Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard codes Self-Existing Gamma 17: Cube 11: Magic

IX                    Kin 54

White Lunar Wizard

White Lunar Worldbridger
Yellow Lunar Seed White Lunar Wizard Red Lunar Serpent
  Blue Crystal Hand
I polarize in order to enchant
stabilizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of death.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign 2 World-Bridger Guides us today.  The Occult Power is Crystal Hand, which codes the last Crystal Round Table of the 13 Baktuns, on the 12/21/2012 Solstice.  The G-force is also a PVCS:  7 Warrior.  PSI:  3 Star;  Long Count:  6 World-Bridger.
Even the Gregorian date 11/3 denotes a PVCS:  3 Monkey, which coded the last Venus Return.  Synchronistically,  today’s L.C. codes the Dreamspell date of the next Return, on Crystal 8; 6 World-Bridger.
1 4.2“Synchronization of the interplanetary flux tube system, AD 2013, marks the advent of “solar consciousness,” the stabilization of the super conscious hyperorganic evolution of the terrestrial planet art spore within the whole heliocosm.”
546 x 9, 18 x 3, 27 x 2, root frequency Lunar Wizard, base of higher order of star codes. x 2 = 108, x 4 = 216, x 8 = 432, x 16 = 864 (master time lens), x 32 = 1728 (12³) , x 52 = 2808,  factor of velocity of God particle.”
LOVE = 54  
Vinal 6:  XUL;   “Where with Great Wisdom, a SEED is sown
O.M.A., [the nearly 6 year old cat named for oUR Original Matrix Attained] awakened TMQ early in the Serpent  watch of 2 Wizard.  For over an hour, she contemplated the fact that Self-Existing 17 is the 8 Moon Anniversary of Valum Votan’s Ascension
8 Mirror also thought about the Combined Dreamspell Kin of this day:  14.2 + 6.4 + 14.6 = 14.12:  Crystal Wizard.  This means that today we begin a sequence of 7 CDK’s coded by the Seven Solar Witnesses, the same kins that code the last Seven Moons of the 13 Baktuns
8 Moons from now, we will be in the Crystal Wizard Moon that contains the Venus Return The Eight Years of Harmonic Conversion are bookended by these two planetary events coded by Seal 8:  Lamat/Venus.
Moon 8 has also been on TMQ’s mind frequently, because of her writing deadline [“Six and a Half Moons” after she began her book and calendar project] that falls on Hunab Ku 0.0, nestled between Galactic  22 and 23.  Then, the 23rd day of each Moon will begin falling on Thursday, instead of Wednesday.
TMQ contemplated how during the night under the falling stars, which ended with a horizon-to horizon meteor, she  had realized how to more harmonically incorporate the 365th Green Day and the Hunab Ku 0,0 s, so that Dali remains consistently and perpetually  aligned with Sunday.
At that moment, a strange, long  high-pitched sound outdoors caused her to look at the clock for the first time:  3:23
Immediately, she thought of the Gregorian date of 3/23, when Valum Votan departed our Earth. 
It was also a reminder of Galactic 23, when our daily practices shift another day. 
3+2+3 = 8; for  Venus and these special Eight  Years between her last two Returns of the Great Cycle.
 When TMQ realized that 323 – 260 equals 63, Spectral Night.  TMQ knew, that [even though clouds have obscured the Sun and Stars through most of the Sun Wavespell and the beginning of the Skywalker Wavespell] tonight’s sky would brilliantly display the stars. 
Now going outdoors again, to enjoy the spectacular, Magical  display  of oUR Milky Way Galaxy  🙂 
P.S.  Just now found this in  e-mail;  Great Gratitude  for A1d7r7i!  🙂
“White Galactic Station of Love is Now Complete
The Fire of Love is Now Burning
We are Entering the Blue Galactic Station of Vision
(1 Galactic Station = 65 kin= 13 Chromatic (5 kin) Wavespell)
aUR 69 Firmament Divides TimeHunab Ku 21 = Heptad Gate 144 +
5th Force Oracle Sum (1239(7x177, 21×59) = 1383 = UMB 50
(-1) Termic Current SublimatorTime Matrix = UMB 200 (v3:h18) : TFI = 290
(Frequency of Manifestation of Cosmic Constant,
UR 109 Waking Consciousness identified as Time)
(UMB 200=Concsious Sense of Sound)Space Matric = UMB 296 (v6:h5) : TFI 108 (GM108X)
(Preconcious ESP IN)
*ESP=Extra Sensorial PerceptionSync Matrix = UMB 385 (v7:h15) : TFI 271 (59th prime)
(6)Conciouss 6thdimentional Stabilizer)Master Coordinating Frequency = 669 (3×223(49th prime))
UMB 228 (19×12) Eq.Kin=149
(228=”Temple of God’s Command”)
941-149=792 (11×72)
(VV’s kin x last Birthday Age)414 days to 21.12.2012 (414 The Enlightened=6×69, MCF=669)
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 17.                                           Cube 11:  MAGIC                     Kin 54:  LOVE

6 thoughts on “Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard codes Self-Existing Gamma 17: Cube 11: Magic

  1. How many hours difference from Christchurch (Night Zone) to Buenos Aires (Skywalker Zone) ??

    It still Lunard Wizard’s 5:30pm here and already reading as you write from
    the Electric Eagle Analogue Watch is like getting mail from the future ! 😀

    Today is first hot day here announcing the forthcoming summer.

    Everybody is getting ready for 11.11.11 ceremonys everywhere.

    11.11.11 for Synchronotrons activates, afcourse,
    the very axis of the cube.

    and today we have finally DEFINED that we are staying to spend the summer here in this nice house we found outside the city.

    Now i’m waiting for baby 66 to get some sleep and so we can watch the Tree of Life movie.

  2. Both the Helio / Solar intelligence and the ‘velocity of God particle’ can be summed up using one single formula (Golden Phi Ratio)
    This is where science is leading and as of this year, some astrophysics have accepted phi is the communicative / interactive medium throughout the galaxy, phi is also in-phi-nite velocity, meaning communication is instantly everywhere (but because phi is the medium and message, only info based on phi/love is communicated instantly).
    see here

    numerically (a=1, z=26)
    Velocity of God Particle = 242
    Study physics of phi = 242
    grayham john forscutt = 242 (my birth name)

  3. Dear TMQ, is it possible for you to write about where the kin @ oUR roundtable R writing from? I really want to know!

    It has been difficult in the last years to try to engage into the 441 / Synchronotron practice, but lately i feel im starting to like it.

    Its like brain engineering self programming device

    And after reading several times the Holomind perceiver descriptions,
    i almost feel the electricity starting to flow through its circuits.

    Maybe in the summer ill have some time to write more frecuently
    a resume about the daily codes and meanings.

    Join the Noosphere Everybody !

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