Kin 44: Yellow Overtone Seed codes Self-Existing Silio Seven

KAN   Kin 44

Yellow Overtone Seed

Yellow Overtone Human
White Overtone Wizard Yellow Overtone Seed Blue Overtone Eagle
  Red Solar Earth
I empower in order to target
commanding awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of free will.
15.5 is the Analog and 9 Earth is the Occult Power today.  Kin42: 3 Wind is the G-Force of 5 Seed. 
The PSI for Self-Existing 7 is Self-Existing Warrior, and the Long Count is Solar Warrior.
44: 4 x 11;  Fourth mystic call of Liberation”
4.5: Once the element of water has been thermoelectrically induced, then the primal condition for the secondary reflex, life, is established within the evolving planetary order as the self-generative interaction of luminic and thermic chemical functions.  The synthesis of light within plants is directly proportionate to the thermically-regulated water-processing capacity of the root system.”
New Zealand has great reason to be jubilant and  proud.  In spite of devastating earthquakes that destroyed the main South Island venue for the Rugby World Cup, this small country successfully hosted this big  international event. 
New Zealand’s All Black team was plagued by many injuries  which removed the world’s best kicker, Dan Carter, and even his replacement, from play, and caused Captain Richie McCaw to miss a game, shortly after becoming the first All Black to play 100 games.
Last night, the New Zealand All-Blacks emerged as the only undefeated team, winning the coveted World Cup, which will remain in New Zealand for the next 4 years  🙂
Victory All Blacks 
In this country, where Rugby originated and the All Blacks team are revered, we have been seeing and hearing their name constantly, especially these past few weeks.  1987 is known here as the last year the All-Blacks won the World Cup, instead of as the year of the Harmonic Convergence] It wasn’t until they again became the Rugby World Champions  that TMQ thought to examine their name alpha-numerically. 
All Blacks equals 74 {14.9:  Solar Wizard–or 149}.  7.4 is Mayan Vigesimal for 144 The ‘V.V method’  yields 227:  Rhythmic Hand:  7.6.  7 x 6 = 21 x 2 = 42today’s G-Force. New Zealand All Blacks captain Richie McCaw reacts after receiving his 100th test cap at the end of their Rugby World Cup Pool A match against France at Eden Park in Auckland September 24, 2011. REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel
 “Arriving relatively late in New Zealand’s history during the Pliocene epoch[5] (around 5 – 1.8 million years ago), the silver fern occurs on the main islands of New Zealand”   The fern  image [as shown on Captain McCaw’s shirt] is on flags now prominently displayed  on many cars and homes.  It has 22 leaves per side, for a total of 44  🙂  Each leaf [on the actual plant-they grow in our yard] is a smaller holonomic image of the branch [frond] bearing them.
The 4th Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey of the 6 Wizard Ring  begins today
 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThanks to A1D7R7I and Grayham 13 Eagle for igniting oUR ‘Round Table discussion’ of the proposed revision of the 13 Moon Calendar, for use after the 2012 Solstice  Harmonic ConvergenceEnlightened discussion is the path to  the HEART of this  important issue.  TMQ’s hastily-written response to 195‘s comment contains some corrections now.  My apologies to any kin who are working on intuiting the name  🙂   Responses to the points raised by 8 Earth will ensue in the next post. 
While performing a search, [to see if any of V.V.’s statements that  ‘Dali is always on Sunday’ still exist]  138 came upon this:   
It was the stone ring, however, that spoke to me.  Earlier in the  Spectral Moon of the Overtone Seed Year,  I had a dream of the “Mother  Ship,” shaped like an immense wheel.  The name of the “Mother Ship” was  revealed to me to beANATANA What impressed me about the stone ring, some 4.5 inches in diameter, is that its outer sides featured sixteen grooves and sixteen ridges-ANA  plus ANA.”
Finding this Report on 4.5Overtone Seedmakes one feel that Valum Votan is with us today, as we embark on the Sixteen day Warrior’s Cube Journey  🙂 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 7.           Cube One:  MEMORY              Kin 44

2 thoughts on “Kin 44: Yellow Overtone Seed codes Self-Existing Silio Seven

  1. As we know cosmic numbering from CHC VII
    Is related to number 441 ..
    As a seer i did not relate a number to bivideotex yet

    AnaTanA is a good lead to that number while it
    Counts as 1 14 15 22 23 36 37 in a cumrow

    It is a palindrome in characters.

    37 counts as 10 and follows 28 , the 10 before ..

    3 to 37 is 111 ( 11 11 11 is comin’ and has the sake notation in American and European style.)

    111 is the first Lord of Time ..
    In a row of nine till 999.

    You may say 37 is after 10 19 28 the 4th dimension of 10

    And it is holomind densing as seed is ..
    Overtone Seed gives Hope.

  2. Yes. holomind loves androgeny –

    Kin 44 Sinead 😉

    I’m dancing the seven veils
    Want you to pick up my scarf
    See how the black moon fades
    Soon I can give you my heart

    I don’t know no shame
    I feel no pain
    I can’t see the flame

    But I do know Mandinka
    I do know Mandinka
    I do know Mandinka
    I do

    They’re throwing it all this way
    Dragging it back to the start
    And they say, “see how the glass is raised?”
    I have refused to take part
    I told them “drink something new”
    Please let me pull something through

    I don’t know no shame
    I feel no pain
    I can’t…
    I don’t know no shame
    I feel no pain
    I can’t see the flame

    But I do know Mandinka
    I do know Mandinka
    I do know Mandinka
    I do

    I do
    I do
    I said I do
    Soon I can give you my heart
    I swear I do
    Soon I can give you my heart

    I do
    Soon I can give you my heart
    Soon I can give you my heart
    Soon I can give you my heart

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