Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle codes Self-Existing Catalytic Blue Kali

MEN        Kin 55

Blue Electric Eagle

Blue Electric Storm
Red Electric Serpent Blue Electric Eagle Yellow Electric Seed
  White Spectral Worldbridger
I activate in order to create
bonding mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
Happy Galactic Return to PoetPiet [who recently revealed 55 as his Signature  :)] 
The initials of Electric Eagle [E.E.] alpha-numerically equal it’s Kin number:  55  🙂
Electric Storm is our Guide, and the G-Force is Kin 49:  10 Moon
 The PSI for Self-Existing 18 is 5 Dog.   Long Count:  7 Hand.
Today’s CDK:  13 Eagle:  which codes the Second Solar Witness, and Grayham. 
Apha-numerically, Grayham’s birth name = 242, which synchronistically also equalsStudy physics of phi”  🙂 
13 Eagle communicated this on Kin 54 [=LOVE, and also the street number of the home he shares with Marsha 9 Eagle]
phi is also in-phi-nite velocity, meaning communication is instantly everywhere (but because phi is the medium and message, only info based on phi/love is communicated instantly).  
Grayham also shared a link  which shows VENUS, the planet associated with Love, Quetzalcoatl and Christ Consciousness, exactly correlated with .0618;  Phi’s Golden Ratio [in the first column of information, and closest of the planets to .618  in 2 of the other three columns]
15.3:  “Coordination of solar (stellar) and planetary pulses produces an animation of higher analog life functions within the theatre of radiosonic architecture.   Higher analog life functions represent a stepping down of post-organic subliminal conscious energy and information patterns into discrete hyperorganic super conscious programs.
Harmonic UR Rune  70:  “Firmament Divides Space“.
55:  5 x 11, fifth order of eleven,  liberation frequency of galactic federation,  triangular of 10,  Fibonacci 10th sequence (34 +21)”
55.  “Came the sixth Baktun and Imperial Babylon was complete.  Its seal of false time and power, taxation and armed expanse had fulfilled Iblis’s desire to degrade and ruin all humanity by making wrong fair-seeming.  Fair-seeming now to amass wealth and power; fair-seeming to make a count of time by twelve months; and fair-seeming to regard the thirteenth moon with superstition and contempt!  Fair-seeming to gather taxes and to pay them;  fair-seeming to make war for the power of King’s;  fair-seeming that birth and death must be paid for;  fair-seeming that all power come from priests, Iblis’s most cherished of men.” 
[TMQ once lived near Oakland, where Occupy protests are making headlines.   This letter:   suggests that both Activists and Police are being manipulated]
Besides the total shutdown of all U.S. communications [reported in an earlier blog] this:– shows that even more ‘drills’ are scheduled for 11/9/11.
The following  article describes another kind of Sunstone‘:
Ancient-day sat nav: The refractive properties of calcite crystal - otherwise known as Iceland spar - were used to pinpoint the sun through clouds
Here is another article related to  oUR Sun:
November 3, 2011MAGNIFICENT SUNSPOT: One of the largest sunspots in years is rotating over the sun’s northeastern limb” and is now heading in our direction.

And this The 3200km-long debris field from Japan s tsunami in March is expected to reach Hawaii next winter. 3,200 Kilometer [1,988 miles!] long debris field from the 3/11/11 Tsunami is heading in the direction of Hawaii and the West coast of the Monkey bio-region.  😦

Thanks to Jannis 7 Moon for reminding us:
Our minds create this world- our dreams can change this world….
“I am one with the Earth- The Earth and my self are one mind”
Manifesto for the Noosphere by VV

Cube Twelve:  FREE WILL“By my Human power of Free Will, may prophecy release Victory of the 13 Moons as the POWER OF HUMANITY TO REGENERATE THE BIOSPHERE!”  MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”

N. S.  1. 24. 4. 18.       Cube 12:  FREE WILL         Kin 55 


14 thoughts on “Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle codes Self-Existing Catalytic Blue Kali

  1. ThX for 55 and my focus is radiated by these two foundations:

    55: “5 x 11, fifth order of eleven, liberation frequency of galactic federation, triangular of 10, Fibonacci 10th sequence (34 +21)”

    Telektonon verse 55 describes why the 99% are Awakening and Activating 🙂

    the middle one may be synchron to this newsfact on over 1000 codices found: (the article is in english language)

    snapshot: “… of great interest to the Maya who stated the codex represented “the essential pieces of information that we needed. This is how we go 4th dimensional.”

    then … next to Fibonacci / nazi? we might concentrate on 33+22 …

    set in mindturbo the idea 2 and 3 are apart from prime numbers harmonizing numbers that facilitate oneness :
    one people ~ one planet ~ one noosphere

    the twins 22 & 33 are much more powerful for tha mission at stake …

    cosmic decode of NAZI gives 20 1 260 9 => 290 (11)

    knowing the decodes is about getting an idea for the slots and how to form noo keys …

    how does 29 relate to Tzolkin?
    My advise see 260 as a number that opens up to every single person/kin to add the soul to that ~ there by it becomes 261 – one more than the given field!

    then 9 to 29 gives 261 as plus 29 more makes 10 to 29: 290
    Iz Stephanie South also aware of this magiQ?
    Let her Knowww!

    Bolon “Holon” Ik from Muluc One
    signalling with a flashlight

  2. The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cColbert Super PAC – Stephen Colbert Occupies Occupy Wall Street Pt. 1http://www.colbertnation.com Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

    And this is why i love this Lunar Serpent – ’tis still Wizardry in MonKEY region. 😉 😉


    O (Awakened interjection)
    C (Vision 55)
    C (Water conscioUSness)
    U (Law of One)
    Pi 3.14159265…
    Y Divergence – Divination –

    How are UR paths being negotiated??? Do they seek the soURce???

    Wall Street – where is Pink when U need him???

    End the war.
    Go inside.
    Hunab Ku.


  3. Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle, day the Harmonic Convergence happened 1987 initiated by Jose Arguelles, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered and meditated synchronistically all over the world for a new peacefull earth. At the same day the cycle of 9 Hells of 52 years each ended.
    According to C.J. Callemann and his interpretation of the mayan calendar, who in my opinion copied Joses “Mayan Factor” concept of “world Ages” and divided them through nine ,rather trough 13, the nine underworlds or world ages ended 7 🙂 days ago on Oct. 28.
    Now that all hells finally have ended, and the 12:60 destabilization is steadily reaching it`s peak, we can look forward positively and start to create a new world based on respect, mindfull- and humbleness.
    As this is all happening in the 5th Wavespell of 1 Reed, Magnetic Skywalker- Kin 53 which is connected to Quetzalcoatl, the “Feathered Searpent”, I share again this link of Law of Time- where Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan Re-Members himself as the ancient Chac-Le, Quetzalcoatl. As far as I know the only time, that he speaks out such a enormous ………don`t know the word in english and don´t want to use a wrong one.

    “From Distant Tulan was the second text that came to me speaking of an extraterrestrial origin. The first, Cosmic Science, arrived in my hands during the time I was writing the Mayan Factor, in 1986. Now came From Distant Tulan. Reading it again for translation, I find myself embedded in its principal characterization, Chac-Le. In rereading Chac-Le’s testimony, a major theme is awaiting the arrival of the second ship, and of Chac-le’s return. We are now at the end of the cycle, and with certainty I can say that the next ship will finally be arriving. I am the one who foretold it, the one who spent his first years on Calle Tula(n). I am the one who remembered this long Mayan galactic tale. I am the one projected by Pacal Votan to remember his prophecy and the Law of Time. I, Chac-le-Quetzalcoatl, am the one sent from distant Tollan of the Starborn Elders to remember myself fully at last, and to prepare humanity for the coming of the second ship. But we must be ready.”

    Text finished by Jose Moon8 Day9
    Jose ascended kin 89

    In lak ech

  4. Oh ………..:-) Galactic Moon Seli 9 is 13 days or one wavespell prior to Hunab Ku 0.0. This years Galactic 9 is Lunar Mirror while Galactic 22 is Lunar Monkey.

    kin 158: White Lunar Mirror
    I Polarize in order to Reflect
    Stabilizing Order
    I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
    With the Lunar tone of Challenge
    I am guided by the power of Heart


    kin 171: Blue Lunar Monkey
    I Polarize in order to Play
    Stabilizing Illusion
    I seal the Process of Magic
    With the Lunar tone of Challenge
    I am guided by the power of Abundance

  5. A Rock and production (turdy) tale.

    all matrices are fake screens and filters, the latter in turn poor substitutes for a fresh squeeze.

    I am next gonna say no different but not in so few a set of words.

    Subject to the space filling race as all go( )o(g)gle till the mind boggle crowd, it counts in what the gvt bails out in a mirror aggregation game of the screen war era …. speculator’s bait, the fishingware the spambots, google stores and spews it indiscriminately (unless you twist it’s armies) like the sun shines on the splendid and the barmies.

    digital storage = bait n bail sums, on ice as buffer and promise, all fictional and make believe .. costs nobody nothing but chip factory spaces and same for megalomanic office n conference races until end of cycle E-waste catastrophies manifest and set in (haven’t we seen too many of them yet??).
    Jeanne Troge (Mn), in 09 she hosted Cheryl Gordan (excerpts):

    Olney Richmond wrote a book in 1894 called “The Mystic Test Book”. This book talked of the cards as way to predict the future. Since then Edith Randall and Florence Evylinn Campbell wrote “Sacred Symbols of Ancients” in 1947

    The SSoA is a book i carried with me and tried out on people.

    If you just take a look at the cards you’ll notice something. There are four suits. They correspond with the four seasons. A deck has 52 cards. Our year has 52 weeks. 5 + 2 = 7 which are the number days of the week and the number of visible planets. If you take the value of all the cards of the deck Jacks worth 11, Queen worth 12, etc. you have a grand total of 364. But wait there are 365 ¼ days in our year. A little known fact, the value of the joker is 1 ¼. The value of the joker comes from the fact that he is all the four suits plus himself, making him worth 1 ¼.

    Having a good fiefdefy time?? Lemme fess up how i cut off my nose to spite my face .. i own very few of Arguelles works … even passed up the neat sets a Belgian kin was assembling and keeping at the ready to pass on over a year ago …. haven’t even seen the last 3 CHCz (other than via Michel’s vids) … and the SSoA played a role in this.

    This has, partly, to do with my skulkiness (scull is key – see Oscar Kiss Maerth) and lack of exposure. I mean, i lean towards being an old misandroiddickdude and my natural leanings towards that inclination already increased alarmingly over the years (by dint of the fact hermiticism has respectable standing in my eyes), have lately been boosted by the care of a gruadually slowing down mother i took upon me back in the place of my birth, where the insularity of canalization (see Wittfogel on the early massifications in barely alive memory .. the manifestion of masses may splinter planets if the beginnings of tiniest clay dams go horribly wrong.

    So besides giving lonely leeway i give ‘care’ (after a make believe nominal fashion perhaps, but still, immerhin, i am here …. and she is calling me for her OJ shot right now!).

    Crisscrossing the world and coming back here i haven’t grown one wit more lenient to the ways they stunt, stilt, mold stuff and disfigure human and all other nature round here with a mere handful of pitiful monotheisms (Bibles and dairy pasture the principal ones, to continually crown them staple, crimp on frills and beat down challenge(r)s is a case of Stockholm Syndrome fur sore). In that sense this region is a globally tone and pace setting delta (some of the finer channels still maintained less than 20 miles away, the first harbours deepening corporations began from Sliedrecht, even closer than that, their social center is, quite significantly, been derelict for as long as i live!!!).

    The main reason however has to do with a query about the cross over between tzolkin, birth (destiny) cards and astrology, focussing on the diagonal created by covering all the days in a year diagram with playing deck card, identical ones on the slant lines, so 1 (kind) in the corner, 2 below that and so on … .. too tiny to read but this goddess (very serious about making a living off the net) will sell you one.

    11/4 It’s a 3 (diamonds) Day: Tune-in to creative ways of making money. Watch out – an extraordinary adventure could come your way!
    she (pr)offers her teases here::
    … goddess allmyTea .. she’s got 3 years worth on that page ..
    clear, complete and concise … oh .. no .. wait, .. it’s confusing actually … instead of the Spade King on the last day of the year (as the SSoA book and 7thunders have it) we see the joker there (lisa does that too).. sigh … must be one of them ‘matricksplinterbet effects’ again, i referred to them on the 11th of march 2005 thusly:

    Posted by: piet at March 11, 2005 10:05 PM
    but I want you to bother and for motherings ache come up with the
    reasons why
    1) idiot savants (Arguelles, Boek, Mulcahy, Szabo, etcetera) go for the type of carpet/rug knottage / couting / matrix / calendarizing / timing that seems completely derailed, unhinged and deranged (an amusing distraction at best) to (the majority of) ordinary (encrustedly gregorian grind and beatkeepery committed) folks

    2) why ‘secret symbols of the ancients’ digitizing pioneers like man charm and strike me as providing valuable service and why the diagonal in his spread reminds me of the earth’s tilt and the 19 diagonal in the Tzolkin but I can’t quite get it all in focus.

    3) why everybody is so glitched if not clinched when it comes to
    reconciling the share of stuff we do indeed have in common (looking up
    and out related) with terrestrial ones that divide us.

    Trace minerals are myriadly multiple forms of macro in/as micro (in/down) that everybody, by contrast to planets and asteroids CAN actually get agrip on and not only navigate amongst but with the aid of (better than one does automatically already anyway .. . I miss the spirit of abundance that emanated from the green/organic movement, partly cause I stopped travelling but it is also defeated, completely snowed under (intimated and made irrelevant, or at least and at best, less urgent in times of unfriendly types of trouble, falling debris and toxic dust clouds).

    descendant of boulders, you reference boulder properly and do not
    plagiarize ‘m (the assault on Ward has watered down to that ((they see,
    through my assist, his dust potential)) his attackers are just carrying water like good little previvalinjuns) this makes u bolder.

    back to my story:
    That is beyond and on top the Maldek scatter shatter unravel effect laid out in my SSoA book (see further down) but not explained. See it right here:

    .. there’s perfect (logical sequential, gradual) grid and then there’s life grit.

    never ever saw a blow by blow explanation of what makes (never mind keeps) the life lay out real and don’t expect i will.

    But that diagonal thing seems to or may quite likely have some sort of obvious cause … earth’s girth/polarity for example.

    i posted the query repeatedly on the tortuga forums back in the day also, and haven’t had a useful answer to date.

    That kinda hurt and prompted me to adopt and stick with a ‘shun theirs if they shun yours’ attitude.
    Robert Lee Camp plugging away for years now, with podcasts, and he keeps adding software to use the system

  6. A Rock and (turdy) production tale addendum
    wow, that big elaborate site (cardsoflife) is actually a RobCamp (related)
    effort .. guess his ‘love interest podcasts turned me off and i did not keep
    up … only 86 facebook likers thus far, so it must be fresh … nice widget
    for a quick calc also. .. and this is funny, i sort of gratuitously threw in that
    skull grace note just before posting and the next page i visit is all about
    that TedTalk lady brain scientist on about her stroke
    the cards themselves got presented on Ted even
    … i mean if tzolkin lovers know what’s good for them they will latch/hitch
    onto this and take a meaningful position on the double …. as usual i was
    on about stuff waaaaay too early for my own good … and so it didn’t do
    me any …. let alone anybody else.

  7. oops, nope, not a TedTalk, a Forum Network one … of a presentation by
    white haired Gina Jones at the Theosophical Society, Atlanta, GA
    another celeb he delves into is Charlie Sheen …. scuse the voluminosity by way. i’ll shut up now.

  8. .. i lied ….. about ‘doing good’:
    “he can’t do it alone – enlist today” — my blogtwits before blogtwits as VaderCats for moniker days were
    thoroughly misinterpreted due to the fact overseas and foreign folks didn’t
    and still don’t know the eminent dutch statesman gardener and poet Jacob
    Cats, a cartoon pioneer … specially in wresting them from biblical
    paymaster chokeholds … but associated the ‘vader’ not with the dutch for
    father but with the later techead turned scrapheap rather, the male
    dykian king. I haven’t seen the series being SF-phobic but that quip aint
    bad other ways (((n))either).

  9. With reference to this:
    “And this 3,200 Kilometer [1,988 miles!] long debris field from the 3/11/11 Tsunami is heading in the direction of Hawaii and the West coast of the Monkey bio-region. 😦
    I offer this:

    “The Maha Chohan requests our assistance!

    On Friday, October 28, the Lord the Maha Chohan, made a request for us to step up and use the Power of our Beloved I AM Presence and the Ascended Host and the Sacred Fire, to break up the debris floating in the ocean from the collapse of the Nuclear Energy Site in Japan that happened as a result of the Earthquake that occurred there this year. Marta has created a video to watch and listen to His Discourse and here is a link for you: Maha Chohan Discourse – click here.

    (in case the link is not active)

  10. Ah Mystery Queen;
    so glad to have found you.

    A few minor critiques…. Today being the first, Dali 1, of Overtone Peacock moon, the PSI (Psi-chrono) for today and the first three days of this moon is GAP 12 SEED, Yellow Crystal Seed of the PRACTICE (#16) harmonic which was 2 days ago. (I read 7 SEED here, oops).
    Also, as I number the days to Blue Crystal Hand of the Blue Resonant Storm year, I give that date the number 1 and count backwards showing today (White Magnetic Worldbridger) as 403. Now when we count up until a date, we say 402 days until… and when we are on a date, we count it as done so we say 401 days until. The Hunab Ku day, gregorian “leap day” must be included in this count, ergo I believe that we have to say that today is, at nearest, 401 days until that winter solstice (rather than the posted 400, 20 x 20). If I am wrong, then my oops and my appologies. If its you, well then its a minor thing, yet Time wants the corrections so that we may all Synchronize accurately.

    With Peace and Love and Highest Regards,
    i am humbly at your service in Time,
    white electric wizard, will

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