Kin 49: Red Planetary Moon codes Self-Existing Alpha 12; Cube 6: Bridging the Worlds

MULUC     Kin 49

Red Planetary Moon

Red Planetary Earth
Blue Planetary Storm Red Planetary Moon White Planetary Dog
  Yellow Self-existing Human
I perfect in order to purify
producing flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
Today’s G-Force is 5 Hand.  PSI:  10 Wind.  CDK = 7 Moon [Jannis]
A new Long Count cycle begins today:  Kin 1;   Magnetic Dragon.
9.10: The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge synthesizes analog functions of the biopsychic, electromagnetic, and geomagnetic fields of resonance in a correspondence between planetary and human body axial identification and simultaneous collective telepathic projection
 497 x 7 supreme expression of creation order of 7, multiplied by 3² (9) = 441, frequency of units of each of nine time dimensions, number of days of bardo cycle, interval between death and rebirth, vigesimal 2.9 analog of 29 cosmic constant – multiples of 49: x 2 = 98, x 3 = 147, x 4 = 196, x 5 = 245, x 6 = 294, x 7 (7³) = 343, x 8 = 392, x 9 = 441″
Self-Existing ALPHA 12:   RELEASE;    THROAT/Vishuddha
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Thanks to oUR 441 Cube for an Abundance  of Love, Beauty and Light [Pleiadian for Knowledge]
TMQ is still digesting the videos, but can  heartily recommend the wonderful rendition of  Losing my Religion by A1d7r71, who reminds one of a lanky Che Gueverra      Che Gueverra, Warrior for Freedom, was also  coded by Earth;  17.11  🙂  Together, these two Argentinian  Synchronic Navigators [17.8 and 17. 11 ] equal the kin coding this year:  14.6.  That leads us to another 6 Wizard:
Thank You Priscella  14.6 for your words, happily received.  One of those remained ‘unapproved‘ because it was such a stark contrast to your beautiful [inside and out] self.  Thanks for contributing so much Phi-based Beauty and Inspiration here!
Not Yr Guru Steve synchronistically also shared  a video of  “Going Back to my Roots“.   It will make you smile to see so much  Joy!
Christine 3 Skywalker, thanks so much for your expessing your appreciation  🙂 and for  sharing an intriguing report of  the “mysterious and rapidly inflating’
 Bolivian volcano named  UTURUNCU
 The Alpha-Numerics of the Hunab Ku 21 [=U]  Laden word equal 139:  9 Storm which codes Queen of Hearts: Princess Diana.  TMQ was glad to learn yesterday that a film of Princess Diana’s life is being made  🙂 
Calculated by the  “V.V’. method’,  Uturuncu equals 1,543.  Reduced by 1300 [5 x 260],  it becomes Kin 243 [3.9]:  Votan”  “Heart of Nine”.  It’s BMU [1,543 – 3 x 44] is 220:  20.12, so  UTURUNCU alpha-numerically  links The Closer of the Cycle with the Kin that denotes the End of the Cycle. 
 The summit of UTURUNCU is 19,711 feet high.  19,711 = 19.7 [codes the year containing the End of the Cycle] + 11 [Kin of The Closer of the Cycle
8 Earth shared a wonderful report about The Closer of the Cycle’s last revelation.  On Kin 49 { coded the year of  TMQ’s Birth, and is the Codon for Kin 138} coding this  Moon Day 12, Cube 6, TMQ  learned in this report,  that the BMU of the day Votan left is identical to her own BMU :  1206
As shared here earlier this week, the Kin equivalent of 1206 is 166:  10 World-Bridger, another reference to 6:10, Date of Votan’s Birth and Death, and to  the 10th day of the 6th Rhythmic Moon, coded by Cosmic Star.
A1D7R7I also links us to an excellent and pertinent  Rinri Report  [Yes, 177, TMQ read this when it was issued, but it bears re-reading  :)].  Unfortunately, one can’t copy and paste from this [Adobe] format, because there is plenty worth copying there.
This graphic from Cosmic Human 52  [ of Organic compounds of unexpected complexity existing throughout the universe]
 also  mirrors another graph  sent by this Cosmic Kin, showing the exponential increase of Humans on oUR Earth.  The first big spike correlates to the Earth’s population in 1951, [2.5 billion] revealing how quickly we have multiplied to 7 Billion [in the next few weeks].
Valum Votan has describes how the accelerated 12:60 timing frequency has impacted the exponential growth of technology, population, information at the end of the cycle.
Grayham 13 Eagle, how do these compare to the Phi Spiral“The Noosphere is this Phi based (love expressed creates phi wave-fields) creative creation manifesting, we are witnessing it everywhere…”
Thanks to Code=E 93 for this Telektonon quote:

47:  “But inexorable is my count of days, inexorable the rolling of the Wheel of Time, inexorable is the Law of the Cube.”

Here is the Telektonon  Verse numbered by today’s Kin:

49.   “From one intersection, six directions plus the seventh, the moving centre of time, the naval of Heaven whose cord is a fibre called Kuxan Suum. From the naval of Heaven to the solar plexus runs the Kuxan Suum, highway that reaches to the roots of the stars, passing through each of the Heavenly dimensions.

N. S.  1. 24. 4. 12.      Cube Six:  DEATH        Kin 49


22 thoughts on “Kin 49: Red Planetary Moon codes Self-Existing Alpha 12; Cube 6: Bridging the Worlds

  1. Ha! Thanks for the honor of being put aside to such a great man!
    It is still 23:27 pm here in Buenos Aires
    Im happy to see that the Universe didn´t freeze on 13 Ahau
    (not that i expected it too)

    dont waste a lot of time in telling the drunk man how much he did drink but take a quick look here if you like to see Calleman´s last word before the KO

  2. perhaps some basics on phi ratio are in order, keeping in mind this is the math formula for not only beauty but also (because rose petals unpack in sets of 5-phi ratio template, as do apple seeds arrange themselves in sets of 5) sweetness of aroma.

    so if love is sweet then the aroma of love is pleasant like sweet smelling flowers and now we’re back to the phi ratio.
    Unity means uni-phi-ing all dimensions, so if we don’t see it manifest in 3D its not a unity formula.
    we see the phi ratio everwhere, it is nature’s template, where 99% of measurable examples show phi (this is fun as in the hips are phi ratio up the height of the human body – hips = phi+s, as in shake those hips like any good dancer knows unity is felt in a good dance with friends).
    a few posts back we looked at how ‘The Kuxan Suum’ numerically came to 178 (a=1, z=26), we can add to 178 the phrase ‘Natural Growth’.

    Angelically Rooted
    Angel of the Presence
    Mutual Affinity
    Galactic Umbilical Cord
    The Kuxan Suum
    Open Celestial Ley
    Regulated by Angles
    Use Phi Harmonics
    Arch of the Covenant
    Conscious Order
    Natural Growth
    Here you’ll see the Maya were well aware of how phi fits (underlies) the calendar, they used the angles of the pentagram (fractal template) 36, 72, 144 to count their minutes, days, they knew time as geometric and mapped long cycles as the surface angles of the pent based dodecahedron.

  3. Muluc 49 communicates 441

    That is the holodecoder notes 40 for Muluc.
    (13 6 12 6 3)
    Difference 49 minus 40 Iz 9
    9 Ti 49 Iz 441

    Allow the Extraordinary impulse as the New Cycle Daya in Long Count number 001 ..

    In Kweakspell runs 49 plus 1 Dog / heset & love as the walktalk marker.

    S’ace 022 220 242 as triplekin focus creating a nootime perspective.

    • so, what is a nootime perspective?

      remember space as a xyz – axis compound?

      so time has its axis compound as XYZ …
      but then what dimensions value them?
      a draw is day/year/precession as 1:365::1:25920
      where year is 365 days and precession 25920 years

      an otherone is this
      13 daya a wave – 28 waves a year – 112 in 4years

      imagine your timeratio & oracle?

      the big one might be this
      dreamspell vecthor speaks for the precession, the dream
      longcount vecthor speaks for the year, the clockhouse, lifes (illusion)
      treekweak vecthor speaks for the moment, presence, the void

      in this alignment those three interpretations set the synchronization on 9991 as the revelation for 7777 after “the religious darkness” … opening the perception mindsets for the NooDaya …

      9 dreamlife
      9 lifesdream
      9 choices to make & stream on
      1 humanity as the driver ~ noohome

      the noohome can be manifested by the nooclock …
      this is the 3×8 hours a daya roundabout …

      imagine we have just one time figure all around the world that runs?
      then we accept the idea we have 3 timezones …
      pre-noon noon postnoon
      or prefer dawn noon evening ?

      what changed?
      the night idea disappeared from the schedule!
      or did it change for a position?

      Bolon Ik promotes the idea the night represents the knight in every kin!
      That was the idea Rembrandt communicated in “de NachtWacht” , “de Poorter” in English Language “the NightWatch” , “the Porter”.

      The people themselves know about the phases intuitively … and that activates so many cells inside on radiance … 😉

  4. on worldpopulation graphic
    here you can see your draw on birthday:

    here a result
    On Friday June 24, 1955, the global population was approximately:

    another one (binding them both)
    On Thursday December 21, 1961, the global population was approximately:

    338,257,890 growth in about 6 1/2 year ,say 141,000 growth a day

    a diff. between 10/28 and 10/29 gives 220,000 growth a day

    what is the race?

    in a relationship oracle: count them numbers eg. 338,257,890 => 45
    45 in this case speaks 9 , 20 , 1 and -1 and maybe 4/5 => 80%?
    and remember the exercise of TMQ lately:
    45 mirrors to 54 , so there you might get 99 as its sum!

  5. “Bridging the Worlds” reminds me of a Five of Cups tarot symbol that codes our Sun’s movement through the 1 decave of Scorpio. From Tarot Teachings: bridges take us from one point to another, and therefore they symbolically represent resources or help available to us. In a reading bridges remind us that the ways and means to accomplish something is always available to us. In the five of cups the bridge represents moving from a place of grief or regret on to another phase of life. (

  6. phi foe foom
    got your stuxafluxaflower vacsillynotion yet?
    ID markers to mark markings is just markage … yet mark to market remains as taboo as the diabolicizing of dustification now tranformed to a square drainhole square right near OWS awol street .. where money breaks markets mirrors and mineral bonds up and down .. a wail of a wall street set up i tellya .. hence overcrowding in parkage, contest on enemy turf – the digital beggar bowl a martyr/hero holds out to the hi-freqwreckers and o so softwary coinshavers who run my numbers … run my numbers .. run runaway …. looks like protective gear stock is shooting up …. the nay bore hood again.

    seems our thinking has tippy touched, grazed, adjoined and flanked over the last 48 hours, .. which for (all possible permutations of 16 cubes within a rubnix parents kneading us together is a fairly hi concentration of contact eh??

    here’s proof, .. what i came up with ….thank you Aimee Mann for your freeway song

    such fun to dry run for and jump the gun to preposterously participated times when our ‘diestanc’-a-prancin’ down the free wayzz daze (feefree dancin daze ways) will have broken what they are laid down on so inconsiderately huh?

    All these supposedly playful and humourous winks, nods, hints and pointers to the awkward yet cute robot artifice … don’t they disguise who and what make them ‘necessary’ … and make too light of them? I am not saying them staples guard, guardians and pioneers as well as jailers of dystopia should not be mocked lest you invite a MiB visit … but covering them with the ‘mantle of love’ is just too much honour. It’s always the dirtiest money that pays for the dirtiest work.

    Let me get back to the distance bit a byt
    uploading the best bites of flesh into a more robust and not as easily under the weatherable tecsuit, iow, the SF and ZG meme say, the conquerment of ‘lebensraum’ remotely … all crowds wowed by that are in fact playing with fire and doing diabolically dangerous stunts.

    All who do this lack upbringing, decency, careful guidance and a minimum modicum in/of sensibilities … which luckily can be taught and need not be inherited … but the control this requires all too easily slides into a fascist game and of course a sweet robot is just a goodwill prop for the armour of disciplinary forces and laboratory products which are on the whole, in the end rather, as nasty as they are seductive. Ever studied E-waste?

    what if we made earth too bleak (nukeyhot or searing cold) to handle, let alone live on it before the time is right to leave? This question applies micro individual backyardwise as much and well as macro collectively earthwide… hopefully very off into the future. Macromatically speaking a completely scorched and ravaged earth, paved over and gnawed bare .. before venus has drifted out enough to cool down and replace earth (itself on its way to relieve mars) and we can do a jump in our optimum will see grouplets, brands and strains of robotoids to see their way clear and free wingin and singin it. ….

    sent to the YT account thus far, as above

    hi, this is the second half of a missive i doubt anybody will read until other aspects of my complete and integral oevre has gained a little traction elsewhere but here it is (first part sent to youtube account aimeemann, dormant for 2 years already):

    i knew you was a steely lass but did not realize the callous got that hard …
    Hope the silence on this account doesn’t mean you drowned in Mars(Prob)ian depths of misread dna, there’s no going back to that sonic soup and there’s no way you could possible dress for it .. so lucky there’s no need for it, this primal mud has long since been here and IS the way to REdress though and to provision true posterity … that soup i mean … raw material for which is here and doesn’t require a mars-mine operation – or any wait at all – for which sartorial warfarians – Marsoid missionaries, protective clothing salesmen, catwalk babes, toptier income bearing 3 and uppity-piece suit wearers and SF sufferers – organize and shackle most other professions, setting up one mass infection fest and occulation hype after another. I regret you fillout float, model and modulate rite along in this tainted stream.

    I by no means entirely discount these efforts, specially not playful parti- and anticipatory ones. I take my reference above, to a marsian past, from a theory that has a flipside, it implies a venusian future … it’s akin to swelling and ballooning of earth mistaken for continental drift …planets do it to, after they are born, they drift away from their mother – read David Calder Hardy a NZ man ‘Genesis Continuous’, it’s real small and check Walter Russell) ..

    So, to summarize: hi-tec probes of the deep past close to home (lots of suitable rock ‘out there’, check the playlist called ‘my crushing passion’) would come up with the fresh mud to fructify the compost heap, practice hygiene and generate safe energy; same (hi-tec probes) used to explore space maybe necessary later but mars is exactly the wrong direction futurewise. By all means be nostalgic and commemmorative but the terrestrial delta oozes and muds must once again hold prized and protected place in the rites of beginnings that honour ancestors no matter how tiny and from however far they came.

    Personally i dropped the whole tour thing and knight in shiny hotrod stuff in favor of dreaming up 1000 year old treehouses, primitivist permaculture since i grew a conviction that none of machine and symbol savvy works out any more more bearable than the robotoid existence we subject our gadget assemblers to and that’s nothing compared to the death and pain we media ‘starers’ subject our gadget DISassemblers down that line to, whose meager wages not only fail to voluntarize them so enjoyment of the fruits of their labour is as given as for products of a gift society …

    No question that providing a dialtone implies the bestowal of choice but alienation keeps all the pace it picks up out off …. Kill the killer drones and game culture and robots like you would the ogres in Tolkien’s tale … or am i being racist now?????

    i pondered posting something more elaborate but will keep the rest very short:
    Drew Hempel expended a lot of syllables on Dan Winter earlier this week
    he continues falling for another scam though the springforestqigong guy
    his gardening activity has managed to cure his alien bent remarkably, just as i thought it would.

    Bob, whom i juxtaposed with Jose after the latter’s passing has been trying to ridicule the ows crowd, claiming they put all their faith in esp.
    Anybody spot any calendar camps there yet? The LA camp is quite large i noticed (via GreatBigBore)

  7. you might want to not delve any further here … .. my overly endless concern for people who can’t keep their distance from each other (and those pretending to go but costing all anyhow) and undue fascination with protective clothing armour, hardware, incisiveness, leadership, discernment and radiance, in a word ‘filterohrism’ ….prolly cannot be a focus crystallizer, a saywhenshiftsifter, a pattern forming magnet, a thirst quenching perk parkulater or anything liekit

    “cute robot artifice”

    refers to

    that robot guy solo,

    aimeemann op 19 sep 2008 — 11490
    The runner-up “robot” from the Freeway Video contest sings Freeway with Aimee in Atlanta

    get links to the finalists here
    sceneseen 334339x aimeemann account(ant) uploaded on 21 aug 2008

  8. as on Oct 31st the planet will be reaching 7 billion people,
    (an incredible accelerating curve)
    BBC has put a software to tell you how many persons were alive
    the day you were born and what number of living person you are on this planet (??!!)

    check this out and search for your factors

    (see the amazing acceleration curve at the botton of the page,
    it is frightening, the say that by 2050 population will reach 10 billion)

    this are my nums:

    When you were born, you were the:
    person alive on Earth
    person to have lived since history began

  9. Great Time is ART writing as usual. I woke early looked at the post about Che Guevara and his picture was there in full color ~ beautiful ~~
    I fell back asleep and had an amazing dream about a KIn Gathering where there was lots of fun together ~ when I woke from the dream ~ the first image I saw on my little iphone screen was this amazing photo of Che. . . describing a synchronicity doesn’t impact one as much as the actual experience of the synchronicity itself. I rarely remember my dreams . . . this Kin Gathering was so fun and magical . . . I knew “something was happening here. . . what it is ain’t exactly clear . . . ” Buffalo Springfield, 1967. Fun and magic are coming to life again . . . In Lake’ch,

  10. a subtle reminder happens on this tube

    the clock speaks 5:22 in the beginning … 5:43 on its last moment …

    522 is familiar in Tzolkin from the Magic Square like
    1 241 260 20 adds into 522
    48 208 213 53 add to 522 too

    (8 8 3 3 => 22)

    curious how 053 ~ ReedOne marker is here too 😉


    what might 543 communicate ?
    part of a countdown?

  11. 23rd order of 7
    155 31 x 5, fifth force supreme gate of unity, command descending,
    reverse number 551(19 x 29, divine command of cosmic constant), 551
    –155 = 396 = 11 x 36

    come by and see if can figure what made me smile after checking a number … of views …. hhhaahaaaahhHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gessas, that reader .. is he a robot???
    ‘he’ fucking butchers that poor book!!!
    we can do better than that. read it to each other, record it and upload THAT! Bound to be better ones already … wanna listen to a real big bro sis? No matter, thanks anyway, the book is a better gesture than the execution. I can’t recall what it was about anymore …. hence my proposal but a few lines characterizing the content will do too.

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