Magic Turtle Day! Kin 56: Yellow Self-Existing Warrior codes Self-Existing Alpha 19; Cube 13: Prophecy

CIB                         Kin 56

Yellow Self-Existing Warrior

Yellow Self-existing Human
White Self-existing Worldbridger Yellow Self-existing Warrior Blue Self-existing Night
  Red Planetary Serpent
I define in order to question
measuring fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of free will.
Today’s Antipode, 4 World-Bridger, codes this current Moon.  The Occult, 10 Serpent, codes Moi and Katy, and is also the Long Count Signature of  Valum Votan.  G-Force is Cosmic Wind
 The CDK, 1 Warrior is the 3rd Solar Witness/Bolon Tiku, and the combined Kin of the co-authors of the Cosmic History Chronicles.
PSI:  6 Monkey.  Long Count:  8 Star, Guide of our Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization.
16.4:  “ The evolution of form in nature is the evolution of art from spontaneous unconscious preorganic to subliminal self-reflective conscious post-organic. Variable differences in the evolution of stellar mass synchronized in time by T(E)=Art are self- reflectively experienced as different moments of stellar excitation“.
56.  “8th order of 7, 7 x 8, seventh octave, frequency of genesis, frequency of DNA start codon, “Voyaging” (fire on the mountain)”
56“O people of the book, lost to you was all memory of the Law of the Cube, slavery became your lot!  But I am Pacal Votan, time’s special witness. Even before the coming of the second special messenger, Christ the Apostle of Love, by my free will and my knowledge of the power of seven, I laid claim to the Seven Seals of Prophecy that on the day of truth, Iblis’s curse would be finished and the righteous would triumph. And now the day of truth is come. Telektonon, the talking stone now speaks in a voice for all to hear.”
THANK YOU to A1d7r7i, for exemplifying your Galactic Signature, and sharing the results!:
“:103rd day of the 6 Wizard Ring
13 Baktuns = 1872000 days,
today is day 1871588, 8 Lamat (Long Count)
412 days to 21.12.2012

Time Matrix: 32, UMB 260 (v5:h18), TFI: 203 (7×29)
HMP:Subconciuss Psi IN

Space Matrix : 56, UMB 246 (v:4,h:5), TFI = 199 (47th prime)
HMP:Preconciuss Psi OUT

Sync Matrix : 56, UMB 311 (v7:h17), TFI = 295 (59×5)
HMP:Subconciuss +8 Magnitude 6th Dimentional Circuit ESP

Master Coordinating Freq : 697, (17×41)
UMB 256 = v4:h15, Subconciuss +3 6th dimentional Circuit ESP
Eq. Kin: 177  your Galactic Synchronizer”   {Galactic Earth  :)}

November Fifth [11/5 = PVCS 11.5, Spectral Serpent] is known as Guy Fawkes Day.
   His ‘Anti-Establishment’ Spirit lives on, through the film “V is for Vendetta” which introduced the mask now associated with “Anonymous” and now, the rapidly spreading, “Self-Existing” “OCCUPY” movement“Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November!”
It’s not about bombing anything; it’s about being anonymous  –  and peaceful.”
The 99% corresponds to Kin 99:  SELF-EXISTING STORM.  That feels very appropriate for the revolutionary storm of  “Self-Existing WARRIORS for TRUTH and JUSTICE”  seizing the planet.  The Righteous will Triumph!
–”Thanks to Christine 3 Skywalker for this :): 
“O   (Awakened interjection)
C   (Vision 55)
C   (Water conscioUSness)
U   (Law of One)
Pi   3.14159265…
Y   Divergence – Divination –”
Actually, the definition of the word “Occupy” contains some terms associated with 12:60 values, while the participants, from all walks of life and ages, are united in their opposition to the Babylonian “power, taxation and armed expanse“.
Thank You S’ace 9 Wind, for revealing news of the WINDcall Codices, on Cube 13:  Prophecy  :):
“The Itza Mayan Council has confirmed the addition of two Mayan codices that the world has never seen. The council has been exploring these codices for the past ten years. To prove the authenticity, the codices have been carbon dated back to the 1300’s and authenticated by two different universities. One of the codices is called the Windcall Codex which is 13 pages long and unfolds like an accordion to show 13 pages on the backside as well.” Codex maya
Jannis 7 Moon reminds us that: Blue Electric Eagle, [coded the]  day the Harmonic Convergence happened 1987 initiated by Jose Arguelles, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered and meditated synchronistically all over the world for a new peacefull earth. At the same day the cycle of 9 Hells of 52 years each ended”.  [So,today’s kin 56 coded  the second day of that special event.]  Those were the first lines of a very interesting comment from Galactic Agent 189.
Thanks  Melovia 12 Moon, for sharing  “Lord the Maha Chohan Important Message & Call to protect the Powers of Nature & the Oceans” in response to the nearly 2,000 miles of radioactive tidal wave debris traversing the Pacific Ocean.
More good news:  TMQ read [at SOTT] that  Australian scientists discovered   nano-technology that will consume the radio-active and toxic elements in our oceans  🙂
We appreciate  “the voluminosity” contributed by our ‘Galactic Birthday Guy“:  Piet Poet 3 Eagle  🙂   However, TMQ strongly disputes 55’s designation of Valum Votan as an ‘Idiot-Savant’ This quote, from one of the links 55 supplies, refers to one of Valum Votan’s gifts:
“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
~ Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosophe;  White Solar Mirror
UR Rune 71:  “Divine Decree Unifies TimeSpace”

Cube ThirteenProphecy;

“May Prophecy Purify Victory of the 13 Moons Way, as the Triumph of Religion on Earth.”

 N. S.  1. 24. 4. 19.  Cube ThirteenPROPHECY    Magic Turtle  56

16 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day! Kin 56: Yellow Self-Existing Warrior codes Self-Existing Alpha 19; Cube 13: Prophecy

  1. Here is what the Itza Council said upon being refused to do a ceremony at Chichen Pyramids 21st Dec 2012 (see below).
    After reading it, it becomes absolutely clear this council has no idea whatsoever is going on, they live in the fantasy world of the past where all is dogma and based on data which does not account for consciousness evolving ‘outside the incubating cube’. If they were in any way connected to the PRESENT they would be able to see how quickly global consciousness is uni-phi-ing. This happens when written info from ancient cultures is not constantly adapting to the unknowable changes/outcomes of collective awakening.

    “Astonishingly, the Mexican government will not allow the Itza Council to do a ceremony on December 21, 2012 at the Chichen Itza pyramids. From the Maya viewpoint, if they don’t do these ceremonies, it will mean the end of life for the planet.”

    When the realization dawns that we and our galaxy are located within the body of universe, and that the information of all universe is distributed throughout the entire body of universe we realize there is nowhere to go, all is here/now.
    A quick search of the internet reveals many thousand people are tuned into this underlying organisational / creating principle which all universe is displaying, it’s being put into practice in many fields.
    Sorry Itza Council you and your info are sadly dated, yours is the astral world of delusional existence.

  2. Dear Kin ~~ In relation to the Occupy movement ~~ and the sign “Occupy Everything” ~ love the spontaneity and the leaderless movement yet the Native Americans were occupied by the settlers long ago and they were already living on the land in harmony. I have Native American friends who call for an “unoccupy” movement. Me, Kin 205 have moved to Michigan to take care of my ailing mother. I am watching from the sidelines, trusting “all is perfect” as VV said on his deathbed. I am grateful to be part of a movement that honors natural time and sure enjoy being part of this community. Thanks again for your persistence and this forum. Time is ART ~ and soon shall be the name of the game universally. In Lakech. Katy

  3. “Occupy”
    In Cosmic Number counts
    40 3 3 160 60 240 => 506
    Hmmm resonant to 56 (11)
    Minus 441 gives 65 , the opposite

    In bivideotex / holonumb:
    12 3 3 6 11 2 => 37

    Which is the 9 Lords fractal (10) of 4th dimension

    Pretty MaGI! Noooo ..

    • Jannis is agent 189
      His kin has an entry on 21 & 9
      While 9 to 21 is 189

      9 is bolon as well as holon(iq)
      21 Iz Hunab Ku.
      See how HK mobilises!

      Can we all accept the lead from inside out?

      What clues give key Jannis?
      Galactic Matrix :
      10 1 20 20 9 120 => 160 (16.10)
      Planetary Warrior
      Tone 4 plus 10 makes 14 – the open hands

      Please Kin aligning have a med’ on these data!

      Then the extra clue .. On Jannis
      Bij HoloNumb:
      10 1 13 13 9 8 => 54
      Lunar Wizard – tone 2 in this wave ..
      Explore Space

      By the way : I visited a presentation of Keshe.
      See “Keshe Foundation” for the Einstein of Now
      (new understanding for atoms & light)

      Panta Rhei

  4. thanks Planetary Serpent for sharing the final words from V.V., these may be his most profound “All is Perfect”, note that he said all is perfect not all will be perfect.

  5. 103rd day of the 6 Wizard Ring
    13 Baktuns = 1872000 days,
    today is day 1871588, 8 Lamat (Long Count)
    412 days to 21.12.2012

    Divine Decree Unifies Time Space

    Time Matrix: 32, UMB 260 (v5:h18), TFI: 203 (7×29)
    HMP:Subconciuss Psi IN

    Space Matrix : 56, UMB 246 (v:4,h:5), TFI = 199 (47th prime)
    HMP:Preconciuss Psi OUT

    Sync Matrix : 56, UMB 311 (v7:h17), TFI = 295 (59×5)
    HMP:Subconciuss +8 Magnitude 6th Dimentional Circuit ESP

    Master Coordinating Freq : 697, (17×41)
    UMB 256 = v4:h15, Subconciuss +3 6th dimentional Circuit ESP
    Eq. Kin: 177 your Galactic Synchronizer

    Made a Master Coordinating Matrix with the totals of Time, Space and Sync Matrix, then added all the rows and columns totals,
    the result is a super total coordinating frequency of 205639

    The Interval of Lost Time in Eternity (5th Prime)
    The Cosmic Constant (11th prime)
    7×29=203 (Today’s Time TFI), 5×11=55,
    Yesterdays kin (Harmonic convergence day 1 & 2)

    and 1013=UMB 131 and is the 171st prime
    (=2 Monkey, February 28, ourDaughter Inanna 1st year)

    Welcome to the Galactc Matrix! 😀

  6. Call it what you will, there’s a very easy answer to ‘The Galactic Matrix’, which is the underlying principle of TIME/SPACE , consciousness, etc.
    When consciousness is locked in the ‘Cube’ time frame, words like Superconscious need to be used (because as yet unity isn’t personally integrated only experienced as a flash of insight or a satori).
    When unity is integrated the distinction between Superconscious and conscious dissolves, from here the ‘Galactic Matrix’ is seen/felt everywhere/always, hence Theosophy mentions the arrival of the Avatar of Synthesis, a uni-phi-ing principle uniting all expressions of Life.
    numerically (a=1, z=26)
    The Galactic Matrix = 174
    as do
    The Phi Spiral
    Creative Spirit

    Core Code of Creation
    Zero-Point Field
    All-One Unified Force
    Unifies TimeSpace
    The Galactic Matrix
    Level of Higher Self
    Ascending Together

    • Hmmm
      In HoloNumb The Galactic Matrix sums to 105

      That’s pretty A’mazing ..
      While it expresses 5 to 21 , Human Ku”

      Is this hidden language speaking for ..
      Human Ku Overtone?
      The radiant phenomenon at glance.

      Peacock Occupied?

  7. Hi, beloved TMQ, I’m back. Late but still alive and well. What a trip! I’ll tell you soon.
    Hugs and kisses

  8. sound frequencies based on thunder and natural streams have been used successfully in many situations to clear pollution, as do the heart expression experiment by Omoto.

  9. Thanks bolon ik, I`ll meditate on that.
    I often try to understand your “number languige” which is not easy all the time.
    I like the “Unoccupy” movement 🙂

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