Kin 75: Blue Planetary Eagle codes Gamma 10 of the Blue Overtone Hand Moon

MEN                Kin 75

Blue Planetary Eagle

Blue Planetary Night
Red Planetary Serpent Blue Planetary Eagle Yellow Planetary Seed
  White Self-existing Worldbridger
I perfect in order to create
producing mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of abundance
Planetary Eagle is TMQ’s Long Count Signature, and the Antipode/Challenge is Planetary Serpent; the Long Count Kin of Valum Votan15.10 and 5.10 equal 20.7, Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 20:  Resonant Sun
18.8 plus 15.10 equals 13.5, today’s ‘Magic Turtle’ G-ForceOvertone Skywalker, which coded the  Galactic Freedom Day  [a.k.a. Day-out-of-Time] which marked the end of the  ‘Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone’
Today’s Mayan Long Count kin is  27;   7.1 has served as a telepathic  signal several times on TMQ’s journey.  The  7.1 earthquake in Tokyo [where she was born, to American parents] triggered the beginning of this blog
At or near the midway point of these 722 published transmissions, a 7.1 earthquake struck Christchurch [= 138:  18.8] on Kin 149: 9.6 [combined Kin of VV 11 and TMQ 138] Just hours earlier, TMQ had realized that 18.8 and 9.6 equal 7.1
TMQ’s Long Count [15.10] falling on the Long Count day coded by 7.1  feels like another ‘signal’ regarding this blog
This post comes 5 days after the 5th post of the 5th Moon.  The 5th overtone is loaded in the Postulate and numerical description of Kin/Number 75:
15.10 “The subliminal post-organic “conversations,” become realized as the source of fifth force chromatics, purely fifth-dimensional cosmic electronic overtone aggregates.  The feedback nature of the fifth force chromatics induces more refined levels of projective geometries, which in turn are fed back as higher, more refined levels of celestial harmonics”.
75.  “75 25 (5²) x 3, 15 (triangular of 5) x 5, establishes fifth force frequency as triple action force”
  GAMMA 10:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif
 The 18th week of the 6 Wizard year began on Overtone 8, and so did  Vinal 7:  YAXKIN: 
That day, coded by 8 Skywalker, Greg. 11/22/11, marked the 48th Anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. John F. K... His Signature: Planetary World-Bridger [6.10] reiterates the time [6:10 a.m.] of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death. 
John Kennedy’s Long Count Signature, 3 Wizard [14.3] and his Dreamspell Kin [6.10]   combine to make 20.13.
 Telektonon 75. “As the special witness of time, I have left for you my talking stone, Telektonon, breath of precious Bolon Ik, and have sent you both a prophet, Quetzalcoatl of sacred Xochicalco, and for the day of truth I have appointed a special messenger [11.11] who can hear my talking stone and write and explain its numbers and its meaning for you, children of the righteous“.
Here is one comment from that ‘special messenger’, Valum Votan, regarding the Thirteen Moon Calendar
The Thirteen Moon calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time. The harmonic convergence of humanity on this one issue, combined with the inescapable order, perfection and simplicity of following the 13 Moon calendar will lift the species as a simultaneous whole into the galactic timing frequency of 13:20.”
{Originally, a rebuttal to the letter forwarded by the Law of Time [including the complete text of Kin 81’s letter] appeared here.  Due to time and space constraints, it will appear in the next blog.  This allows time to alert Law of Time, and   to digest your most recent comments.  Piet Poet wrote plenty [Kin 69’s  post] about “Thrive“, which TMQ will view at Nelson’s ‘Spiritual Cinema’ next week }

Today marks the 5th Galactic Spin [1300 days] since Valum Votan 11 Monkey  and Stephanie South 3 Serpent sent TMQ the long e-mail entitledPlanetary Vision“, with the sad news that they were not allowed re-entry into New Zealand for *** amount of days.


This VISION  of our PLANET‘s Electro-magnetic field illustrates how our use of telecommunications causes disharmony verging on chaos:     

Here is a beautiful VISION above oUR PLANET, “PERFECTly” MANIFESTED  by telepathically-cooperating Starlings.

Stunning: A flock of starlings in the shape of a dolphin being chased by a whale make their way acoss the dusk skies above Gretna Green, Scotland

 On 6 Monkey, during its 1.6 Challenge watch and G-Force, which codes the Rhythmic Dragon Moon-out-of-Time,  Popocatepetl [= 144] erupted near Teotihuacan.

The explosion caused the earth to shake, sent smoke and ash 7 km. high into the air, and has alarmed 20 million people living near by.” [20.7 = PVCS mentioned above] Image Detail  Calculated via the VV Method, Popocatepetl = 774.  774-441 = 333.  A few hours after realizing that, TMQ received this in an e-mail from Marsha 9 Eagle
 “Looking forward to checking out full lunar eclipse come Dec 10 (3.33 am?)   
The Full Moon on  Overtone 26 is coded by 13 Monkey333-260 = 73, leading us  back to
5 Skywalker, today’s Overtone  ‘Magic Turtle’ G-Force  🙂
This day coded by  ‘Planetary Vision’ feels like the PERFECT day to reduce these  transmissions to once a week [7 to 1 ratio  :)] until Hunab Ku 0.0, IN ORDER TO CREATE and MANIFEST my writing project, which is meant to facilitate the 13 Moon mission set in motion by Pacal Votan, and so gracefully and prolifically enumerated for us by Valum Votan.
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the Monkey and Eagle  planetary zones, and today, the Planetary Monkey is the Antipode for the Planetary Eagle.  🙂 
After reading that blessing our food [as Dr. Emoto has demonstrated]  is more important than what we eat,
TMQ ‘created‘ this ‘Blessing of Gratitude and Empowerment’: 
Great GRATITUDE to God/Goddess/Allah/Creator for this nourishment. 
 May it HARMONIZE with my being,  
Happy Thanksgiving, and may your week be filled with
Joy, Love and Fifth Force Empowerment  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 5. 10.   Cube 4:  FLOWERING     Kin 75

Magic Turtle Day :) Kin 70: White Overtone Dog Codes Overtone Alpha 5

OC                   Kin 70

White Overtone Dog

White Overtone Mirror
Yellow Overtone Sun White Overtone Dog Red Overtone Moon
  Blue Solar Monkey
I empower in order to love
commanding loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.

Analog 5 Moon coded the 7th year of the Mystery of the Stone, and today’s Antipode;  5 Sun coded the 7th Lord of Time that which we awakened that year.  Today’s G-Force is 3 Star, and the CDK is 3 Star’s Analog:  PVCS 3 Monkey  🙂   Long Count 9 Wind, which codes S’ace

10.5“Fourth-dimensional spin is counter-clockwise. Third-dimensional spin is clockwise. In pulsar geometry, celestial harmonics are the coordination of time vector potentialities over a limited duration in which the geometry is pulsed “backward” or counter-clockwise through time. Telepathically this backward motion through time is coordinated with the clockwise spin of the atomic and molecular structure of the object of restoration, and a mentally induced reverse spin is generated, neutralizing or even erasing the corrupt or negative order.


707 x 10 tenth order of 7, power of 7 to manifest resonant order, 14 x 5, vigesimal 3.10″

70.  “After the seven generations, the end of the Baktun.  Ten Baktuns gone, the glorious Age of Maya gone, the long count of my days to be completed at 1,440,000 kin, the mystic number of the elect, multiplied by ten.”

Even ‘The Powers That Were’ are agreeing that the 12:60 deviation from 13:20 harmony is ending”

Today [10.5],  TMQ [18.8] is Kin 208:   Cosmic Star, which codes the 2012 Solstice for New Zealand.  In Vigesimal, 19.19 days  remain until that auspicious moment.  {19 x 20 = 280, plus 19 = 398 days until the New Zealand Cosmic Star Solstice}19.1920.13 = 19.6;  Kin 19.  The next transmission [in a few days] will answer  questions [including the ‘anonymous ones forwarded’ by the Law of Time] regarding why TMQ can “Best Serve” by refining the current 13 Moon Calendar.

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  It will also address the question we are meant to answer during the Fifth Overtone Moon:  “How Can I  Best Empower Myself?” 


19.13:  All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all”

N. S.  1. 24. 5. 5.                            MAGIC TURTLE Kin 70

GAP 69: Red Self-Existing Moon codes Overtone Moon Kali 5

MULUC          Kin 69

Red Self-Existing Moon

Red Self-existing Serpent
Blue Self-existing Storm Red Self-existing Moon White Self-existing Dog
  Yellow Planetary Human
I define in order to purify
measuring flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of life force.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Analog, 4 Dog, is a PVCSThe Analog, 4 Storm, is the 6th Solar Witness [mentioned in today’s Telektonon verse] The Second Solar Witness, 13 Eagle, is the G-force of 4 Moon.
The PSI for Self-Existing 4, 5, and 6 is Kin 77:  12 Earth
The Long Count is Hunab Ku Kin 21:  8 Dragon.  The seals for it’s Analog 18.8, and Antipode 11.8 are reflected in today’s Gregorian date of 11/18/11  🙂

9.4: “Through visualization of the guiding matrix of time vector potentials encoded as the Loom of Maya/binary triplet psi bank weave, the continuing conscious of projective pulsar and radiative geometries within the telepathic matrix re-establishes the primal condition of the AC (crystal) CA (life reflex) functions within the psi bank. The reflex of the primal condition of the AC-CA functions realized within the biopsychic organism activates the release of radion”


9.4 coded the one year anniversary of the Pike River disaster, whose wounds are unhealed, as the 29 men still remain in the coal mine.  Gregorian 9/4 2010 coded the first of the thousands of earthquakes to strike the South Island.  Last week, TMQ conversed with an author she always enjoyed talking with while playing poker in Christchurch Casino.  He moved to Nelson after the June 13th earthquake left him trapped in rubble in his home.  On 4 Moon, two earthquakes struck off the coast of the North Island;  Let’s hope that these 6.1 and 5.8 earthquakes on 9.4 end New Zealand’s earth-shattering cycle which began on Greg. 9/4.

 This stunning visual of ‘the far side of the Moon’ from PEDRiN 4 Warrior can represent 4 Moon :):

Thank You Christine 3 Skywalker, for the ground-breaking  news in the world of physics [wordpress isnt allowing me to access comments at the moment, but check it out] : 

693 x 23, reverse of 96, 4 x 24, 96 – 69 = 27” 

69. “Seven katuns are there to follow me. Seven generations, each one guarded by a solar witness taking account of what you do, each solar witness sealing your time with a prophecy to be known as the Book of the Seven Generations.  And this book is to be opened for the Day of Truth.”

Enjoy this Triple Lover’s Reunion Galactic Activation Portal  🙂

New Sirius  1. 24. 5. 4.                                     GAP Kin 69

Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star codes Overtone Gamma 3

LAMAT       Kin 68

Yellow Electric Star

Yellow Electric Human
White Electric Mirror Yellow Electric Star Blue Electric Monkey
  Red Spectral Skywalker
I activate in order to beautify
bonding art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of free will.
Kin 198:  Electric  Mirror, which codes the heart oracle of Supreme Golden Maiden is today’s Challenge.  Pacal Votan Clear Sign 3 Monkey codes today’s Analog11 Skywalker, G-Force of Madame Blavatsky is our Hidden Power.
The Long Count is also a PVCS:  Kin 20;  7 Sun.
The G-Force of 3 Star 62:  2.10, which coded 11/11/11.
 8.3:  “Deviation from the norm implies separation both within the operating apparatus and operating procedures of the deviant organism and between the organism and the biosphere itself.”
68:  ‘ 17 x 4, navigator of the four directions’
Octopus Intelligence For Octa-post 3 [a day late, on 8.3  :)], here’s an interesting article about the Octa-pus’, explaining  “why scientists have new respect for invertebrate cephalopods
GAMMA 3:      PACIFY;                          THIRD EYE       Chakra06.gif


When your mind is sufficiently clear, direct your attention to your Third Eye.  When it is pure and translucent, pulsing at your brow, allow it to dissolve and transform into a two-petaled lotus “Concentration on this chakra awakens the pineal gland, opening our inner vision to the receptivity of cosmic forces.”

“The Ajna chakra is the point where the three main nadis merge into one stream of consciousness and flow up to the Crown center.  AJNA Affirmation:  “May we be granted Galactic Vision to transform all matter into the purifying radiance of the higher dream!”

Activating Radial plasma 3:  GAMMA:  “Bring your awareness to the inner GAMMA Plasma at the center of” your Third Eye.  “Visualize the white symbol radiating out to all points of the universe, with peaceful equanimity and equalization of light and heat charges.”  Repeat while focusing on your Third Eye:  “My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere.  I attain the power of peace.”

Merge the heat from your Crown and the light from your Root chakra together in your Third Eye.  Your entire body and glandular system is pacified and bathed in the warmth of this Divine Mother/Father light.”

ENGAGING THE THIRD MENTAL SPHERE:  WAKING CONSCIOUSNESS  Visualize the Third mental Sphere at the anterior portion of the right cerebral hemisphere, above your right eye.  This sphere is the medium of thought, decision, moment-to-moment awareness.  This mental sphere governs the power of Free Will;  It is intended to be disciplined by the exercise of will, on behalf of a spiritually coordinated purpose.” 

This sphere also corresponds to the fourth time dimension:  Cosmic Cube.  The most direct way to activate this level of awareness is by practicing turning the Third Eye to the Supreme Being; shining, full of light, perfect and free of obscurations.”  Allow your mind to merge with all of creation.”    The ability to have one-pointed consciousness is the key to Waking Conscious Mediumship

Open the Third Heptad Gate[144] by visualizing “the two-petaled lotus AJNA chakra with the white GAMMA Plasma superimposed over it at your brow.  Hold this visualiztion and feel the two intermingle as you chant the sacred letter HRAHA as long as your breath can sustain it.”

“144 is located at V11;  H20, second circuit, 8th time dimension, vertical time cosmic commandascending.  Now, locate it in your body at the front of the skull, at the brow [see graphic at end of Chapter 5;  CHCVI]”

Heptad gate 144 on the Hunab Ku 21 corresponds to the High Priestess, GK Uranus, Bode number 196.


400 [20×20]  days remain until the Crystal Hand Solstice. 

When Valum Votan received his last prophecy  on Kin 197, 791 days remained until 12/21/2012, and 1008 days remained until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization.

GSD Map 3

 This is the  32nd day of the 4th 113 day cycle  “Lord of the Dawn Spectralizes his Form

Today is the  83rd day  of the  Third 144-day cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Serve the Power”.

The Seventh 144 day Return of Power cycle ends on Kin 183:  3 NightThe following day  “Ground Zero: New Sirius Cycle 26. 1.1, Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed, Galactic Synchronization, 26-year Cycle of Harmonic Convergence complete, Launching of Timeship Earth 2013.  New 104,000-tun galactic spiral density wave pulsation commences.  Noosphere Era dawns on Earth; threshold to cosmic consciousness successfully crossed. Rainbow vision of circumpolar rings is fully realized.”


616 days remain until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization.

This is TMQ’s 719th transmission, reflecting  another anagram of 971 and 197 🙂

719 – 520 = 199 = Self-Existing Storm [6th Solar Witness]Its postulate:

19.4:  “Knowledge of God is inherent in every last detail of design of the least component parts  of the atomic cellular world, to the hyper-organic radiosonic super conscious phase of existence.”

N. S.  1. 24. 5. 3.                 Kin 68    

P.S. [from WordPress]  “This is your 717th published post. [plus two published posts that later disappeared = 719]   Sensational!  This post has 803 words” [on 8.3  :)].            

Kin 67: Blue Lunar Hand codes Overtone Seli 2

MANIK     Kin 67

Blue Lunar Hand

Blue Lunar Storm
Red Lunar Earth Blue Lunar Hand Yellow Lunar Human
  White Crystal Wizard
I polarize in order to know
stabilizing healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of self -generation.
PVCS 2 Human codes today’s Analog, and  GAP Kin 197 is our Challenge
Occult Crystal Wizard, G-Force of Pacal Votan,  codes the First of the Last 7 Moons of this 13th Baktun.  
 The auspicious 7th of the 13th is emphasized by the Venus Return on the 8th day of the Crystal Wizard Moon
The G-Force of 7.2 is 9.7;  7 Moon, which codes Jannis
Kin 189 wrote this about his 11/11/11 sojourn in  the Alps:  “In the Ahau Zone you will find on nearly every peak a cross“.
Thanks, 9.7, for this spectacular photo  🙂
Todays C.D.K. is Cosmic Star, which codes the 2012 Solstice in New Zealand
 Long Count:  Kin 19:  Blue Rhythmic Storm.  12 Seed remains the PSI.
 7.2Celestial harmonics represent a purposive order of meaning which can only be accessed by vector point potentials emanating from a purposive point in space, the evolving body of consciousness”
67 “Prime key (6 + 7 = 13), vigesimal 3.7 37 and 67 are both primes, difference 30″
67“Perfect was the time of my coming.  Perfect was my mission.  Perfect was the time of my going.  Perfect is the discovery of my prophecy.  Perfect is the Telektonon, the little book the Angel of the Lord made Saint John of Patmos taste and eat, which you now possess,a treasure for the Day of Truth“.
 54 weeks plus one Galactic Freedom Day have passed, since the Tomb of Pacal Votan was permanently sealed in Palenque, on Cosmic Star, today’s CDK.  A beautiful e-mail received today from Jud 5 Sun [TMQ’s nephew who won the 21st series of Survivor at the age of 21] makes a pilgrimage to Palenque more likely  🙂
 Image Detail
Synch alert:  The first item TMQ saw today [It’s now Moon 5;  Day 3 here], was this:  “Three earthquakes have hit the Gisborne area, striking just minutes apart and were reportedly felt by 185 people.  -stories/11740178/three-quakes-hit-gisborne-within-minutes/   5.3 is Kin 185, which codes Stephanie South. The first earthquake struck at 8:18, underscoring a synchronicity in the 13 Moon Calendar 18.8 has developed, involving Kin 5.3 and 18.8 🙂
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 Here is the Overtone Moon Noos-letter from Law of Time:
“The fifth tone (and fifth moon) represent the command tower of this 13-Moon Night/Abundance wavespell of the Rhythmic Wizard year. The fifth moon also represents the fifth force, which is the intelligence that operates at the center of every matrix of matter where the four forces are activated by the central fifth force.”   [The 5th Moon of the Night [3]  Wavespell is another 5.3  :)] 
 In this lovely Noos-Letter, they mention:  “In this moon we also see the one spin anniversary of the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan on Overtone Moon 24 (December 8). This day also marks the 31st anniversary of the death of John Lennon.”  [Gregorian 12/8 reminds one of Crystal 8, mentioned above].  This connection between  these two  Messengers of Peace feels appropriate. 
    MAY UNIVERSAL, PEACE  PREVAIL!    Banner of Peace
N. S.  1. 24. 5. 2.                                     Kin 67

Kin 66: White Magnetic World-Bridger codes Wavespell 6 and Dali One of the Overtone Moon of Radiance

CIMI              Kin 66

White Magnetic Worldbridger

White Magnetic Worldbridger
Yellow Magnetic Warrior White Magnetic Worldbridger Red Magnetic Skywalker
  Blue Cosmic Eagle
I unify in order to equalize
attracting opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Cosmic Eagle codes today’s Hidden Power.  Synchronistically, Grayham 13 Eagle sent this e-mail today: our recent discovery, an asteroid called Quetzalcoatl is, in my birth astro chart,  144 deg to the birth earth position” 
Magnetic Skywalker, today’s Analog, is the Galactic Signature of Quetzalcoatl  🙂
The G-Force of 1 World-Bridger is 4 Warrior which codes  PEDRiN.
GAP 12 Seed is the PSI for the first 3 days of the Fifth Overtone Moon.
Long Count 5 Mirror is a Magic Turtle, on the first day of the 5 Hand Moon  🙂
Today’s Combined Dreamspell Kin [Year: 14.6;  Moon 7.5;  Day: 6.1] equals  7.12, Crystal Hand, which codes the 2012 Solstice at the end of the 13th Baktun
Exactly 402 days remain until that momentuous, long-prophesied Solstice!
We happily  Welcome Will,  Electric Wizard, who so gently pointed out two errors TMQ made [at 3 a.m.]  As Kin 94 wrote: 
“TIME wants the corrections so that we may all Synchronize accurately” 
[Mystery Queen missed the second bar denoting ‘5’,  on the first day of the 5 Moon, so these first 3 days correlate with PSI 12 Seed, whose numerical description [in reverse, in Kin 64’s  post] segues with the vision Pacal Votan sent to King Wen in Baktun 5 [below]. 
In two days, 400 days  [20 x 20 or 1.0.0. vig.] will remain until the Crystal Hand Solstice
It’s always appreciated when astute readers notice errors.  Will‘s kind words were well-TIMEd  🙂
66: “By my symbolical channel of communication called Telektonon did I intend this prophecy to be discovered and recovered. Once 40 years had elapsed from the time of the discovery of my Uranian crypt, then would come the recovery, the recollection by my special agent of the numbers rehearsed and repeated to announce th.”
6.1:  AD 2013 is the actual point of the synchronization of the heliocosm of the local star into fifth force chromatic functions. This point, AD 2013, defines the limit of the possible application of the Law of Time to attain maximum synchronization and restoration of the interplanetary flux tube system, itself dependent upon the triggering of the circumpolar rings…” 
  DALI ONE:  TARGET;  CROWNChakra07.gif     
 This 17th Week corresponds to Codon 58:  “RADIANCE of JOY;  Song of the Galactic Octave”
We begin Octave 3;  Strand 11 today:
81:  Radiogenesis Establishes Galactic Life Whole”
48 UR Harmonic Runes - sequential order
The Peacock is the totem animal for the 5th Overtone Moon of Radiance,
when we ask:   How May I Best Empower Myself?”
The Fifth Moon telepathically connects with Baktun 5, when Pacal Votan places in order the “Book of Clear Records” [‘Rolled Script’], and sends King Wen the vision of 7 as 64 Hexagagrams [1, 2, 4, 8, 13, 32, 654].
This Moon is coded by:

Kin 187  Blue Overtone Hand

Blue Overtone Eagle
Red Overtone Earth Blue Overtone Hand Yellow Overtone Human
  White Solar Wizard
I empower in order to know
commanding healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of vision.
WHITE WORLD-BRIDGER WAVESPELL SIX:  Power of Death and Opportunity 
coincides with   Week 17, and Harmonic 17“Remember Elegance of Service“.
During this Moon of Radiance,  TMQ will ‘be’ Kin 19:  6 Storm. [14.6 + 7.5 + 18.8 = 39.19 – 20.13 = 19.6
 This Flower of Life with it’s 19 circles feels perfect for Radiating LOVE and EMPOWERMENT  :):
N. S.    1. 24. 5. 1.   TOWER of POWER      Kin  66

Kin 65: Red Cosmic Serpent codes the end of the 4th Moon and the 5th Wavespell


Red Cosmic Serpent

Red Cosmic Moon
Blue Cosmic Eagle Red Cosmic Serpent White Cosmic Wizard
  Yellow Magnetic Warrior
I endure in order to survive
transcending instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of universal water.
Happy Galactic Return to Cheetah Cosmic Serpent; a.k.a. Bonnie, who produces so many beautiful videos  🙂
Today’s Oracle contains two kins that code Solar Witnesses/Bolotiku:  Antipode 13 Eagle codes the Second Lord of the Ring, and Grayham.  The Hidden Power Kin codes the Third Witness: Kin 196Magnetic Warrior, which is the combined Kins of the co-authors of Cosmic History ChroniclesValum Votan and Stephanie SouthGM108X Mind Transmission - Cosmic History
9.13;  Cosmic Moon guides us today.  The G-Force of 13 Serpent is Kin 79:  Magnetic Storm, The Noosphere Constant.  At this moment, the Moon is 79% Full  🙂
These last 3 days of the Self-Existing Moon correspond to PSI PVCS 3 Monkey, which coded Valum Votan’s Son, Josh.  Long Count:   

5.13“Evolution of planetary bodies from biosphere to noosphere are holonomic functions of stellar revolution.   The synchronization of planetary noosphere with stellar evolutionary programming marks the advent of the next geological era, the Psychozoic. The Psychozoic Era, is defined as the normative sequence of the evolution of the hyperorganic super conscious of a telepathically unified noosphere.”

 SILIO 28:  DISCHARGE:  HEARTChakra04.gif

65  “13 x5, frequency of galactic spectrum, ¼ 260, fifth force moved by power of cosmic cycle

65“I am Pacal Votan, witness of time. Telektonon is my gospel.  The talking stone of unifying prophecy is my legacy intended for that special messenger who understands the meaning of my numbers.”

Here is a photo of our ‘Cosmic Birthday Kin’s’ Feline Familiar, Yoda; who bears a startling resembence to TMQ’s Oma  🙂  “Notice 11/11 between his ears “There is so much energy here from 11-11 . . . the sky is the bluest blue, the trees the greenest green without a puffy white in sight!”

Yoda Cosmic Serpent

This Fourth Moon, coded by  4 World-Bridger, which coded the last full year of Valum Votan’s life, ends at Midnight.  Hopefully, you will have answered it’s question:  “What Form is My Service to Take?”

During this Moon, the answer to that question has become increasingly clear to The Mystery Queen.   More about that in the Overtone Hand of Radiance, which begins shortly  🙂 

Tomorrow we begin a new Wavespell and a new MoonThe Moon coded by World-Bridger becomes the Wavespell coded by World-Bridger.


N. S.  1. 24. 4. 28.        SPIRIT TOWER      Kin 65

GAP Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed codes Self-Existing Limi 27 and oUR Round Table

KAN     Kin 64        11/13/11

Yellow Crystal Seed

Yellow Crystal Warrior
White Crystal Wizard Yellow Crystal Seed Blue Crystal Eagle
  Red Lunar Earth
I dedicate in order to target
universalizing awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of  intelligence.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Challenge is Crystal Wizard, which is Pacal Votan’s G-Force.  GAP Kin 197; 2 Earth  is the Hidden Power, reminding us of the last revelation of Valum Votan, on Kin 197, 387 days ago.
Crystal Seed’s G-Force is 11 World-Bridger.   Long Count:  3 Warrior.
4.12“The increase in complexity of the biogeochemical process is characterized by the acceleration of the biogenic migration of atoms, and the incidence of ever more complex levels of life inducing the transition from unconscious to conscious orders of existence.”
64:  “As Buddha taught so pure one mind, so Muhammad taught so pure one God. Submission to the will of God is at the centre of the Law of the Cube. Truly for the righteous there is only the straight way, the path of basic goodness, laid out in the heart as obedience to God’s will, the divine plan unfathomable to those who cry, “reason alone can save us!”64:  “10th order of 7
64 8², eighth octave, 4³ (4 x 16), 2 x 32 crystal frequency doubled, mathematical code of DNA – 64 codons code of life., Seventh binary order (1,2,4,8,16, 32, 64) Sum of prime recombinants, 27 + 37. Note the first 13 orders of the vigesimal code reflect fractal factors of 64 (in bold), and how 64 and 64² correspond to 13:7 law of time factor:
1 = 1/64
20 = 1/32 of 64
400 = 1/16 of 64
8000 = 1/8 of 64
160,000 = ¼ of 64
3,200,000 = ½ of 64
64,000,000 = 1 x 64 (7th vigesimal order)
1,280,000,000 = 2 x 64
25,600,000,000 = 4 x 64
512,000,000,000 = 8 x 64
10,24 0, 000,000,000 = 16 x 64
204,800,000,000,000 = 32 x 64
4,096,000,000,000,000 = 64² (13th vigesimal order)

Apologies to you;  it appears TMQ accidently erased the blog for Kin 63.  Does anyone happen to have a ‘copy’? 

Thank You PEDRiN 4 Warrior, for these photos which put the PVCS 6 Mirror sunspot into better perspective.

The Sunspot[indicated by the white arrow]  is as large as Jupiter 

 Below is Earth, dwarfed by Jupiter!
Here is more  interesting news happening within our Solar System, but originating from beyond it:
 A “Black Knight” spacecraft from Epsilon Bootis:
 is being blamed for  “the loss of [Russian satelite] Phobos-Grunt… the latest of a number of Earth-orbiting satellites to fall victim to the “Black Knight’s” transmissions and include a 6-tonne NASA satellite that plunged to its death on 24 September and a 1.7-tonne German satellite that met a similar fate on 23 October.
This article describes how an earlier transmission from the “Black Knight” was interpreted: as saying this
Several Kin noted the Trinity of 11/11/11 Jannis 7 Moon’s sister celebrated her 33rd birthday that day  🙂  See 189‘s stunning photo  he captured early in the morning of 11/11/11.  [unable to show here]
Unfortunately, comments from Kin 63 also appear to be ‘lost’.  But they caused TMQ to realize that during the 3rd Watch of 11/11/11, she enjoyed the company of Grayham 13 Eagle’s daughter, synchronistically named Trinity  🙂  Trinity, who entered her 10th year on PVCS Galactic Sun gave us each a collection of shells, and my assortment of shells includes an unusual one that displays 13 rays emanating from the center.
The Challenge/Antipode watch of 10 Wind was coded by GAP  10 Human, Kin 192. [TMQ’s G-Force this 3 Mirror year]
GAP Kin 192 yields another Trinity:  Today’s GAP Kin 64 tripled  equals GAP 192
Just as TMQ wrote that last sentence, her phone rang.  It was Nicola, with whom we meditated on the 5 Skywalker Day-out-of-Time.
On that Galactic Freedom Day, TMQ told Nicola that she believed this crop circle:
which happened on Nicola’s birthday, July 22, 2011 [Lunar Dog [10]seemed meant for Nicola, and the triangular Geo-Walks Nicola was inspired to begin.  TMQ participated in the first one, in the exact center of New Zealand, and regrets she was unable to attend the GeoWalk held at a remote beach on 11/11/11. [A search for GeoWalk at this blog will relate info about that first walk, and about Geo Walk]
Nicola just now related how the 11/11/11 GeoWalk exceeded all expectations  🙂  This crop circle of 10 Trinities [triangles] was used as the basis of the ritual, and an 11th  was added to the center [though swooping seagulls required the removal of the  fruit ‘holding the center’]
This synchronistically-timed phone call seems to underscore the 10th year of Trinity, and the Trinity of 11/11/11  🙂!
11/11/11 was on the 117th day of this year.  3 x 39 = 11739, [3 x 13] is Cosmic Storm, whose Postulate sums it up:
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peacepeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 27.   Cube Hunab Ku 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY    GAP 64
P.S.:  “This is your 713th published post. Great!  This post has 907 words.”
When the date of the ‘lost’ post appeared for today’s, TMQ realized her mistake:  When she couldn’t access “New Post” at WordPress [which still  has problems, even on her new computer], TMQ erased the post on an open window, to be able to begin the Kin 64 blog on it, not realizing it would remove the Kin 63 blog.
This is actually her 715th post, but since two published posts have been ‘lost’, today’s number; 713 reflects the numbers mentioned in today’s CHC 7 entry for number 64  🙂

Kin 61: Red Solar Dragon codes Self-Existing Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation


IMIX      Kin 61

Red Solar Dragon

Red Solar Earth
Blue Solar Monkey Red Solar Dragon White Solar Mirror
  Yellow Overtone Sun
I pulse in order to nurture
realising being.
I seal the input of birth
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
5 Sun, the 7th Solar Witness is today’s Hidden Power.  Solar Mirror [ArajarA] codes the Analog. 
The G-Force is 2 Hand.  The Long Count, 13 Skywalker, reminds us that this is the 9th day of the Skywalker wavespell.
1.9“Genuine continuing consciousness based on self-reflective knowledge of the Law of Time and its operating radial matrices of form and number results in the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration, analogous to the creation of crystals in the inorganic realm. The cultivation of these mental structures of prolonged duration constitutes the essence of galactic culture, which is understood as the cultivation of the Galactic Brain.”
61: Prime key, fourth order of unity, V1 H21, antipode to 21,(V21 H1) in 441 matrix, vigesimal 3.1
Telektonon Verse 61:
61. “Children of the day of truth, children of the dawn, people of the book, all this can you hear in the stones of Palenque where in the tenth Baktun I took pure human form.  Of the 27 books of the New Testament, the 27th is Revelations.   27 steps ascend to the Palace of Bolon Ik.  This palace, New Jerusalem, is the mystic power of Telektonon, the 28th step, the power of seven sanctified foursquare.”
GAMMA:        PACIFY;                                     THIRD EYE
This week, so many are focused on the Gregorian numbers;   here is an interesting article about the “Uni-PHI-ing” numbers that Grayham 13 Eagle frequently elucidates for us  :): 
Fibonacci numbers math Leonardo of Pisa, or ‘Fibonacci’,
 and  a sunflower, the seeds of which display Fibonacci numbers. “One main reason why these numbers retain their fascination today is due to the surprising frequency with which they arise in nature.”  “Sunflower heads, and the bases of pine cones exhibit spirals going in opposite directions: the sunflower has 21, 34, 55, 89, or 144 clockwise, paired respectively with 34, 55, 89, 144, or 233 counterclockwise; a pine cone has eight clockwise spirals and 13 counterclockwise. All Fibonacci numbers”.
This beautiful Mayan vision [below] is from the website []  of a Kin in Northern California who subscribed here today. Welcome to Branch 4 Sun, and Thank You for your lovely comment!  ) 

 Today we also Welcome a new subscriber from Serbia  🙂 

        Here is a photo of Branch 4 Sun with 11.11, Valum Votan, in San Francisco  🙂
Here in New Zealand, 11/11/11 began 33 minutes ago…11+11+11 = 33.
The sunspot cycle is approximately 11 years
The Black Hole in the center of our Galaxy spins around once every 11 minutes.
Many believe that we will be perfectly aligned with the Heart of our Galaxy at precisely 11:11 a.m. on the 2012 Solstice.
TMQ is taking taking a 1 day vacation from writing and technology on Planetary Wind, Catalytic Kali 25, and will be in Telepathic Meditation  beginning at 11 a.m. 
EnJOY the transforming energies of  11/11/11  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 24.    Extended Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION       Kin 61

PVCS Kin 60: Yellow Galactic Sun codes Self-Existing Lover’s Reunion on Seli 23

AHAU        Kin 60

Yellow Galactic Sun

Yellow Galactic Seed
White Galactic Dog Yellow Galactic Sun Blue Galactic Storm
  Red Rhytmic Dragon
I harmonize in order to enlighten
modeling life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of flowering.
Today’s Guide:  8 Seed, codes oUR Galactic Synchronization, and James  🙂
Antipode 8 Dog codes the next Galactic Moon, which contains the last Hunab Ku 0.0 Day of the 13 Baktuns.
Hidden Power 6 Dragon codes the Moon-out-of-Time that contains the End of the Cycle.
Kin 99, Galactic Storm is today’s Support.  The G-Force of kin 60 is Crystal Wizard.
The CDK is Overtone Sun, which codes the 7th Lord of the Ring.
The PSI for Self-Existing 23, 24 and 25 is Lunar Dog.   Long Count:  12 Human[12.12]
 LOVER’S REUNION: On the 23rd day of each Moon, we telepathically  rehearse the completion of the opening of the Time Tunnels between Earth and Uranus in 2013.  We also ‘celebrate‘ the Reunion of the two “Planet-Tamers“;  Pacal Votan and his female counterpart.  They “cannot be rejoined until Babylon Planet has been transformed into the Dominion of Time”.  [Telektonon Instruction Manual]

0.8The 13:20 frequency of time maintains the order of bodies in motion as the universal order of bodies in synchronic relation to each other.  This synchronic order of the universe is absolute, the supreme principle governing all relationships of bodies in space to each other whether in motion or stable.  Because this order is conscious and mentally perceivable, it is also the determining mental and telepathic order of the universe.”

603 x 20, 2 x 30, 6 x 10, 4 x 15, vigesimal 3.0, frequency of Pacal Votan, kin 60 first clear sign on his tomb, from discovery of his tomb (1952) to 2012 = 60 years, vigesimal 3.0″.

This beautiful image, reminiscent of  Galactic Sun, is called Fractal Autumn.   It was found here:   You may also view a video there, about the “Awakening of the Great Platinum Crystal on11/11/11 ,  read inspiring articles, and listen to wonderful music  🙂


Pacal Votan was born on Galactic Sun, in 603,1408 years ago.Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image
A recent Law of Time article states that “most researchers believe he was born on March 24, 603“.  However, TMQ determined  that he was born on August 1, 603, [see blog for June 15, 2010] and that this ‘Galactic Sun  crop circle’ on 8/1/2007  commemorates his 27th Solar Galactic Return [27 x 52 = 1404].  crop-circle-metatron.jpg March 24 is coded by Galactic Sun in the Long Count, while Valum Votan decoded the 13 Clear Signs on Pacal Votan’s Tomb via the Dreamspell Count. 
 August 1, 2007 was coded by Dreamspell  Galactic Sun, and Long Count 11.11.
At the Waitaha Sacred Treaty Grounds in the North Island [where we were being adopted’ by the Waitaha;  a Matriarchal People of Peace]  TMQ was able to confirm with Valum Votan that he did project  this crop circle through his Third Eye [as described here: 
 This crop circle appeared on  Magnetic 7 of the Lunar Wizard year [coded by Galactic Sun] while a Waitaha elder  spent 6 hours with TMQ.  She related  the 5,000 year old Waitaha Prophecy that Votan and his female partner would return to Aotearoa [New Zealand] in 2004.  VV and SS visited New Zealand earlier in 2004, while TMQ arrived here on 11/1/2004 shortly after the Prophetic Message mysteriously appeared on her computer on 9/11/2004] 
This is noted today, 6 Galactic Spins since the Galactic Sun crop circle  commemorated the 27th Solar-Galactic Return of Pacal Votan on Long Count 11.11. Today is coded by Galactic Sun and by the Long Count of 12.12, my G-force. 
This is the 123rd day of TMQ’s Electric Mirror year. 123 [6 Night] is the Hidden Power of her Galactic Signature:  138.  Valum Votan’s article discusses how this  crop circle describes Kin 198:  Electric Mirror.  Kin 60 + 138 = 198:  Electric Mirror.
Much of this information was repeated, in hopes that 441 Cube of Truth Kin realize why TMQ is continuing her task of restoring the 13 Moon Calendar to its orininal harmony with the seven days of the week. [To be completed by the Galactic Lover’s Reunion, coded by Hunab Ku 0.0, 4 Moons from today
While “most researchers believe that Pacal Votan was born on March 24” and  almost all 13 Moon followers are changing Dali to a different day each year, TMQ will adhere to what she believes is the Truth in both matters. 
This quote from Poet Piet 3 Eagle is also important to keep in mind:  “Differences are a thing to celebrate, not complain about, unless decisions are based on them rather than the similarites. Decision needs to based on the latter … always good for overwhelming majorities.” 
A response to the anonymous e-mail, forwarded by an anonymous person at the Law of Time will follow, at some point.
This also means that  less time will be spent writing this blog, until this project is completed  🙂
Sad, but  synchronistic to note that today, the Christchurch Cathedral was ‘deconsecrated to allow deconstruction of the  beautiful landmark, which was badly damaged by the 7.1 earthquakes on Rhythmic Moon, and the 6.3 earthquake on Galactic Sun
Thanks to Melovia 12 Moon, for linking this  inspiring, uplifting message: for 11/11/11, which Marsha 9 Eagle refers to as “Heaven Eleven”  🙂
PEDRiN 4 Warrior shares this delightful  image of two happy one’s‘ [1,1 = 11] for this special 11/11/11, which will be coded by Planetary Wind:
    “ENJOY     HEAVEN    on    EARTH!”
N. S. 1. 24. 4. 23.      LOVER’S REUNION           PVCS 60