Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human codes Self-Existing Dali 15: Cube 9: Vision

EB          Kin 52

Yellow Cosmic Human

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
White Cosmic Wind Yellow Cosmic Human Blue Cosmic Hand
  Red Magnetic Moon
I endure in order to influence
transcending wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of intelligence.
The G-Force of 13 Human and the PSI for Self-Existing 15 are both:  Kin 66  1 World-Bridger!
L.C. = 4 Seed.  Thanks to Maya PVCS 7 Sun, for spotting that TMQ was a day ahead on the Long Count.  Your lovely comment [at About] made my day  🙂 
We happily Welcome Galactic Agent 20;    Kali Maya:  Resonant Sun
12.13“Launching and navigating of the time transport vehicle is a function of mapping via the Dreamspell Journey Board and Telektonon playing board, where time vector potentialities organized in the body of time (the agent or agents initiating the travel) are coordinated with the geometries of celestial harmonics. Dreamspell Oracle Board is used to establish consolidated fifth force time vector potential “bundles,” or “soul boats” for organizing contact with subliminal conscious “entities.’
52: 52   years cycle of Sirius B, prime super mental harmonic, basis of cycle of galactic compass, galactic return frequency”
Rune  67:  “Divine Decree Establishes Space of Second Creation
  DALI 15:  TARGET;  CROWN   Chakra07.gif
Heptad 15, of the 15th year in the final 16 Year Cube of the Cycle  begins today. 
It corresponds to Codon49
Codon 49 also represents ‘Crossing the Corpus Callosum of  History” [according to page 58 of “7:7::7:7“]
This certainly seems to apply to these times.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peacepeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

It’s wonderful to experience so much COOPERATION in this Crystal Monkey Round Table!

The beautiful image above is from Priscella 6 Wizard.  Among her Round Table offering of videos was a beautiful one, entitled“WAVE”   Alpha-numerically, WAVE equals 52:  ‘Cosmic House of the Wise’  🙂  TMQ highly reccomends another video Kin 214 shared“The Template 1”  During this 4th Moon of Form, one line from it says:  “Form is the Shape of Consciousness“.

That form, Sacred Geometry,   is the one Grayham 13 Eagle describes for us, so beautifully and  patiently  🙂  Cosmic Eagle’s Round Table comment explains:  “occult scientists confirm what A.A.Bailey said would happen around now (2012 era), that is the Hex/Incubation period would dissolve and a repenting would occur. This opens TIME to its true nature as FLEXIBLE, example; do something you hate, 2hrs clock time feels like 5hrs, do something you are passionate about 5hrs clock time feels like 2hrs, now you age only 2hrs even though 5hrs clock time has passed, this is time in the dimensions above the 4th dimension.:”   [TMQ experiences that every time she writes here;  the problem is that then,  too few hours remain, by oUR Third-Dimensional clock!

Profound Gratitude to A1d7r7i for continuing to give the correct Numbers for the day’s Entry into the 441 Cube Matrix and for  today’s orientation in the Dreamspell and oUR Galactic Synchronization, and the Wisdom Book  [which follows:

Time TFI=390 (13x3x10) (5×78)
Space TFI=355 (5×71)
Synchro TFI=410(10×41) (5×82)
Master TFI=1155 (33×35,11×105,7×165) (5×231)

The 5th force is present in all frecuencies
78+71+82=231 (11×21)

UMB (1155-882)=273 (13×21)=(7×33)
Kin eq=115 (5×23) Blue Spectral Eagle 15.11)

Red Eastern Castle Complete!

416 days to 21.12 (8x52)
89 weeks/heptads to launch Timeship Earth 25.7.2013

Following Wisdom Book´s Cycle of Becoming and Return (CHC vol 2)
Today 3rd Blue Octave Castle (104 kin=13×8) is complete.
It goes from kin 209 to 260 on previous Galactic Spin +
from kin 260 to 209 on current Return Spin (it goes backwards)
of the Ressonant Book of Wisdom of Attunement.
13 Octave Harmonics Complete.
Proceeding to Yellow Octave Castle (from kin 208 to 105 on the everyday kin occult powers).”

Check out the wonderful video:  “ELEVEN, ELEVEN, ELEVEN”The Earth’s Vortices   which Cheetah Cosmic Serpent made.   🙂  [at the same place, you can view some of her other videos] 

During the Rhythmic Moon, TMQ now intends to visit Lake Rotopouanamu, which 13 Serpent’s video named as one of the 4 “Spinners“. rotopounamu

Cheetah, can you offer more information about the “Spinners“?

TMQ cherishes  the response of these two kins, to her errors in the Kin 50  441 Cube calculations:  S’ace 9 Wind“TMQ mistakes are there to intensify the contact on our waya.  Part of the Fun and gives extra information.”  and A1d7r7i 8 Earth“Through Mistakes we Learn!  Mistakes are key in lovEution”  Thanks, 22 and 177  🙂  [Though it is hoped that the new template I made for future calculations will reduce errors  :)]

Piet Poet,  your unique [sometimes startling] comments,  are read in their entirety.    Thank You for sharing the fascinating  “Quetzalcoatl Message  for 2012, via Marysol’s video.  In the Southern Hemisphere, it is now Magnetic Skywalker, Quetzalcoatl’s Galactic Signature  🙂

TMQ had intended to discuss the post-2012 13 Moon Calendar, and the issues raised by A1d7r7i and others. in this post,  However, due to a  rather mysterious communication received from/via the Law of Time, during the Occult Watch of Cosmic Human, she will wait at least another day.  This will allow time to research the messages relayed by Kin 81, in the unsigned e-mail from Law of Time that began:

“Dear Claire and greetings of peace,
I hope you are doing well!
We received this letter from someone trying to reach you via your Blog.
To The Mystery Queen
Hello, I would like to share some information with you that I think you will appreciate….” [many related quotes and conclusions followed] ending with: The benefits of personal experimentation, and the power of personal synchronicities are certainly understandable, but in consideration of the above, do you belive that your revision of the 13 Moon Dreamspell is what Valum Votan truly intended?
In Lakech,
kin 081 “

To the Electric Dragon who wrote that e-mail:  Your words are greatly appreciated.   Your communication, and the desire to avoid the ‘chaotic effects’ that 177 mentioned in his Kin 50 comment,  are causing TMQ more  reflection, in order to phrase her response very carefully.

Although kin 81 quotes this:  “Each moon has four weeks of seven days each, each week running from Sunday through Saturday. Green day is outside of the Moons and the days of the week.” – Thirteen Moons In Motion pg 19 (pdf version)” ,          Galactic Agent 81 reaches a different conclusion from TMQ’s 3 Dragon, unless you wish to remain anonymous, you may reach me directly by sending a comment to the blog  🙂  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 

Synchronistically,  this morning, TMQ received a phone call from Carolyn, another 81:  3 Dragon.   Carolyn’s request for a visit today caused TMQ to realize that 1.3 and 18.8 equal 19.11, whose Postulate was quoted at the end of the Kin 50 post. 

“…God is the magnet of universal transcension.”

N. S.  1. 24. 4. 15.            Cube 9:  VISION           Kin 52

9 thoughts on “Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human codes Self-Existing Dali 15: Cube 9: Vision

  1. The Feathered Serpent (yang) and the Rainbow Serpent (yin) are energy pulses that traverse the earth. The four spinners are Haleakala and the Great Pyramid in the northern hemisphere and Lake Rotopouanamu and Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa in the southern. “There are four great vortices on the Earth body, two yang areas north of the equator which regulate the masculine elements of fire and air; and two yin centres in the southern feminine hemisphere which govern water and earth. These four spinner wheels are able to revolve in either direction, according to circumstances. This tendency to powerfully spin results in these four circles having greater maximum radii – up to 1746 miles – than the driver wheel earth chakras on either of the two great Dragon paths. These four areas should be regarded as equal in status to the seven chakras. The cardinal centres for these circles are explained at this website:”
    I only prepared the video on Planetary Gates 1-13 covering the span of 1986 (when they were first activated) to 2008. Gates 14-26 cover the years 2008 to 2027 and on up to Gate 52 in the year 2065. I live on Maui so my intention is to be poised above Mt. E’ke in a helicopter in my own backyard to drop a crystal into the crater at 9:11 our time (11:11 Pacific Time). I will then traverse to Haleakala where I will bury an aquamarine crystal. The crystals are our way of infusing the earth with our own positive energy force through positive and loving thought . . . and of course gratitude to Mother so that she may heal and we can nurture one another again as is our true Nature.

  2. TnX for this extra grateful Journal, Claire!
    As a 22 on the move i fuse it to my partner,
    She is a 52 in Dreamspell however born bëfore dawn.
    Together we sum into 74.
    The other glew matches 2.9 and 4.13 into 6.9
    The last figure illustrates the sign of Cancer.
    As the Northern Passat is named Cancer.
    Bits 74 as an eleven combi ..
    Is 6 pinpointing the sixth sun?
    And 9 the mobiliser?
    Anyway i discovered the third order in triple cubes.
    0 1 8 27 64 125 216 343 (first order)
    Gives 1234567 ^3
    Second order gives:
    1 7 19 37 61 91 127
    Third order gives:
    6 12 18 24 30 36 ..
    Aha Table of Six governs the triple cubes array!
    In 4 the figure remains 6:
    6 6 6 6 6 6 ..

    Well probably a familiar math breaker ..o
    But to me a Revelation 😉
    A miracle to celebreath !

    ThX to all crypts


    Dear Women,

    Sow your moon, heal all the generations, help us to recover our power and balance whit Mother Earth, healing her we all heal, clearing our intetions, flowing as one in the water of love, your blood is sacred, our water is sacred.

    Rainbow hugs from me to all.

    Pd: Excuse moi, I try since yesterday to find the info in English but I couldn’t, if you can’t understand Spanish, Goo trans will help :).

  4. thanks TMQ, enjoying the collective input here, thinking back to the Blavatsky and V.V.’s comment ‘She held the key for 2012’.
    There are seven ‘Rays’ or types of activity for souls to choose from to evolve, one of these is ‘numbers’ or the gifts you are sharing. Numbers can equally be explored in music, your friends here might like to explore the prehispanic music which is making itself known through the following artists/groups.
    Jorge Reyes, Antonio Zepeda, Itzamkin, Steve Roach, Xavier Yxayotl, Coyotzin, Pachatusan, Terra Ambient, Temps Perdu. These artists all explore the sounds made by the original instruments played by the preAztic cultures.
    All seven rays are equal, this means these artists (on their ‘ray’) and their work is of equal value as the work done by V.V. and the other five ‘Ray’ types.

  5. previous item’s comment about air-dropping a crystal in a volcano was certainly an example of what i feel richly deserved and of course defied my critical note (mind you the lovers of these type actions distance themselves from me ((literally also)) rather than the other way around … i am just taking a break and looking around pointing out yet another odd way in which the candy coloured stone fetish and handicraft can get/slip out of hand (‘skills’) and concern with rock derails into a totally miss the point kind. Not that i care. It’s part of the however many .. and i nonetheless can only continue to hope a good example will draw help in rather than receiving little cause i drew it out of and got it from the reluctant cooperators i managed to cajole blame shame and drug in, who would much rather stick to their take on today and revert as quickly as i am gone.

    i always fantasized about setting these criteria in statute type stipulations for very easily defended premises and make the amenities too seductive to prevent waiting lists. Hah!!
    Paul Weston wrote a book juggling (and prolly jumbling) sacred site promotor engager and protector contestants (according to which resonations made him play what favorites and attribution skews he dared get away with)

    “Robert Coon”
    ?? ‘tour-our-isms’ ????
    push a little purpose onto the aimless filthy rich new age racination resistant tourist .. the ‘chemtrail’ producing class?? A pretentious version of the old hide and seek for grown ups, geocaching??
    there’s that Tor who traveled half way around the world with a crystal.
    Christ on holiday … this is a jolly good show .. bit like the A-Camp positioned to exploit the unwary but no matter .. carry on .. see if i care .. uuhhrrr, you are welcome to come back and see if i care any time to
    add my fuel to your fire..

    inspired by the Cheetah alliance lady, … before the ‘air-dropper’ swung or should i say propelled himself by .. i had already gotten this far:
    A certain Mr Coon there claims that the Harmonic Conv was centered at El Tuje (biggest oldest tree in the world – former Aztec realm) and that it was an entirely Shearer inspired thing. A fizzicool QuetzalQuatl was involved also. Check this line out:

    “In terms of sacred site evolution, the year 2012 – favoured by the time terrorists – is a quiet non-eventful year.”

    He mentions 2020 as a culmination .. certain 19 code scholars (last i heard in IDF custody) claim the same.

    is this a long sick fucking excuse for tourism or what? Well, no. To be fair he aint telling people to shift from one to the next within days and hit all them once a year for 20 years running in as many different patterns.

    what weird weaves we web. .. if i was king of the web i’d make everybody logging on or doing any media work whatsoever sit through an E-waste docu until it is solved … like a community station fund drive time.

  6. 😀 !!! (((( The audio is under “Public Domain” The public domain is an intellectual property designation for the range of content that is not owned or controlled by anyone. These materials are public property, and available for anyone to use freely (the “right to copy”) for any purpose.

    …50 years from creation year or 70 years after his death )))) !!!!!


  7. Fiera del Est .. ton of branduardi out there but i don’t like that.
    a choir version was extremely hard to find
    not sure it will go … if not find it in ‘related’ from here:

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