Magic Turtle and GAP Kin 43: Self-Existing Night codes Self-Existing Limi 6

AKBAL Kin 43                      10/23/11

Blue Self-Existing Night

Blue Self-existing Storm
Red Self-existing Skywalker Blue Self-existing Night Yellow Self-existing Warrior
  White Planetary Mirror
I define in order to dream
measuring intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The 6th Solar Witness and Lord of Time;  4 Storm Guides us on this 6th day of the 4th Moon, which is coded by 6.4  :).   6.4 [Self-Existing World-Bridger] coded the last full year of Valum Votan’s life. 
 Today’s Occult is Plantary Mirror. The G-Force of 4 Night is 9.13:  Cosmic Moon
PSI:  11 MonKEY.   Long Count:  Galactic Eagle.
Poet Piet’s latest comment led TMQ to see which Long Count Kin codes this cURrent year.  It is Kin 166: 10 World-Bridger [6.10]    6:10 a.m. coded the precise time of  Valum Votan’s Birth and ‘Death’.  TMQ recently learned that the Kin equivalent of her Master Telepathic Frequency Index [1206] is Kin 1666.10  🙂
3.4. Within the Galactic Brain, life is a secondary reflex. In its unconscious condition life is informed by the preconscious order and structures of the inorganic realm. In its super conscious condition, life is informed by the subliminal conscious and orders of the post-organic or post-life realm.”
Today’s Kin 43 mirrors its Postulate number;  3.4.   Book of the Cube describes 
43:  “Prime KEY the Night Seer,  vigesimal;  reverse of 34 [8 Wizard];  43-34 = 9 
Because the two numbers displayed by wordpress  [649 and 676]  at the end of Kin 42’s blog both equaled 19,  here is what CHC 7 says about that “Divine Prime
19.  “Divine Prime;  Command of God; vigesimal analog of 9; in vigesimal code, all multiples of 19 = 19; number of Omega dimension– evolution dimension after 2012;  consists of 9 layers [9 x 19 = 171]; equivalent of 76th [4 x 19] energy dimension; reverse of 19 =91 = 7 x 13;  91-19 = 72 [9 x 8]”
After writing about the paragraph about 6.10; TMQ was drawn to calculate today’s 3K Kin [number play introduced by Melovia 12 Moon in which the CDK, PSI and Long Count are combined]  3.1 + 11.12 + 15.8 = 9.8  🙂
[The current annual kins of V.V. [11.5] and TMQ [18.3] equal 9.8.  Just now realized 9.8 + 3.4 = 12.12,  G-Force of 138]
 LIMI 6:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS   Chakra03.gif

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace “Through Attunement of their sensory radar and skilled use of the Kuxan Suum, the “Galactic umbilical cord” that emerges from the solar plexus, the AH KINES, The realized ones of The past and the present, are able to become star mediums, channeling galactic information directly into the terrestrial ocean floor of The great electromagnetic sea. In this way, they hop Zuvuyas and keep the sacred count. Possessing the same circuitry, we may do The same as the fabled AH KINES. Each one of us, returned to post-historic simplicity, may directly channel the alternating currents of the galaxy to suit our situation.””””
2013TimeShipHunabKrew. 93. “The Mayan Factor” via Code=E 93
Thanks to Priscella 6 Wizard who shared information that explains why a [world]  record number of people showed support for their leader, Muammar Gaddafi, at a rally on 7 Moon.  A few moons ago, the aggressors established a bank that charges interest–for the first time in Libya’s history. 
Poet Piet shared a great video that explains other motives for the murder of Gaddafi and seizure of his country, including the Nubian Aquifer, top prize in the ‘Water Wars’ which have begun.
Grayham 13 Eagle mentions the beautiful Phi-based art at 6 Wizard’s Facebook page.  TMQ doesn’t use Facebook, but would love to share some of those images here, if Kin can send them over.
Christine 3 Skywalker noted:  “Kin mentioned for date 9-18-99, 48 Solar Star
Witch has been showing itself to me for the last two moons” 
133 shared the final scene from “The Matrix“, which synchronistically showed this time on his clock several times:  9:18  🙂  That number reduced by 20.13 becomes 9.5, which is significant in several ways, including that 9.5; Kin 109:   Overtone Moon coded the year of Valum Votan’s Ascension and Fukushima, which alpha-numerically equals 109. [ It is also the CDK of TMQ’s Birth]
 “The One” alpha-numerically = 67, discussed in the blog for [ 6 x 7=] 42  🙂
On 3 Wind, at Cable Bay, LESLEY 13 Night [ 3.13 and  18.8 equal Kin 21:  1.8  :)] ‘received‘ some numbers when we began  discussing Valum Votan.  The first one reduced to 135:  15.5.  TMQ interpreted it as a reference to Teotihuacan, which is oriented 15.5 degrees off of North.  Upon reading Galactic Agent 93’s greatly appreciated  comments [received on 2.3], G.A. 138 realized that Code=E 13.2 plus 2.3 equals 15.5  🙂 
93 shared this pertinent quote from Valum Votan:
The Maya really did have a mission to leave the 13:20 knowledge of time, precisely for the purpose of offering us the opportunity of correcting our course in time–before it’s too late”
In his inspiring poetic voice, 93 expressed recognition. 
“…UR Comprehension.  UR Devotion.
It’s U,,,,,Red Queen.
You whom were hand in hand with Pacal.  Votan.
Thanks for UR Service”. 
Heart felt Gratitude to You 93;  “It takes one to know one”  🙂
The new Glossary of Key Terms at Law of Time offers a newer interpretation of  Red Queen:   “Feminine principle of cyclic regeneration.”
Self-Existing Night coded TMQ during the first year of the Mystery of the Stone, when she received the message [in the form of a Synchronic Readout] which contained the words:  “As of 19:13 [7:13 p.m. on 9/11/2004] “you are Awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen”. 
Our goal is to awaken  the Divine Feminine [=138] in each of us, and to UNITE for the momentuous end of the cycle which begins oUR retURn to OMA.
 Still from the film V for Vendetta
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 6.                            Magic Turtle and GAP  43 

15 thoughts on “Magic Turtle and GAP Kin 43: Self-Existing Night codes Self-Existing Limi 6

  1. Interesting to med’ 166 and 1206

    12.6 Iz rhythmic human: the dancer.
    The universal souldeer too.

    1206 is between 1040 and 1300 ..
    Which means it is the 5th cycle of tzolkin weaving that pass by on the revelating show ..
    The 5th is a famous theme written by Beethoven.
    He was a blind componist.
    ))) papapa pam (((
    It is as if the fourth Tone sets the argument.
    As Self Exsisting ..
    Did Beethoven discover the Tzolkin True Code?

    Then Planetary WorldBridger in fact is an oravle that speaks the divine outcome: portal for
    An opportunity for change to the planet unity ..
    As the bottóm image speaks ..

  2. Notify 138 is the 8th tone – galactic integrity – in the 11th wave of Mon Key.

    Its long time Pall on Its next occurence in about 95 kin will be 90 (LongCount is 212 plus!) – crystal dog.

    TreeKweak walktalks on its compound 138 plus 90:
    228 : Yellow Resonant Star ..

    Think in 2 spells , Channel in Three ..

    “Ready to Ree” is a sailors term Aka command that prepares kinds to pivot the boat.

    Are U all Prepaired?

  3. Hello again,
    It would be cool to see humanity take on the Mayan Calendar but there is a major block with this and that is, it is called a MAYAN calendar. If it were renamed ‘Natures unfolding Time Schedule – N.U.T.S. !’ (or similar) there may be a better chance to succeed.
    A revamp of terms may be whats needed, we just need to unite these cross philosophical comparisons.
    Here are some alternative terms too – Galactic Umbilical Cord and The Kuxan Suum.
    alphanumerically (a=1 , z=26)

    Galactic Umbilical Cord = 178
    The Kuxan Suum = 178
    Open Celestial Ley = 178
    Regulated by Angles = 178
    Use Phi Harmonics = 178
    Gamma Ray Bursts = 178
    Supercurrent = 178
    Unified Energy Field = 178

    My point is we already have modern phrases for these ancient terms, which trigger instant meaning and are perhaps more globally inclusive.

    • good to have the sequential table result 178 on 2 compound labels

      now we see throught the holomind perceiving decoder

      alphanumerically (a=1 , m=13 , n=13 , z=1) ~ ETZNAB’s Knife

      Galactic Umbilical Cord = 43 67 28 => 138 (! : TMQ)
      The Kuxan Suum = 20 34 33 => 87

      note that just Kuxan Suum gives 67 (13)
      Tzolkin makes 65 (11 and 5×13)

      the last notes in fact the simply word for the Grahams Search …

      what does Telektonon?
      7 5 12 5 11 7 12 13 12 13 => 97

      97 simply speaks “nine goes before seven”
      kin 97 is a navigator: Rhythmic Earth, 6th tone in wavespell HUMAN

  4. Thanks for your input, Grayham–which resonates with me 🙂

    My first choice for oUR new post-2012 13 Moon Calendar has a three word name.
    Here are some clues, for those who want to test their telepathy and/or problem solving.

    The numeric value of its initials equal 8-20-13

    The numeric value of its name is 158: Lunar Mirror

    Calculating its numerical value by the VV method yields a Kin equivalent of 106: PVCS Lunar World-Bridger.

    2 Mirror is the Guide of 2 World-Bridger. Together, they equal 4.4, Self-Existing Seed, which was the most recent year to have a DALI-Sunday correlation 🙂

    The first one to supply the correct ‘answer’ will receive Cosmic History Chronicles II, delivered for free.

    Love to all from Galactic Agent 138 🙂

      • Q !

        Telepathically …?! Gambling? With your So Called Ocean 11 ?

        or 12
        or 13

        Sure …

        Get Lucky,

        or Die Trying,



        GrayHam !

        Hay Grey ,

        Hows With Ma1 ?

        Allrready catched Porky?

        Sat Nam !

        (-: … Inlakesh … 🙂

        Namasté xxx


  5. Coordinates for the Star Map*

    In 2006 i was in Paraguay and organized the full meditations and extraterrestrial contact, it was such an excelent Day Out of Time, you can find the report at as RAP Paraguay.

    my mother kin 236 was kin 51 when she had me. i noticed that on my research about my enlightening experiences in india (also reported at whose most important day was 10.11.2001 gama 24 selfexistent moon kin 51, about to be 10 years on 10.11.2011 kin 61 “Abraham”. My PCU is 6.4 and when i was born my father kin 170 was kin 10.3 hidden to 11.11.
    these are all facts that made me dive deep into the 2012 prophecy.

    ::there is already too much information to process here::

    Collective Intelligence*

    i want to understand you because i think you might be wrong but af course i might be wrong so let us try to understand each other
    Please explain me why would the Closing of the Cycle be on kin 208 in New Zealand if on the rest of the world is on kin 207?
    The 13 moon year always end of Silio, ok, but Sirio is not necessary always Saturday on the Gregorian Calendar and Dali is not always Sunday, what is the problem on that? The 13:28 Synchronometer is a new standard meant to replace the old one and the reference to 25.7 should be not important anymore since the old calendar should be dissolved and burned, just as Valum Votan and Bolon Ik did in front of a full auditory the first time they visited Buenos Aires.

    you said that valum votan said that dali is always sunday, i think that he meant that dali is the first day of every week and moon, dont you? is there any text where he talks about it? Was it on the 28 meditations of the law of time books? 6th meditation i think maybe about 7:7::7:7

    i also dont understand that 9991 thing

    its late here now, ill go to sleep and pick it up later +++

    May the Universal Fire Enlighten us all!

  6. just an observation
    the purpose of the first section of my post might be related to how we all connect our personal stories in order to the planetary script*
    the second part is how we become a unified intelligence*

    You are I and I am You!

  7. WOW, pretty confounding ? does the question then become ‘is there anything universally true’? seems we can use numbers in any way that has meaning to us, does that also mean they are universally true? i personally think not.
    They are simply navigation beacons pointing towards a truth that is eternal and beyond time (everywhen true) beyond space (everywhere true) beyond size (fractal-same in all cases).
    Numbers then (if i’m on track) must include all three -time/space/size, to be a UNIVERSAL truth, if not, number systems come and go.
    Creator/Creation uses all three in creation (space to do stuff, time to do it, allow for different sized beings), it would seem if we are to integrate the universal we must use numbers that equally resonate/explain/model all three. Hence, eventually all number code systems lead to the PHI ratio’s and the angle/axis codes which are pre-numerology, pre-all calendars, pre-all sized beings. With this as the underlying principle of wisdom humanity can apply any/every number system they feel is suitable, knowing they can always see it in the context of phi-Unity Principles.

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