 4 : ANSUZ is the Breath of Votan that initiates the Initiation.

    Begin 4-day
    Harmonic 11 : OVERTONE INPUT : Inform Flowering of Radiance
    Codon 57 : MIND OF BREATH : Penetration of Galactic Octave

    • ANSUZ number from bivideotex – the holomind densed decoder –
      gives 1 13 8 6 1 => 29

      the sum of 29 is 11
      the product makes 18
      18 is the focus for TMQ in a med’ period
      destination unforseen
      but can be forseen by seers

      shared18 sets focus on 18/2 which of course sets focus on 9
      9 is the high sun
      as we are in the wave of sun

      it is 042 (6 – low sun)
      high sun communicates SUMMER
      low sun communicates WINTER
      it iz a floating world considering NOTH and SOUTH hemoispheres

      2.9 iz the mobilizator in the 2nd wave – WIZARD; it depicts WIND, SOLAR WIND ~ 022

  7. Interval of God.
    Earth Intervention.
    May She Be Cleansed.
    Give it to Her.
    The Natural Change.
    The Natural Cycle of Desire.
    “There is Something Happening Here,,,What is isn’t exactly Clear.
    Put The Guns Away.
    I Saw UR world Melt Away.
    I saw my Face Come Again.
    Come Again.
    UR Breath.
    UR Comprehension.
    UR Devotion.
    It’s U,,,,,Red Queen.
    You whom were hand in hand with Pacal.
    Thanks for UR Service.
    UR Avatar Ways.
    I am so glad you are Here.
    UR Lover.
    My Sister.
    U taught me to Listen.
    To be Spiritually Thirsty.
    I am Hungry for UR Telepathic Connection.
    When Death shows Life….WorldBridger.
    Solar Warrior.(256).
    Perhaps it was meant to be a crossing.
    Oh Baby, I feel the NOO.
    I’m so Glad that you are here.
    That you are able to hear.
    Give it to the Wind.
    Can it be Solar?
    Comfortable with shakedown.?
    Been doing alot of hiding.
    To live come Tomorrow.
    Back from Wisconsin.
    Where big City Light Bring Big City Thoughts.
    Oh Forget.
    Dear Lunar Skywalker.
    Just Forget.
    To Remember.
    UR The Ones.
    UR the Guide.
    In one.
    In Galactic Maya.
    Solid Rock.
    Solid Foundation.

  8. The Mayan Factor
    Page 180

    “The AH KINES, the “Servant Warriors of The Sun”, are those humans who fully realize the dream light body and- understanding The circuitry of the human organism-use the light body to navigate the electromagnetic waters which we call The universe. Through Attunement of their sensory radar and skilled use of the Kuxan Suum, the “Galactic umbilical cord” that emerges from the solar plexus, the AH KINES, The realized ones of The past and the present, are able to become star mediums, channeling galactic information directly into the terrestrial ocean floor of The great electromagnetic sea. In this way, they hop Zuvuyas and keep the sacred count. Possessing the same circuitry, we may do The same as the fabled AH KINES. Each one of us, returned to post-historic simplicity, may directly channel the alternating currents of the galaxy to suit our situation.””””

    • Interval of God.
      Earth Intervention.
      May She Be Cleansed.
      Give it to Her.
      The Natural Change.
      The Natural Cycle of Desire.
      “There is Something Happening Here,,,What is isn’t exactly Clear.

      Is that why i had to do ten loads of laundry today? Ha! 😉

      Love love love for/foUR/fore/4 ALL IS ONE.

    • 93 is always linkedin the 9991 prophesy …
      simply while 1 is what 999 communicates on the pelvis as a logistic balancer, a dancers reQuiem as Legacy

      setting the peoples harmoniQ in that mindmode implicitly invokes 28 daya and 13 moon calendar as a better Human Interval

      AH kines …
      in the densed number decoder makes
      1 8 => 18 (9)
      11 9 13 5 8 => 11 20 33 38 46 (cum path)
      46 is the bridger in a few daya
      what communicates the focus from the cum-path?

      18 iz TMQ’s current mission

      18 + 46 makes 64 aka 2^6
      the i ching code as well as a Quarter of a Full Job in the 441 – 400 + 41 – mission extracted from the Hunab’Ku and its Kuxan Suum Tube

      41 is in this wave of SUN or S’un(touchables)

      untouchables is a mind sphere vibration while it can never be applied to a physical or sensory quantum (however it was tried in a dark period for the specie as a whole – just read Time and Technosphere)


      what is kweak revelation timespace communicating todaya?
      DS042 LC254 3K296

      so number 296
      has both high sun and low sun in its character
      northern and southern hemisphere …
      Valum Votan and Red Queen!
      2 is “the elegant swan” as the power animal for lunar strength
      elegancy iz the most delicate gesture that “steals hearts” on a human waya ; and EA iz the goddess of the WIND

      36 is its kin from 296 minus 260
      36 iz a nine
      self exsisting ~ self awakening ~ self exploring ~ self attracting
      maybe get in the euphoria mode on self exciting

      in dutch language self is densed to s11 or s’11
      affirming this very year and nine too while 20 minus 11 iz 9 – high sun

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