Kin 46: White Resonant World-Bridger codes Self-Existing Seli 9; Cube 3: Abundance

CIMI     Kin 46

White Resonant Worldbridger

White Resonant Mirror
Yellow Resonant Warrior White Resonant Worldbridger Red Resonant Skywalker
  Blue Resonant Eagle
I channel in order to equalize
inspiring opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
Today’s Challenge/Antipode is PVCS  7 Warrior.  Kin 33:  7 Skywalker is the Analog, and the G-force of 7 World-Bridger is 9 Star.
PSI:  7 Storm, which codes the year of the 2012  Solstice Harmonic Convergence and the 7 Mystic Moons.
Long Count:  11 Mirror, synching with today’s Dreamspell Guide, 7 Mirror [Debra]
6.7:  “The Dreamspell, Journey of  Timeship Earth 2013, is the sum repository of the knowledge of the Law of Time as a complete set of codes demonstrating the radial mathematics of the fourth dimension. Both the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Telektonon are derivatives of and embedded within the Dreamspell codes.”
 Timeship Earth 2013   “Earth is a Timeship, voyaging through galactic time. Every single one of us, whether we are aware of it or not, is a galactic kin upon this timeshipThe meaning of 2012 lies in our waking up to the actual nature of time.  Once this occurs we will see that time is the fourth dimension, that Earth is not a spaceship but a timeship, and that the purpose of operating in the 13:20 frequency of galactic time is to transform the planet into a work of art. We are aboard the timeship to learn and practice the planetary art of galactic time. The first stage of this is the rainbow bridge.Timeship Earth 2013 is how we navigate the new evolutionary cycle – the noosphere, the time of universal peace, harmony and telepathy.  By 2013, Earth will no longer be operating in the 12:60 frequency, but in the natural 13:20 frequency of synchronization. To advance the coming of the new time of harmony, the call is put out for the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, synchronized celebrations at sacred sites around the world during 2012. This planetary awakening will be the conclusion to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and the appropriate groundwork for entry into Timeship Earth 2013.”
46:  “23 x 3;  Two sunspot cycles; a reverse of 46 = 64;  64- 46 = 18 [2 x 9]”

 AURORAS IN THE USA: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth on Oct. 24th at approximately 1800 UT (2:00 pm EDT). The impact strongly compressed Earth’s magnetic field, directly exposing geosynchronous satellites to solar wind plasma, and sparked an intense geomagnetic storm.”

These mysterious and rare red auroras were seen across Canada and the U.S., on the same day that Grayham 13 Eagle informs us is the  only day each year that we [our solar system] align with the ‘strongest magnetic attracting source in our local universe’,  attraction=love. The centre of this hyperclustering of galaxies is the Abell3558 cluster, this is the ‘Heart Chakra’ of our local universe.    Synchronistically,  Kin 195 called our attention to  this on the one day [of every 7 years] that the 13 Moon Calendar falls on the Silio HEART chakra  🙂

Today We Welcome a  new reader, Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human.  Thank You  12.13,  for this link:  containing stunning photos of the  

 Auroras on the annual ‘Abell 3558 Synchronization 🙂

    These crimson  Auroras are a spectacular precursor of oUR soon-to-be ignited Circumpolar  Rainbow Bridge, and a beautiful reminder of oUR approaching Unity with each other and with the  ‘Heart Chakra’ of our local universe” 

Grayham 195 also noted the synchronistic timing of the   “U.N. the celebration each year for humanity’s coming together (called UN Day)  falls on this most special date, when earth-sun aligns to the largest and strongest magnetic source astronomers have found. [Abell 3558]

Abell= 32, the [crystalline] one-half of the binary order of 64:  Life.  3558 contains 4 KEY numbers of the Fibbonaci Sequence:  3; 5; 8 and [5+8=] 13.  Together, 3558 equals Hunab Ku 21  🙂
 32 + 21 equals 53,    MAGNETIC [attracting LOVE]  Skywalker, which codes Quetzalcoatl.

When Abell 3558  is calculated via the “V.V. Alpha-numeric Method, it yields 68 [Electric Star] + 21 = 89, :  9.11, the  Kin that coded Valum Votan’s Ascension.

During the Kin 33; 13.7 Watch,   TMQ went outdoors to enjoy the sparkling Milky Way Galaxy, the sounds of the flowing brook, and the fragrant air, reflecting upon this ’10th Galactic Anniversary.’

On the 7 year anniversary of the prophetic message that appeared on her computer on 9/11/2004, TMQ finally wrote  about something that had troubled her about the 13 Moon Calendar for her entire 7 years of studying and practicing the knowledge disseminated by Valum Votan,  including over  two years of almost daily writing about the Law of Time and the Synchronic order.

Today marks the 10th Galactic Return of Kin 46; Resonant World-Bridger, which coded the most activating day of TMQ’s life, so it is fitting that the 13 Moon discussion initiated on 9/11/11 deepens today.  [7and 10 codes TMQs birthday on [Greg. 7/10] and 7.10 is the only Postulate to discuss Date of Birth :J]

During my Solar-Galactic Return year as a Galactic Mirror,  a   third Crop Circle appeared on 20.12, also 20 miles from my home.  I dlearned of it the day after the mysterious message appeared on Kin 46, whose Combined Dreamspell Kin totaled 18.8, Galactic Mirror.   That day was exactly  2,600 days ago.

The  ‘Magic Turtle Crystal Sun  crop circle  [Crystal 19 [6/17/2004] was all about the Thirteen Moon Calendar and 9/11, whose PSI is Kin 33, the Analog of Kin 46.  The 9/11/04 Synchronic Readout  stated “You are awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen“. and 3 days later,     The crop circle displayed 28 circles [for the 28 day Moon] emanating from two electrical towers  to the 11-circled image that is on the cover of  “Time and the Technosphere” , which discussed the 9/11 event as the puncture in the Technosphere which leads to the Noosphere.  The G-Force of its author, Valum Votan, [21] and of this writer [12] equal 33, the PSI of 9/11, and the Analog of 7 World-Bridger. 

A1D7R7I writes: The 13 moon year always end on Silio, ok, but Silio is not necessary always Saturday on the Gregorian Calendar and Dali is not always Sunday, what is the problem on that?  The 13:28 Synchronometer is a new standard meant to replace the old one and the reference to 25.7 should be not important”  

TMQ responds:  The Seven radial plasmas radiate from Hunab Ku,  one for each day, repeating week after week.  IMHO, If we are meant to be telepathically entraining ourselves with the Plasma and Chakra, then we shouldn’t be switching them each year.

Aligning the 7 plasmas consistently with the 7 days of each week is also the most harmonious  path for aligning a critical mass of Humans with the Calendar that Pacal Votan considered necessary for us to follow.

Seven is a KEY number in creation cosmology, and virtually every person on oUR planet relates to the 7 day week.  The global population is predicted to reach 7 billion  during this 14th week of the 13 Moon year. 

The current 13 Moon Calendar is tied to the artificial Gregorian dates, instead of the natural flow of the 7 day week, which has been followed by Humanity long before  the Gregorian Calendar was imposed.

Votan stated in so many places, that DALI is always on Sunday.  Every week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday.  As related earlier, every time TMQ would point out another place [in articles and interviews] where VV stated that DALI is always on Sunday’, it would immediately be removed by Law of Time.

The DALI:: Sunday correlation  still remains on the Telektonon and 7:7::7″ 7 4th dimensional learning tools/games.  Does it make sense that Valum Votan would give a 7777 game  to over 300 workshop participants from around the world, without advising us  to disregard the cards and boards, and to instead, shift the plasma to a different day each year?

Nearly 7 years ago, Jacob at Law of Time, sent me an info packet to prove his point, and even that stated [in the 13 Moon Tutorial] that every Week, Moon, Year begins on Sunday [I may still be able to locate that booklet]. 

I FINALLY FOUND THIS ONLINE!  [As a precaution, I won’t publish the web address]:

“Every Moon (month) is exactly the same. Days of the month and days of the week are perfectly harmonized.

Every month starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday 

• Days of the week, Sunday-Saturday, are loaded with ancient karma, so they are being replaced by new names which refer to seven radial plasmas -electronic building blocks of Creation. Each plasma is associated with an action:

Sunday = Dali targets;   Monday = Seli flows;  Tuesday = Gamma pacifies;  Wednesday = Kali establishes;  Thursday = Alpha releases;   Friday =Limi purifies;  Saturday = Silio discharges…”   🙂

Ultimately, it is up to each kin to choose which 13 Moon path they resonate with-either way is such an improvement over the irregular Gregorian.  Perhaps the numbers [to be revealed after TMQ’s book and calendar are produced] will  help Kin to realize it’s more harmonic to follow what  Valum Votan originally and repeatedly wrote:  “Every Week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday;  Dali”.

8 Earth  also asked about Cosmic Star, which will code the Solstice in “the first country to see the Light and the 2012 Solstice.

Cosmic Star falls on Silio/SaturdayCosmic Star completes the MonKEY Genesis.  Then, we “Take Magic Flight” [after a pause]  into the Seven Mystic Moons and the new  Time of Harmony.  

While TMQ was initially disturbed to read about the 12:60 corporations [in their words:] “taking over the entire Chichen Itza Temple complex on 12/21/2012, she now sees it as another example in which the 12:60 forces  ultimately serve the 13:20 Harmony, and our Unification.

For some reason, their Solstice extravaganza is at 11:11 p.m, instead of 11:11 am.  This  means, that when two billion viewers are focused on the Cirque de Soliel performance, it will be Cosmic Star in most parts of the world, and by the time it concludes,  it will be Cosmic StarSilio Saturday, almost everywhere on the planet  🙂

The 13 Moon date on Cosmic Star/Saturday/Silio  will be Rhythmic 106.10;   TMQ believes the 6:10 time of Valum Votan’s Incarnation and Disincarnation is another clue for us  J

Yesterday’s Kin 45 blog was an example of the short daily post I had in mind when committing to the 1.8 frequency for two Moons.

On Sunday [pre H.C {Harmonic Convergence} Limi 13]: the first octa-8 transmission, based on Dali, appears.

        MAY  TRUTH,   HARMONY  and LOVE   PREVAIL!  🙂


N. S.  1. 24. 4. 9.            Cube Three:      ABUNDANCE       Kin 46


13 thoughts on “Kin 46: White Resonant World-Bridger codes Self-Existing Seli 9; Cube 3: Abundance



    In ancient China the feng-huang or phoenix bird regularly appeared in palace courtyards. Li Ki tells us that it came from the sun, from the land of sages.’ The appearance of the phoenix heralded abundance, and its disappearance calamity. Egyptian accounts describe the phoenix rising from the East like the sun, cyclically, its gold and reddish plumage extending with a blue aureole into seven rose-colored rays. Its name, benu, is variously connected with the colors red and purple, with the palm tree, and with a stringed instrument. In the cosmogony of India the phoenix is represented by Garuda, the great bird-like vahan of Vishnu. As the emblem of cyclic time, it represents both the solar cycle and the Maha Kalpa.

    There are many accounts of the phoenix, ranging from the most metaphysical discussions of its symbolical meaning in the Indian tradition to modest descriptions of its physical attributes and historical appearances by Pliny, Herodotus and others. In considering the various accounts, one can perceive important similarities linking different cultural traditions in a shared perception of cycles and epicycles in nature and in man.

    The Egyptians identified the phoenix with the soul of Osiris, ‘the rising god.’ It connected the morning star (Venus), ‘the heart of the renewed sun,’ with the sun itself, representing light, life and consciousness. The benu reflected this synthesis of creative impulses in the form of a bird which is two birds. The Theosophical Glossary describes the benu as the Shen-shen (the heron) and the Rech (a red bird), both sacred to Osiris. “It was the latter that was the regular Phoenix of the great Mysteries, the typical symbol of self-creation and resurrection through death – a type of the Solar Osiris and of the divine Ego in man. Yet both the Heron and the Rech were symbols of cycles; the former, of the Solar year of 365 days; the latter of the tropical year or a period covering almost 26,000 years. In both cases the cycles were the types of the return of light from darkness, the yearly and great cyclic return of the sun-god to his birth-place, or – his Resurrection.”

    The Egyptians described the phoenix as creating itself, rising in a fragrant flame over the celestial sycamore or Persea tree whose branches extend over the sarcophagus of Osiris. It is the soul of Osiris, the sun that rises and rests in the sacred tree over the tomb which embodies the god at Heliopolis. There the phoenix builds its nest of aromatics and is consumed in fire. Resurrecting itself from the flames, it rises once again in the red and golden dawn to commence a new cycle.

    In identifying the phoenix with the soul of Osiris, the Egyptians were symbolizing the essence of the third Logos, the first manifesting deity which combines the aspects of the spiritual and terrestrial macrocosmically, and the dual Ego, divine and human, microcosmically. As a solar deity, Osiris presided over twelve minor gods who were the twelve signs of the zodiac. He had forty-two and seven aspects, the forty-nine aspects involved in cycles at every level of Being and culminating in man. “Thus the god is blended in man, and man is deified into a god.” The essence of the Logos, the light of Daiviprakriti, is the god and the immortal Ego in man, and both arc symbolized by the phoenix. Although the essential life of the phoenix is out of time and space, it enters this world periodically to die and be reborn. The sarcophagus of Osiris represents the death of worldly existence, but the soul which will rise is never fully entombed. It awaits the new cycle wherein it may once again illuminate the material world. The sacred tree upon which the soul or
    phoenix {benu) rests is a sycamore or Persea, a fruit-bearing tree native to Arabia. This suggests a connection with the date palm, which is etymologically connected with the word benu. The soul of the sun-god resting in this tree indicates the time of rest when the northern hemisphere is tilting away from the sun, the autumnal equinox. The resurrection marks the spring equinox. The Great Pyramid constitutes clear evidence that the ancient Egyptians had an exact knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes, that they calculated its rate at one degree in seventy-two years, thereby indicating clearly a twenty-six thousand year cycle for the complete precession. The authors of the symbol of the phoenix had exact and vast cyclical processes fully in mind when describing the pilgrimage of the soul in man within the larger framework of the cycles of divine teachers, globes and solar systems.

    It is, however, in Indian cosmogony that we find explicit information linking these aspects of the phoenix symbol and suggesting more clearly the correspondence between these great and small cycles of the embodied Logos. The counterpart of the phoenix in India, Garuda, is the vahan or vehicle of Vishnu. Vishnu is a manifestation of solar energy ‘striding through the seven regions of the Universe,’ marking the cycles of manifestation. Garuda is cyclic time. He was born out of an egg like Vishnu, who was born from an egg floating on the sea of potential life. In his ‘man-lion’ aspect Garuda symbolizes the Solar cycle. As the great bird, he symbolizes the great cycle or Maha Kalpa, co-eternal with Vishnu and the sun. From his crowned head seven rays extend out, each tipped with one of the seven sacred vowels. These represent the keynotes related to the seven Great Manus, each of whom is himself the embodiment of a keynote for a Great Race. It is from these seven Great Manus that the seven Manus under Them take the harmonic note marking the divisions of Root Races into sub-races. Thus the seven-times-seven Manus relate to the seven-times-seven cycles in each Round on each globe. This is related in turn to the forty-nine aspects of Osiris and to the idea of keynotes in the Chinese and Egyptian accounts as well. The fact that the Chinese recognized five colors representing five notes suggests that they were aware of the advent of five Manus and five Races relating to the development of the fifth principle in man, although the more complete picture is revealed in the Egyptian and Indian cosmogonies, which recognize the ultimate potential unfoldment of the seven rays or aspects of Being. It is significant that in all these traditions the idea of the keynotes is closely related to vivid descriptions of the color of the bird’s plumage. This is particularly meaningful in relating the phoenix to the soul of man and the sun. One may meditate upon such mysteries in those moments just prior to and during the rising of the sun.

    As the Chinese related the appearance of the phoenix to abundance, the tree of the world bears fruit under the direct rays of the sun. But abundance in form will perish as light gives way to darkness. The mystery of the phoenix lies in that realm from whence it rises. Like the rising sun shedding its light upon the earth, the phoenix soul in all its brilliant colors rises out of the white light of the great night of non-manifestation. In shedding forth its soul-light it sacrifices itself upon the altar of the world, that matter may again unite with spirit in an immortal awareness. Thus all great Teachers of mankind shed Their light upon humanity in a never-ending process of sacrifice, that we may slowly realize that we are Them and They us . . . one great winged bird “which is not born, nor dies, but is the AUM throughout eternal ages.”

    Infinite love “Life is Love, Love is God, Christ is Life, Life is the gift of the Most High God Infinite & Eternal Love”

    “The miracle of the Sacred Fire can be accessed from within the altar of our own Heart Flame. When our personality self is in Divine Coherence with the I AM Presence within, we can affect momentous movement for the expression of Mother Father God in the outer world. Inner balance, harmony and a confident, peace commanding Presence are the prerequisites to initiating all action of the Sacred Fire Love.”

    From: Wilton Benjamin

  2. Thanks mystery queen for your dedicated work helping to to keep in touch with the codes of synchronicity! More power to you! while confused by telektonon, vision points to sunday dali and saturday silio. From Rumi,
    Christ is the population of the world,
    and every object as well. There is no room
    for hypocrisy. Why use bitter soup for healing
    when sweet water is everywhere?

  3. i wondered on the response of TMQ: “The Seven radial plasmas radiate from Hunab Ku, one for each day, repeating week after week. IMHO, If we are meant to be telepathically entraining ourselves with the Plasma and Chakra, then we shouldn’t be switching them each year.”

    Because of a synchronic move – i am on the move to another home – i found this poster from TELEKTONON labelled : “Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion” (why do i receive this again just on this moment?)

    We have a Venus Transit on the Left Top in 11 Wizard 2003-2004 exactly the phase that ignited the Tzolkin in my Laboratory. We had a Venus Transit Ceremony on the “Toverberg” (Wizards Mountain) in the Netherlands (the LowLands) with 13 kin (i was late and the last to circle)

    Then to its right the 7 plasmas are on a row (aligned with Cube 8 to 14 below)

    After that we have 2 extra columns (plasmas?) labeled the 2 Rings of Inner Time: this very year 6Wizard and next one 7Storm labelled New Jerusalem and Shambala. They are labelled as UR-OMA …

    What is the function of the plasmas as designed and channeled by Valum Votan (token as the creator / ignitor)?

    I thought: take it as an inspiration and then see what it does in the timespace at charge … so donot fix it as anoother dogma! KISS: Keep It Simple StupiD!

    This notification ends with the Cube15 Eagle marker: “Awesome Blowing Six TurQuoise Winds” (see the edition : These crimson Auroras are a spectacular precursor of oUR soon-to-be ignited Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge)

    Bolon Ik ~ 9 (3 by 3 by 3 as SOUND ~ RHYTHM ~ MELODY)
    Primordial Knowing Body Lha

  4. Notify this on 64 minus 46 to 18

    6d is just 1 Quarter as SeaSon a Year or an liter Year Season as one of 4 years in a leapcycle!

    Next year we have leap as welk as the Venus Transition.

    46 marks a Portal and 64 a Seedling.
    As the Kali Painting and Lovers they bear a Child as Mona Lisa does. And Mona is Amon.

    Then 18 is the child of them:
    Is it mirror5 or 2.9 wind9 or the potential of both?

  5. Excellent thought-provoking post, dear TMQ. I respect and admire UR integrity and courage in consistently and publicly following your own heart and highest vision. As you know, King Arthur’s (reputed) philosophy “Above all else, to thine own self be true” is a favourite of mine!

    Self-Existing 9 Kin 46 is Day 31 of the 4th 113-day cycle (31/113)
    Noo Moon ~ in this bioregion it falls today in the first hour of the Antipode P.V.C.S. GAP Kin 176 Watch.
    The CDK Self-Existing Worldbridger Kin 186 combines the Moon’s Tone and the Day’s Seal.
    The All-In Kin Blue Solar Night (3.9) also nicely mirrors oUR Cube 3 Day 9 (Day 9 : MANNAZ is the Whole Human that refines the Avatar, in synchronic alignment with the themes of Wisdom, Integrity and Free Will)

    In lak’ech dear Kin
    Melovia Red Crystal Moon
    [Harmonic 33]
    [G-Force 11]
    [11 + 12 = 23]
    [11 + 21 = 32]
    [23 + 32 = 55]

  6. Lovely to be spinning toghether in service to Unity.

    The week is a function of 7. The Sunday, Monday, Saturday is an application of a cosmology. As stated in The Arcturus Probe: “Every Science is an application of a Cosmology”.

    By the time when the Gregorian Calendar was created ther was no knowledge of the “outer” planets, Urano, Neptune, Pluton, thus the week intends to capitulate the Solar System’s known orbit energies perhaps taken as deities.

    The plasmas go beyond, having an heptad instead of a week, building Time Atoms and storing them at the center of Earth to build the Circumpolar Raimbowbridge.

    I dont think there was such an intention from Valum Votan to keep an alignement of Dali to Sunday, because the 12:60 old time software is meant to be replaced. The correlations both in Telektonon (first edited in 1993) and 7:7::7:7 board game (1999?) were discarded in the updated editions.
    They were references, like tools for translation: take DALI as a Sunday, the first day of every week and moon, okay, but never try to fit the 13 Moon calendar to 12:60 standards.

    Whats radiated from Hunab Ku is the function of 7, the Interval of Lost Time in Eternity, then you can call it a Week or an Heptad.

    The day Out Of Time is not a day of any heptad or moon, and in the Gregorian Calendar there is no Day Out of Time, so naturally the relation between Weekday and Heptad plasma is phased. It doesn’t matter at all. Once you are linked to the 13:20 timing frecuency, the 12:60 old program is just a steamy shadow on the rearviewmirror meant to be erased, we are leaving it behind.

    When Votan went to the Vatican to present the Telektonon Prophecy and the 13 moon Synchronometer, he was told that it was no possible to apply because of the Day Out of Time. they said it would cut the 7 day divine sequence and it could bring the world into chaos (!). Obviously, the Day Out of Time is the most ellegant and foruthdimentional quality of the 13 moon count. It is the most important day of the year, the vortex that makes the spiral out of the circle.

    This you quote:
    • Days of the week, Sunday-Saturday, are loaded with ancient karma, so they are being replaced by new names which refer to seven radial plasmas -electronic building blocks of Creation. Each plasma is associated with an action:
    Sunday = Dali targets; Monday = Seli flows; Tuesday = Gamma pacifies; Wednesday = Kali establishes; Thursday = Alpha releases; Friday =Limi purifies; Saturday = Silio discharges…”

    That tells it all! Old names are being REPLACED. Where you used to think Sunday as the first day of the week, now you have DALI as the first day of the Heptad. That does not mean that relation between 13:28 DALI should be kept to 12:60 Sunday by no means! Its just a translation, DALI is always the first day of the week, what Sunday is on Gregorian Calendar.
    “Every Week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday; Dali”.
    He is talkin so the people can understand that there is a new name for the first day of the week!.

    The 13 moon is not meant to be alligned with the Gregorian calendar at all. It is only meant to be alligned with the higher cosmic cycles and especially with the GST Galactic Standard Time.

    If you still have doubts, please read about it all directly from Valum Votan here:

    Have you read that before? I think all your answers are there. 🙂

    About the Closing of the Cycle, it is on Seli 9 kin 207 for the whole planet. It starts in New Zealand right? And kin 208 is already the beginning of the New Cycle
    Do we agree on that?
    I asked because sometimes you mention a difference of 1 kin from south emisphere to north emisphere? But the time doesn’t change from north to south, it goes by parallels,
    So here in Buenos Aires (South) is always the same time that maybe in Greenland (North) (Just check the Windows time configuration for that)

    *to S’ace : Valum Votan didn’t channel nor design the plasmas. They come from a document channeled by a Colombian guy in 1970 called Cosmic Science. Votan had that already studied in the eighties (Check CHC’s vol II for details.) That map you found is about the 7 years Mystery of the Stone, each coded by one plasma, and this two years we are at now are supposed to be the passage between worlds. (12:60 to 13:20)

    In service to love and truth, while challenging Galactic Accomplishment,
    kin 177 Red Galactic Earth.

  7. On the Seventh Day God saw that everything was good and told the people to rest. The seven day week is correlated to the Christian creation myth. Maybe before C it was locked to the seven planets at that time known. The church adopted many ancient rites and symbols to use it in their own way for their own power. But who said that humanity needs 7 day weeks month anyway. My favorite is the 13 Day wavespell. 28 wavespells of 13 Days each. 1 Day out of time. What perfect time harmony. In the year 1999 I made this graphic while I was traveling in Oz and diving deep into the teachings of VV and the Mayas. The picture shows a Tzolkin and 14 Wavespells of 13 Days around it. It was finished on Moon13 Day 14. 🙂 that day 10/7 was TMQ s Solar birthday. She posted it on this blog once, but I couldt

  8. …..Ups 🙂 couldn’t find the link. The painting was finished on self existing Mirror 18.4 and clearly depicts a Cube. If you mirror the whole thing you get a perfect solar year around two Tzolkins. The rest and those amazing syncs I found out recently the last spring/ summer after 03/11 and when I stumbled upon this blog. What
    do I want to say? If I imagine a worldwide
    calendar change discussions through the media ,whatever started this, where every Nation,
    Religion and people can make suggestions for a new time standard. Then I don’t see the Mayan, Dreamspell, and Plasma thing as a favorite. But I see that everybody understands the harmony of a 28 day 13 month calendar and the simplicity behind it. And some of the 7 Billion would maybe agree with the possible impact of an calendar on our mind/subcouncioussness. I always have to think about Valum Votans words when Daniel Pinchbeck asked him something, forgot what: I’m a visionary, and as a visionary I have to imagine the most positive future for humanity. In lak ech 9.7 the maybe 9.7th

  9. I also understood it as Kin177 that in the case we use the 13 Moon standard 28 days, then every Month, year, week would start on Sun. This is also how I explained it to others: then every 1st, 8th,15th, etc. Would be a Sunday. Or Dali, Seli, etc. Which makes it much more easy for the mind to Re Member. 9.7

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