Kin 53: Red Magnetic Skywalker codes Quetzalcoatl, Wavespell 5, and Self-Existing Seli Sixteen

BEN                 Kin 53

Red Magnetic Skywalker

Red Magnetic Skywalker
Blue Magnetic Night Red Magnetic Skywalker White Magnetic Worldbridger
  Yellow Cosmic Star
I unify in order to explore
attracting wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Cosmic Star, today’s Occult, codes the 2012 Solstice in New Zealand ,”The First Land to See the Light” and the Solstice .   The G-Force of 1 Skywalker is 4 Monkey, which coded the 9/11/01 event, whichPunctured the Technosphere”.   PSI:  2 Hand.  Long Count:  5 Serpent.
13.1:  “In the Dominion of Time, everything comes from a natural sense of opening to the now.  Superior intelligence dwells nowhere else but in the now.   In the now is the synchronic experience of the union of the third-dimensional entity and its fourth-dimensional holon double or alternative personality.”
 53:  Prime key Quetzalcoatl, frequency of Sirian rebirth (52 + 1)”
Rune 68:  “Divine Decree Establishes Firmament of Second Creation.”
  SELI 16:  FLOW;  ROOT    Chakra01.gif

After 400 years of  “EXPLORING  SPACE” with telescopes, astronomers were surprised to recently discover a star with spiral arms, in the Lupus Constellation:

 A Star with Spiral Arms (spiral splash, 558px)

This article asks whether 4 significant earthquakes in 4 days [near the South Pole] SIGNAL a change in Earth’s MAGNETISM:

Wavespell 5:  POWER of SPACE; is coded by the Signal Kin of Magnetic Skywalker.


Quetzalcoatl as depicted in the Mayan Codices.

Here is the article: that  Valum Votan wrote when Magnetic Skywalker coded the Day-out-of-Time on 2007;  N.S. 1. 20. 0. 0.  “Sirian Rebirth of Quetzalcoatl”  This was the 20th year since the appearance of the Quetzacoatl Super Nova 1987A.Image Detail  The Quetzalcoatl Supernova was  “The means by which the higher dimensional councils of universal unification” announced” the completion of the prophecy of  Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, commemorated by the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.”

Telektonon Verse 53:  “Yet by my devotion and power of meditation, from deep within the Earth, aided by Bolon Ik’s perseverance on far Uranus, Earth’s harmonic twin, I kept the sacred count of days, I watched over the movement of the sacred march of kin.”

“By my power of LOVE, may Prophecy pacify the Victory of the Righteous! 

 May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring TRUTH, PEACE and LOVE to Our EARTH!”

N. S.  1. 24. 4. 16.           Cube 10:  LOVE           Kin 53

11 thoughts on “Kin 53: Red Magnetic Skywalker codes Quetzalcoatl, Wavespell 5, and Self-Existing Seli Sixteen

  1. 100th day of the Rythmic Wizard Ring
    415 days to 21.12.2012

    Lord of the Dawn Spectralizes his Form (cycle 4 day 38)
    83 (Inverse of 38 and 24th prime) appeared repeatedly on Synchronotron calculations today.
    Return of Sacred Power Cycle 3 day 88 (38..8)

    83-38=45 (5×9)

    5th Vinal comnplete Zotz:Reaches the Foundations

    Hunab ku 21= 1350 (5th force Oracle) + Heptad Door 291 = 1641 (UMB 318=6×53, The Wise)

    (The Wise cubes the Prophet)

    Time : UMB 133 (19×7) : TFI= 249 (3×83) : Triple Command of the Night Seer
    Space : UMB 112 (28×4) : TFI= 110 (5×22) : Manifestation of liberation (11×10)
    Synchro : UMB 384 (12×32) : TFI = 421 (83rd prime) : vigesimal 1.1.1

    83:vigesimal 4.3 43 and 83 connect as the Night Seer
    and the command of the Night Seer
    synchronistically we are sharing house these days with
    kin 183 and 83 (!!)

    Master TFI = 249+110+421= 780 (Martian Frecuency)
    = UMB 339 (3×113=Triple Birth Lord of the Dawn)
    = Equivalent Kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Sun

    For 11 11 11,

    Uploaded a video here (subtitles to be added soon):

  2. the NOW moment, Earth resonance keynote is 7.83hz (plus the phi ratio harmonics above this 13, 21, 33hz), 33hz is frequency found sounding in the Kings Chamber.
    Humans when in theta (5-8hz) are in resonance with the Noosphere, 5-8hz is the brain wave freq of focussed attention, when each person is engaged with their true passion they are automatically in 5-8hz.
    This freq of 7.83 has a wavelenght exactly equal to the circumference of earth (scientific fact) this means that light can/does travel around earth 7.83 times per second. What is useful to know is that each time humans lock onto the 5-8hz freq their auric field expands to encompass the earth, this is the NOW moment. At 5hz the wavelenght expands from earth circumference size to encompass the Noosphere / astral shells (onion like spherical energy bands ) beyond earth size. Once again it’s worth keeping in mind all humans who are following their passion (upon the 7 rays of Blavatsky) are co-creating the new earthgrid.

  3. In the early 1980’s the ascended Galactic Federation representatives from Venus revealed that at that time 1% of incarnate humanity were already ascended Galactic Federation reps who chose to incarnate at this time. All these folk (us) are truly of the Galactic Federation, we are all members of the group called Quetzalcoatl, in its true meaning, as they say we are the one’s we seek.

    numerically (a=1, z=26)

    Quetzalcoatl =153
    Galactic Federation =153
    A Galactic Society = 153
    Galactic Scouts =153

    • Grayham, I resonated with this information. Is there anything you can share about the Ancient of Days? Thank you for being part of this roundtable.

      Ani, White Electric Wind

  4. 783(27×29)-387(9×43)=396 (6×66)

    NS kin 54 White Lunar Wizard (18×3)

    White Galactic Station of Love is Now Complete
    The Fire of Love is Now Burning
    We are Entering the Blue Galactc Station of Vision

    (1 Galactic Station = 65 kin= 13 Chromatic (5 kin) Wavespell)

    aUR 69 Firmament Divides Time

    Hunab Ku 21 = Heptad Gate 144 +
    5th Force Oracle Sum (1239(7×177, 21×59) = 1383 = UMB 50
    (-1) Termic Current Sublimator

    Time Matrix = UMB 200 (v3:h18) : TFI = 290
    (Frecuency of Manifestation of Cosmic Constant,
    UR 109 Waking Consciousness identified as Time)
    (UMB 200=Concsious Sense of Sound)

    Space Matric = UMB 296 (v6:h5) : TFI 108 (GM108X)
    (Preconcious ESP IN)
    *ESP=Extra Sensorial Perception

    Sync Matrix = UMB 385 (v7:h15) : TFI 271 (59th prime)
    (6)Conciouss 6thdimentional Stabilizer)

    Master Coordinating Frequency = 669 (3×223(49th prime))
    UMB 228 (19×12) Eq.Kin=149
    (228=”Temple of God’s Command”)

    941-149=792 (11×72)
    (VV’s kin x last Birthday Age)

    414 days to 21.12.2012 (414 The Enlightened=6×69, MCF=669)

    Opening Vinal 6 Xul
    “With great wisdom a seed is planted”

    While i do this numbers i remember the movie Inception
    As if we were creating the 11 dimentional Scenario
    in our own minds and the we are gonna dive into it!!

    G’day Mate! 😀

  5. Great Movie Adrian, whatched it twice:

    Our minds create this world- our dreams can change this world….
    “I am one with the Earth- The Earth and my self are one mind”
    Manifesto for the Noosphere by VV

    On Cosmic Human by the way the greek prime minister announced a referendum will be held about the whole -money- thing- and the future of greece. This happened the last time in 1974….
    ….This means the people will decide….
    ….Seems like the ancient light of greece burns down the €uro….and the monetary power system…
    ….Occupy Wall Street movements are happening all over the globe…daily…
    We are the 99%

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