GAP Kin 50: White Spectral Dog codes Self-Existing Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment

OC  Kin 50

White Spectral Dog

White Spectral Dog
Yellow Spectral Sun White Spectral Dog Red Spectral Moon
  Blue Electric Monkey
I dissolve in order to love
releasing loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
This GAP is an auspicious day to begin  new practices. 
 The Analog isKin 89:  9.11; which coded Valum Votan’s Ascension
 Today’s Hidden Power is a PVCS3 MonKEY
The G-Force is also  Pacal Votan Clear Sign, and the Galactic Signature of Pacal Votan:  8 Sun.
So, the beginning of Pacal Votan’s first  Incarnation, and the end of his 3rd Incarnation [as Valum Votan] are embedded within today’s Kin Oracle.
PSI:   11 Night;     Long Count:  2 Wind.
10.11“Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order is multiply aesthetic: the atomic-cellular genetic rearrangements are intrinsically aesthetic; the techniques and celestial harmonics of rearrangement are by design aesthetic; the social forms required to evolve the techniques are biologically aesthetic.  By the law T(E)=Art, PAN encompasses all and everything as a whole systems order elevating instinctual consciousness into the telepathic orders of continuing and super conscious.”
50:  “  5 x 10, 2 x 25, (5² x 2) fifth force amplification as power of manifestation
The following material [in quotes]and graphics come from the Law of Time website and from the Cosmic History Chronicles VI and VII by Valum Votan and Stephanie South.
Today, we join the practice of the Hexameride of the Octave, in it’s third run of 8 days.  Synchronistically, it exactly coincides with the 7  ‘Octa- Transmissions[every 8 days] that begin today  🙂  Thanks to A1d7r7i for suggesting this practice, described here: 
“The purpose of imprinting the 48 harmonic UR runes is to equip us with harmonic resonances that are the very dynamic of the Second Creation.”

Third Hexameride of the Octave
1. UR Runes 65-72,                                       Octave of the Divine Decree
Days 13-20 Self-Existing Moon

The first vertical row below shows each Rune we are imprinting until the next Octa-Transmission on GAP 6 Mirror

48 UR Harmonic Runes - sequential order

“In the practice the octaves run consecutively in seven 48-day sequences, so that one Harmonic UR Rune is imprinted each day.  One sequence of the 48 Runes is called a hexameride of the octave.   A hexameride defines the six octave range of what is perceptible to the human senses.

 The seven hexamerides create a Grand Heptad of cosmic resonance. The eighth double-time hexameride is intended to be like a musical coda.  Altogether the 8 sequences create a Grand Octave of the Hexameride, the musical equivalent of a tun or of a perfect 360-degree circle.

The numbering of the Harmonic UR runes picks up where the 64 UR Runes of the 64 DNA codons leaves off”.” 


 TMQ has only just begun to examine the Hexameride  practice, and strongly encourages feedback from more experienced practitioners [or faster learners  :)]. 

 How fortuitous and synchronistic  that the beginning of each new Strand coincides with each of these Octa-Transmissions for the  Seven Plasmas and 441 Synchronotron, which begin today, Gregorian Sunday:  DALI  🙂   

DALI:      TARGET;                                            CROWN       “OM”          108

1]  Meditate the Sahasrara [CROWN] Chakra.  This ‘violet visua’l is  from a new 441 Cube Kin; Alacritas  See their poem at the most recent  Spectral Mirror post: “Space in between can be tall,  time is infinite...”

 [We also welcome a new subscriber:  JaguarJade 13  :)]

Alacritas’s photo might be helpful for visualizing the Crown, “The doorway to Cosmic consciousness”.


Sahasrara affirmation “May the pure light universe infuse our Soul’s joURney, that the planetary Noosphere becomes the Crown of pure Radiance!”

2]  Activating RADIAL PLASMA:  DALI.

Visualize the Yellow symbol radiating HEAT.  “My father is intrinsic awareness, I feel the heat”  “Feel this heat move from your Crown, down your spinal column, and into your limbs, permeating your entire being.”

3]  Engage the first mental sphere [Preconscious].  It covers the right rear lobe and cerebellum.  This sphere corresponds to the first time dimension:  Cosmic Creation.  It is activated by profound Samahi.  Cosmic Creation refers to mastery of the Cosmic forces.  Here, we are creating ourselves and reality anew by embodying the five virtues:  Remembrance; Discipline;  Exertion; Patience and Compassion.”

The Mantra for DALI; Crown is:  OM.   Harmonic UR Rune 84:  Galactic Life Whole becomes Medium of Transmission.

For more detailed instructions, see CHC vol. 6:  Book of the Timespace.

Learning and practicing the Synchronotron 441 is in itself a method for establishing communication with the Galactic Star Masters.”
“The activation of the Noosphere, however slight and minute it may be at this point, is fully perceived by the galactic supervisors of this project. They are depending on your clarity and strength of mind to sustain the 441 telepathic field as a function of the noosphere … by doing the practice properly as a mental-spiritual discipline, you are assisting in creating the invisible matrix of a system of communication that will facilitate this planet in getting the help it will need in 2012.

It is only by attaining familiarity with the key frequencies, finding recurring patterns, while noting the internal consistencies within the shifting matrix of possibilities, that you actually come to comprehend what you are doing and what is going on. This is an evolving process of acquiring a certain knowledge, while learning how to participate in an already existent higher dimensional consciousness”

The mantra recitation reaches into the invisible realms as a particular frequency of sound that, if recited purely and repeated without doubt and with perseverance, will generate a response that will be psychically perceived

It is the 441 matrix that constitutes the foundation or underlying system and telepathic template of the noospheric knowledge base that needs to be imprinted into the brain.”

That is done on a daily basis, utilizing each day’s Kin and 13 Moon date. 

 Kin 50 is located at V3;  H2 in the SPACE Matrix.  Those coordinates, located in the Time  Matrix yield this number:  6.

86 is found at that location in the Synchronic Matrix. One consistency to note is that these numbers all denote Kin from the WhiteRefining  family.  There sum [50 + 6 + 86] yields the SPACE MATRIX FREQUENCY OF 142.

Next, we locate Kin 50 in the SYNCHRONIC MATRIX V 2;  H 8.  [V= Vertical row, counting across, Left to Right;  H = Horizontal row, counting down]

Those coordinates in the TIME Matrix contain the number:  146.  The SPACE Matrix = 32. 

The total [50 + 146 + 32] equals our SYNCHRONIC MATRIX FREQUENCY:  228.

The Third number  TFI [ Telepathic Frequency Index]  is based upon the co-ordinates of the day’s 13 Moon Calendar Date.

4.13[Self-Existing Moon;  Day 13]  yields the coordinates of V 20;  H4.  Those Cordinates present 18 in the Time matrix;  68 in the Space matrix, and 81 in the Synchronic Matrix.  [We might note that the first and third numbers are Mirrors:  18; 81]  The Total of this 13 Moon date, coded by Kin 50 is 167.

The MASTER COORDINATING FREQUENCY NUMBER is derived from the total of the three TFI’s from the three matrices:

SPACE:  142 + SYNCHRONIC:  228  + TIME:  167 =537.   537-441 = BMU:  96. When we reduce 537  by 520 it’s Kin Equivalent,  is 17

Locating the 3 coordinates in the Base Matrix yields the Base Matrix Unit116,  123 and 97 respectively.  These combine for a Total of 336.

To summarize  results for Date:  4.13;  Kin 50:

Master Telepathic Frequency Index: 537;  Kin Equivalent: 17:  11 Hand.  BMU:  336.  Further information can be found in Appendix 2 of Book of the Cube.

TMQ also calculated the Time Matrix Frequency of Self-Existing Dali 15. 

She was amazed to see that it equals 390, with a Kin Equivalent of today’s Kin:  50It feels like a sign, that  39 [number of Divine Decree factored by10, today’s Seal [Divine Loyalty] =390  🙂  The Base Matrix for 4.15  is 58:  6 Mirror, [codesPacal Votan’s Disincarnation] complementing today’s Kin that contains the components of Pacal Votan’s Birth and Valum Votan’s Disincarnation.

 142 + 228 + 390 = Master Coordinating Frequency of 760 for Kin 50 on Self-Existing 15.   760 – 441 equals: BMU of  319.  Kin Equivalent is 760 – 520 = 240:  6 Sun.

The BMU for Kin 50 on 4.15 is 297

The Postulate for Spectral Storm [Antipode of Votan’s Disincarnation:  19.11The spiritual evolution of the Dominion of Time augured by the discovery of the Law of Time is the divine return of mind to source.  By making conscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of universal transcension.  God is the magnet of universal transcension.”

N. S.  1. 24. 4. 13.        CUBE 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT          Kin 50.

7 thoughts on “GAP Kin 50: White Spectral Dog codes Self-Existing Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment

  1. Last night i had a dream in which i was on an internet place somewhere,
    and the one running it was TMQ, we had a few words but i don’t remember what we said.

    The Synchronic Matrix has a mistake in the calculation.
    The 50 you found in v2 h8 is one of the 84 doors to Dharma.
    The one that accounts for the TFI is the 50 corresponding to Spectral Dog,
    that is on v7 h10.

    So the question is:
    if when you find synchronicities you assume they confirm your theory
    (for example the Dali on sunday thing)
    does a mistake indicates that there is something to correct on them? 🙂

    Thanks for adding the Hexameride, the UR runes are pure ressonance!
    Following the daily code is a lot, and we can also add the identification
    of its place in the 441 Matrix and the Corpus Callosum,
    but that can be done by the readers downloading the matrixes at

    Not wishing to leave it as an open issue, could you explain the complete point on the DALI Sunday topic? Yesterday questions remained unanswered,
    Hope you don’t mind that i insist, i just want that the codes we follow toghether as a One Mind Net are clear and unifying and not confusing.

    We had a powerfull transmission coming through VV. If different individuals attempt to change things the result is chaotic. It happened here in Argentina. There was a person, very close to Votan, a Solar Eagle, she’d been at Picarquin on the 7 week Earth Wizard Seminare in 1999. Then she started to change a lot of things and add personal views, and teach many people with her own personal view. That created a lot of confussion and missinterpretations.
    In Chile, somebody changed the Galactic Compass and many people has been confused by that too.
    On the Internet there is a Lunar Moon saying that there are 9 plasmas instead of 7 or calling the Wavespell as Sunflowers.
    S ace is porposing to change 7:7::7:7 to 9:9:9:1
    And i still don’t get your DALI Sunday thing but you seem to be wishing to have a new 13 Moon count after 2012?

    Let us have the most magic roundtable!!!!
    (Hosted by Madame Blavatsky, John Travolta and Beck)

    Check my Sun Wavespell FB album at:

    may Love and Truth Prevail !

    • Dear 8 Earth;

      It’s great to know you are double checking my calculations 🙂

      However, the TFI for Self-Existing 15 is still 50.

      The only conclusion expressed was that it is a sign to continue calculating both 13 Moon Calendar dates, each Octa-Transmission.
      {For TMQ personally, it also feels like another encouragement to continue her work on the post 2012 13 Moon Calendar}

      Thanks to your wonderful comment, TMQ did discover a mathematical error: She failed to ‘carry a 1’, which means the two MTF Numbers are 100 less than they should be.
      That will be corrected in the blog, and more of your questions will be answered at oUR magical Round Table 🙂

      8 Mirror loves your Sun Wavespell page !


    • AHA Adri177, your radiance on UR is received here:
      “the UR runes are pure ressonance!”

      this is happening on the current 6th daya in 2nd kweak in 4th moon
      (1 daya ahead of DS cause it always starts on a RED seal – here 213)

      Sync here is the label of the current daya : URdaya

      KweakKin iz Warrior
      DS51 + LC3 => 3K54 aka Lunar Wizard (challenger enchanting)

      “Freedom” may nog be the right label to express its human radiance …
      i see “dom” as a religious parameter that frustrates the better mindset to overcome its threshold(s).

      “Freeness” might be a better label?

      numberjuggling from the holodecoder gives
      6 9 5 5 for Free => 25 (5^2)
      4 12 13 for Dom => 29
      13 5 8 8 for Ness => 34 (unit where 33 is the healer?)
      So the compounds 54 for FreeDom and 59 for FreeNess

      The first one is an even number and the latter uneven and round: spheric.

      In my point of view an even number is a good one for a unity as clock where an uneven number moves its life as a healing entity. This is why for example 29 cannot be a unit reference. 28 is a unit ref. where 27 runs its roundabouts.

  2. TMQ mistakes are there to itensify the contact on out waya. Part of the Fun and gives extra information.
    437 minus 260 makes 177 ; not 167 !

    Then A1d7t7i notifys 9991 as another formation to 28 from S’ace. In fact this is from a Holon Ik mindset.
    Yokin’ Bolon Ik.
    Notify the 1 metaphorifal resets humanity on patience power and humility grid.
    We could also write 1891 ..
    This is while kweak 1 & 2 dance in a twin mode ..
    9 9 = 18 (2×9 => marker White Solar Wind)
    Aka Lovekweak & Lifekweak ..
    Is as Dreamzspell & LongCount fused.
    Third 9 is VoidKweak ..
    It establishes a total new/Noo Paradigm for Mass Decision Making.

    That is in Dutch JeuKS. ..
    Jeugdig KiesSysteem
    In English we Yoke this to Jeu KweakSpell

    Genëration Binding S’ilence
    Is the origin label in English.

    1891 gives number 19 ..
    Number of Quran

  3. Through Mistakes we Learn!
    Mistakes are key in lovEution

    These are the numbers for 4.13

    Time TFI (UMB 97)=18+68+81=167 (40th prime)
    Space TFI (UMB 116)=86+50+6=142 (2×71)
    Synchro TFI (UMB 380)=162+263+50=475 (19×25)

    Master TFI= 167+142+475=784 (28 squared!)=UMB 343 (7 cubed!!!)=
    Equivalent Kin = 4 Selfexistent SEEd

    On 4.15 TFI for Time Matrix=390
    Eq. Kin=390-260=130 White Cosmic Dog :

    I endure in order to Love
    Trascending Loyalty
    Seal the Process of Heart
    With Cosmic Tone of Presence
    Guided by Timelessness

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