GAP Kin 51: Blue Crystal MonKEY codes Silio 14; and oUR Crystal Round Table

CHUEN      Kin 51

Blue Crystal Monkey

Blue Crystal Night
Red Crystal Dragon Blue Crystal Monkey Yellow Crystal Star
  White Lunar Dog
I dedicate in order to play
universalizing illusion.
I seal the process of magic
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
G-Force:  11 Skywalker.  PSI:  13 Serpent.  Long Count:  4 Seed
11.12:  “Because CA dominance of 12:60 historic cycle is unrelievedly masculine directed and oriented resulting in distortion of female roles as well, repressed psychic energy channeled into secondary personality of the holon double tends toward androgynous types where male and female personality characteristics are combined in varying degrees of expressive power.”
51:  “3 x 17, frequency of creative dissonance, vigesimal 2.11, V1 H11  first gate of right hand unity, 441 matrix’
Deepest Gratitude to A1d7r7i for the following:
 UR harmonic rune 66 “Divine Decree establishes time of Second Creation”Today’s TFI’s are:
Time: 372 (12×61)
Space: 351 (3×117)
Synchro : 691 (126th prime) (Note the Planet Art Network gGoup on Facebook has today 691+1 members)
Master TFI : 1414 (101x7x2)
UMB : 91 (13×7)
Eq.Kin : 114 (19×6)

‘working together on this makes it easier and more fun!”   So true, 8 Earth!

Telektonon Verse 51:  “Who now but I can tell you that seven are the directions of the Cube, the Heptagonon of Mind:  twelve are the gates, sixteen the powers, moved by the nine great powers of time, these sixteen powers become the number of the elect of the Cube, 144. Multiplied by the millennium, 144 becomes 144,000, sacred number of days I laid for prophecy to know during my first Baktun count.”

Thanks to A1d7r7i and S’ace 9 Wind, for taking the time to review and comment on the numbers presented in the Kin 50 blog.   Two  mathematical errors have now been corrected. 
[Just now is the 5th time that the text has switched to Green while writing this brief blog!}
Perhaps, for the next Syn
Because it is again late at night [when yesterday’s faulty calculations were made], TMQ will answer 177‘s [and other’s] questions in tomorrow’s blog, allowing this one to be posted sooner.
Today is the Galactic Birthday of Madame Helena Petrovska Blavatsky, whom Valum Votan referred to as the Key to 2012″.
This photo was found at A1d7r7i‘s site of significant persons born during the Sun Wavespell.
Here is what James, of the Wingmakers says about 2012:
“In the final assessment, 2012 is a choice.  Only those who are willing to undergo a fundamental revisioning, a new perspective, let’s say of the nature of reality, and open and avail themselves to the power of collective intelligence and how this intelligence restructures the face of humanity, only they will really see 2012 as it is.  All others will see illusions and in a sense be forced to live in the shadows of the real experience.”
Through LOVE, we will Birth a New World:

N. S.  1. 24. 4.    Cube 8:  ART     GAP Crystal Monkey Round Table


21 thoughts on “GAP Kin 51: Blue Crystal MonKEY codes Silio 14; and oUR Crystal Round Table

  1. UR harmonic rune 66 “Divine Decree establishes time of Second Creation”

    Today’s TFI’s are:
    Time: 372 (12×61)
    Space: 351 (3×117)
    Synchro : 691 (126th prime) (Note the Planet Art Network gGoup on Facebook has today 691+1 members)
    Master TFI : 1414 (101x7x2)
    UMB : 91 (13×7)
    Eq.Kin : 114 (19×6)

    Working with this matrixes can be strange,
    like the mind doesn’t find any reference to think like
    “Oh yes, this is what i am doing now”
    It is an exploration into the realm of number
    is like going to another planet
    you don’t know if you are really going to find life there
    but you still feel called to search for it

    working toghether on this makes it easier and more fun!

  2. Today is the Galactic Birthday of Madame Helena Petrovska Blavatsky, whom Valum Votan referred to as the “Key to 2012″.
    Almost 30 years ago i began a journey (includes many out of body explorations to future time and off planet places) directly related to the path Blavatsky set out, this path was HUGELY expanded upon by A.A.Bailey. The key element of their teaching being the 7fold paths of collective humanity, only one of those seven paths is called religious, the others are artist, scientist, politician etc etc. Now 100yrs after Blavatsky the science members of this 7fold rainbow tribe have proven that 7fold is itself the complete number of axis spin poles within the tetra/cube, hold a cube up and look at it, you see a 2D hexagon, next we have in our language the words ‘Incubated’ and ‘Hex’ as in i put a Hex on you (meaning blocked from source self), why is this? Again the occult scientists confirm what A.A.Bailey said would happen around now (2012 era), that is the Hex/Incubation period would dissolve and a repenting would occur. This opens TIME to its true nature as FLEXIBLE, example; do something you hate, 2hrs clock time feels like 5hrs, do something you are passionate about 5hrs clock time feels like 2hrs, now you age only 2hrs even though 5hrs clock time has passed, this is time in the dimensions above the 4th dimension.

  3. prisc posts
    somebody on Bali on about sacred geometry and operating a ‘stargate’
    (cough, don’t like the extrapolatable but unrealistidc serialization of ‘spin’,
    i prefer sticking to modest, clean, common and recycleable stuff .. all them
    top tier inventors always end up using toxic and rare stuff)

    she recently commented on a gwap360 (young pudgy black person,
    speaking real slow, Glen Kealy does as well and is his outlandish guru) vid
    from 2008 with Watt about Icke. Quote: “.. going round and round in
    circles ..” — implying dead endedness.

    that’s an ironic remark to hear right after seeing all them spinning toys DW
    was fond of to the point of giving them pet names and selling them as ‘star

    There’s a Byron B connection so almost certainly to have been bug-buzzed
    by the Danman.

    Marysol is an anglo artist living in southern spain, she’s a real big DW fan –
    yt account bioaudio, 39 vids) and she helped remix and animate this Maya
    tale (elements of christianity and esoteria are psychedelicately woven into
    it), narrating it with a pebble in her mouth i swear.

    Since there is already a preamble to understanding how the books of
    Edgar Ostrander, and several researchers in the USA with Marysol
    Gonzalez Sterling begin to understand some things that we have in
    these codices. Who has more information please get in touch with us
    through more videos in

    with all her bloody mindedness there has to be lots of taurean energy
    coursing through her

    in spanish on the jubilee field formation (august 2010)
    the tone is intolerably excited .. but hey … it’s all good, cloud lord
    10 cubes and fitting all sorts of hip and hot stuff (like the theory of
    everything animation, the surfer dude’s fizzicks).

    all the above reminds me that tricking folks to visually prepare for finding
    treasure below the surface and filling out space by imaginary constructs,
    to go beyond the merely visible as it were is a very clumsy affair
    (‘stuntelige kunstgreep’).

  4. NS kin 52 Cosmic House of the Wise
    aUR67 Divine Decree Establishes Space of Second Creation

    Time TFI=390 (13x3x10) (5×78)
    Space TFI=355 (5×71)
    Synchro TFI=410(10×41) (5×82)
    Master TFI=1155 (33×35,11×105,7×165) (5×231)

    The 5th force is present in all frecuencies
    78+71+82=231 (11×21)

    UMB (1155-882)=273 (13×21)=(7×33)
    Kin eq=115 (5×23) Blue Spectral Eagle 15.11)

    Red Eastern Castle Complete!

  5. 416 days to 21.12 (8×52)
    89 weeks/heptads to launch Timeship Earth 25.7.2013

    Following Wisdom Book´s Cycle of Becoming and Return (CHC vol 2)
    Today 3rd Blue Octave Castle (104 kin=13×8) is complete.
    It goes from kin 209 to 260 on previous Galactic Spin +
    from kin 260 to 209 on current Return Spin (it goes backwards)
    of the Ressonant Book of Wisdom of Attunement.
    13 Octave Harmonics Complete.
    Proceeding to Yellow Octave Castle (from kin 208 to 105 on the everyday kin occult powers).

    and also afcourse…

    White Northern Castle of Refinement ready to open the doors of Death
    to all the Fearless Warriors who might dare to step its 52 kin stairs!

  6. hey sweetums, 214 right? .. that makes 9 either way added and/or subtracted from my 55 .. and we’re either side of the spirit/one matter/many divide (third of michelvec’s latest vids) … how salubrious

    … oh and by the way, ‘nevertheless’ is ‘immerhin’ in german. Minds are like steam engine locomotives, big old giroscopes, lots of spin momentous monumentae (very spacey, very filling) … modeling the minor/many /micro muddle seems too much less glamorous for those bent on the mind game sparkle … not realizing they thereby disserve the truly self-effacing and much more effectively festive light/dark weavers, not to mention themselves.

    Rainbow family generally practice humility but have
    nevertheless not broken through to this either and are even
    less likely do so now that they broke through in the other

    this might all seem psychobab(i)bley or too telegrammatic to the reader but i assure you there is a method in this madness:

    Let me quote Arguelles and add my twist after that:

    6.8 Rethinking the Solar System (2/3)
    at the end of this vid it goes:
    jupiter 52
    1- power of flowering in vision
    2- flower is a function of consciousness
    3- a flower exemplifies solar consciousness as it opens to the sun
    4- vision is a function of the same solar power
    5- if there is no light you cannot see – the flower of vision
    represents the visionary capacity of forever expanding in consciousness

    1 = flouring (powder) is visionary (it sets the floweringpower aflow ..
    specially if you aim to combine the darker heavier drier grey of pulverized
    rock with its wet lighter kin water vapor and precipitation

    2 and 3 = opened rock is getting the sun through to it, made receptive to

  7. Dream On,
    Your Madness High Methods,

    Because your new insight of Michel V is just a Programmed Humiltiy to search your divided Ego that passes by the pour and richness of water …

    Give Oil, to your Left Oiled Candle.

    And strike a light in yourself …

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